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Its only the air we breath:

"The mitochondrial alternative oxidase (AOX) and the plastid terminal oxidase (PTOX) are two similar members of the membrane-bound diiron carboxylate group of proteins. AOX is a ubiquinol oxidase present in all higher plants, as well as some algae, fungi, and protists. It may serve to dampen reactive oxygen species generation by the respiratory electron transport chain. PTOX is a plastoquinol oxidase in plants and some algae. It is required in carotenoid biosynthesis and may represent the elusive oxidase in chlororespiration. Recently, prokaryotic orthologues of bothAOX and PTOX proteins have appeared in sequence databases. These include PTOX orthologues present in four different cyanobacteria as well as an AOXorthologue in an alpha-proteobacterium. We used PCR, RT-PCR and northern analyses to confirm the presence and expression of the PTOX gene in Anabaena variabilis PCC 7120. An extensive phylogeny of newly found prokaryotic and eukaryotic AOX and PTOX proteins supports the idea that AOX and PTOX represent two distinct groups of proteins that diverged prior to the endosymbiotic events that gave rise to the eukaryotic organelles. Using multiple sequence alignment, we identified residues conserved in all AOX and PTOX proteins. We also provide a scheme to readily distinguish PTOX from AOX proteins based upon differences in amino acid sequence in motifs around the conserved iron-binding residues. Given the presence of PTOX in cyanobacteria, we suggest that this acronym now stand for plastoquinol terminal oxidase. Our results have implications for the photosynthetic and respiratory metabolism of these prokaryotes, as well as for the origin, evolution,and condition proteins."

self-renewable telemetric analysis

Electrochemical DNA biosensors can become a powerful tool for the
investigation of potent changes on the plasmid DNA structure caused by
polymers used as non-viral vectors in gene delivery. Trimethylated chitosan oligomer (TMO) and polyethylenimine (PEI), offering biocompatibility, low immunogenicity and minimal cytotoxicity, are being studied as model non-viral carriers. The information obtained is intended to serve as a basis for developing a new analytical system for the study of the effect of any physically or chemically synthesized polymer on DNA structure.
Galinstan is a new kind of electrode material and the galinstan electrode is a promising alternative to the commonly used mercury electrodes. The eutectic mixture of gallium, indium and tin is liquid at room temperature (m.p. -19 degrees C) and its voltammetric behaviour is similar to that of mercury. The potential windows of use were determined for different pH values and are similar to those obtained with conventional mercury electrodes. Furthermore, the high hydrogen overpotential, which is characteristic for mercury, can be observed when galinstan is used as electrode material. Galinstan can be employed as a liquid electrode in the voltammetric analysis of different metal ions, such as lead and cadmium, in different supporting electrolytes.
Our results indicate that the non-toxic liquid alloy galinstan could
therefore become immensely important in electrochemical research as a
potential surrogate material for mercury.The combination of a preconcentration step coupled with pulse measurements that generate an extremely high signal-to-background ratio. Use of thin films of bismuth deposited on platinum or glassy-carbon substrates has recently been proposed as a possible alternative
to mercury--bismuth is "environmentally friendly", of low toxicity, and is in widespread pharmaceutical use.

HEavy Metal radio station:

"bacteria inhabiting acidic mine regions cause natural leaching of sulphidic
ores. They are now exploited in industrial operations for leaching of metals and beneficiation of low-grade and recalcitrant ores. Recent trends emphasize application of thermoacidophiles and genetic engineering of ore-leaching bacteria for greater success in this area. This requires an in-depth understanding on the molecular genetics of these bacteria and construction of cloning vectors for them. Metal resistance is considered as the most suitable phenotypic trait for cloning vectors of bio-mining chemolithoautotrophic (viz. Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans) and heterotrophic (Acidiphilium and Acidocella species) bacteria of mine environments. These bacteria take part in ore-leaching either directly or indirectly, exhibit low to high level of resistance/tolerance to various metals under different conditions. Majority of these bacteria contain one or more plasmids--the genetic elements that usually carry metal resistant genes.We have synthesized homogeneous CdSe/ZnS (core/shell) highly fluorescent nanocrystals (NC) detectable as individual nanoparticules with a routine fluorescent microscope. These NC are at least 10-fold brighter than the best organic fluorophores and at least 1000-fold more stable against photobleaching than AlexaFluor, for example. When conjugated with proteins, DNA or with drugs, NCs may be excited with the light of any wavelength from UV through visible spectral region providing a range of fluorescence colors depending on their diameter. These properties provide excellent perspectives for high through-put multiplexing and long-term tracking of labeled precursors for days or even weeks.

(TOBACCO) Mark of the beast:

"5-methyltryptophan (5MT)-resistant tobacco cell line--driven by the CaMV 35S promoter or 606 bp of the native ASA2 promoter, was introduced into the forage legume plant Astragalus sinicus or soybean ( Glycine max), using Agrobacterium rhizogenes strains DC-AR2 or K599, respectively. Hairy roots of A. sinicus transformed with 35S-ASA2 but not 606- ASA2 could be directly selected using 20-75 micro M 5MT. ASA2 mRNA was expressed in all A. sinicus lines selected with 5MT, but nptII mRNA was expressed only in some lines even though the gene was present. Free tryptophan was increased 8- to 26-fold in A. sinicus and 3- to 6-fold in soybean (selected with kanamycin). An HPLC method was used to measure anthranilate synthase (AS) activity since there
was a fluorescent compound or compounds present in the soybean hairy root extracts. The transformed soybean hairy roots contained more
feedback-resistant AS activity, showing that there is interaction of the
tobacco ASA2 alpha-subunit with the soybean beta-subunit to form an active enzyme. Soybean hairy roots that express ASA2 also exhibit 5MT resistance. These results demonstrate that the tobacco feedback -insensitive ASA2 gene can be used as a selectable marker for transformation"

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Many Many thanks

Post by Systemic » Sat Aug 19, 2006 11:13 am

I can't tell you how pissed I am to know this thing was engineered.
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This is the one that is growing from all the plastic injection molded packages at local Wal Mart (chek the generic zip lock where the zipper is molded to the bag) locate plasitc fibril ,note length, if exposed to air ond light it will double in fewdays.

Potential of Unicellular Cyanobacteria from Saline Environments as Exopolysaccharide Producers.

Fifteen Cyanothece strains isolated from saline environments have been characterized with regard to exopolysaccharide (EPS) production. The polymers contained six to eight monosaccharides, with one or two acidic sugars.

Solenoids and plectonemes in stretched and twisted elastomeric filaments.

Zinc ion effects on individual Ssp DnaE intein splicing steps: regulating pathway progression.

Interaction of ferredoxin:NADP(+) oxidoreductase with phycobilisomes and phycobilisome substructures of the cyanobacterium synechococcus


RFID 21st century static cling ... ia+polymer

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Post by Systemic » Sat Aug 19, 2006 1:10 pm

topic finite zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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And then there is this guy

Post by Systemic » Sat Aug 19, 2006 1:17 pm

Then I found this guy.

Morgellons treatment
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URL: /forums/m.asp?f=693&i=69
Subject: Morgellons treatmentFrom: russellbgood < Send email to russellbgood > | All russellbgood's Messages | | Public Profile | Date: 6/29/2006 1:54:00 PM ( 51 days ago ) ... viewed 269 times

I have made the following offer to the Morgellons Research foundation (MRF):My name is Russell Altman. I am a lay-person with a business that exports a product all over the world for nearly ten years that makes non-palatable water drinkable. Our customers and mostly governments such as China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico and many other countries in Africa.When tested by the Pasteur Institute in France, lab tests (attached) prove that all bacteria are killed within 30 minutes (99.9%). We have many other lab results from foreign governments. Since we have never sold this product in the USA, there has never been a need for testing in this country.My friend, Connie, has Morgellons (at least 10 years). Since my product kills bacteria, I put some of it on her arms and since she has a very bad infection in her nose, I placed the product in her sinuses. Within 2 hours she was breathing almost normally. Within 5 hours, most of the redness and swelling had gone. By the end of the 7th day, about 90% of all lesions had healed normally.Our product is completely non-toxic, so we began to give it to her orally. This really made the Morgellons mad; Connie’s body began to expel ‘debris’ from her skin. We began hot 30-minute baths with apple-cider vinegar, then applied the product and we saw an immediate reaction; existing scabs fell off, sores ozzed and new scabs (normal) began to form.Although she still suffers from ‘brain fog’ and chronic fatigue, we says she feel better overall.I would like to provide the MRF with sufficient sample to conduct clinical trials at no cost. We only ask that you share your results with us. Also, I propose to donate 10% of all profits from the sale of my product to the MRF. This is a horrible disease and I am most interested in alleviating the suffering from the children.Won’t you please reply to me? My telephone numbers are listed below. Thank you.I HOPE I RECEIVE A REPLY SOON.....Russell 775 787 6161 How do you feel about this message? Agree Disagree Hide this question

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HOLY GRAIL!! Systemic spot on!

Fenbendazole no perscription needed atyour local pet store .!!! damn it
if i am not mistaken or just plain high on oxygen, this is the cannine version of (mebenzimidazole) a perscription needed .....

when my system first caught on to the invasion this was the main ingrediant in a nasty drink of cloves pumpkin seeds in applecider viniger and 8 packets of fenbendzole ..... nnaaasssstttyyyy
but i actually had about a four day cease fire then phase 2 of my week long freeek out... along with sleep deprivation,armed with no cotton absolute, mask ,goggles , gloves, a 40 foot ext.cord to a 20 watt blacklight in left hand , a mini wet vac in the right.... . . .all this was after an initiall failed atempt "cromagnon style ", tweezers, razors ,fire, ice burns ,"butane" flashing out and solvents, potassium permaganates bathes of acid ..... . totaly anti life. I due to magnitude of system shock i was never able to sort the data.. thanks for the post..

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Post by London » Sat Aug 19, 2006 6:32 pm


The scientist you spoke of from Maryland, well, I think he even says this manipulation of the insects will also go back to Wolbachia. I'm sorry Systemic, I must reread your postings before I can comment to you. I have been asleep for the last 17 hours. You are probably right as far as the time running out before I can see any results, but in the end, if it brings those SOB's down, I say it will be well worth it!

Blue skies my arse!


In Engles por favor..... :)
here is something for you...

Micromachines or Micro Electro Mechanical (MEMs) is an emerging technology that encompasses many different technologies. Micromachine technology refers to the micro miniaturization of machines (at the micrometer level). Micromachines can be found that incorporate silicon based electronic circuitry, micropumps, micropipes optical micro mirrors and cantilevers. Micromachines are closely related to electronic sensor technology. The process for the manufacture of micromachines is closely related to the integrated circuit manufacturing process. However, there are many micromachine processes that are strictly based on polymers or metals

MEMS / Biochip News November 8, 2004 Edition ... pO_cjGc6k0

Self-replicattion from Random Parts: ... urepub.pdf

Now, this one here has quite a few good ones on the page ... 080542.htm ... 064552.htm ... %20skin%22

And my favorite: ... tid=126569

I especially love this quote:


In recent years, the search for an alternative to conventionalsemiconductors has resulted in the discovery of a nanotechnology called''spintronics,'' which uses a property of electrons called ''spin'' toproduce a novel kind of current that integrated circuits can process asinformation. Spin refers to how an electron rotates on its axis,similar to the rotation of the Earth. In 2003, Zhang and colleagues atthe University of Tokyo showed that producing and manipulating acurrent of aligned electron spins with an electric field would notinvolve any losses to heat-a technique they called spintronics.

Zhang now co-directs the IBM-Stanford Spintronic Science andApplications Center, along with Stanford electrical engineeringProfessor James Harris and IBM research fellow Stuart Parkin. Thecenter, established in 2004, is investigating many applications ofspintronics, including room-temperature superconductors and quantumcomputers.
Look at this Patent:
Method and apparatus to secure data transfer from medical device systems

If they wanna play computer tech with my health; I will play w/the best of em....more stories: ... _index.jsp

Is it all about the Sun or what? Energy, selfish, greed? Keep on and so will I!
Nanoparticles: ... 785228.htm

Then again, it might just be the BladeS, HUH??

You guys go where you want to; me? I'm gonna focus on the V.P. and these Tekeda guys; scroll down to "C" Extremophiles. Takeda Foundation.htm
Sorry, but you will have to copy/paste the above link; guess they don't really want people to see it....sorry~

Oh, it's all in Japenese anyway, thank God I can speak a little is something they are saying in the C section: ... t=Abstract

and...Molecular analysis of parasite genomes will require new molecular genetic tools. The nat1 gene of Streptomyces noursei encodes nourseothricin acetyltransferase, conferring resistance to the aminoglycoside antibiotic nourseothricin. Electroporation of nat1 cassettes into RH or Prugniaud strains of Toxoplasma gondii allows for selection of stable nourseothricin-resistant clones.

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Post by southcity » Sat Aug 19, 2006 8:50 pm

Biological Hazard - North-America-- Massachusetts

Event summary
GLIDE Number BH-20060816-7187-USA
Event type Biological Hazard Date / time 16/08/2006 - 11:06:49 (Military Time, UTC)
Country USA Area Charles River
County / State Massachusetts City -
Cause of event Unknow Log date 16/08/2006 - 11:06:49 (Military Time, UTC)
Damage level Not or Not data Time left -
Latitude: N 42° 22.233 Longitude: W 71° 3.020
Number of deaths: Not or Not data Number of injured persons: Not or Not data
Evacuated: - Infected -
Explosive growth of algae that can be highly toxic to humans and animals has streaked the Charles River with fluorescent green filaments, prompting state health and environmental officials to warn boaters and dog owners to avoid any water contact from the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge to the Museum of Science. The organism, known as microcystis, can secrete toxins that irritate the skin, eyes, and ears of people who come in contact with contaminated water. A person would have to drink an enormous amount of water to become seriously ill, but ingesting even a small quantity may cause diarrhea. Dogs and wildlife, which are smaller and therefore more susceptible, can become sick or die from drinking the water. Community Boating Inc., located on the Charles River near the Hatch Shell, has temporarily suspended all kayaking, windsurfing, and some sailing classes using boats that can more easily capsize. Rowing teams are steering clear of the lower Charles River. ``We've never seen an algae bloom like this before" on the Charles, said Anna Eleria, a water-quality scientist with the Charles River Watershed Association, an environmental advocacy group that is working to warn the public. ``It's not safe for people to let their dogs in, and we want to warn people to avoid contact." ... 7&lang=eng

"First they ignore you...
Then they laugh at you...
Then they fight you...
Then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi

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Post by J Jill » Sat Aug 19, 2006 11:57 pm

Thanks for the info, South- seems like this sort of thing is happening all over.

A few weeks ago, the local news touched on the obvious problems with Lake Erie. Brown water, we were told by the experts, will not hurt you.

Bet the experts drink bottled water. :(

I found an article that mentions the problem: ... &qs=1;bp=t

Fair use

Experts Say Lake Stink Is Natural Occurrence
Rotting Algae Blows Smell From Lake To Shore

POSTED: 8:47 pm EDT August 13, 2006
UPDATED: 6:28 am EDT August 14, 2006


CLEVELAND -- Lake Erie is all shook up and the stink has people along the lakeshore holding their noses, NewsChannel5 reported.

Health experts said that the water from flooding runoff is stirring up rotting algae in the lake.

End Excerpt

The article above cites 'experts' claiming that "it's a natural occurrence".

I've lived in this area for many years and never heard of this natural occurrence before.

Strange times we are living in.

"When you dine with the devil, bring a long spoon."

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DJ Kut n Paste, drop spinnin that.... water pipe
Biosens Bioelectron.

"Potential for detection of microorganisms and heavy metals in potable water using electronic nose technology.
Olinda F Canhoto, Naresh Magan
Studies have been carried out to determine the potential for the detection of different microbial species (Enterobacter aerogenes, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa), alone and in the presence of low concentrations of different heavy metals (As, Cd, Pb and Zn) in bottled, reverse osmosis (RO) and tap water, using an electronic nose. Studies show that it is possible to discriminate control water samples from water contaminated with 0.5 ppm of a mixture of metals. The presence of heavy metals may modify the activity of microorganisms and thus the volatile production patterns. Bacterial species at 10(2)-10(4) colony forming units (CFUs) ml(-1) could be detected after 24 h of incubation. Work is in progress to identify the limits of detection for a range of other microorganisms, including, fungi and cyanobacteria, and chlorinated phenols using electronic nose technology."

"Pseudomonas aeruginosa Chemotaxis Associated with Blooms of N(2)-Fixing Blue-Green Algae (Cyanobacteria).

Kathleen K Gallucci, Hans W Paerl
Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Schroeter) Migula, a numerically significant bacterium found during N(2)-fixing blooms of the blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) Anabaena sp. in the Chowan River, North Carolina, was chemotactically attracted to amino acids when tested in a radioassay. The bacterium was labeled with P(i), and the disintegrations per minute determined by liquid scintillation counting were proportional to the number of cells accumulating in microcapillaries containing amino acids. Positive chemotaxis was observed toward all of the amino acids tested, although the degrees of response varied. Since many nitrogen-fixing blue-green algae secrete nitrogenous compounds, this attraction may be instrumental in establishing a symbiotic relationship between this bacterium and blue-green algae in freshwater."

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King Cobra
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Post by London » Sun Aug 20, 2006 3:52 am

We can now see the fundamental shape of a molecular manufacturing technology. Self replicating assemblers, operating under computer control, let us inexpensively build more assemblers. The assemblers can be reprogrammed to build other products. The assemblers use programmable positional control to position molecular tools and molecular components, permitting the inexpensive fabrication of most structures consistent with physical law.

So this is the reason for the synthetic what have yous??????? ... ticle.html

I think I know where this BS is's leading me to cheaper electricity, energy, eh? Example....the fuel cells, eh right? yeah, and

what about the protons? That's the switches is it NOT????? The proton pump......I'm catching it now.....not just good for the silicone snots.

Then answer me this.....Why are we paying out the kazoo for electricity and natural gas? Greed again? Oh, I think so....Nadas., tell their arses they can come and get me....(My docs might miss me though, and they are really getting into this now too.)


This review focuses on recent progress in two areas in which computer simulations with explicit solvent are being applied: the thermodynamic decomposition of free energies, and modeling electrostatic effects. The computationally intensive nature of these simulations has been an obstacle to the systematic study of many problems in solvation thermodynamics, such as the decomposition of solvation and ligand binding free energies into component enthalpies and entropies. With the revolution in computer power continuing, these problems are ripe for study but require the judicious choice of algorithms and approximations. We provide a critical evaluation of several numerical approaches to the thermodynamic decomposition of free energies and summarize applications in the current literature. Progress in computer simulations with explicit solvent of charge perturbations in biomolecules was slow in the early 1990s because of the widespread use of truncated Coulomb potentials in these simulations, among other factors. Development of the sophisticated technology described in this review to handle the long-range electrostatic interactions has increased the predictive power of these simulations to the point where comparisons between explicit and continuum solvent models can reveal differences that have their true physical origin in the inherent molecularity of the surrounding medium. ... e=physchem
Molecular Biological Detection of Anaerobic Gut Fungi (Neocallimastigales) from Landfill Sites
June 2006

Oligonucleotide primers were designed for the 18S rRNA genes of members of the Neocallimastigales and used in a nested PCR protocol to amplify 787-bp fragments of DNA from landfill site samples. The specificities of the primers were confirmed by phylogenetic analysis of the environmental clone sequences, and this method can therefore now be used to investigate the ecology of the obligately anaerobic fungi. To our knowledge, this is the first demonstration of the occurrence of members of the Neocallimastigales outside the mammalian gut, and their distribution across the landfill samples examined here suggests that they are actively involved in cellulose degradation.

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Post by Nadas Moksha » Sun Aug 20, 2006 7:52 am


London my friend , you have done it again. TIME IS VOLITILE!!
Acetone is obtained by pouring alcohol over glass of Antimony (fixed) by

The admixture of multiversal special events creates the illusion of a reality continuum — a delusion to which alkahest still adheres.

assymetrical torsion condensates the crystal lattace forming concensus illusion of material formation fix upon entropic states of forming concensus momentum.
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