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Post by RANDY » Fri Aug 18, 2006 7:35 am

Has anyone seen thisyet? I got it in the mail today.
Chemtrail advocate, no doubt.

Subject: from Biology online frisk


I sympathize with all of your distress over your symptoms, which I know
are very real. I share your symptoms. I contracted the symbiote via
self-administration. I helped develop it. It has been disseminated to
the population via it's mixture into jet fuel, and is constantly mixed
into the atmosphere, the air you breathe. This is the very beginning of
what will become a world-wide phenomena which will at first be perceived
and publicized as a pandemic outbreak. This is not the case. While the
efforts and reaction to the process, will be the same as any nation
reacting to the perceived pandemic, said efforts will be a secondary and
necessary second phase of the administration of the "treatment". We have
limited the discomfort of the process to as little as possible. Believe
us, the earlier prototypes much more disturbing side effects and were
less efficient in their purpose. Which leads me to state its purpose.
The symbiote and it's planned "inoculation" are binary processes in part
of the most important phase our global society will be going through in
current history. Possibly ever. With the human genome being completely
mapped, a long dreamed of goal of forcing human evolution can now be
executed. What has commonly been known as "Junk DNA", genes that have
been shown to have no purpose in our physiological makeup, previously
accepted as "filler" in the complex chain of DNA, is in all actuality,
"potential DNA". We have proven this with the engineering of an entirely
new and advanced species based on our own DNA, with many of the
"potentials" unlocked. The program to develop such a species (among
others) has been going on since the 1950's. This symbiote causing your
discomfort, and as stated before, the coming "inoculation" are dually
active in reorganizing our chromosome, unlocking our stored potential to
bridge Homo Erectus into out true potential as spiritual, efficient,
prosperous beings: "Homo Terrus". The life of Homo Erectus is coming to
a close. Not to be shut down in one fell swoop, but in a transitory
phase of change. Erectus is riddled with traits undesirable to our
modern world. These traits aided us through history, and especially
prehistory. They kept us surviving. The world we have created for
ourselves demands we change with it. Our collective views and morals
collide endlessly with our base instincts to horde and kill. These have
been ironed out. The birth of Homo Terrus will be a slow one, a painful
and chaotic one, and yet, in the end, a glorious one. Do not fear the
symptoms. They will not reach the point of unbearableness . Comfort each
other. The mental fog is temporary. The symbiote will leave our systems
when the final administration of the "inoculation" is performed globally
within the quarter-century. Change is on the horizon, and clarity and
entirely new dimensions of reality and experience lay before us. Do not
feel alone. We are ALL in this together. Do what you will with this
information, as nobody in their "right mind" would believe such
perceivably manufactured tripe. I have shared this for my own reasons,
and understand the repercussions, but I am doubtful of any backlash, as
this will be swept under the rug by one of our "beloved" traits:
"arrogant skepticism". God be with us all.

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Post by RANDY » Fri Aug 18, 2006 7:39 am

PS Cream is still peeling off the lesions.. this stuff is great..but I am giving it three weeks.
During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by London » Fri Aug 18, 2006 8:02 am


Yes, I saw it, he posted here last night (see one page back).

String theory.......I googled Fuzzballs and the National Science Foundation

Newly Devised Test May Confirm Strings As Fundamental Constituent Of Matter, Energy
Santa Barbara, Calif. -- According to string theory, all the different particles that constitute physical reality are made of the same thing--tiny looped strings whose different vibrations give rise to the different fundamental particles that make up everything we know. Whether this theory correctly portrays fundamental reality is one of the biggest questions facing physicists.

In the June on-line Journal of High Energy Physics (JHEP), three theoretical physicists propose the most viable test to date for determining whether string theory is on the right track. The effect that they describe and that could be discovered by LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory), a facility for detecting gravitational waves that is just becoming operational, could provide support for string theory within two years.

When physicists look at fundamental particles--electrons, quarks, and photons--with the best magnifiers available (huge particle accelerators such as those at Fermi Lab in Illinois or CERN in Switzerland), the particles' structures appear point-like. In order to see directly whether that point-like structure is really a looped string, physicists would have to figure out how to magnify particles 15 orders of magnitude more than the 13 orders of magnitude afforded by today's best magnifying techniques--a feat unlikely to occur ever.

In their paper "Cosmic F and D Strings," the three physicists propose looking instead for the gravitational signature of strings left over from the creation of the universe.

The physicists are Joseph Polchinski of the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB), Edmund Copeland of Sussex University in England, and Robert Myers of the Perimeter Institute and Waterloo University in Canada.

The international collaboration took place at a semester-long program on "Superstring Cosmology" held last fall at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (KITP). Located on the UCSB campus and supported principally by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Kavli Institute brings together physicists worldwide to collaborate on deep scientific questions. According to Polchinski, who is a string theorist, the KITP program that produced the test for string theory was the first sustained effort ever to bring cosmologists and string theorists together to advance the newly emerging field of string cosmology. Two-thirds of the roughly 100 participants were string theorists; and the other third, astrophysicists.

In the mid 1980s Edward Witten, now at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, asked whether miniscule strings produced in the early universe would grow with the universe to a size that would make them visible today. Witten answered his own question negatively by raising three objections to the idea. Because of subsequent developments, all three objections have in turn now been answered, according to Polchinski and his collaborators, who dispelled the last objection and then proposed a way of detecting those strings.

The first objection depends on a property of strings called "tension," which is the mass of a string per unit length.

"One way to characterize that number," said Polchinski, "involves the gravitational effect of the string. If you look at a string end on while a couple of light rays go past it on either side, the light rays will bend towards the string. So light rays that started out parallel to each other will now meet at some angle. The heavier the string, the more those light rays will bend, and the bigger the angle."

When Witten first worked on the problem, string theorists thought that angle had to be one degree. If it were one degree, the satellite COBE (Cosmic Background Explorer) would have detected that imprint in the microwave background radiation, which pervades the universe and which was released when the early universe cooled enough for matter and energy to decouple some 300,000 years after the hot birth of the universe. The maps of the early universe that COBE produced show no such imprint and, furthermore, put an upper limit on that angle of no more than one hundredth of a degree. The satellite WMAP (Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe) has now reduced it to one thousandth of a degree.

In the mid-1990s string theory underwent profound developments. One of the consequences of those developments was the realization that the tension of the string and therefore its gravitational effect could be much less than had been thought when Witten made his initial calculation of the angle of separation between light rays affected gravitationally by a string.

Henry Tye of Cornell and his collaborators showed that in some string theory models the angle of separation would be between a thousandth of a degree and a billionth of a degree--far too small for COBE to have detected.

Tye and collaborators also demolished the second objection to cosmic strings having to do with "Inflation," which can be thought of as an intensification of the explosion and rapid expansion of the early universe following rapidly on the heels of the universe's genesis in the "Big Bang." Witten back in the '80s had argued that the strings produced by the Big Bang would be both heavy enough and produced so early that Inflation would have diluted them beyond visibility.

String theory presupposes nine or 10 spatial dimensions, that is six or seven more spatial dimensions than have heretofore been assumed to exist in addition to the one dimension of time. Some of the "extra" dimensions are thought to be curled up or compactified and therefore exceedingly small; and some, to be larger, perhaps infinite.

In his attempts to understand Inflation in terms of string theory, Tye and collaborators envisioned our reality as contained in a three-dimensional "brane" sitting in higher dimensional space.

Branes, a key conceptual breakthrough discovered by Polchinski in 1995, are essential structures in string theory in addition to strings. Instead of being only one-dimensional like strings, branes can have any dimensionality, including one. One-dimensional branes are called "D1 branes or D strings." So there are essentially two types of strings-- the heterotic string or "F" (for "fundamental") string, which physicists knew about prior to 1995, and the "D string," or one-dimensional brane.

Tye and collaborators explained Inflation in terms of a brane and an anti-brane separating from each other and then attracting back together and annihilating. So a brane and an anti-brane existing in the extra dimensions would thereby provide the energy responsible for Inflation. Everything existing afterwards--our universe--is the product of their annihilation. And, according to the Tye models, at the end of Inflation, when brane and anti-brane annihilate, not only does their annihilation produce heat and light, but also long closed strings that could grow with the expansion of the universe.

At the outset of the KITP program in fall 2003, the only remaining objection to cosmic strings was what Polchinski calls summarily "the stability argument," first made by Witten back in the '80s. If, on the one hand, the post-Inflation strings were charged, then they would pull back together and collapse before they could grow to any great size. If the strings weren't charged, then they would tend to break into pieces. Either way--collapsing or breaking--the strings couldn't survive until today.

Copeland, one of the JHEP paper's authors, went to a talk at the KITP by Stanford string theorist Eva Silverstein, who was interested in networking F and D strings--hooking them together to form something analogous to a wire mesh or screen. After the talk, Copeland wondered aloud to Polchinski whether Silverstein (who was thinking string theory mathematics, not cosmology) was inadvertently describing a mechanism for the dark matter--that as yet unidentified, non-radiating component of the universe which must exist in much greater abundance than all the ordinary "baryonic" matter of which we are aware.

Polchinski and Copeland worked out why Silverstein's scenario could not pertain to dark matter, but the engagement with that question got Polchinski to thinking about the old instability argument against the existence of cosmic strings in terms of Tye's brane-antibrane Inflation, particularly as worked out in detail by six physicists in a 2003 paper, "Towards Inflation in String Theory."

Using that model, Polchinski, Copeland, and Myers calculated the decay rates for cosmic strings and discovered how slow the rates could be--so slow in fact that the strings would survive to the present day. By "survive" they mean not just detecting the gravitational footprint left long ago in the cosmic microwave background and "seen" by looking back in time, but actually seeing the gravitational effects of cosmic strings existing if not now, then billions of years after the genesis of the universe.

Polchinski said their calculations showed that both F and D cosmic strings could exist and that the JHEP article explains how to distinguish the signature of one from the other. He also pointed out that Gia Dvali (New York University) and Alexander Vilenkin (Tufts University) have independently made the same point about cosmic D strings in March in another on-line publication, the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (JCAP).

Finally and most importantly, the JHEP authors show, said Polchinski, "how we can see cosmic strings. They are dark, but because they are massive and moving pretty fast, they tend to emit a lot of gravitational waves."

During the "Superstring Cosmology" program at the KITP, Alessandra Buonanno (Institut d'Astrolophysique de Paris) provided an overview of the possible gravitational wave signatures from the early universe. "When she gave the talk," said Polchinski, "I didn't pay careful attention because I wasn't thinking about that, but later I went back to her talk in the KITP online series and started clicking through and got to where she talked about gravitational waves from cosmic strings. She had these curves which were quite amazing."

The large-scale, long-term experiment to detect gravitational waves has three stages, LIGO I and II and the satellite LISA, with each successive stage affording a markedly higher degree of sensitivity. Most of the gravitational signatures of cosmic events are so weak that they will probably only be visible in the later stages of the experiment. But, according to Polchinski, "the gravitational signatures from cosmic strings are remarkable because they are potentially visible even from the early stages of LIGO! That means 'potentially visible' over the next year or two."

Gravitational waves have yet to be directly detected, which is the mission of the LIGO and LISA experiments. So in addition to the possibility of confirming string theory, the JHEP paper offers a better target for initial LIGO detection of gravitational waves than any other from cosmic events.

Identifying the gravitational signature of cosmic strings is the work of Vilenkin and Thibault Damour (Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques, France). They figured out that when cosmic strings oscillate, every once in a while, they crack like a whip. "It's surprising," said Polchinski, "but when you write out the equations for an oscillating string, a little piece of the string snaps and moves very fast. Basically, the tip will move at the speed of light. When a string cracks like this, it emits a cone of gravitational waves, which is a remarkably intense and distinctive signal, which LIGO can detect."

Now, if you really want to know what The NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION SAYS ABOUT FUZZBALLS:

Polchinski said that the biggest question mark in the whole argument has to do with the stability of the strings over billions of years. But, he added, "There has been a fair amount of discussion about the signature of string theory in cosmology, this is by far the most likely. What excites me most is how much we could learn about string theory if LIGO were to detect the signal from cosmic strings."

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Post by RANDY » Fri Aug 18, 2006 8:48 am

Patrick you can delete my double. Here is a letter I am mailing out tomorrow. It is a series of four letters so far back and forth.

Marilyn B Tavenner
Secretary of Health and Human Services
Commonwealth of Virginia,
Office of the Governor
1111 East Broad Street,
Richmond, Virginia


Dear Ms. Tavenner:

Thank you for your follow-up letter of August 17th, 2006. Let me review what I “think” you are trying to say;
1) The CDC is going to gather up a “posse” of medical experts and sit at a conference table, without interviewing or running clinical trials, and decide;
a) if a syndrome termed Morgellons exists and
b) what tests should be given to those patients that think they have this disease, so that “sympathetic healthcare providers” can administer these tests and report their findings to the local health department who will in turn report to the state health department, who will then report the number of cases to the CDC, who will say it exists and that will be the end of the line?

Not a very well thought out plan of attack and recognition in my eyes. How about yours?

We have still not addressed the problem of how a new ailment or bioweapon that does not kill (Ebola)
or disfigure (necrotizing fasciitis), but is gnomically created to systematically destroy the immune system (slow death), would be reported and investigated.

At the present time the doctor has to say that he does not know what you have (we know how often that occurs), then he has to admit this to the local health department that has to state this to the State health department that tells the CDC, (but they can do nothing about this because they do not run clinical trials). Our ass is still bare to bio-terrorism.

I would also love a list of those sympathetic health care providers in Virginia. UVa does not have a single one of them, especially in the dermatology department or infectious disease department. Please if you know of ONE doctor, have him call me. I will call Dr Novak, although I believe that this is a passing of the proverbial “buck.” It will be interesting to see and record how this department “gathers” information about diseases of public health importance and what diseases they feel fit this bill.


Randy B Yaskal
Political Advocate
Fiber Disease Syndrome (Morgellons).
During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by hartuk » Fri Aug 18, 2006 10:03 am

hello All,

Club Hair...

Picture 407.jpg
Picture 407.jpg (9.59 KiB) Viewed 32226 times

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Post by London » Fri Aug 18, 2006 11:02 am

Tam Tam,
I know you mentioned Yellow Rain up above in one of your post, I do not know why you won't agree with me.....What we really have is Yellow Fever due to the hyperparasitoids! The wasp are the biggest enemy, the mosquitos, the collembola, the fleas, the mites, etc.,

Also, about a month ago, I mentioned NANOBACTERIA and BACTERIOROIDS.....this is what is involved in the biofilms! I will come back later with the hyperlinks.

Hyperparasitoidism: Parasitoidism of a parasitoid. A second-arriving parasitoid parasitoidizes the first, and is thus a hyperparasitoid of the host. This provides a concept of primary parasitoid (the first-arriving parasitoid), secondary (= second order), tertiary (= third order), etc. parasitoids. Obligate hyperparasitoidism is almost restricted to secondary parasitoidism, but parasitoidism of the 5th order has been recorded.

Walter Reed Yellow Fever: ... quito.html
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Post by tamtam » Fri Aug 18, 2006 11:10 am

My advise (in relation to infection with a man made synthetic
model organism) is to unite and seek litigation:

The US penal system can easily avoid existing conflict of interest.


(CNN) -- A federal judge on Thursday ruled that the U.S. government's domestic eavesdropping program is unconstitutional and ordered it ended immediately.

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Post by London » Fri Aug 18, 2006 11:21 am

okay, so I will do that! Sad, that Cliff won't be the voice and speak about the wasps. I have well over 200 articles on just this alone. One even says that the flesh eating bacteria in south Texas is caused from the wolbachia and the parasitoid wasp!

I'll do it solo then if no one else wants to go into forming a class action suit. And when I win, I will split it with you.

Thanks TamTam!

Check this out: I got two of these from my back 4 months ago, they were off white in color and about 3/4 of an inch long. I thought it was some type of tape worm to to the perfectly for segments. It's synthetic bugs!


Okay, so it's the GM foods they have tampered with even further (gm plants that are so poisionous) and have not told us. Check this out, they have make this microbacterium in the rice plant.....and it caused this:

Bacteremia Due to a Novel Microbacterium Species in a Patient with Leukemia and Description of Microbacterium paraoxydans sp. nov. ... tid=154712

and what about that gm's the root of all evil!

In an etiological study to identify the causal agent of red stripe of rice, white bacterial colonies were consistently isolated from all diseased leaf samples collected in Indonesia. All the bacterial isolates were pathogenic to rice and caused symptoms similar to red stripe. The bacterial infection in rice leaves was confirmed histologically. Bacterial masses were observed in the lumina of xylem vessels in the lesion area, especially in those of connecting strands. Analysis of the 16S rDNA of the causal bacterium gave best matches to the 16S rDNA sequence of Microbacterium spp. of Microbacteriaceae which includes Clavibacter.

I call this Vetenarian Probiotic Dumbarses!!!! They should be sued....the idiots....

Now still do not believe me? It's in the beans....from the mexican bean I posted about a month ago to this one here....these wasp and other exotic pest get in the seeds of the bean plant (legumes) and then we eat them, Nice....

Phytosanitary risk of bruchids in lentil imported into India this is v. short......the bruchids they are talking about in this article are actually BEETLES ... 06.00935.x

oh no, if you saw a picture of one of these, you'd think this was what was in your lesions....omg,,,,,:

Polypedilum vanderplanki: an anhydrobiotic insect as a
potential tool for space biology

Life and death are mutually exclusive states. But some organisms showing no sign
of living due to complete desiccation are nevertheless able to resume active life after
rehydration. This peculiar biological state is referred to as “anhydrobiosis”. Larvae
of the sleeping chironomid, P. vanderplanki living in temporary pools in semi-arid
areas on the African continent become completely desiccated upon drought, but can
revive after water becomes available upon the next rain. The anhydrobiotic larvae can
stand other extreme conditions, such as exposure to 100°C, -270°C, 100% ethanol,
7kGy gamma-rays and vacuum.
As space environment is a typical extreme condition,
we propose that the sleeping chironomid could be a potential experimental animal for
space-related study, and indeed such experiments are rightly underway at ISS.

Is this not BREAD MOLD?? and....look, it's in Okalahoma! Hmmm.....

Neurospora as a Model OrganismGenome Resources for Neurospora. The Neurospora crassa genome at the Broad Institute · German Neurospora Sequencing Project · The Neurospora genome project- ... - 4k - Cached - Similar pages
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Post by LWilson » Fri Aug 18, 2006 1:01 pm

Ally, both of my sisters complain about these things in their ears, nose and mouth along with various othr places, mostly in their hair above their ears and back of head.

One note, they have taken to taking a bath every day with corn starch in the water, and after just one bath, say they have alieviated the itching and crawling feeling. But they both claim that they have to keep the baths up every day or the sensations come back. I guess it can't hurt anything. They seem to be doing better. I know it is no cure, but any releif from the crawling and itching is a HUGE step forward for them.

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Post by London » Fri Aug 18, 2006 1:03 pm


Which things are you referring to?

SKYTROLL!!!! Hey, you know that Halobacter S. you posted abouty yesterday? I think it is the same thing as the bacterioides that I posted know, we both found this stuff months and months ago, but everyone else said, nah, that's not it......well BS!

look at the meaning of photosynthetic pigments: ... c_pigments
Skytroll, look at these guilty people, would you.....and now they are responsible for Prion spread too?

Prion spread in brain tissue - diffusional aspects
Franziska Matthaeus
ICM, Warsaw University
Scrapie prion proteins are believed to cause BSE and the variant Creutzfeld-Jacob disease by converting cellular prion protein into new scrapie prion, which has a tendency to interact and form oligomers or even large plaques. Various models have appeared in the literature describing the global propagation in time, no model so far accounts for spatial effects.

After entering the brain, scrapie prions may spread by at least two ways: by diffusion on one hand and by neuronal transport on the other. In this talk I would like to focus on diffusional spread and present results of various simulations combining models of prion-prion interaction with a diffusion process. The simulations include homogeneous diffusion as well as inhomogeneous diffusion, effects of the distribution of cellular prion and phenomena at tissue borders.

It's all synthetic and molecular, those Aholes.....!!!

hey, they did the protien bacteroides computer simulations too:

Nicoleta Bondar(1,2), Marcus Elstner(1), Sándor Suhai(1), Stefan Fischer(2) and Jeremy Smith(2)
(1)Division Molecular Biophysics, DKFZ Heidelberg, Germany
(2)IWR, Lehrstuhl für Biocomputing, Universität Heidelberg, Germany
The first step of proton transport in the bacteriorhodopsin photocycle is the transfer of a proton from the retinal Schiff base to Asp85. To understand the mechanism of this process the transition state structures need to be isolated and characterised. We have combined the quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical (QM/MM) approach with techniques that search for minimum energy reaction pathways. The applicability of two techniques for searching minimum energy reaction paths, adiabatic minimization and Conjugate Peak Refinement (1) will be discussed.


OH, i THINK THIS IS WHAT IS IN MY SKIN!!!! I finally found a photo of it!!

here and there

THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fINALLY!!!!!!!!

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Post by Skytroll » Fri Aug 18, 2006 5:31 pm


As I thought came right back down to the midge.

Look here and then go to the midge section

Note: the lab again, is Utrecht! Possible VanE there?

Midges carry mansonnella streptocerca.

Now, follow me here Midges are part of the

Biomass: ... ect_c.html

Didn't Swartz mention that there were eight stages? ... ocerca.htm

Are we getting close?

Not only do we have the mansonella living in us we have the midge living in us. They are signalled most likely by the metal particles that are in us due to aerosol operations spraying metal particles.

Connect to deformity of the midge itself. That would mean sensing is off too?

Tam TAm,

Can you translate? Please....... ... ordid.html


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King Cobra
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Post by Skytroll » Fri Aug 18, 2006 5:38 pm

Tam Tam,

Do we know the Lab? and it is not a bioweapons lab.

Am I right?



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