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Post by London » Wed Aug 23, 2006 12:59 pm


I saw your post about the product by Tilax?? or something like that re: the cream. I'm getting very interested. Hey, so this German person that sells it (I think you said his name is Mark?) well, is it the same product? I'm assuming it is, but just wanted to confirm w. you. Imagine it's not released to sell here in the states by the FDA...oh yeah, not that this means a thing, but on his (Marks site) did you know on his links page he has your nightmare listed ...aka...Silentsuperbug? Just curious.

Please reply to this when you can- Again, I'm really interested in ordering some.


Check it out:

and: Evolving virtual Creatures
also Nadas, you made the comment 2 pages back ...something about the spongebob guy? Could you explain what you meant by that. Just v. curious.

Thanks Guys!


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Post by Systemic » Wed Aug 23, 2006 3:02 pm

topic finite zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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Post by London » Wed Aug 23, 2006 9:53 pm


I'm sorry- I guess I somehow missed your post this morning. To answer your questioin in comparison.....I have only expelled liquid from my body that looked exactly like baby powder as well, but that is it as far as comparison with your symptoms. Well, also the fact that I too feel doomed.....


Thanks for sharing- I know what you mean...everything going good in my life too then it took a complete turn around. Sad....but today, I'm more pissed than anything....guess it was the blog that Morgellons watch had posted. (Not them that was upsetting but the New reports and Mental Illness bullshit). Well, at least if they do not step up to the plate and say sorry and here is what you need to get better, than yes, we're scewed but so will they be when we finish with them. At least we know more than we did a year ago. Hell, I thought the world had came to an end., it was the most miserable year in my life and I did not even have to work. Teaching school (WORKING) would have been so much better and that is no fun picnic in itself.....

Basically biotechnology and nano techniques has ruined the world. (My opinion.,

Hey, did anyone else order the stuff from that person that Randy knows?
I really want some.

They suck boulder rocks!!!!

AND,,,,Befour, I got my bracelet and copper wire, funny Gillian advised me to tie around my toe when I go to sleep.....this is weird but am going to try tonight and will let you know....hey, do you take yours off (the braclete?)

Systemic and all, here is a whole page for you on spun hair and what have you.....weird stuff....whomever they got to write the articles left out cloning.......god, I hate biotechnology.,.......

Golf tee hairs in Netherton disease.

We present a case of Netherton disease, where the hairs lacked the characteristic microscopic feature of trichorrhexis invaginata. In its place were certain hairs with a golf tee morphology. These represent the proximal half of the invaginate node seen in typical Netherton disease. Scanning electron microscopy demonstrated the three-dimensional quality of this abnormality, which is subtle when assessed by light microscopy alone. We describe this sign so that it might be recognized when seen in isolation, as here, and allow the diagnosis of Netherton disease to be confirmed. ... id=7271317

and here is one called T-hairs or golf -tee hairs; Guess Orion knew what he was talking about, eh? ... ds=7822652 ... -loss.html

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Post by Skytroll » Thu Aug 24, 2006 12:58 am


Good article on that bioweapon lab. I thought we were not supposed to make anymore. Sounds like our govt sets the rules, but, doesn't follow them, because? .............I wish Nixon could have told us more.........You know he was his own person......
I think he actually like JFK.

Hey, good point to bring up though, we need to keep on top of the new weapon lab, just be open source, don't you think?

Tam Tam,

So, are you saying by nuclear transfer a cell with a nucleus is transfering the cell to a non-nucleus
organism? That would be the event of symbiosisis between parakaryote and eukaryote?

Also, the amyloidosis, mycocystin connection.

Mycocystin transfered nucleus form its cell to and by vector. Vector in a bacteriophage? Otherwise, how would we get it? How would the nucleus of another cell transfer to our skin? to our muscles, to our very callogen?

Okay, I will read some more.......

Thank you for the links.

Sarah Conner,

that link you provided sure tells us something, doesn't it?. OH oh we have a problem, maybe those nanoparticles in that aerosol propellent spraying that creates those tribolites and those sarcophages and those bored pilots are deciding to give us some hints too.

So the EPA and DOE might have blundered?

Oh no, funny combination Energy and Genomes to Life. How they go together!

Now, the EPA says oh oh, they might cause problems for humans.

In that article you presented, there are some concerns.

Fly Ash is being doused with something here just down the hill from where I live. A Consumer Power Plant, a coal burning plant, is putting fly ash from the plant on a field across the road, a road that many many people drive daily, and on that they are putting the ash, and most likely those genetically altered and symbiont microbial bacterias on this field, which could and most likely are causing a biofilm to cover the whole filed, which they will use for soccer fields. EXCELLENT!

Cute little chart!

Ultrafine Particles (UFPs) versus Nanoparticles (NPs)
Pros: Applications in Biology and Medicine
Imaging and Diagnosis
Drug Delivery
Anticancer Therapy
Gene Therapy
Cons: Morbidity and Mortality due to Cardiovascular Effects
Cons: Pulmonary Morbidity and Mortality
Experimental Cellular Studies
Reactive Oxygen Species
Pulmonary Pathologic response
Cons: Translocation and Toxicity to Other Organs
Neuronal Translocation
Dermal Exposure and Translocation

Note the last one! Lets delve into this.

Discussion time!!!!!!!!

In the one you showed it mentions this:
"ultrafine particles
(UFPs) generated by anthropogenic activities and to their cardiopulmonary
outcomes. The comparability of engineered NPs suggests that the human health
effects are likely to be similar to that of UFPs."

"Neuronal translocation" and
"Dermal exposure and translocation"

Seems to be more Cons than Pros!

Neuronal translocation
The potential existence of neuronal uptake and translocation of inhaled
particulates and pathogens to the brain reported in several studies was reviewed
in detail by Oberdörster et al (Oberdörster 2005). From studies cited in their
review it appears that the olfactory nerve is the most viable pathway for the
transport of particles intranasally inhaled due to the close proximity of the
olfactory mucosa and bulb. In studies using whole-body inhalation of rats to
ultrafine carbon black extrapulmonary translocation through the olfactory nerve
was reported to be a viable mechanism (Oberdörster et al. 2002). Whether these
NPs transported to the brain cause any cell injury or toxicity to the brain is not

Dermal exposure and translocation
The human skin is the largest organ in the body protecting against the
environment with a surface area of nearly 18,000 cm2. Polar and nonpolar
materials can permeate across the stratum corneum via a paracellular route
(Menon and Elias 1997). Photomechanical waves have been shown to enhance
permeability of the stratum corneum in vivo inducing expansion of the lacunar
spaces leading to the formation of transient channels to facilitate the transport of
macromolecules into the viable epidermis (Menon et al. 2003). A potential
metabolic intervention to enhance effective transdermal drug delivery is reported
to be highly effective in through permeabilized stratum corneum (Elias et al.
Penetration of particles greater than one micron is very limited through the
normal skin other than in areas of scratching, injury, or mechanical stretching. In
conjunction with motion, Tinkle et al (2003) demonstrated in an animal model that
topical application of 0.5 and 1.0 µm beryllium particles penetrate the stratum
corneum and develop hapten-specific, cell mediated immune response.
Penetration of TiO2 microparticles in sunscreen into the stratum corneum and
follicular orifice of hair has been reported (Lademann et al. 1999). Particles
reaching the dermis can be transported to the lymphatic system by macrophages
and dendritic cells. Although there are no well documented studies on the
potential of NPs penetration and transmigration to other distant organs, one can
postulate from the studies reported using beryllium particles that it is more likely
a viable route of entry in workers involved in mechanical or strenuous activities.
In a cytotoxicity study of human keratinocytes in culture, Shvedova et al
(2003), demonstrated the potential of SWCNT exposure to induce ROS
generation resulting in cytotoxicity, lipid peroxidation, antioxidant depletion, and
loss of cell viability associated with ultrastructural and pathological changes.
Their studies concluded that exposure to unrefined SWCNT can result in
accelerated oxidative stress and toxic manifestations in exposed workers.
Based on current available toxicologic studies and limited human data we
have developed a schema of potential interactions of UFPs transportation,
interactions, and suspected sequence of events that may lead to cardiovascular,
pulmonary and other organ involvement (Figure 3).
Advancements in nanomedicine potentially offer new and intriguing opportunities
in NP-based early detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Commercial

Berylium is in the C trails. Oh yeah, won't hurt nobody!!!!!!!!


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Post by London » Thu Aug 24, 2006 5:22 am

Skytroll, wow - great post. Thank you!

To all these fake believe make believe science organizations that have our best interest at heart.....(by the way, I won't fall for the skirting of the law techiques)

I'm really sick and tired of all the BS! Either tell us what we have and what we can do to live w. it or keep on with the lies and we will possibly see you in court. (and no, not talking about my prior dispute with someone that post here....I mean the whole enchalada from the CDC, the NIH, TO THE BIOTECHLIARS......



NOW, look at this very closely- see anything shady?

Can anyone explain?

: Investigation of Bacterial Biofilm Destruction Using Gas Discharge Plasma
Preview Abstract

N. Abramzon
J. Bray
J.C. Joaquin
G. Brelles-Mari\~{n}o
(California State Polytechnic University, Pomona)

Biofilms are bacterial communities embedded in an exopolysaccharidic matrix with a complex architectural structure. Bacteria in biofilms show different properties from those in free life thus, conventional methods of killing bacteria are often ineffective with biofilms. The use of plasmas potentially offers an effective alternative to conventional sterilization methods since plasmas contain a mixture of charged particles, chemically reactive species, and UV radiation. 4 and 7 day-old biofilms were produced using two bacterial species. Gas discharge plasma was produced by using an AtomfloTM reactor (Surfx Technologies) and bacterial biofilms were exposed to it for different periods of time and different plasma conditions. For each plasma condition, cell counts were plotted against the time of treatment, which allow us to calculate D-values and compare various plasma treatments quantitatively. Optical emission spectroscopy was used to study plasma composition and temperature which was then correlated with the effectiveness of killing. \newline This Work was supported partly by CSUPERB.

Tam Tam, what do you think about the above article?

Some parts are moved- BioTeam

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Post by Sabrina » Thu Aug 24, 2006 6:20 am

tamtam wrote:////////moved//////////////
Important links as earlier posted:

"The diagnosis of these rare infections is based largely on detection of characteristic structures observed on histopathologic examination of tissue"

Copy link by Mr. Bartz: ... id=1081399

Response J. Gerberding (CDC Atlanta) to Mrs. Sabrina,
Excerpt letter:

"The (CDC) working group will review......available data...... to help us understand this pattern of illness or syndrome"
Excerpt link London:

"Various dermatoses are clearly associated with either superficial or systemic infection by many Gram-negative organisms, most notably Pseudomonas aeruginosa (....)

However, it is unreasonable to compare mechanisms of cutaneous disease from colonising Gram-negative bacteria to those due to cyanobacteria .....solely...... on the basis that both organisms contain LPS"
"In our opinion, the sole natural exposure route that might explain aquatic cyanobacterial LPS-related illness is via inhalation of aerosolised cells or fragments"

"protein allergens in some cyanobacteria may provoke symptoms"

New Scientist Breaking News - Dietary neurotoxin linked to Alzheimer's
Neurotoxins from blue-green algae present in certain foods or water can accumulate in proteins and might cause brain diseases like Alzheimer’s after many ... - 42k - Cached - Similar pages

"Its about CBL (Cyano Bacterial Like micro organisms) that gather in a biofilm.
This biofilm represents a lysate that will recombine. Because of its quorum sensing property, more organisms may tune into one and the same multi cellular process"

"A number of mysterious and uncomfortable diseases, in which microbes were never convincingly implicated in the past, are now attributed to bacteria growing as a biofilm"

Important note for the histopathologist in relation to infection with a novel CBL:

"The globose budding cells of L. loboi may resemble the “mariners wheel” form of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis in tissue; however, the consistent diameter and chain-like arrangement of the yeast cells of L. loboi distinguish it from P. brasiliensis. L. loboi is usually intracellular, although extracellular forms may be seen"

Thank you Tamtam. The information in this post will take a little time to process and digest. Thanks for being patient too.

I sure hope that the CDC is using any and all resources out there to help this new team assigned to evaluate this condition. Much ground work has already been done.

I wonder if this new team of professionals knows that Tamtam keeps repeating himself here with information that if proved to be true, could be crucial to all of us?

Maybe I should ask them ?:idea:



Will somebody please tell me what "////////moved////////" means? :oops: Thanks

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Post by tamtam » Thu Aug 24, 2006 8:59 am

moved= moved post

This link was given by Mrs. Skytrol, develop new biological warfare agents using genetic engineering techniques to enhance their weapons characteristics, such as by adding increased resistance to antibiotics...."

Document 32
Memorandum re Soviet Biological Weapons Programs, no classification, 9/17/92 (according to source), 10 pp.
Source: State Department FOIA Database
This unsigned document, found in State Department records and according to them dating from September 1992, summarizes information the author had been gathering for years from former Soviet citizens who had been involved with the Soviet biological warfare program since the 1970s. According to these accounts, the USSR in the early 1970s began to develop new biological warfare agents using genetic engineering techniques to enhance their weapons characteristics (such as by adding increased resistance to antibiotics); that at around the same time Moscow initiated a program to transfer biological weapons research to civilian institutions and create new institutions to pursue this research........ and that these facilities were organized under a special directorate called BIOPREPARAT, which had recently come under the Ministry of Health

Quote bioweapon expert Ken Alibek: "that different kinds and sizes of substances have different rates of infection and different people will have varying levels of resistance"

Remark: And why the repetition in the "West" ?


I advise you to unite and seek litigation,
do not use e-mail but use a certified letter to notify the institution(s)

Demand intervention!



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Post by southcity » Thu Aug 24, 2006 6:38 pm

Flash from the past.....

Surplus skin used for bioweapons research - 07 June 2002

Patients undergoing reductive surgery at a healthcare trust in the west of England are being asked to donate surplus skin tissue for biochemical weapons research at the Government's Defence Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down.

"First they ignore you...
Then they laugh at you...
Then they fight you...
Then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi

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Post by SarahConnor » Thu Aug 24, 2006 8:08 pm

Gee Wiz!!! I don't know what to say!!! I have stayed up all friggin night... my eyes are hanging out of my head. I really wanted to end this week on an up,..some answers. Look I am with LONDON, we're friggin ill oka, I don;t know what the HELL it is either, but for goodness sake, it I am supposed to be DOP, or I have dust mites I would really appreciate being told... my docs haven;t ever said that ONCE!!!

Why do THEY THE DOCTORS I HAVE SEEN believe in Morgellons as something more than DELSIONAL?? Come ON we ARE LISTENING to our DOCTORS, but christ I am 38 years of age, I am a baby. I did a normal job, I am friggin intelligent, this is NOT a life, every human being deserves to know what is happening to them?

The MRF and all the other money spinners so far have got us where ..... just SICKER that is ALL. False hopes, promises, and they don't care because they MUST KNOW THAT this will KILL us before we can probably we bothered finding any sort of explanation for something that looks like a human hair flying out from the delicate skin of WOMANS VAGINA!!! YES you heard me, and blue fluff and crap from clothes should not be there either.....Let me tell you my MOTHER would HAVE set me straight on this LONG along.....she would have saved her own flesh and body her DAUGHTER from such foolish behaviour, and dragging her family name through the mud if she alone thought this was a DELUSION and for that matter so would half of the people I know from the COMMUNITY THAT I LIVE IN!!!

MY FRIGGIN PHARAMACIST practically counsels my friend I live with when he goes there... and says this is a terrrible disease....and so bizarre I have never heard of it and for that matter HE HAS NEVER HEARD OF DELUSIONS OF PARASITOSIS.. So are you going to tell him a Pharmacist that he has NOT A CLUE EITHER!!! He said it to my friend....SHE (meaning me) DOESN'T NEED ALL THIS MEDICINE BEHIND ME (pointing to all the pharma drugs on the shelf!!!). His words - This is going to take YEARS to find a CURE!! He said to 'T' take care of her please, make sure you try to keep her moods on an even level. This is very very tough for her. I am really sorry about this. I wish I could do something. By the way my friend has this TOO.


and YES it all STARTED with a boy NAMED DREW..... I don't KNOW WHY SHE DID IT .....or WHY SHE HAS DONE WHAT SHE HAS BEEN ACCUSSED OFF.....but I DO KNOW ONE THING..... THIS **** (bizarre physical and psychological symptoms) DOES NOT HAPPEN to the HUMAN BODY they DID NOT teach me THAT IN SCHOOL.


If you can't CURE US - FINE!!! Tell us Please.



IF YOU THINK we have the emergence of an old disease please tell us.

Don't give a shite who is to blame, BUT my goodness me SOMEONE has to be accountable for for this type of ABUSE to happen to INNOCENT, LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, AND CHILDREN don't you think?

How do you people honestly lie straight in bed at night, and kiss your children before school, and tucking them into bed. You want me to do COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY - WELL YES I'M DOING IT KNOW - I AM venting my anger in the appropirate direction AT YOU lot you so called professionals and experts!!

Do DOCTORS take some sort of Hypocractical Oath - is that correct terminology - remember I AM SICK not a friggin pseudo Scientist masquarding also as a sex mad moth who mated with a jelly fish whilst they had wild sex ON GOD FORBID an INFECTED COTTON BED SHEET....and hell MAYBE some DUST mites too.....and when they had finished having wild sex THEY CALLED themselves Morg Monsters kissed each other goodnight and then got APDUCTED by ALIENS whilst sleeping....and when they confronted the ALIENS as to what the HELL were they doing....they said just donate some funds to the OSU for Dr Wymores RESEARCH....then they woke up!!

I think that last comment is the BEST twrap up so far. That is exactly what the cause of MORGELLONS IS DON'T YA THINK!!! Come on - if these poor people (very intelligent sick people) do anymore research we will blow up.

If you can't come to some sort of an agreement TELL US ALL so we can at least die with a bit of friggin dignity, any normal HUMAN BEING does not LIKE to LIVE or THINK this way. Premature dealth is NOT what I want, but hell I can't not listen to what my body tells me and of course you just have to look at it. My GRANDMA is 90yrs old - SHE looks HEALTHIER than me, but you know my blood tests are Healthy.

Does Hypochondria cause severe disfigurement/scarring/lesions/strange hair growth from body parts that shouldn't HAVE IT GROWING ON A WOMAN?

How come the SO CALLED SELF INFLICTED LESIONS don't even GROW A BACTERIA???? Doesn't that strike you as a little bit strange??


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Post by London » Thu Aug 24, 2006 11:21 pm

Bang on Sarah!! :lol: just joking! Thank you for your heartfelt post!
Sara, did you know that night you were on the radio w/ Cliff and Chas, etc., that Greg from MorgUSA came on and said he also had cat-scratch??

Hey, TamTam, I was not insinuating that you knew about the above biofilm/plasma scenario (re: my post at top), but just wanted your opinion.

Screw them! I don't care anymore who it hurts or how much it cost them.I have had enough....I give it about 6 more days and hopefully they willl cough up something. I have had this (full blown) now for exactly a year and 10 days.

Somebody knows something. Someone is lying....was it the Feds/FBI saying they could not find a match? Probably. This is BS that Dr.Wymore cannot find something by now. There has been a match, I can just feel it.

Wonder why Dr.Wymore and his buddy Cliff and Greg don't look into the Oklahoma State Vet Dept.?? There, they have done lots of studies that might contain some valuable information. Plus, that school has got some good communications equipment; especially for videoconferencing. This was paid for in millions in Grant money.

Also, seems NASA does a lot of their business in the state of Oklahoma.

This is all public knowledge and I hope the hell they (CDC, etc.,) start to cough up some more info in the next few days. Lord knows I will.

Like I said, SICK of the S!

Someone sent me a pm stating they put Lyme into the tick; here you go:

Experimental Infection of Ixodes scapularis Larvae (Acari: Ixodidae) by Immersion in Low Passage Cultures of Borrelia burgdorferi

We describe a procedure for the introduction of Borrelia burgdorferi, the spirochetal agent of Lyme disease, into larvae of the tick vector Ixodes scapularis. Internalized spirochetes were observed in larvae examined after 15 or 45 min immersion at 32°C in liquid culture suspensions of low passage B. burgdorferi strain B31. Larval ticks immersed in low passage strain B31 were able to feed to repletion on white-footed mice. Midguts of larvae contained many spirochetes 1 wk postengorgement, while larvae incubated with high passage strain B31 were free of detectable spirochetes at the same interval. Larvae incubated with low passage strain B31 were competent to transmit the pathogen to mice, as shown by serology, reisolation of B. burgdorferi from mice, and xenodiagnosis. Ticks maintained the infection transstadially to the nymphal stage and transmitted the infection to naive mice, replicating an essential aspect of natural infection. This method requires no special equipment and allows artificial infection of large numbers of ticks at the larval stage. It will facilitate studies of the contribution of specific B. burgdorferi genetic loci to tick colonization. ... 2nvx.alice

and, it appears that this person that emailed me agrees on the microwaves and how very harmful they are.....think about this.....Solar Power; MAYBE FROM TECHNOLOGIES? i DUNNO, BUT GOING TO LOOK INTO IT TOO. I BET IT IS THE ENERGY DEPT....THINK ABOUT THIS: I'M THINKING RENEWABLE ENERGY BEING TAKEN FROM THE OCEAN, THE MICROBES, YOU NAME IT. HERE IS AN ARTICLE ON SOLAR POWER OH, YEA, I THINK THE NAME I FOUND was solar photovoltaic
Now check this out...I was reading about Solar Electricity when I saw this and it like kind of "clicked" in my head. I remember being out in the sun all day while I was on a trip in Mexico and later that day is when the pain starting shooting thru my back in waves. It was like darts were being thrown into me. Was this the photons I was talking about last week? Oh, I think so!

what is it?
It is the generation of electricity from the power of the sun, via photovoltaic cells (pv). It is different from solar water heating, where water passes through panels to be heated directly, and no electricity is generated.
Photovoltaic cells are made from silicon; when particles of sunlight (photons) fall on the cells, they dislodge the outer electrons of their atoms, and push them along to the next atom; a chain of moving electrons is produced, and if a wire is attached to the panels, these electrons can be pushed down it to supply a useable electric current. This current is measured in amps, and to give some idea of the scale involved, one amp of current involves the movement of 6 million million million electrons per second.
The electricity produced this way (and also from batteries) flows in one direction only, and so is called direct current, whereas electricity from the UK national grid is alternating current, as the flow of electrons changes direction 50 times per second. Direct current can be stored in batteries to power 12 volt appliances. for he rest of story, see:
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Post by SarahConnor » Fri Aug 25, 2006 12:09 am

London - yes I think I do recall Greg saying that about the cat thingy disease. I was really exhausted after that interview, but I dd listen to Greg.

I did feel for the man because it was obvious he was nervous, suffering and fed up like all of us.

Well if there is evidence pointing in that direction - well there is an opening for the CDC to follow up.

What are they scared of?

Doing some REAL work for a change.

Christ all mighty I have sucked up their bums so much, telling them what are smart bright bunch of people their are. I give them the benefit of the doubt.

BUT it is all this flipping and flopping all over the place which HAS ME losing a NIGHTS SLEEP OVER THIS CRAP!!

I do not want to lose anymore sleep over this BS.

London - if you alone have had these symptoms for 12 months now you say - from one fellow human being to another - I DO NOT want you to have advanced symptoms like I do.

So I am willing to go to a uni in Melbourne for a clinical study assisted through Wymore.

Can you go to a uni. near your home and do the same with Wymores help?

Then two down - how many more thousand to go??

Well if we want to PROVE that we have something new, different, and very real how about we at least put one foot in front of the other and START. The fibers ain't going to start talking BUT we are the people and we do tell it exactly how it is.

Just some more verbal diarrhoea - food for thought

Nadas Moksha
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Post by Nadas Moksha » Fri Aug 25, 2006 3:09 am

Has life been recalled?

Dear comrads, Sabrina, S.oconnor,Southcity,London,TAMTAM,SKyTRol, Nettimo, german Randy, and all
else on the ARRKA , the "Ort Cloud" of our dear SOl/RA's departed remains of Vulcan is not infinite but unkown effects far out weigh
what little we have been able to understand of the nature.

If the power of suggestion were to be granted to the entity
earth made minds make all the minds know not what they do.
or would this only hinder the progression of the galactic beam and the
gravetic lensing our solar conductive switch was designed for... would
this might cause the higher ups to think the this sapian mold like residue on the third cylinder needs replacing. thus the astrobiological theory is very very boring and even more difficult to profit from. this may not the correct time for the nadas theory.. but, only hell can be
worse than catalytic mechanisms of binuclear metallohydrolases.

the silence of the captains of industry is due to the scream of
extraterrestrial influience by force fed mimicry that nonlocally operates
thru these humanoid captains.

medium is in the message...

to the professional humanist there are a few unmentioned factors:

1. pro-biotic necessity of hydrated comets and human intervention.
i.e."that comet we exploded for what?"
2.un wavering persistance of humans to control universal functions.
i.e."cold fusion, with little or no care for nonlocal cost, for
3.pole shift and industrial amalgomations, proving the self replicating
automaton enzyme called homosapian is actually undergoing transmutaion as ordered via sol, ra, and higher networked celestial nodes.

as a consumer/observer , it may be noted that in the mid ninties the
macrophage entered medical jargon thru healthcare industry just as the far easts military/industrial sector began openly working photonic metals and mechanized macro devices...coincidence?

Moderator, please delete any of the following limbs of consciousness for they are not fiction and damage even nadas in concert with the current FIBEROUS condition as degrading mental ability is lending photons already spent by the Cloverleaf.



Interest in the Casimir Effect has increased in recent years with the
improvement in micro and nano-technology. Rather then being of solely theoretical interest, the Casimir Effect has real technological ramifications that need be considered in the development of new technologies. The short distance scales involved in emerging technologies (sub - mm scales)mean that the Casimir forces will come into play, and play an important role in design considerations. The Casimir Effect plays an important role in

Microelectromechanical Systems(MEMS).

MEMS involve the integration of switches, sensors, actuators, motors, electronics and the like, on silicon microchips using microfabrication technology. Short-range forces such as the Casimir force hinder performance of the components of MEMS, most notably in switches and actuators where stiction becomes prevalent. Stiction (a contraction of the term Static friction) occurs when components in a MEMS system become stuck to one another. This can be a large problem in MEMS systems as they can be rendered useless if the stiction cannot be overcome. Our work involves modelling the Casimir effect for different geometries and looking at the role of the Casimir force in MEMS systems."



Optical instrumentation can be used for gas absorption spectroscopy, which is the study absorption lines of a gas species as a function of wavelength. Compared to conventional physicalgas cells, optical fibres exhibit clear advantages for gas sensing such as small size, potential for a longer interaction length, i.e. a better sensitivity, and possibility for
remote sensing. Different fibre designs, including fibres with a small hole in the centre of the core and D-shaped fibres, have been reported elsewhere. However, such sensors suffer from a poor overlap between the gas volumeand the mode field of the propagating light, resulting in weak absorption. Therefore long lengths are required to achieve high sensitivity. This project focuses on the use of novel optical fibres, i.e. hollow core waveguides (HCWs)holey fibres (HFs) and photonic bandgap (PBG) fibres, as alternative gas cells in order to improve the sensitivity of measurements. Three different fibres are currently under study: a 3-strand fibre with a small silica core surrounded by three air holes, a hollow-core photonic bandgap (HC-PBG)fibre and a hollow core waveguide. A characterisation of the fibres by observation of the near-field has been made to determine the amount of light that interacts with the gas species. To decrease the diffusion time of gas towards the sensing region, small holes have been machined along the 3-strand and the HC-PBG fibres using a femtosecond laser. Transmission loss measurements performed to quantify the effect of these holes showed that the machined 3-strand fibre is suitable for gas sensing while further work have to be done on the HC-PBG fibre.
Detection of weak 1.66 m harmonics of methane using a 1mm-diameter hollow core waveguide has also been proven.



Gas sensing of CO2 and CO is required for pollution detection, gas monitoring in the industry and house safety. For that purpose, we are working on photodetectors based on a simple ternary compound InAsN grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy(MBE).
To avoid voluminous cooling system, we aim at a room temperature operation in engineering InAs (with a wavelength of 2.98 m at 4K) by introducing a small amount of nitrogen, which theoretically increases the reachable wavelength.
We present the study of 3 samples whose possible detection wavelength,
composition,strain and quality of the interface are characterized by PhotoLuminescence (PL) and HighResolution X-Ray Diffractometry (HRXRD).We report the successful incorporation of N of 0.06%, 0.45% and 0.96%. PL results at lowtemperature show an increasing operating wavelength with increasing N content, reaching 3.46m at 4K for [N] = 0.96 % . With a better quality of the crystal (and possibly the reduction of the defects), we expect to reach 4.2 m and 4.6 m for CO2 and CO sensing at room temperature with the p-type doping with Beryllium (Be).



The discovery of the genetic structure of the green fluorescent protein (GFP) in the jellyfish AequoreaVictoria (1992) enabled rapid improvements in the tools available for fluorescent labelling of proteins invitro and in vivo. Furthermore, the introduction of mutations into GFP has allowed the generation offluorescent proteins with altered spectral properties (e.g. cyan CFP and yellow YFP), that facilitate theuse of fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) to study molecular interactions. FRET results from non-radiative coupling of two fluorophores within 10-100Å of each other, making it an ideal assayfor studying the interactions between tagged proteins.In this work, we report the FRET signal of the binding, conjugation and deconjugation of members of
the family of the small ubiquitin-like modifier SUMO. SUMO-modification of
proteins is important in many biological processes, including intracellular transport, and when disturbed can lead to conditions such as...EVIL ."

"that comet we blew-UP was going somwhere... or are were we to expect the universe reward our ballistics?
mutagens don come fed ex"

"A «dried» comet is a source of explosion-danger due to chemical energy
preserved in the crystals of gas-hydrate ice (methane, ammonia, carbonic acid gas and other frozen gases). With a temperature rise from one volume of ice there can be formed 100-150 v olumes of gas. Consequences. 1. The formation of soot under the stony crust as a result of thermal decomposition of methane in the conditions of the absence of air-access. During this process the comet gets «dried» being still in cosmic space. The soot formation on the surface of the stony layer in the conditions of incomplete methane burning when entering the Earth’s atmosphere. 2. The high reflective capability of soot is the cause of the blindingly bright fire-ball, the powerful dust trail and the unusualy bright twilight over Western Siberia and Europe. 3.Discovering «the corks» from the stony layer as a result of the gas pressure growth reaching the explosive level. 4. Discrete and prolonged gas emissions from the «uncorked» holes. The emissions look like jet-engine exhaust trailes and \contain stone particles, soot and dust. (Precedent: «drying» Mr.Arenda-Rolland’s, Donatti’s and other comets.) 5. Break -up of the comet into two objects and their manoeuvring caused by the reactive forces of high speed gas flows. (Precedents: divarication of the comet of Biela; deviations of such comets from their initial orbits.) 6. Soft landing of the Tunguska meteorite upon the swamps. Splitting up into fractions of gas-hydrate ice. Quick sublimation process. Formation of a column of an explosive mixture.
Methane burning and an explosion releasing a great amount of heat. Peculiar burn of trees. Ammonia diffusion into the forest soil. Vertical explosion originating from the earth surface. 7. Ammonia is an effective,
nitrogene-containing fertilizer. And its derivatives, such as urea, nitrous
acid and others are strong mutagens.As a result there is an intensive
tree-growth and mutations of plants and animals. The Earth captures the
«dried» comet at the evening side at 6 o’clock on the 7th of June 1908."

"Multidimensional tunneling, recrossing, and the transmission coefficient for enzymatic reactions.Tunneling and dynamics in enzymatic hydride transfer, Ozonolysis applications in drug synthesis--A rationale for changing the synthetic route. Large-scale oxidations in the pharmaceutical industry."

-the nadas

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