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Post by RANDY » Tue Sep 12, 2006 4:11 am

Questions I will ask Rutz at 9AM tomorrow. Please feel free to add some. Please stick to the outline. He will have a very limited time to talk to me.

Please explain to me in full detail what the CDC is doing about our disease?

1) How are you collecting scientific data?

2) What methodology are you using?

3) If you are asking dermatologists to collect samples what is the protocol and what number can they call to find the protocol? (Right now if they call the CDC, the CDC does not even acknowledge Morgellons.)

4) Do you have a team organized and how many members do you have? What are their fields of specialty and what will they be doing?

5) Does the CDC run clinical trials?

6) Where are the trials going to be held? (I know: UCSF; Tim Berger was approached/LA)

7) You stated in your letter about a “scientific process.” Please explain what you mean by scientific process.

8) Are you aware of the FBI (GC’d) study shown on Medical Mysteries that showed when the fibers were compared to the entire known database that no match was found?

9) Criteria for study group or patients must be:

a) No history of mental disorders

b) No history of substance abuse (alcohol or drugs)

c) Non smokers

d) Non-healing skin lesions with microscopic fibers within the lesions.

e) Preferably not diagnosed with lyme disease.

10) As you know all autoimmune diseases have the similar symptomolgy:

a) Fatigue, malaise

b) aches and pains

c) brain fog

d) itching and biting and stinging

e) Therefore non-healing skin lesions and fibers within the lesions should be the only definitive criteria.

11) Do you have a list of health care professional that people can go to since 99% of dermatologists send people refer to Psych.

12) What are you doing about bioterrorism? At the present time yatta..yatta.yatta……
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Post by WLR » Tue Sep 12, 2006 4:19 am

Nadas and Skytroll,

I've been boiling my water for quite a while and lately have noticed several times that there are things floating on the top of the water after I have boiled it for 30 minutes. I dip these things off and strain the rest of the water into a water jug that I keep in the fridge. I've noticed that I find this usually only when its raining outside so I have begun to wonder if the rain is bringing them into the house by the vent above my stove. It has been raining off and on for the past few days and today I noticed when I poured the water into the picture, which I keep stored in the freezer when empty, what caught my attention was the way the water was swirling around in the picture. I looked close and saw 3 tiny round almost clear objects swimming around on top of the water and it looked as if they might have legs like a mite would have but not quite as these were not mites. Along with them were 2 more things but these were oblong in shape and they were swimming around like they were trying to catch the round things and when they did the oblong things would swim circles around the round ones and then they would come together and then they sank in the water. The one round thing that did not have an oblong thing swimming around it seemed to cling to the side of the picture. This was a really freaky thing for me to witness and I shudder to think how many of these things I have swallowed. The first thing I thought of after I stopped freaking out was that it looked like a mating ritual. Has anyone else witnessed anything like this before?

How can they be in our water too! What are we going to drink now? Botled water is not safe either because I took a case back to the store today because it had little whitish clearish things floating in it. Now I'm pissed!!!!!

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Post by Skytroll » Tue Sep 12, 2006 4:21 am


That electrical stimulus, Could be the surge from the extra energy pumped into the electrical outlets we already have.

I believe that cotton worm was altered and most likely with some sort of nano unit. Cliff M. think is related to the cotton.

London posted something about the producers of the cotton being unable to get some of the critters out of the cotton, and yet sold it anyway. This means they grew into the cotton.

So, are the insects positive then we must be negative for them to want to cling. Something is sensing something. If it is the bacteria then that would have to be positive and us negative or us positive and them negative. Or it is magnetic.

Wait, we have low magnetism, so they must be highly magnetic and positive. mmmmmmmm

More thinking on that one.

The chem trails have metal particles in them according to Carnicom, but, I do believe they have other things in them.

Interesting about you and your sewing machine.

I wonder if we are breathing in the metal nanoparticles from the chemtrails and they are going in our bloodstreams and the bugs are drawn to us by magnetism. They seem to crash into us when they fly at us, like they do not know where they are going. Then bite us and transfer whatever bacteria they carry.

We need to balance the minerals and metals somehow.


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Post by WLR » Tue Sep 12, 2006 4:26 am


Yes, I had a moth crawl our of the heating vent yesterday and flew right at me and hit me in my face. I have had flies do the same thing and for the past 2 summers flies try everything they can to get into this house, they sit on the outside of the windows and doors like they are waiting for me to open them. I didn't open the windows at all this summer and instead ran the air conditioner.


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Post by WLR » Tue Sep 12, 2006 4:30 am


Something has changed in my body in the last few years because all my life I was never bitten by bugs of any kind, it was as if I was invisible to them. Now I need to figure out what changed to make me taste good to them.

I need some sleep and I have to think about this. Good night all.


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Post by Nadas Moksha » Tue Sep 12, 2006 4:34 am

hey i think the protection of all the trades involved is greater than our health is what TT is hinting at and the only way for them all to be excused is to claim this thing is an EXTRATERRESTRIAL parasitic symbiont of high level sapian mimicry.

fu$% it .
what with the elections and all .... hell this could make em rewrite the rule and bush em back with fear.

ohh yeah sky

the only other liquid that does that wierd spinning sh#t on the stove is "nyquil" but it still evaps off fairly quick ....

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Post by Barz » Tue Sep 12, 2006 4:39 am

London, I mean no personal offense. I just have a hard time with your posts. I guess perhaps it is the way you state things? Or maybe just the way I interprate what you say.

I have been diabetic for the majority of my life. Type I . I do know that that is considered an auto immune disease. One of my children who has no real dramatic physical signs of this has recently started sneezing when I am around. I try not to believe it is related.

Randy, Great job getting a conference call with Rutz. Great questions. He is probably sitting here reading your questions and preparing his bs response right now.

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Post by RANDY » Tue Sep 12, 2006 4:43 am

I had thought of that but everything he states I am typing sown and will be doing a follow up. I feel sorry for him that he has no real power other than a mouthpiece for the Republican party and the President. He most likely has trouble sleeping at night because he has to chose good or evil and he must chose evil to pay his mortgage,

So very sad for him.. I feel bad for him..I am so glad my job and living is not dependent on having to go against my own soul and better judgement.

He will have a tortured soul by the time this BS is uncovered.
During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by Nadas Moksha » Tue Sep 12, 2006 4:45 am

"Completed Projects " ohhh great

# Atomistic and Mesoscopic Simulations of Polyelectrolytes
# Modeling Of Microfluidics Processes for Improved Sensitivity and Accuracy of Bio/Chemical Sensing Devices
# Modeling Of The Pap Pili Phase Variation System
# Towards the Multiscale Simulation of Biochemical Networks
# Interactions between Self-Assembled Biomolecules and Inorganic Surfaces
# Macroscopic Imaging and Characterization of Self-Healing and Failure in Molecular Materials in the Regime of Impacts that Soldiers and their Equipment Must Be Able to Survive
# Single-Pair Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer
"# Electrical characterization of phage-templated wire"
# Virus Engineering to Self-Assemble Hybrid Biological and Electronic
# Signal Propagation in DNA Nanotubes

# Daugherty, D. Tirrell & Mitragotri - Display Methodologies for Peptide Isolation and Engineering Using Non-Natural Amino Acids
# Matsudaira & Lauffenburger - Capturing and Processing Cellular and Molecular Signatures
# Mayo - Computational Tools for Protein Design
# Mitragotri - Long Circulating Nanoparticles As Biomolecule Hosting Platforms For Applications In Sensors And Delivery
# Biophotonic Integrated Circuits

# Denbaars - Tunable Blue Laser Diodes for Bioagent Detection
# Denbaars, Mishra, Morse & Nakamura - InGaN-Based Optoelectroni
ICB | Teams and Projects

-sleep now nadas

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Water ?

Post by Systemic » Tue Sep 12, 2006 7:47 am

"Swaying to the rythm of a New World Order and Counting bodies like sheep to the rythm of the war drums."
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Post by London » Tue Sep 12, 2006 9:09 am

first of all, You may find this useful (or not) I accidentally just ran into it and thought some might like it.

Nadas, thanks for sharing. I'm just a shemale.HAHAHAHA AN AMERICAN HOOD ONE TOO.....YOU GOTZA probBLEM W/DAT NADA? lol Your post are too precious. WE LIKE....


MISS WANDA , hI ,lONDON HERE, THANKS FOR GETTING BACK W. ME EARLIER. YOU ASKED ABOUT WATER...I POSTED A little about that about 6 pages back or so.....yes, I think for sure it's in the water system. And just like Systemic said....from run-off\
but no way>>>>>that's not see, they are using it(the microbes>and their cousins too) to clean the water systems. This thing here is about pollution and waste and them using the damn dirty water over and over again....they are recycling this crap( no pun intended.) they also are using that scab-looking worm -sorry, can't think of name....P. velinski mamybe? anyway, they use it to both: feed the aquatic to shrimp and they use it in our lakes here in texas to control the weeds (hydrilla?) that is overgrowing b /c of our global warming....that they let get this way when they did not follow the their own C.Protocol....nevermind.....but if you go back some pages you will find that water post....

Okay, so this is to whomever is controlling those switches.....I'm going to try something.....I'm going to stay off these
boards/internet and try it for 10 days maybe 2 weeks and see if you get me any improvement and help. I want the swelling to vanish, along w/ 10 lbs...okay 5 then.

If you can do this via your transmittors or thru lasers-whatever, then I will quit posting for good. (ImaGE OF Barz doing the "wave" cheering right now, LOL) :)

so, it's starts today.....and Wanda, yes, you must post or saw my post on Morgwatchm,b/c i too asked the same things as you....what diet should play a role, what oils., etc., Hmmm.....maybe you knew that though and were just mocking me....good, spice it up then, okay by me....if not, don't even ask nor go's no big thing, I swear. can anyone help Miss Wanda and london on that.....what oils, what to eat/drink, stuff that needs to be taken with each other/ or far apart.....etc.,

Well, I just can't leave w/ out posting this....I have had it saved on computer but never read it before about coincidences....human subjects and radioactivated crapola>Hmmm.....

has no one but Nadas looked at the bubble disease yet? You should....and Nitrate poisioning perhaps....phtons? okay, 10 days starts now....

Beam me up Scotty......


Post by ukguy » Tue Sep 12, 2006 10:22 am

Hi Randy

Well done on getting the appointment with Rutz.

One thing I would say on your criteria:

"e) Therefore non-healing skin lesions and fibers within the lesions should be the only definitive criteria. "

There are many many people including myself that do not get lesions
Randy. I reckon I've had this for about 5 years now and only for a
couple of weeks had anything like what I would call lesions.
As for fibres, the frequency and abundancy of these varies but
on any given day I can usually get a few out of my skin. Maybe
once per week there is an increase in symptoms and there are
loads of fibres.

I just think this is a very important aspect also: why do some people
have all the classic symptoms (including fibres) and not lesions?

If I could add a question to your list it would be:

Have the CDC been contacted by Health Authorities in the UK or
doctors in the UK?

Finally, do you think it's wise to TELL HIM what the scope of his study
should be ? :) :)

Gotta hand it to you anyway did good. Just try and be
civil with the guy because this could be a great opportunity.

Good luck.

See ya


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