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Post by yyz » Wed Dec 28, 2005 9:29 pm

Hi TamTam,

Please see below for answers.

When did you observe fibers and artifacts for the first time?
--around 1999 or 2000, i once removed a 2 inch long thread/fiber from a small lesion on my right ear lobe, which was somehow connected within my right temple... since then, fibers and artifacts have been rather consistent.
--prior to that, lesions were as described earlier on this post

All expression can only be related.
The trypanosoma like element in culture is macroscopic.
All you show is random recombination by a set quorum sensing elements.
--you said insect wing but why do these specimens look so similar to pictures of microscopic trypanosomes?

You show an ulcer and some ulcers are very difficult to cure.
Do not operate on any type lesion because all will close with integration of foreign adaptive protein. This type tissue may become reactive during effective treatment.
--i had to operate, pain was unbearable, but i was not the first... last oct, a plastic surgeon "fixed" this lesion before it was completely healed... it was scar revision surgery, which ultimately, made it worse... have had this lesion going on 20 months now... and, have learned that surgery is not the answer, because, as you can tell, it did not heal well.

Ask for a non specific PCR (type test) that could confirm the presence of trypanosoma related DNA
--thanks tamtam, i will.
--what specific trypanosome species do you think is present?

Thanks Once Again TamTam,

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King Cobra
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Post by London » Thu Dec 29, 2005 4:22 am

Dear Forum Readers,

I hope this message finds you well. Due to an unforeseen circumstance, I have not had the chance to use computer technology until today and am only now seeing the direction this “PUBLIC” forum has taken.
I would like to say thank you to Bartz, Cillia, Skytroll and YYZ for their defensive position they took on my behalf.
To those readers I have confused, my apologies. There was a
reasoning behind it. I believe YYZ summed it up best when he gave the advice : “ To always stay one step ahead of them.”
This was the route I was using. I simply was using “probing techniques” to find out WHY. WHY this was happening. Was someone covering up knowledge we needed to know-taunting us to see if we could indeed unravel the puzzle? Was this person trying to help us in any way? If so, I wanted to know. Why use the route of riddles to do so?
At times it seemed they wanted us to find out what they knew.
Well, I had already discovered this answer as I had stated before.
I was “holding-back”, trying to see if one could gain more knowledge of the situation by getting more information. Hoping that this would somehow help us to heal.

It’s unfortunate that a reader could not see above this and think to self, “ hey, maybe she’s on to something here and one should just wait and see what unfolds.” Too bad they did not demonstrate some class and speak their mind using a Personal Message. Oh well, maybe Santa was good to them and brought them a coloring book so that they too could contribute something worthwhile to their” forum.

To TamTam,

I sincerely like you and appreciate your guidance and insight that propelled me into finding out what this heinous disease was caused from. I just do not know the reasoning for your use of riddles. At times it appears you wanted us to discover the answer, then at times you seemed to be aloof and avoiding. I wish I knew what you wanted us to do with this knowledge. I have waited on you to be more direct. Unfortunately this forum strand suddenly took ownership and seems to be coming to a close.

TamTam, here’s what I know…..

From the year 1977, we have a couple of choices here to choose from:
* depleted uranium
* Smallpox
* and what I had chosen the answer to be: Phi X ( scientists have created an artificial form of life from synthetic genes. The form they made is a virus, in this case, a man-made version of a real virus that eats bacteria. )

You represent yourself as being Mr. Craig Venter, Ph.D., from the Institute for Biological Alternatives in North Carolina. You stated that you had the blueprint in front of you. This was a direct quote from Dr. Venter. Dr. Venter is the person that created Phi X within two weeks, using Bacteriophages.
The year was 2003. I will admit you did have me confused at times making me think it was Stanford University. You used Stanford’s Lecture Notes from “Innate Immunity” in your postings-verbatim.
I too responded in a post I wrote to you, using this same verbage when I quoted “ Now let’s move-on to my favorite, the…..” One can look this up on page 19 of this forum. I was hoping you’d realize that I was aware of this being taken directly from Stanford’s Microbiology Notes. I believe you said, “ Now let’s move on to my favorite, the Lepidoptera…..”
Maybe you are from Stanford and you are wanting us to think you are Dr. Craig Venter OR maybe the opposite. Does not really matter since Dr. Venter did nothing illegal. He had financial backing from the Federal Government. The D.O.E. at its’ best!

Some of your sayings that led me to find Phi X…..

Invasion of the body snatchers…..this movie you refer to is a metaphor about the spread of communism. This said, you were hinting for us to find….”(NK) or Natural Killer Cells.

The reasoning behind you stating that our disease was a spinoff-
that it relates with Academia. Pharmaceutical Co.’s, the Government, the military, the Researchers and Physicians.
I’d like to throw in the Private Sector too. Much stock is purchased in the Nanotech Companies as well. They are to blame just as much as the military for dousing us with these fibers via chemtrails. If one would only go take a look at this site:
AC/UNU Millennium Project Nanotech pollution/hazard Study

They would see where the military states how the nanotech fibers impair human health and pollute the environment.

I found a lot of my answers when I researched nanotech bacteria. Also behind this big façade of cover one will find trying to hide: The Communications Industry. It is here that one of our regular posters work. Clandestine meetings held all over the world-that is why I stated that I had seen this certain individual in two different countries on two separate occasions. This too is why I stated that I knew about the warehouses in Glasgow. This group is the one that incorporates the internet2-that big, new information superhighway that I said kept popping up a lot when I researched different bacteria and diseases. These Communication and Advertising groups follow the teachings of an ex-Stanford person by the name of Mr.Douglass Englebart. What a phenomenon he was.

Readers, there was a fungal genome plus so much more. Take the MFC for instance. This one I had stated from the get-go. It is one of the biggest reasons behind our illness. MFC stands for Microbial Fuel Cells. The Gov’t has been using animal waste products to produce energy!

If you’re really interested in what else is happening behind the scenes check out this:

Also, checkout the Biocat…they are all about climate control. As I posted before to readers-look up the word scalars. It’s about electromagnetic currents/frequencies, algorithms.
Check out project Seed and BIRN as well-

People, all of this is affecting not just our atmosphere, but our soil as well.

I found ( and posted it before) about the carboxymethylated cellulose fibers-how this was made from something in the tree/pulp resin.

I will close this post now wishing I knew more answers. Hopefully TamTam will still give his advice to the many readers of "Sabrina's Forum."
Again, YYZ thank you.

Take care everyone-

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Post by yyz » Thu Dec 29, 2005 5:08 am

wow... you're welcome london... thank you as well... i am glad you are ok and i wish you the best... hopefully i will talk to you again soon.


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Post by Barz » Thu Dec 29, 2005 3:40 pm

London, You rock! Your COUNTLESS hours of investigation are paying off. Thank you Thank you. Things must really be freaking you out. I can only imagine. Just want to say again, you rock. BARZ

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Now what??

Post by Maggie Mae » Thu Dec 29, 2005 5:37 pm

I am sorry for my psychosis, induced and hard to avoid....I appreciate you sticking your neck out when all the microbiologists are being moved to other dimensions.
This seems to me that it is a remote sensing cloak - when you say communicate between in read our thoughts? Or maybe "fiber" optics, or maybe trackable movement (luminence) from sattelite, or maybe or maybe and so on and so forth....I wish that you would read London's concerns. I, too, feel that there is more than meets the eye when cryptic is NOT really cool for us suffering. And knowing me, I am not so sure that the individuals world wide that have contracted this might not be GENE targeted - I do NOT think that we were "STRAYS" unless you mean straying from the general leming society and getting out of the loop they want us all to circle everyday of our lives... Man/machine....grants...Technologies....I too feel we are being herded into a direction with this to throw off the track of the real culprits. My biggest concern is HOW CAN WE BE FREE FROM THIS??? Do these overly educated idiots think that they are as smart as GOD???? The tower of Babel will come tumbling down and crush them for what they have done.

(Many times I have had a "synchronicity" with others studying this - are we all hooked up together like a hive? Algorithms...for sure, London...electro-magnetic and more.)

TAM TAM ------
[u]You also mention skin not the main source....WHAT IS???? [/u]Can it be avoided or removed? The meds you mentioned as possibly useful, can they be purchased without a script? Do you yourself have this disease? When the fibers are shooting away from the body, is that the "bird in flight" input? God, I hate to ask what the animal/mammal input was....US?
How is it that many many times (not always) the sores manifest exactly on the opposite side of the body - like right/left, in unison?
Neuroworm info was posted on another site a long time ago, and they (Germans) create other insects as well....any similarity there? And in the Christian SPIRIT I ask O Lord protect this TamTam and guide and use him to help all of us trapped in this horrid condition.
You obviously know about "targets" keep moving! (joke)

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Post by J Jill » Thu Dec 29, 2005 6:48 pm


While I can appreciate where you are concerned about Phi x and all the potential variables for say... weaponized gene vectors, 'designer' bioweaponized agents perhaps created to be resistant to antibiotics and evade the immune system, and more- the fact remains that the work (of Dr Venter, et al) did not come to fruition until 2002/2003.

There have been people suffering from this disease for up to 20 years. It's not a fit. Could be a huge problem down the road, but not the problem here and now, IMO.

Next, the Microbial Fuel Cells that you mention. Are you referring to the work of Lovley and his Team? If so, to my knowledge,
his work is positive. He has found a means of converting waste (sugar, basically) into energy.

Additionally, the Geobacter metallireducens consumes radioactive elements.

It's all good. ... cter.shtml

Go to the above link and listen to the audio links at the bottom of the page.

Regarding DU, that's another story. No doubt that it is a part of the problem for the Gulf War Vets and others (in the area of the US plants), and will be for those involved in the current conflict in Iraq as well. Links on that later.

But as Prof/Dr Asaf Durakovic (the man who discovered GWS) of Georgetown U defers to Garth Nicholson when it comes to Mycoplasma, due to his focus on DU, I believe that we cannot ignore the subject.

Which brings me to my point- Mycoplasma fermentus.

Do some reading here: ... 0830164126 ... earch.html

If you take a cursory look at any of the links above, you'll begin to understand the problem.

If you take a look at the lesion on the post of YYZ then compare it to a Google/Image search of Leishmania, then you will see cause and effect.

The image that YYZ posted looks exactly like Leishmania to me.

Leishmania is a part of the GWS and to a lesser degree a part of many other chronic conditions.

We call them 'Emerging Diseases'.

While I don't doubt that the information that you have presented may have impact on all of us at some future time, some of it is just not what I would categorize as negative (MFC).



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Morgellons disease

Post by Marlene » Thu Dec 29, 2005 7:00 pm

I was so happy and relieved to read about this disease. We all thought our Mother was going a little crazy. She has been to the doc many times about this and they think she's crazy. I now believe her and have been calling all the dermatologists in this area (Greensboro, NC) and none of them will listen to me about this. I'm very frustrated now and not sure how to proceed. I think there are no cases of this here. My Mom has spent time in TX and after her last visit (and having ticks on her) April 2005 she has been complaining of these "parasites" or "bugs" on her. Actually she didn't have symptoms until June. She has sores all over her and she says that she pulls these "things" out. She is going to visit TX in Jan. and I think maybe she should see a dermatologist there that has some knowledge of this. Again, thanks for helping us with our Mom's problem.

Sincerely, Marlene

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Post by tamtam » Thu Dec 29, 2005 7:53 pm

Interesting to know that yyz knows how to wing!
yyz, ask for a non specific PCR

All that is visible can know an intermediate stage that only can be made visible with more specific technique.

Why is there rather something than nothing?

Stay tuned!


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Post by C3 » Thu Dec 29, 2005 8:24 pm

Relationship cyano and trypanosoma
Observation model for oncogenic activity

ROSKIN and KLYUEVA's trypanosoma extract therapy had more or less been forgotten (in
... At about this time trypanosoma extract therapy was rediscovered, ... - 48k - Cached - Similar pages

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Death Adder
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Post by C3 » Thu Dec 29, 2005 8:28 pm

Oligopeptidase B-dependent signaling mediates host cell invasion ...
Mammalian cell invasion by the intracellular protozoan parasite Trypanosoma cruzi
is mediated by recruitment and fusion of host cell lysosomes, ... ... 1193a.html - Similar pages

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Post by London » Thu Dec 29, 2005 9:52 pm

Hey Jill!

Thanks for all the hyperlinks. I have not had chance to read any of them yet, but I will. You always find "good" stuff!

Right now I just wanted to comment on the Phi X and the MFC. I hear what you are saying and I also took them the same way you are- at first.

Re: Phi X- I was not saying this was what we have- i.e., Morgellons Disease, but that it was part of the disease that TamTam was referring to when he said it was first released around 1977 or so. I said in 2003 Dr. Venter created Phi X- but Phi X is simply a re-creation of the disease from 1977. So that's over 25 years ago, thus it would fall into the time-range factor. Also, TamTam used 2 direct quotes from Mr. Venter from a report Mr. Venter gave on the Phi X. One being: The invasion of the body snatchers and two: "I have the blueprint in front of me."

This is all about "artificial life" Fake this, fake that. From Monsanto's production of the plant that produced plastic to Us being able to make 1/2 Human/ 1/2 monkey creation. Why will they do this? To use various body organs. Say for instance someone is awaiting a kidney transplant-simply take the one out of the creature and put into patient while they await their real 100% human kidney to arrive.

As far as MFC goes-They are starting to just recently get better b/c they had to. (will explain later if you wish me too) . But what's wrong with the way they have been using this ( and still are to this day) ? is the mere fact that it is making a lot of people ill. Take the swine and cow for example. They used their raw wastewater for power generation. These animals' wastes, carry concentrations of microbes as high as a billion organisms per gram of excrement. Infected cattle can excrete millions of E. coli, Cryptosporidium, Gardia in their manure. Chicken wastes can carry the pathenogenic bacteria Salmonella and Campylobacter.

In an area that has manure-laden-run-off and a lot of intensive livestock production, well this is the main suspect in blooms of toxic microbes such as Pfiesteria in estuaries and coastal regions.

Jill, also I didn't know this ( until recently) that over 100 million Americans rely on groundwater as their source of drinking water. Only 1/2 of the communities that use groundwater sources disinfect the water prior to distribution.-and out in the country.....well, they have it kinda bad....
The CDC said in 1997-98 there were 17 outbreaks of waterborne disease . 15 of them were associated with groundwater sources.

Jill, I have to run but I will sure read all those hyperlinks you posted by tonight. Thanks-


C-3 I was glad to see you posting some more things that can possibly assist in helping us heal. I was going to ask my Dr. for Interluken2 to help my body produce more T-cells. Could you comment on this approach if you have time?

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Post by London » Fri Dec 30, 2005 4:02 am

So the 3 in C3, represents "compartments", eh?

"Hydrogen ion gradients across the mitochondrial, endosomal and plasma membranes in bloodstream forms of Trypanosoma brucei "-
Solving the three-compartment problem"

**note: the article is a bit hard to understand/read. It was for me anyway. ... 67/15/4601



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