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Post by London » Tue Aug 29, 2006 1:37 am


wow, I had no idea of the insurance.....SCAM being done by our Gov't.
Listen, I just finished watching NBC's 1 r. special on the year anniversary of Katrina....the man made natural disaster.....I was boo-hooing the whole time.....

They did it just to get rid of the blacks.....You cannot tell me that this was not gov't conspiracy at it's finest.......and the wasp? It is to rid the female race......

And if you are one that does not believe they can and did manipulate the weather (like my husband who was born in New Orleans> duh, dense man) well, you would have known that it was a conspiracy after you heard the interviewer from NBC (that was down in NO during this storm and intview) ask a gov't officiial that he had on show via satellite where was/ is the help? where is the black hawk copters dropping food and aid downtown so the deaths could come to an end?..(.for it was going on now the fifth consecutive day of nothing but blackness and stench)

The Gov't official said, to be really honest, 'WE DID'NT KNOW ABOUT IT!"


Well Skybuddy, here is how and yes, you got it...the PLASMAS!!!! It's called the [color=black]Tokamak Turbulence Project[/color]
and plasman magnetic fusion.......(this is really bad b/c it interferes with the cell towers, etc.,)

: Supercomputing '97, Numerical Tokamak Turbulence calculations ...Numerical Tokamak Turbulence calculations on the CRAY T3E ... Tokamak Turbulence Project, one of the US Department of Energy's Phase II Grand Challenges. ... - Similar pages

CorsicaThe group participates in the Department of Energy's Numerical Tokamak Turbulence Project, designated a DOE grand challenge. ... - 11k - Cached - Similar pages

Simulating turbulence in magnetic fusion plasmasIt is funded by the Department of Energy's Office of Fusion Energy Sciences, ... including the Numerical Tokamak Turbulence Project (1993 to 1999), - 45k - Cached - Similar pages

Ion Temperature Gradient-Driven Turbulence Calculations... magnetic fusion devices is at the core of the Numerical Tokamak Turbulence Project (NTTP), one of the Department of Energy's Phase II Grand Challenges. ... ... boeuf.html - 5k - Cached - Similar pages


Parasite's Sperm-Encryption Keeps Species Apart ... 074058.htm

On the ubiquity and phylogeny of Wolbachia in lice ... alCode=mec

Prevalence and Seasonal Variations of Six Bee Viruses in Apis mellifera L. and Varroa destructor Mite Populations in France

Received 14 April 2004/ Accepted 12 July 2004

A survey of six bee viruses on a large geographic scale was undertaken by using seemingly healthy bee colonies and the PCR technique. Samples of adult bees and pupae were collected from 36 apiaries in the spring, summer, and autumn during 2002. Varroa destructor samples were collected at the end of summer following acaricide treatment. In adult bees, during the year deformed wing virus (DWV) was found at least once in 97% of the apiaries, sacbrood virus (SBV) was found in 86% of the apiaries, chronic bee paralysis virus (CBPV) was found in 28% of the apiaries, acute bee paralysis virus (ABPV) was found in 58% of the apiaries, black queen cell virus (BQCV) was found in 86% of the apiaries, and Kashmir bee virus (KBV) was found in 17% of the apiaries. For pupae, the following frequencies were obtained: DWV, 94% of the apiaries; SBV, 80% of the apiaries; CBPV, none of the apiaries; ABPV, 23% of the apiaries; BQCV, 23% of the apiaries; and KBV, 6% of the apiaries. In Varroa samples, the following four viruses were identified: DWV (100% of the apiaries), SBV (45% of the apiaries), ABPV (36% of the apiaries), and KBV (5% of the apiaries). The latter findings support the putative role of mites in transmitting these viruses. Taken together, these data indicate that bee virus infections occur persistently in bee populations despite the lack of clinical signs, suggesting that colony disease outbreaks might result from environmental factors that lead to activation of viral replication in bees.

Need more proof that I'm not crazy do ya?

1: Arch Virol. 2000;145(10):2015-26. Links
Molecular phylogenetics and the classification of honey bee viruses.Evans JD, Hung AC.
USDA-ARS Bee Research Laboratory, Beltsville, Maryland 20705, USA.

We present the phylogenetic relationships of several picorna-like RNA viruses found in honey bees, with respect to 13 additional plant and animal positive-strand RNA viruses. Most of the honey bee viruses fall into an unnamed family of insect RNA viruses typified by the Drosophila C virus. Different bee viruses are broadly distributed within this group, suggesting either that the ability to infect honey bees has evolved multiple times, or that these viruses are generalistic in their abilities to infect insect hosts. At least one major change in gene order has occurred among the bee viruses, based on their phylogenetic affiliations. At the amino-acid level, the bee viruses differed by 15-28% at three conserved loci. Most differed by greater than 50% at the RNA level, indicating that sequence-based methods for bee virus identification must be tailored to at least three different virus clades independently ... d=14722264

Lommel SA, Morris TJ, Pinnock DE.
Arkansas bee virus (ABV) is a 30-nm isometric virus composed of one major species of polypeptide (mol. wt. 43 X 10(3] and one species of single-stranded RNA (mol. wt. 1.8 X 10(6]. The size of the genomic RNA and the lack of evidence for encapsidation or synthesis of a second smaller RNA species exclude further consideration of this virus for inclusion with the physicochemically similar viruses of the Nodaviridae. Several independent isolations of ABV were made from bees, and in each case it was associated in mixed infection with a picorna-like virus termed Berkeley bee picornavirus (BBPV). No evidence for replicative dependence, serological relationship, or genome relatedness by complementary DNA hybridization was obtained between ABV and BBPV.

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Post by Nadas Moksha » Tue Aug 29, 2006 9:36 am

the code in the notes

london... the gnostic l

"Some antibiotics are effective in killing Wolbachia bacteria symbionts of filarial worms, but their role in the chemotherapy of lymphatic filariasis is still undefined. "
Listeria innocua: lin0516

stealth ANTHRAX?

lin0516 CDS L.innocua

Gene name capA
similar to Bacillus anthracis encapsulation protein CapA
KO KO: K07282 poly-gamma-glutamate synthesis protein (capsule
biosynthesis protein)poly-gamma-glutamate synthesis protein (capsule biosynthesisprotein)Class Unclassified; Cellular Processes and Signaling; Membrane andintracellular structural molecules
Other DBs COG: COG2843
similar to flagellar hook-associated protein
peptidoglycan bound protein (LPXTG motif) s similar to iron-sulfur cofactor synthesis probable cell surface protein (LPXTG motif) similar to B. subtilis ferrichrome

"german invention = bioradar?"

"What are disclosed are chromogenic peptides useful as substrates for the detection and determination of enzymes having a hydrolytic action and methods for detecting and determining enzymes with such peptides.
when used as enzyme substrates according to the invention, to a far lesser extent than the substrates of the state of the art. Whilst a non-peptidic bond between a basic aminoacid and the chromogens is always split in the substrates according to the state of the art, in the peptides according to the invention there is a true peptide bond between the basic aminoacid and another naturally occurring aminoacid at the point at which they are split by the enzymes. In the case of enzymatic splitting, the new substrates therefore have properties closer to those of a protein than the compounds known hitherto. The sensitivity to esterases is greatly reduced by the insertion of one or more aminoacids between the splitting point and the chromophore whilst the specificity can be increased by varying these aminoacids. The invention relates, in particular, to the use of the new compounds as chromogenic or fluorescent substrates for the detection, and preferably for the quantitative determination, of proteolytic enzymes. The compounds can also be employed in a known manner in the determination of enzyme inhibitors. Above all, the compounds are suitable as chromogenic substrates in the determination of proteinases in body fluids of humans and animals."


"?superoxide production by the stimulation
with opsonized zymosan, proteoglycan cell wall
remained reduced. Corresponding to the reduction in
superoxide-producing activity, the killing activity
also remained reduced. Lehrer and Cline
found that polymorphonuclear leukocytes from pa-
tients with chronic granulomatous disease lack the
ability to produce superoxide anions and cannot kill.
they presumed that active oxygen molecules played
an important role in the killing.We similarly found that the persistentreduction in the microbial killing activity was attributed to reduced production of superoxide.Interestingly, both microbial
killing and superoxide production were decreased on day 3, although
they showed no reduction on day 1. In contrast, the
short term-exposure of 0.4 to 2.5 ppm ozone rap-
idly impaired the clearance of S. aureus and S.
zooepidemicus." ... quelle=ECO
Internationaler Technologietransfer - Profile ... &DBName=US
經濟部智慧財產局 - 生技醫藥專利資訊網 - 連穎科技股份有限公司設計( 2003 )

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Post by Barz » Tue Aug 29, 2006 3:54 pm

I guess I should hire an attorney just in case they come after me for patent enfringement. Does anyone know a good attorney???

I wouln't put it past them. Remember Monsanto going after that farmer for their GM seeds that blew into the poor farmers land? He lost.


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King Cobra
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Post by London » Tue Aug 29, 2006 7:40 pm


Just curious, (and a lil dense here) but what made you think and say that? What the hell have we done wrong?

Nadas, I don't understand what you were saying to me on your last post. But I was well aware of the wolbachia and the filarial you mentioned. but you lost me after that.

Today I'm posting on how the wasp venom is toxic -especially to the genetically modified plants that WE EAT!!!! it sets off the chemical reactions....>the PROTEIN KINASES, ETC..

SNIP: Pertussis toxin-insensitive effects of mastoparan, a wasp venom peptide, in PC12 cells.

Murayama T, Oda H, Nomura Y.

Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan.

Recent studies have shown that mastoparan, an amphiphilic peptide derived from wasp venom, modifies the secretion of neurotransmitters and hormones from a variety of cell types. Mastoparan interacts with heterotrimeric guanine nucleotide-binding proteins (G proteins) such as Gi and G(o), which are ADP-ribosylated by pertussis toxin (PTX) and thereby uncoupled from receptors. Previously, some of the effects of mastoparan including secretion were reported to be modified selectively by PTX but not by cholera toxin (CTX). In the present study, we examined the influence of bacterial toxins on the effects of mastoparan in PC12 cells. Mastoparan stimulated [3H]noradrenaline (NA) release from prelabeled PC12 cells in the absence of CaCl2, although high K+ or ATP-stimulated the release in a Ca(2+)-dependent manner. ... t=Abstract

here are some more titles anyway (along w/ a hyperlink)
Mastoparan interacts with the carboxyl terminus of the alpha subunit of Gi.
J Biol Chem. 1990 Jul 5;265(19):11044-9.
PMID: 2113529 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
11: Rajagopalan-Gupta RM, Rasenick MM, Hunzicker-Dunn M. Related Articles, Links
Luteinizing hormone/choriogonadotropin-dependent, cholera toxin-catalyzed adenosine 5'-diphosphate (ADP)-ribosylation of the long and short forms of Gs alpha and pertussis toxin-catalyzed ADP-ribosylation of Gi alpha*.

Exocytotic stimulation promotes association of the ADP-ribosylation factor with PC12 cell membranes.

Time course of action of pertussis toxin to block the inhibition of stimulated insulin release by norepinephrine.

A pertussis-toxin-sensitive protein controls exocytosis in chromaffin cells at a step distal to the generation of second messengers

Exocytosis in chromaffin cells: evidence for a MgATP-independent step that requires a pertussis toxin-sensitive GTP-binding protein.

Human growth hormone enhances pertussis toxin-stimulated ADP-ribosylation of Gi in Nb2 cell membrane ... rnalSearch

again, I 'm referring to the wasp toxin Mastoporan and what it does to the plants:

Mastoparan induces an increase in cytosolic calcium ion concentration and subsequent activation of protein kinases in tobacco suspension culture cells. ... t=Abstract

The Effects of Mastoparan on the Carrot Cell Plasma Membrane Polyphosphoinositide Phospholipase C ... /107/3/845

Mastoparan promotes exocytosis and increases intracellular cyclic AMP in human platelets. Evidence for the existence of a Ge-like mechanism of secretion.
C P Wheeler-Jones, T Saermark, V V Kakkar and K S Authi

Platelet Section, Thrombosis Research Institute, London, U.K.

Recent studies have shown that mastoparan, an amphiphilic peptide derived from wasp venom, accelerates guanine nucleotide exchange and GTPase activity of purified GTP-binding proteins. In the present study we have examined the functional consequences of exposure of intact human platelets to mastoparan. Mastoparan promoted rapid (less than or equal to 1 min) dose-dependent increases in 5-hydroxy[14C]tryptamine and beta-thromboglobulin release from dense-granule and alpha-granule populations respectively


Burkholderia Outbreaks
Flagellin P-based PCR detected Burkholderia mallei in equine glanders outbreak
June 27th, 2006

Flagellin P-based PCR detected Burkholderia mallei from an equine glanders outbreak in the United Arab Emirates.
According to recent research from Germany, "A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay targeting the flagellin P (fliP)-I S407A genomic region of Burkholderia mallei was developed for the specific detection of this organism in pure cultures and clinical samples from a recent outbreak of equine glanders.

"Primers deduced from the known fliP-IS407A sequence of B. mallei American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) 23344(T) allowed the specific amplification of a 989-bp fragment from each of the 20 B. mallei strains investigated, whereas... ... 42WDW.html

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Post by Barz » Tue Aug 29, 2006 8:50 pm

Hey London, Just trying to be funny, you know cracking a joke in spite of the fact that I don't know what to do about my failling health. Quit reading into stuff. It just after seeing all those patents or whatever they were from Nadas, I wouldn't put it past them to sue us for carrying whatever they infected us with like they did to that farmer. Lighten up Finster.

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me too.

Post by polycon » Tue Aug 29, 2006 10:54 pm

Been reading this thread for about 2 months now.
I am fairly certain I have contracted this disease.
I have SIGNIFIGANT fatigue. I never was a very fatigued ever.. and this past month I am just totally out of check. Literally have no energy.
If someone drinks caffiene and has a caffiene buzz.. the difference between that high, and their normal energy level is the same difference to how I used to be and how I am now, just in the negative.
I can hardly concentrate, I have very lowerd cognitive ability.
and now to the worst parts of my symptoms ...and how it began...

This all started when I had a flare up on my right ear.
It was sore, as if I had slept all night on it with it bent between my face and pillow.
This subsided within a few days.
Then about 3 months later, my right ear became sore as if a spider had bit it, but no central SPOT location for the bite to be loccated, just the inflamed reddened area.
It swelled signifigantly. Any person who looked at me could tell. My ears are usually flush with my head. They don't stick out.
This was making my right ear swolen and red and sticking out at a 45 degree angle.
The crease between two of the folds in my ears upper area split and was moist inside it.
I went to a walk-in health care clinic. They swabbed it, and said it was a Staph infection. ( i do not know what became of the culture they did with the swab if any.. I should check on that)
They gave me Omnicef as an antibiotic, and some Hydrocordone for pain.
The swelling stayed the same, so they sent me to an Ear, Nose and Throat physician.
He then put me on a steroid (forgot the name)... and the swelling went down. He took a photo of my ear, and said its his best guess that it is a very rare genetic disease called Polychondritis, where your own immune system attacks the cartilage all over your body, and usually begins in your ear. I was also feeling soreness in my nose, so I thought this would be the scenario. He refered me to a doctor in the next city over, a Rheumatoid doctor, to confirm his guess and/or give his own diagnosis.

I didnt like the way the steroids made me feel, and I didn't want to be taking them for this for the rest of my life, even though I followed his orders and took mine...
So I researched Recurring Polycondritis (PR) and found a few people that said that keeping a healthy Vegan diet and constant exercise pushed all the symptoms away. I thought ok, I can deal with that instead of steroids, so I thought I would do that.

So I see the Rheumatoid doctor, and he diagnos's it as the same .. Polychondritis, and puts me on a steroid called Prednisone.
He had me do bloodwork, and the test for Polychondritis came up NEGATIVE.

So about 2 days into the Prednisone, I start feeling it......

First it was mild tingling as if someone was taking a feather very lightly and moving it along the hairs of your face, juuust lightly...
Or as if someone took a long human hair, and held both ends.. and touched the middle of it to your eyebrow and pulled it along it lenghwise.
Then those same sensations began to become more frequent and larger, with more pressure involved.
Mainly it is around the crown of my head, the area you would wear a headband or where your sunglasses touch your face.
Many times I feel whatever it is going down the outer rim of my right ear.

I was in my own world, for about a week I kept it to myself, then when I couldn't take it any more, I told my parents about it. They said it's probably just the Prednisone.
Believe me, Prednisone can seriously mess with your mind. But these things I was feeling were REAL, and no Prednisone symptoms include fatigue or this crawling sensation.
That was my worst fear. If I HAVE to deal with thse crawling sensations, (which it seems I do) then fine. But if the two people I would hope I could trust or would belive me most in the world, don't believe me, that is the worst. It's just confirmaiton that I'm alone in this. (as far as people i konw in real life). I can't tell anyone, or they'll label me with the delusional bit, which further impedes their image of me in their minds.
Whos going to trust someone that imagines there are bugs in their skin??

So they say to me,.. just finish the Presnisone.. and wait it out a few days.
It's been 4 days since I stopped Prednisone, and the symptoms have worsened.
The worst crawling sensation is when I am in bed at night trying to fall asleep. It happens all over my face, but the worst part, at that time, is around my right temple and in the crevace of my right ear (which is where the pain from before is re-emerging) . In that area, I feel a very pressured feeling as if some amorphic blob only nanometers thin is spreading aimlessly around that area, burrowing through the first layer of my skin. Almost the same sensation you'd imagine having of a tapeworm type parasite moving around under your skin , except there is no accute pain. No stinging as it moves through your skin, only the pressure of its presence, almost like someone touching that area after local anesthetic has been administered, but with a tingling.

Thats where I feel it the most, around my right ear, so I am no doubt connecting the initial inflamation of my ear with the crawling sensations.
I get them over my eyebrows, under my eyes, on the corner of my eyes, and on the back of my head.

There is also a lesser version of this feeling that I have intermittently at random places all over my body. This feels as if a little black ant was crawling on me, but i go to brush it away, and nothing is there.

Another thing I notice is a feeling of debris of some sort falling through my hairs downward. When I go to lok at that area, there are white flakes of some sort, that seem to be made of somethign that resembles the same fine material you see a spider-egg sack is made from.

I am thinking that when the feeling becomes MOST tingling.. that is when this material is being expelled from whatever it is, or through the pores of my skin, because after a serious tingling episode, I feel the sensation of the "flakes" falling through the fine hair on my face or my sideburns, and go to check and surely enough.. there is some material.

I have no signs of the blue fibers jutting from any lesions, though I do notice alot of tiny blue strands about one eighth the diameter of a human hair. ( seen under a photo-slide magnifer I have )

Are the lesions a later symptom in most cases?

I have never had ANY serious health problems or phsychological issues.
The "rare genetic disease" thing had totally caught me off guard, and I thought my ear was merely a spider bite (because thats what it origonally felt like)

I can deal with the sensations if i have to... I just want my energy and normal cognitive level back! I am a creative person, I spend the day animating visual effects for film, and I cannot let this get in the way of my dream of doing this for a living!

Another sickening thought that I try very hard to not think of, is the thought that this may be contagious. Whenever my workmate's wife comes to visit him at work with their new baby, I leave the room, or if it's the end of the day I leave immediately. I do not want to infect the child.

Also, since I do not want to infect anyone, I am seriously in doubt as to whether I will ever be able to have an intimate relationship. I don't want to curse someone else with this through bodily contact.

Those both may be overreactions to the newfound thought of possibly having this disease, but I would rather heed those thoughts, as opposed to finding that it is indeed infectious later on, and I had been responsible in spreading this, especially to a friend's child.

As far as HOW I contracted it goes, I have no idea. Possibly I DO have Polychondritis, and the Presnidone, (which's only purpose is to DRASTICALLY reduce your auto-immune system's responses) opened the floodgates to letting in this disease. Possibly I caught it while handling th emany magazines at the doctors office. Maybe a dirty needle at the bloodwork place? Maybe the time I was out in the rain and got drenched for 2 hours before the inflamation on my ear started caused me to be succeptable to the pathogen.

I dont know how. All I know is that I have many of the symptoms that people are reporting to have.

Thats my piece.

Now, what I have to say as far as this forum goes, is...
you all seem to be gathering quite an amount of data, and just sharing it with one another, but with no centrally located database of your findings, so you can, in an orderly fashion, eliminate, or add to your theories, formulation, etc...
I suggest you take what you've come up with , and create an online WIKI for anyone to read, but only EDITABLE by certain people actively investigating the ACTUAL BIOLOGY that's occuring regarding this disease.

I believe this would be a much more efficient way of boiling down the data circulating, to hopefully, in the future, a concrete foundation of facts.

here are some links to online wiki services.

now.. i guarantee beginning this is going to look like cryptic code to alot of people reading it, and it will be disorganised and confusing.. but I am sure as time goes on.. the private wiki could be pushed and pushed into somethign comprehensive, and more to the point HELPFUL in our understanding as to what is actually happening.

as far as I know, what I've read.. is that some genes which are most active in algae and butterfly DNA have been unlocked in our DNA? and this allows multitudes of micro ogranisms and bacteria of different types of species to amalgamate through quorum-sensing into a biomass on and in our skin, bypassing our immune system? the debris we find is a polymer that is expelled by the substance that surrounds the biomass, which protects it from antibiotics and harmful chemicals.

now, as far as my opinion on that... I have none. I was not a biology major, so my own research would have to go into this theory heavily before I becan to swallow it as fact, but these things I jsut listed above, are what I have found is most often talked about.

I'm here to talk and try to understand about the biology of what is happening.
I'm not into the conspiracy side of things, nothing wrong with your own theories, but I am not interested in worrying about WHY it's here right now.. only WHAT it is.
maybe later I'll decide to go that avenue and into that area, but not now. I'm only intersted in other people's experiences with remedies, and the biology of it.

thanks for reading

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Post by J Jill » Wed Aug 30, 2006 12:18 am

Jill, I know you posted what you did as an example, but I was wondering if you thought we too had radiation damage? I do from all the photonic fusion/ solar cells.....and I wanted your opinion.


Yes, I think that we have radiation damage.

Last month, I was to the doctor to get my thyroid meds. I learned about my thyroid problems back in the 1970's. I need to take my little pills every day.

The nurse practioner decided that my blood levels should be checked, so she sent me to the lab. The woman that did my blood draw was telling me that she has never seen so many people testing for thyroid as she has the past few years. She said it's becoming commonplace. She mentioned that her sister-in-law works in a lab at Cleveland Clinic and she marvels over the same issues. Thyroid and Reynauds (Cancer also) are spiraling out of control according to my techie.

I had a map on my previous computer- that showed the % of population across the US with known damage due to radiation. Too bad I lost that one. Had to do with the nukes tested in the western states.

Thyroid disease is just one symptom of the radiation. Cancer another...

You should read some of the links of the Downwinders group. They have answers for you, I'm sure.


PS I believe it was stated somewhere that anyone that grew up in the US in the 1950's has radiation damage. I'll look for the link...
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Brain fog relief

Post by nettimo » Wed Aug 30, 2006 3:01 am

Hi, "M", aka polycon,
I am learning too after several months of knowing. Like living in two worlds, creeped out, knowing you are parasitized and not able yet to get rid of it.

For brain fog I highly recommend an herb Rhodiola rosea which is an adaptogen and well studied in Europe. Feel like I got my brain back (most of it).

You may wish to puruse the book, "The Rhodiola Revolution," 2005, written by two shrinks, one of whom was disabled with undiagnosed Lyme. She attributed her healing to 25% long term antibiotics, and the rest Rhodiola rosea. (Side effects: some people have minor GI discomfort. Not reommended if you have bipolar.)


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Post by mfromcanada » Wed Aug 30, 2006 5:13 am

I got this from a mosquito bite in Canada in the early 80's. I have never gotten rid of the sores completely. Symptoms started with extreme fatigue and progressed systemically over time. Currently on disability for fibromyalgia and osteo arthritis. I believe my daughter got the micro organism from me when she was born. I have had much relief from 1 1/2 years of doxycycline which I just recently stopped taking due to other opportunistic infections. The doxyclycline does not stop new sores from coming but helps with pain and mobility. About one week after stopping the antibiotic the pain is back. I am glad to hear from TamTam and appreciate the videos. My doctor and he is so skeptical he would probably send God to see a shrink if he came in with the samples, the videos etc. He would not even look at my samples. I sent the samples in to the lab and it came back as "fiber exudate". I have seen well over 50 doctors, for numerous other symptoms, since I got this. I have had many many blood tests and not one person has noticed that these are living organisms that are in my blood, earwax, tears, skin and eyes. I am glad to have the support of the other sufferers on this site. mrcpvls

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Post by Skytroll » Wed Aug 30, 2006 12:48 pm

Welcome Polycon and Mrcpvis and Hello Nettimo,

Thank you for sharing about the fibers and your doctor experiences. The stories are so similiar.
Now, the ideas about the Wiki are great.
I have been trying to beat down some theories we have just to have some conclusive evidence, but, until there are bonifed scientific studies, of this by many researchers, we are limiting this to what we observe, which is a good start.

However, the fiber is the main issue. It seems to instigate much deeper involvement of this critter. The intitial problem, I think though begins with some kind of bite, and/or the insect itself.

Now, I just took something out of my chin that looks like a water flea. There seemed to be barbs on it. Now, in the specimens we give, if the flea is not intact, one would never know that is what it is.
However, it had to get on the skin somehow.
I seem to have gotten a rash of this recently on my face. Underneath and around where these eruptions take place is a blue, about 1/4" round line
near crease in mouth, and near eye near a vein.

There must be a bacteria, a vector, and a live organism. I have had this 15 years. I have been in and out of this thing, but, never leaves, however, I am able to manage by using the many different safe and most natural products to alleviate the symptoms.

A gram-negative bacteria, a fly, misquito, bee, ant, a medicine, as Vector, and a protist as organism.
So, I say the bacteria is Wolbachia,
A fly-tick, misquito, bee, gnat, midge, Phorid, flea, small spider, spider/webs carrying spores, as Vector, and a protist, protozoa, fliaria producing worm, nematode, helminth, trematode etc. as the mover under the skin as the OrganismThat is what I have gathered so far.

Now, to narrow this down, by process of elimination, we have covered many things.

London has mentioned the Wolbachia, and the vectors, which is in 25% of insects on earth.
She has also mentioned the genetically modified
insects, worms, and symbiosis of bacterias associated with these insects.

Where this gets confusing is when the altered bugs are brought in. When we see abnormal bugs, when we see abnormal effects of the bites of these bugs. When we see blue lines under our skin that are not veins, when we have electrial impulses going through our bodies, then we begin to think that the fibers are electrical, or stimulated by electrical activity, and we think the fibers are inorganic, and yet catalysts for this disease.

Then we are crossing the threshold of biologicial entities and physics natural phenomenon. However, this may not be natural at all.

Mention of what is new: Buckyballs, nanomedicine, nano, genetically created microbes, all come into play. Particle science in new tech.

However, if we can document evidence, as many have, of what this looks like, what it does to the skin, observing its many attributes, and if our blood changes, our bone density changes, we keep this physical, the mental is there only as a bioproduct of what goes on physically.

The mental DOP is just a copout by doctors, for either not knowing what this is, not making an attempt to even find out, or they being ordered by AMA to keep it under the rug, knowing clearly what this is, but refusing to acknowledge it and let the public know that something seriously is happening in the environment with experimental bioweapons and/or
accidental releases, and/or evolutionary creations that either change DNA by retrogenes or direct environmental manipulation.

So, many theories arise, but, if we stick to the one we are looking in recent discussions, we are examining the crossover between the world of physics, the geological changes in the earth, and the changes in biology (even in taxonomy-the naming of it - Cladistics has changed over this last century, but, are these scientists correct?) Are the newly created microbes, bacterial products, and pharma really looking to cure, or create a sickness, call it something else and treat with gene altering drugs.
So, jump right in and from what you observe and think, join us in this battle.

Thanks for sharing,


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Post by polycon » Wed Aug 30, 2006 4:37 pm

I'd also like to add, that before moving to North Carolina in November of 05', I was in Orlando Florida for 2 and ahalf years.
While I was there I would constantly get "bites" on my outer bicep of each arm, and nowhere else on my body. They would come the size and feel of a mosquito bite, but go away within the day they appeared.
I NEVER found any bugs biting me when I got them, and they never appeared after an initial "bite" pain. they just began itching and the scratching id did on that spot made me notice them.
Again, ONLY on my outer upper arm area of both my left and right sides is where they would occur, and they were not symmetrical meaning to not confuse this with symmetrical symptoms that have been discussed, only to indicate that thats where they happened on my body.

The only thing I could think of, is that that is where I had my allergy "pin-pad" tests when I was a child. There were no bugs visible, and no symptoms of this disease back then. I do know Florida has a high rate of reported Morgellons.

I just wanted to say I had those bite-things so that anyone else that went through that experience before showing the major crawling symptoms might respond and confirm if they've experienced that as well.

Is there anyone here that would like to begin the Fiber-Disease-Wiki ?
I do not mean on Wikipedia, I mean referring to my links in my last post before this one, that it would be a privately edited one only for people contributing to the accumulation of biology-data relevant to the disease.


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Post by London » Wed Aug 30, 2006 6:24 pm

I really don't have much too say about the following (snips) but I was surprised to read them.

I also think I might have ran across the name of the Fibers.....SPME and they use this to extract/test things with (i.e., chemical compositions- I think)

Baculovirus recombinants capable of simultaneous expression of multiple gene products.

Introduction: The insect pathogenic Baculoviruses have been adapted for high efficiency recombinant protein production in infected insect cells and larvae. Multi-gene proein complexes such as antibodies or human pathogenic virus structures can be produced by co-infecting multiple Baculovirus recombinants, but increased efficiency of multi-gene products could be attained if all genes were expressed from a single baculovirus recombinant. We are constructing a multi-gene Baculovirus expression vectors that could be used for efficient expression of multi-gene products by adapting several non-essential regions of the virus to recombinant protein expression.
Research Projects: The student will begin by constructing and expanding novel Baculovirus shuttle vectors containing the gene of interest. These vectors will be used for transfection of insect cells in culture, along with viruses in cell culture, and the genetic and molecular characterization of DNA viruses. Subsequent analyses of protein products produced by the generated recombinants will complete the training. This will provide a useful survey of recombinant DNA and protein technologies that are standard practice in molecular genetics laboratories.


Biosolar Hydrogen Production (AFOSR, ACS). All oxygenic phototrophs
extract electrons and protons from water and use them to
reduce NADP+ and plastoquinone for use as energy sources
for metabolism such as Calvin cycle CO2 fixation and other
pathways. However, some microbial oxygenic phototrophs
(cyanobacteria and microalgae) can transiently produce H2 gas
under anaerobic conditions via proton reduction catalyzed by a
hydrogenase in competition with other intracellular processes.
They do so by redirecting the electrons and protons, ultimately
produced by water oxidation, at the level of
ferredoxin/NADPH into hydrogenase. Beginning in 2005, we
are leading a national research team comprised of five
institutions that seeks to harness natural biosolar H2
production from water as a source of renewable clean
hydrogen energy. In one approach we are developing tools to
allow large scale screening of microbial strains from diverse natural habitats including extreme environments. Strains
isolated from these screens are expected to possess better metabolic properties more suited for H2 production. Data
from one of the three powerful tools that we have built is illustrated in the figure, showing detection of dissolved H2
(at 10-8 M sensitivity) produced by induction of hydrogenase activity in the green microalga, Chlamydomonas
reinhardtii. The figure illustrates how trains of light pulses of variable pulse duration give rise to different kinetics of
H2 production. At higher light duration, more O2 is produced which poisons the hydrogenase enzyme thereby
suppressing H2 production. This behavior differs among individual strains and between different species. Subsequent
metabolic engineering to better control the flux of electrons and protons into H2 production will be undertaken in
genetically tractable strains of cyanobacteria and microalgae via random mutagenesis, directed evolution, and
expression of chimeric hydrogenases. Members of the collaborative team are developing techniques for high
throughput screening of microbial H2 production, H2 sensor development, microbial physiology, genetic and
physiological engineering of metabolic pathways, directed evolution and microchemostat development. We have
described an efficiency analysis which identifies the opportunities and challenges
that face development of this technology as a potential practical solution for
hydrogen energy production (Kruse et al. 2005). Our research has identified and
optimized a different pathway within cyanobacteria than used in the microalgae for
solar hydrogen production from water. The cyanobacterial pathway in Arthrospira
maxima uses a dark fermentative pathway to produce H2 from photosynthetically
generated reductant, thereby achieving temporal separation of O2 production, a
requirement for practical applications in energy generation. :shock:

Genetically engineered mutant of the cyanobacterium Synechococcus PCC 7942 defective in nitrate transport

Here are those fibers being used:

Solid-phase microextraction for determining the distribution of sixteen US Environmental Protection Agency polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in water samples.

A solid-phase microextraction (SPME) procedure has been developed for the determination of 16 US Environmental Protection Agency promulgated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Five kinds of SPME fibers were used and compared in this study. The extracted sample was analyzed by gas chromatography with flame ionization detection or mass spectrometry. Parameters affecting the sorption of analyte into the fibers, including sampling time, thickness of the fiber coating, and the effect of temperature, have been examined. Moreover, the feasibility of headspace SPME with different working temperatures was evaluated. The method was also applied to real samples. The 85-microm polyacrylate (PA) and 100-microm poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) fibers were shown to have the highest affinities for the selected PAHs. The PA fiber was more suitable than the PDMS fiber for the determination of low-ring PAHs while high sensitivity of high-ring PAHs was observed when a 100-microm PDMS fiber was used. The method showed good linearity between 0.1 and 100 ng/ml with regression coefficients ranging from 0.94 to 0.999. The reproducibility of the measurements between fibers was found to be very good. The precisions of PA and PDMS fibers were from 3 to 24% and from 3 to 14%, respectively. Headspace SPME is a valid alternative for the determination of two- to five-ring PAHs. A working temperature of 60 degrees C provides significant enhancement in sensitivity of two- to five-ring PAHs having low vapor pressures (>10(-6) mmHg at 25 degrees C) (1 mmHg = 133.3 Pa) and low Henry's constants (>10 atm ml/mol) (1 atm = 1.01 x 10(5) Pa).

Well, I thought I had it on here but was wrong- Nadas, remeber those Diatoms/ rotifers? Guess what they are using them for??? thier silicone!~! so they are using all thise micro organisms that we see to benefit the industry! (you guys may have known that, but I had no idea)



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