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Post by Nadas Moksha » Mon Aug 14, 2006 3:38 pm

canalon s spot on .. think i may have tossed that link in a few pages back under a cinicisist light.. careful with the old clifford he has maintained an odd pseudo civilian post after "leaving" a gov. position.
that type of intentional wana be "typo" of technica l nature
is rather high level for litigation agenda... unless he lives with his mother and she a retired legal advisor.

damn i even spell
"typo" wrong .. man i type like sh#%

A Very Scary Scientific Article About a Viral Promoter, CaMv, Found in Most Genetically Engineered Foods

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Post by cabeal » Mon Aug 14, 2006 3:56 pm

Canalon wrote:
Barz wrote:Here are the observations and photos of fibers at 5600x. This is quite interesting. You can see the budding quite well.

I do not doubt that this is full of good intention, but the 5600x magnification is a joke.
I mean, optical microscope have a maximal magnification of 1000x, to go further you need to use electron microscopy (this is due to the physics of the light, no manufacturer can change that. and at 1000x you need to use an immersion lens, not mentioned here, but I will hope this has been used.

In conclusio, however well intended I would not trust the discussion of the minute details of the fiber structure.

Hi there;

I'm a new member who's been lurking for awhile. I just wanted to say that Cliff Carnicom explains his 5600x factor on the page where the photos are displayed. Perhaps a comment to him directly querying him on his formula (combination of astronomical/digital photography and optical magnification appear to give him his compounded magnifications) would be helpful for you. I find the structures in Carnicom's pix to match quite well the structures in Tamtam's 'silentsuperbug' video. That video showed virus-scale artifacts. I don't think the data is compromised by the 5600x notation on the level at which this forum is apprehending it.

For my own part, I've had about 1000 images plus the videos pass through my eyes (small compared to many of you, but a large enough sample to create a body of data); I experience recognition when I see these things from different contexts, therefore I know (since I'm a newbie with a keen sense of pattern) that something is presenting itself.

Thanks for such a good forum. You all appear to be doing a very good job. I think you folks are embodying exactly what needs to arise immediately in this world of globalizing challenges - a globalized cognitive emergent immune-system, made up of individuals with personal data-sets of unique experience, acting as a quorum-sensing group of intelligent cooperative bacterial convergent colonies (each of you) and now identifying a new (very difficult to see the new, BTW) invader-class of mutating predators (augmented by internal human parasites with technology) who are formulating a multi-pronged attack on our species.

You bring your eyes and your brains and your fingers and your courage and your vocabularies and your social networks and your passions to the table, and then you work out protocols for conversing and you share information, and I believe you are going to wake up those very scientists and business people and folks in governance (who want to get rid of the human parasites, too) and give them the tools they need to help address the threat.

This is only one of many that are showing their heads as we have a convergence of destabilizing factors washing into one another with unknown consequences while the net turns our new sensory layer on. Extractive opportunists await.

In "Return to Resistance" Raoul Robinson (Canadian agronomist, I believe) suggests that horizontal resistance (obtained through genetic diversity, and that is NOT confined to just DNA) is the key to population explosions of predators who find targets and feed through 'chemical keys'. "Resistance" is a good metaphor, and our immune systems, both collective - as in forums like this, (and human or even mammalian societies like the ones we're all part of) - and individual, as in the bodies of walking bacterial cooperating colony we inhabit and animate, constitute "The Resistance."

Highly specialized war-gaming microbes (and other pollutants) may not have a chance in the long run when faced with horizontal resistance on multiple levels. In other words, we're a highly successful species to date and we've still got a chance (though I ain't saying we don't have severe problems and the odds are kind of not in our personal favor at this particular moment...of course, what's one little cell in the soup of the species? just a statistic, as tamtam points out.)

I won't write much more than to say that I encourage immune-system building through clean fresh food and water, micro-flora and veg-based supplements, sunshine, oxygen and good aerobic exercise - e.g., if you're suffering from this disease, spend a year (or a lifetime) pretending you're an organic food hippie-health nut (doesn't mean you're a vegetarian, BTW); eat the oils and the salads and the seaweeds and the nuts; drink the vinegar and honey and water mix, and the lemon juice and olive oil; clean your colon; clean your blood; clean your lungs; clean your skin.

In other words, reduce the environmental load on your body's immune system so that it can adapt itself to the invaders (multiple, including stress, EMF, radiation, chems, etc.) and adjust your body's host-context to be less supportive of the predators. The supplements and drugs will work much better if you give them a decent body platform to catalyze, BTW - clean up the body/mind first, b4 you spend money and time on the treatments, or at least do it simultaneously. You need a personal biological baseline of a clean physical system or else even the treatments you're applying are ultimately inconclusive in their effectiveness.

In fact, you may try a suggested treatment and have it not work simply because some other toxic-syndrome in your body was disabling an internal cycle necessary to metabolize the treatment properly or 'more important' (excesses of tobacco, alcohol, sugar, proteins, heavy metals, etc.) to deal with on the "invader scale" than the parasite. In such a case, you may have mistakenly dismissed the treatment as ineffective when it was really your body's personal chemistry being an unsuitable stage for the desired immune response (i.e, destroying the parasite.) Your body needs the tools to focus on the invader; health of the as yet non-invaded body-systems can still supply many of those tools, even in affected patients.

Your host-colonies (your organs, your limbs, your nerves, etc.) are already your own unique, individual and highly-evolved bacterial/fungal bedrock with an agenda more favorable to your personal comfort-zone, since they benefit when you're happy, and they dislike the predators as much as you do (but they can't go to the grocery store and they don't have cash...). In other words, you're already walking around in the best bio-suit you could possibly have, but you need to optimize it ASAP. Civilizations that have maintained very high human densities prone to culture opportunistic pathogens, both social and biological (India, for example) have complex body-maintenance practices (yoga, diet, meditations) encoded into their culture, perhaps for a reason.

BTW, I'm not faulting anyone for having the disease, and I'm not claiming that the body is not impervious to these horrible attacks. There are very good reasons why our immune systems are compromised in the first place. Healthy people are also obviously at risk from outside destructive agents that are new to our environment. You've done nothing wrong if you have this illness - you may be genetically unlucky and simply have a chemical lock that this particular predator has the chemical key to open. That's not your fault. But the point is that Morgellon's is only one among many to come, and it behooves us to learn everything we can, as quickly as possible, about how to upgrade our personal bio-shields (our bodies) .

Now, begging your pardon - please excuse the long post and forgive the pedantics; I've had a lot of practice since I ran a health-food store for many years and have talked this story repeatedly, on many different levels, for a long time now. I may not be around this forum much, but I feel a very strong empathy for you and, scary as it all is, I think you/we've got a chance. In fact, I'm counting on you (I've got my own arenas, and you can count on me there, too)

You remind me and inspire me today to re-up my own somewhat slacking personal health practices. It's mid-August - we've got a good 4-6+ weeks to store more sunshine, eat fresh vegetables and fish as much as possible, go visit local farms, get clean air, ride those bikes and oxygenate those blood-cells - you know the drill.

Anyhow, hang in there!



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Post by tamtam » Mon Aug 14, 2006 4:37 pm

Interesting article about quorum sensing, cyano, bio film, pseudomonas and E.coli.

[PDF] 4-11-05 Quorum Sensing Parsek, MR and EP Greenberg. 2005 ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Was this in patS gene product produced in E. coli or an Anabaena. construct? ... Do cyanobacteria rely on peptide-based quorum sensing systems? ... DiscussonNotes/4_11_5%20_Quorum_sensing.pdf - Similar pages

(Paste in google)

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Post by Nadas Moksha » Mon Aug 14, 2006 6:34 pm

Biofilm formation of Pseudomonas putida IsoF: the role of quorum sensing as assessed by proteomics.

C Arevalo-Ferro, G Reil, A Görg, L Eberl, K Riedel
Department of Microbiology, Technical University of Munich, Am Hochanger 4, D-85350 Freising, Germany.

Pseudomonas putida strains are frequently isolated from the rhizosphere of plants and many strains promote plant-growth, exhibit antagonistic activities against plant pathogens and have the capacity to degrade pollutants. Factors that appear to contribute to the rhizosphere fitness are the ability of the organism to form biofilms and the utilization of cell-to-cell-communication systems (quorum sensing, QS) to co-ordinate the expression of certain phenotypes in a cell density dependent manner. Recently, the ppu QS locus of the tomato rhizosphere isolate P. putida Iso F was characterized and an isogenic QS-negative ppuI mutant P. putida F117 was generated. In the present study we investigated the impact of QS and biofilm formation on the protein profile of surface-associated proteins of P. putida IsoF. This was accomplished by comparative proteome analyses of the P. putida wild type IsoF and the QS-deficient mutant F117 grown either in planktonic cultures or in 60 h old mature biofilms. Differentially expressed proteins were identified by peptide mass fingerprinting and database search in the completed P. putida KT2440 genome sequence. The sessile life style affected 129 out of 496 surface proteins, suggesting that a significant fraction of the bacterial genome is involved in biofilm physiology. In surface-attached cells 53 out of 484 protein spots were controlled by the QS system, emphasizing its importance as global regulator of gene expression in P. putida IsoF. Most interestingly, the impact of QS was dependent on whether cells were grown on a surface or in suspension; about 50% of the QS-controlled proteins identified in planktonic cultures were found to be oppositely regulated when the cells were grown as biofilms. Fifty-seven percent of all identified surface-controlled proteins were also regulated by the ppu QS system. In conclusion, our data provide strong evidence that the set of QS-regulated proteins overlaps substantially with the set of proteins differentially expressed in sessile cells.

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Post by RANDY » Mon Aug 14, 2006 10:37 pm

PS The guy he is talking to is an American Citizen, born and raised in Virginia.


George Allen for President..I do not think so. This is horrible

Dear Randy,

Watch George Allen's
Demeaning Comments
for Yourself

Politics is a contact sport. We all know that. But on Friday, George Allen made some comments in a campaign speech that were, in a word, repugnant.
S.R. Sidarth, a volunteer with our campaign of Indian descent, has been following George Allen with a camera. During an event in Breaks, Allen singled our volunteer out:

"This fellow here over here with the yellow shirt, Macaca, or whatever his name is. He's with my opponent. He's following us around everywhere. And it's just great. We're going to places all over Virginia, and he's having it on film and its great to have you here and you show it to your opponent because he's never been there and probably will never come."

"…Lets give a welcome to Macaca, here. Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia."

Please click here to watch the video.

We would like Senator Allen to tell us exactly what he means by his comments. Sidarth was born in Fairfax. What does he mean, “Welcome to America?” And by Macaca, is George Allen calling Sidarth a species of monkey in the Eastern

Genus Macaca macaques. Classification: Order Primates (primates) > Family ... Macaca thibetana. Pere David's (or Tibetan stump-tailed) macaque ... - 6k - Cached - Similar pages
During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by Nadas Moksha » Tue Aug 15, 2006 12:24 am

hey a London SKy TAM Rand sauce any guess on the topological and invitro functions of monatomic rare earth elements . whats up with this reverse spin.. would that really be just an isomer phase of a particula series like D and L chira of a molecule... like monatomic gold , im thinking these cyano "living fossile gangsters" might get more from this than we would. in a toxiological perspective this spin stuff makes me dizzy, now im no chemist , just utilitarian with alchemical leanings at best .only seasonal refluxes, distillations, reductions under my belt...
with the supercritical hexane extract of wormwood being a personal favorite

"holidays+ low income=make your own damn absinthe"

so .. that monatomic series just whats going on
and would it make offence if added to say tea tree oil for the skin condition?
or would the oil force them up and the elements vitalize them or me?

i know this sounds dumb but .. thought i would ask before reducing five pounds of dead sea salts...

- nadas

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Post by RANDY » Tue Aug 15, 2006 1:55 am

OK...I guy from Germany called me, I am helping him translate his web site now... and told me that he and a scientist created a cream for our illness, since he the German guy has it.

He siad he would send it to me to test since he noticed I have a big mouth on all these sites.

It arrived 6 hours ago.

I will be reporting the honest truth about what is happening. Hoefully I am not beinf poisoned but I had to try it. You can take it or leave it.

!) Smells great
2) Peeled the top layers off of the lesions within 10 minutes.
2) Under my 100X hand-held microscope the black seaweed like fibers curled up, next obervation they were floating on top of the skin i nd could be wiped away.
3) Next: The the lesions started to bleed and all this junk came out,like peeling skin only from underneath. Dot appeared in the leions like air hole bubbles.
4) Now all the lesions are flat and when I apply more stuff on them blackk hard larger specs come out and more white stuff too and things attacked to things that look like very long hairs that are twined a bit.

I am starting to think that ...well..I have to wait for what I think.

The cream in patent pending and does not have FDA approval in fact I am the first in the USA to try it.

So far I am in shock. I have never seen anything like this.


I will keep you all posted.
During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by Skytroll » Tue Aug 15, 2006 2:33 am


This is great. Did the action cause any itching or pain when it worked on the lesion?

Wow. Does it say what any of the ingredients are?

What does it smell like.

I am so curious about this.

Thank for posting about it.

Have my druthers about this Allen fellow.


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Post by London » Tue Aug 15, 2006 2:50 am


Sorry, I will have to answer you tomorrow afternoon....I've been gone for 2 days and have the lovely chance of teaching school tomorrow to 24 non-English speaking FOUR YEAR OLDS!!!! yIKES, CAN HARDLY WAIT, (rEALLY WOULD DRATHER CHEW ON TIN FOIL hehe...So I must go prepare.....will write to you tomorrow... Would like to comment on your list article back on the prior page....Looks great, and some of that I have been looking at...Of course., I do not understand a whole lot of it, but I really try and have picked up a lot in a short time. Nadas, regarding some items on that list, do they not contradict to your comment about staying away from the gio/geo part of it? Me??? Hell, yeah I think the computers, the bands, the lasers, the hiergyphics, the radiofrequency, the diatoms, etc. Have A BIG part to do with it. the hell could they not? If you only saw some of the physical Freak show that went on in some of our homes (mine was just really the first month of me crontracting the fiber disease) but some today have like parts of a plant (stem) growing like out of a purse of theirs in a damn closet.

I had large ameobas forming shapes in my bathroom scattered all across the mirror.....some were so frigging creepy too, like one was a shape of some 4 inch long macro-fish, snail looking organism with a bright red 4 inch long fiber running thru its mouth......(believe, me, there was a lot more too.

Needless to say, that crap can't happen in nature . Without biotechnoogy, chemical architects, etc., ain't happening Nad.....
Also, you mentioned you did not believe in the alien species....YOU SHOULD!!!! THEY ARE HAVING BIG-ARSE PROBLEMS WITH IT ALL OVER THE PLACE....EXAMPLE SHIPS BALLAST WATER!!!
(anyway Nad, Hell, I may have read your statement wrong andyway...)

Talk at you tomorrow.....Please don;t leave us, OKAY??????


BARZ, Thank you for the posting; I sincerely appreciate it.


RANDY, WOW & WOW......Hot Damn, that is all I want, to get friggin better....Please, keep us posted....


New Person on last page........(so sorry, I have forgot your name, but I believe it begins w/ an N.......I apologize for not seeing your post/questions to us sooner, and thank you for posting your stuff.

Me? I have seen one that looked like a human hair , yes, but that is all that I have seen if one is comparing my findings to your photos and post.

My urine looks like someone has sprinkled baby powder into the bowl. It's been going on now since May. It used to have this oily residue that was kind of hard to see, but yet, It was sure there.

New poster above with the long post (sorry, I have forgoton your username too, Sorry.) I have to agree with what you said about the bodies on immune system and keeping it healthy......I do....

But I think these parasites are reproducible ones, just replicated.....Do you think the same medicines, herbs apply in treatment of the realy ones?

does anyone know...???

I have gone thru what I believe is gene translocation.....I'm not falling for the hereditary BS......My fiance' and I could noyt have not by chance both woken up the same moring with huge swollen feet and ankles......then both go to a doctor 2 months later and both diagnosed as Rheum. way in hell, I taught phys. Ed the 10 years prior to me catching this crud and ran a good 15 miles per week.....(blah, bah, just saying I was in shape and there is no way that would have been hereditary just passing down the genetic factor from our parents on the same moring...... Thanks for your post though, going to back and rearead it and all of them again. They were all really good.

Oh, yeah, Canalon, thanks for catching that. I hope you are doing okay....

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Post by nettimo » Tue Aug 15, 2006 3:28 am


Just read your incredible results from the new cream, with special attention to the long "hairs" at the end! I have to say, I would not be surprised if this is a hairworm infection, as I swear I pee "hairs" and there is no other explanation.

Please look at the photo I posted days ago of a tiny wasp I found on my bathroom sink when I was deliberately not cleaning my bathroom to see what would grow or morph next.

Does this not look like a hairworm birth or what????

The wasp I placed in a wet specimen cup and when I went hours later to place on slide found a white fuzz attached to it. On magnification there were ?fiberworms of all the colors I had previously had seen with the fibers. The photo was taken 3 days later--by then the critters were more dispersed on the slide.

I have many photos of these "hairs" under high power and would like an opinion. I would like to send a copy of my discs somewhere if I cannot
figure out how to send them online. (I have a couple hundred.)


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Post by nettimo » Tue Aug 15, 2006 3:47 am

I think this infection will get attention sooner than would otherwise status post Katrina and the soupy filthy critter-laden sludge people waded through.

By the way, the woman referred to in a news link here a couple days ago who described long "hairs" coming from her back and her husband's feet I find credible. Her description of whitish hairs a couple inches long wider at one end I have seen plenty of time these past couple months.

Before I saw the a world-travelled parasitologist who actually snarled at me and practically threw me out of his office in June, I placed one of these "hairs" in a small specimen vial to show him.

Two weeks later, there were numerous barely visible floating "fibers" in the solution (I think half isopropyl and half normal saline). I still have it in my collection box (bigger than a matchbox...)
I should check to see if they have grown...

Nadas Moksha
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Post by Nadas Moksha » Tue Aug 15, 2006 4:37 am

man London youve seen those macro phage type atom membranes that will transfer iself thru any available carbonic medium... . and what s up with the symetry like the three irremovable anchors that are really one foot isnt that like a specific phylum but locomotion aerial shift of the points symetrically... this was detectable by crude methods , by attempting to dislodge any one anchor point one quickly finds three more pink irritated spots a certain distance form inteferrance. next take large amish candle or a block of butter place in microwave till warm now roll it in sugar. now it can be coaxed onto the other medium simply chasing the bastard around untillks it repeats the initial path. now hed him off at at the site with the luke warm candle after hour os the wax will look totaly stretched protrusion with the ttwo large large antenna same angle afirst next nearly thru candle this will give impression of the whole form .. quite large.

what is even more odd is the invisable form on the arm is still active while the form working around the candle is hard at work ... .

self assembling by mirroring print of atom thin biomechanical giant film luke?
\\hope these are not real and just some conventional mechnisims of nature but damn if those fibers are actully disturbed intrails of a feedind hyperdimented organism pissing them off no wonder 3 more sore s arise for every one fiber removed
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