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Post by 1arrow » Sun Aug 13, 2006 7:11 pm

Dr Julian Holmes is a dentist in New Zealand who uses ozone in dentistry. He has taken an interest in the Morgellons problem and is conducting this trial with the use of ozone to kill the parasites. The Doctors he has conferred with are leading ozone specialists. If you want to try this protocol his e-mail is at the bottom paragraph. The one thing he does not mention is that the treatment may take many months, possibly a year or more in my opinion.....Arrow
From Dr Holmes:
I have contacted leading ozone authorities in Cuba, Italy and the UK, and between the four of us, I would like to offer a suggested treatment protocol. If this works, then while we may not be any closer to understanding this disease process or 'infective/causative' organism, we will at least have a possible treatment protocol to offer other sufferers and the medical community.

The advisory group consists of Professor J Holmes (myself), Professor V Bocci (Italy), Professor S Menendez (Cuba) and Professor E Lynch (Belfast).

I would like to start a trial using ozonated oils, ozonated salt baths, and 'bagging' - essentially this is where a limb or part of a limb is placed into a bag, and ozone pumped into the bag for 20 - 40 minutes.
For those of you in the USA, if you do not have access to an ozone unit, will you please obtain the following device from, Your Price: $59.99 Model Number: OZX-B300T. This unit offers everything you will need to make ozone gas and ozonated water / brine baths and bagging. The ozonated oils I will supply you direct with to ensure uniform conformity with the product.

Many of you have commented that as the lesions become wet under a plaster, the 'infection' returns.

If possible, will you take photographs - electronic - of your lesions with a ruler held close by to the lesion, so I have some idea of size and extent, BEFORE you start! I have lost count of studies where we are sent photos - but either the treatment has already been started, or there is no way to gauge size and extent.

As a first step, choose one limb to begin with that has a lesion, and start with the bagging technique; this is very simple; put you hand, arm, leg, foot, what ever - but NOT your head - into a plastic bag large enough to enclose the lesion(s). Place the en of the plastic hose from the ozone unit into the bag, and then lightly close and secure the top of the bag above the area you want to treat. Switch on the ozone unit for 20 - 30 minutes, allowing the bag to inflate. You do need to make sure that you are in a well ventilated room for this.

After the unit has timed out and switched off, use the ozonated oil over the lesion, and leave open - try not to cover if possible, and allow it to dry off.

Ozone used in this way has several effects - it will kill the organism, control pain and itching, and super-oxygenate the tissues to allow healing. The ozonated oils work at a lower level of activity, and area topical application.

If possible, repeat this treatment twice a day. You can also use the unit to sterilise your clothing and rooms - clothing is just a bagging technique - but use just 10 minutes, and beware that ozone will bleach coloured clothing. If you use it to 'fumigate' a room, close all the windows, power down aircon units. Switch the unit on in that room for 30 minutes and then exit and close the door. Allow 90 minutes - 30 minutes or ozone treatment, and then 60 minutes for the ozone to dissipate - before you re-enter the room.

I have an idea that will help you with the lesions on your head and in your hair. - if possible, get a supply of cheap hotel-style shower caps. Place one on a head to be treated so that you cover most of the head and sides. Then simply tuck the end of the pipe from the ozone unit under an edge and switch on. Try 10 - 15 minutes first to see what effects you get - if none, then increase the time. If you or any of the family dye their hair, ozone, because of its reactive chemical properties may start to bleach the colour out, so just beware of that potential problem.

Bagging is not suitable for large body parts - unless you have a very large bag that you can climb into and secure loosely around your neck. There is an easier way for backs, head and neck, at that is based on the Russian studies for extensive burn victims. Run a luke warm bath, add rock salt - try to avoid cooking salt if possible, and allow it to dissolve. The bath will have a salty taste. About 500gms of salt into a bath that covers your legs should be sufficient. Attach the bubbler stone and tube to the unit, switch on for 60 minutes, or the longest timed delivery time, and hold the bubbles under the lesions - so for your neck, for example, you would make sure your neck is below the water / in the water, and the bubbles should be allowed to bubble up over the lesions.

Your unit can also be used to make ozonated water - fill a large container with spring water, switch your unit on for the longest time, and put the bubbler into the container. You can use this water to wash or bathe affected lesions, faces, as a mouth rinse and to drink. It has an activity time of about 4-5 hours. Make sure you keep the water as cold as possible during ozonation and storage.

To allow me to send you the ozonated oils and oil-gels, I need you to send me your delivery address in full, and your name please. All details will be held with strict confidentiality, and will NOT ever be sent to any third party. Likewise, any photographs you send me will not be used in any publication without your permission first, and any form of identification will be removed where appropriate.

If you have any queries, questions, or would like me to expand any of the details here, please mail me on [email protected], and please use 'Morgellons Treatment' as your subject line so your mail to me drops into the appropriate place on my system. With best wishes, Julian.

Dr Julian Holmes
[email protected] -

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Post by 1arrow » Sun Aug 13, 2006 8:05 pm

Befour said: I personally think that they do help, I know that the copper is an maybe I will start wearing them on my ankles, as well!!


Your instincts on copper are right. Copper is an old remedy for parasites who's use was documented by Rademacher in the 1700's. Copper is known to kill tape and round worms and will expell thread worms alive.
WaterOz makes a good copper product that they recommend for parasites.

Rademacher also documents a case of itch with sores that sounds similar in some ways to morgellons. Copper erradicated the problem after a short time of treatment. Copper does have an affinity for the skin, in other words it will treat conditions in the skin, in other words, copper will migrate to the skin and maintain a presence there for a while. Its effects on morgellons is not known.

I also know of someone experimenting with a special preparation colloidal silver with morgellons that is having some success. The results are not yet conclusive but some alleviation is noted. Will let you know when I hear more.

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Post by Nadas Moksha » Sun Aug 13, 2006 9:53 pm

The Ozone . . that sounds totally logical. given that the efforts to manipulate refractory rates especially just at dusk and lensing for a global combined depletion of Ozone (often pierced in super cells to steer common thunder storms and massive depletion in Tornadogenesis in
Mesocyclones) this may cause a argument in some forums, but man made effects must be in accord with SOL thus by takeing somthing from the macro dynamics of natural tornados which by the way are stationary manifestation of hydromagnetic plasma ducts kenetically interfacing with a multitude of complex intelligent phisycal, chemical and biological reactions of high velocity combinatory states just outside the probability of mere chance. other astrobio- mechanistic function of SOL ENTITY are the electromagnetic malestrom circulatory flow convecting intelligently tuned and balanced , such evidence of cosmological gene transfer by polar intake of cosmic and internal expanding core and excretrion thru erosion point to an extremly orchistrated and intricate system. importation of condensates such as Tunguska, (which on impact , rapid high energy mutagenisis of all organic matter in the vacinity) give the passingers a glimpse of some basic planetary metabolic subfunctions and idea that "tornados are not moving , the planet is" seem quite logical as do the gamma ray burst and icosohydral super symmetry of solar lensing and the system is a switch or node with saturne obviously being the memory and venus the fire wire and earth the DATA . ..
thus DNA the code

updates in the code = naked transgenic DNA fiber... . .

sorry for the ramble ... i gotta stop talking to dolphins.


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Post by RANDY » Mon Aug 14, 2006 5:08 am

I have an ozone machine and have for four years along with those clikc,click, click bug things you place in the walls plus and sit purifyer. I still have this but not as bad as some. I also bought a new mattress, new sheets and pilllows and tore up all the carpet and have wood floors.

All these things help but none cure.
During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by Nadas Moksha » Mon Aug 14, 2006 6:02 am

Im putting my peas in the man made pot , due to the giobiological theory sounding a little too spiritualist for me bud .. damn near a cop out .. although there is that magnetic polarity shift what-ch-ma-thingy that bugs the nada like GM cyano b.

checkin into prime mover engineering link at end of post.
i know that must be frustrating to tam and other professionals with more insight into this condition. (but do they actually have the condition?)

for instance has any one used high power blacklight?

if so, i bet your tone wouldnt be so reserved.

larger discoloration of assymetric patches on seamingly healthy skin.

has anyone noticed the motility (twist and spring to areial transport with larger fibrils)
oh these guys hate isocyanate solvents. just aeromatics have them clearing the local only to infest another so never expose to isocyanates unless you are some evil yakuza.

this furthers the notion of agressor .. if the earths name "GIA" was really "KALI" the astrobiological theory might have a chance .. but wait maybe that what the black hat genetic chefs want us to believe that the bug is alien .. ah haa..
this would be exploitation of technology to the highest(almost converting the worste slave driven NIKE type corps to saint status overnight)

tam tam bio warfare agent it is.

with some lame ass orson wells shirt on... .
i see .. if we take this approach why
havent we brought up AGENT GREEN ..

you know that lovely FUSA stuff that we black mailed the south americans with by saying "hey you guys put this on your poppy, coca, and cannibus and we give you MONEY , so they take the chems, disabled and kill a lot of farmers with the use.
what do we say ......
"Nevermind" we kept the money.

Karmaticly rightous iin some universe god damn .
EVIL if you are stationed in the place of importation of the contaminated narco traffic...

here s some candidate techno for the actual bind:

"a discharge cannot initiate even if the medium is ionized so that it behaves as an enhanced dielectric at the interface round the micro-tip, the intensity of the fast magnetic pulse that surrounds the electronic effect of the enhanced permeability, The electrons in the shockwave will tunnel into the adjacent flux ring and become densely bound and paired within it."

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Post by Nadas Moksha » Mon Aug 14, 2006 7:34 am

I think we should get CDC ask DOD to add a few samples of whats being produced by DOD to CDC and FBI data base for forensics and let them handle sample transport ... if poor logistics continues among the agencies is likely.

recombining quarum sensing lysate systemic biofilm infection of extracellular L. loboi
here are some potential culprits on the bio tech tip
Micro- and Nanofabricated Electro-Optical Mechanical Systems for Biomedical and Environmental Applications
Surface Modification, Micro-Patterning, and Layering for Biosensors
Micropatterned surfaces for understanding and influencing interactions of biological systems with optical devices
Photoactivatable silanes for the site-specific immobilization of antibodies,
Direct enzymatic modification and patterning of a chemisorbed peptide thin film
Development of biocompatible micropatterns for single-cell biosensors
Cell attachment on microscopically textured silicon surfaces
S-layers as supporting structures for biomimetic membranes
Immobilization, stabilization and patterning techniques for enzyme-based sensor systems
Micro- and Nanofabricated Electro-Optical, and Magnetic Devices and Biosensors
Gratings formed by microcontact printing on Si used for sensing antibody-antigen bonding
Electrochemiluminescence at microelectrodes for biosensing
Semiconductor and biochemical processing of magnetic microparticles used as immuno-guided MRI contrast agents
Micromachined optical trap for microcytology workstation
Miniature spectrometers for biochemical analysis
Micro-optodes for pH-measurements in marine systems
Microfabricated Flow Systems: System Design, Components, and Microfabrication Issues
Integrated microfluidic-optical detection system on a chip
Integration of optoelectronic devices with microflow channels for
miniaturized chemical analysis systems
Diffusion-based separations in a microfabricated structure
Silicon semipermeable membrane filter with straight pore in nanometer dimension
Microfabricated devices for picoliter-scale analyses of embryonic gene regulation
Acoustic wave device for the translation of microparticles
Microfabricated Flow Systems: Application to Blood, Cell, DNA, and Chemical Analyses
Microfabrication-based ektacytometer for blood cell deformability measurements
Confocal imaging of fluid flows in microfabricated venular bifurcations
Oxyhemoglobin measurement of whole-blood specimens in a silicon microfabricated cuvette
Microchannel array flow analyzer for measurement of whole-blood rheology and flow characteristics of leukocytes activated by bacterial stimulation,
Microfabricated hydro-electro-optical chip for the sizing of DNA
Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser flow-cytometer for analysis of cells and particulates
Microfabricated white blood cell fractionation
Microfabricated intravascular devices
Cell growth assay using the flexural plate-wave

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Post by Nadas Moksha » Mon Aug 14, 2006 12:11 pm

The Captains Wheel .

finally .. thanks..

the rare symetrical hyphe and mercedes like angular divisions...

thhats what began my research over a year ago

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Post by Barz » Mon Aug 14, 2006 12:42 pm

Here are the observations and photos of fibers at 5600x. This is quite interesting. You can see the budding quite well.

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Post by Maggie Mae » Mon Aug 14, 2006 2:18 pm

"Ohm Nama Shivaya"
I will write them everyday until they respond and take a look at this.


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Post by canalon » Mon Aug 14, 2006 2:41 pm

Barz wrote:Here are the observations and photos of fibers at 5600x. This is quite interesting. You can see the budding quite well.

I do not doubt that this is full of good intention, but the 5600x magnification is a joke.
I mean, optical microscope have a maximal magnification of 1000x, to go further you need to use electron microscopy (this is due to the physics of the light, no manufacturer can change that. and at 1000x you need to use an immersion lens, not mentioned here, but I will hope this has been used.

In conclusio, however well intended I would not trust the discussion of the minute details of the fiber structure.

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any proof. (Ashley Montague)

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Post by hartuk » Mon Aug 14, 2006 2:44 pm

Hello All,

I can not find the page or pdf which referred to bio film organisation and to the free ranging hard compressed grains, with flagella, which are bio films waiting to happen, but I think I might have found something very similar exiting my skin from time to time..

3 years ago, I would not have given much credence to the suggestion that the ears are central to this infection, but I did have a very bad ear
problem after swimming in a river SW France in 1996.
Pseudomonas were the problem, and it was resistant to the abx my doctor prescribed at the time.
Now, I can see tracks on my skin fom my left ear, after removing the layers of debris hiding them.

Below are some links which may or may not be relevant

Filament Polymerization Can Be Altered by Drugs


..."These filaments have mechanical properties that are especially useful to soft-bodied animals such as nematodes and vertebrates that do not have an exoskeleton. Intermediate filaments are particularly prominent in the cytoplasm of cells that are subject to mechanical stress, and their major function seems to be to impart physical strength to cells and tissues. ... ction.2957

Western blotting studies confirmed the presence of these residues on certain glycoproteins from the lung, as well as from several human tissues (brain, heart, pancreas, ovary, etc.). Thus, a large fraction of bovine lung oligosaccharides contain unusual modifications including unexplained carboxylate groups and possibly core alpha-1,3 fucose residues. Antibody studies indicate that they may be widespread in mammalian tissues.

from: ... oomre.html

Browsing the greenpeace site. This.

In May the journal Nature revealed that Syngenta had inadvertently produced and distributed a variety of GM maize, Bt 10, which did not have regulatory approval. Several hundred tonnes of the Bt10 maize was grown and distributed in the US between 2001 and 2004 and possibly exported elsewhere. It has emerged that the Bt10 also contains a gene that gives resistance to the antibiotic ampicillin. Yet Syngenta will not disclose the full details of how Bt10 has been genetically modified.

PDF from: ... t/7068.pdf

Swiss chemical giant Syngenta has admitted it sold hundreds of tonnes of an
illegal variety of GM maize to farmers in the USA over the past four years.1
The illegal GM crop, called Bt10, was modified with a gene from the soil
bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis, which makes the crop produce its own
pesticide to kill insects.

From: ... t/7000.pdf


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Post by Barz » Mon Aug 14, 2006 3:25 pm

Canalon, Don't shoot the messenger!!!!!!


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