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Post by London » Wed Aug 02, 2006 11:19 am

About two months ago, I came across a word and posted it here. I clearly remeber John Kern saying that it was "nothing really, just some old bacteria" well the name of it was just too strange of a coincidence to Morgellons to me to just give up on it. I searched and searched for information on it and only could pull up two items. One said it was discovered in the 40's the other article said this bacteria was discovered in the 70's.

The word I am referring back to is MORGANELLA

Please take a look at this. NOTE* Now, for some strange reason, there is
a great deal of information out on this disease. Of course, they are once again flasifly documents when they backdate them. I know they were backdated because I saved a file of my searches for this word from two months ago.

Here is one article. It is a pdf. If it does not open up to it directly, then just hit the manual download button.

and here is another article:Central nervous system infection caused by Morganella morganii

Central nervous system (CNS) infection with Morganella morganii is very rare. We describe a 38-year-old female patient with frontal brain abscess caused by M morganii who was unsuccessfully treated. We also review all reported cases of Morganella CNS infections with an emphasis on treatment modalities and outcomes. Aggressive surgical management and appropriate antimicrobial therapy can lead to cure, but the mortality rate for these infections remains high.

and last one is from e-medicine

So, do you think this is what we have? It is v. confusing to me since they obiously backdated many articles on this subject. I do not know what to think about this one any longer. I have seen increased literature on food-borne illnesses/pathenogens. Also still studying the symbiants.

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Post by RANDY » Wed Aug 02, 2006 1:00 pm

This is my opinion and only mine.

What we have has not yer been discovered. So therefore looking all over the internet to find something it could be, in my opinion is a waste of precious time and energy.

If they knew what it was they would have found out by now. Wymore has tested for everything under the sun.

Looking for what it could a great past time but we have to compare medical records and see how this preents itself in us so we can accumulate the "syndrome" attributes and formulate the ciriteria for recognition and evaluate those that fall under the criteria.

Everythng else is dis-information and, although you are not doing it, anyone who tries to lead us astray I will not listen to anymore. And it is obvious to me those who are trying to do that and if you pay close attention you will see the pattern.

I will not say a word about that anymore.

The only thing we can do as sufferers that do not have Ph.D's in science is to compare medical records and take the already established tests to rule out fungi, bacteria we can know for sure what it is NOT so we can figure out what it IS.

Then we need to place all that together into something that we can take to someone who knows what they are looking at.

The rest is a GIANT waste of time and energy and totally unprofessional when trying to figure out a new syndrome. The only thing searching the
internet does is give a persons ID and sometimes EGO a chance to express itself so you do not feel like you are not doing something. I know..I have been there,

I have ALL my medical records and am willing to compare them by phone or e-mail with anyone who is responsible enough to have all of theirs. If you do not have ALL of your recrods you need to get them. It is your right to have them.

Stay cool today is going to be a killer heat index day!

[email protected]

Get good doctors to sign up for free so we ahve a network of doctors that care about this syndrome. Please spread the word.
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Post by J Jill » Wed Aug 02, 2006 1:45 pm


It is my understanding that Mary- who coined the term Morgellons- from material sent to her from a woman with the same problems. This woman found an old book and references to the Morgellons, as it was called back in the 1600's. Because there was no other name for the fiber disease or syndrome, the name stuck.

As far as what the problem could be- you yourself have been posting about a wide variety of issues for 8-9 months now. Pick one.

Personally, I think that it has to do with the sprays- pesticides. That, in combination with the mycoplasma and add Lyme to the mix.

BTW- a doctor at a well known lab stated that the Lyme pathogen and that of Chronic Fatigue look the same under the scope- and she looks at these pathogens every day. Interesting tidbit.

- ... agenidium_

Wasn't it Engel, of the NIH, who stated that everyone in North America has the myco in their body?



Dr Charles Engel (who is with the US National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland), stated
the following at an NIH meeting on February 7, 2000: "I am now of the view that the probable cause
of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, is the mycoplasma ..."

Another statement from a scientist at Merck stated something on that line as well.

So the myco is already in the bodies of all of us- add to that the Chemtrails substances- aluminum, barium, etc- and the pesticides and
it's a wonder that anyone is still walking around.

A while back, the topic on the various boards was Oomycetes- as relates to the fibers- Google that one and add it to the info about the mosquito sprays (ostensibly for West Nile control)- Lagenidium giganteum

So there are the keywords- Oomycetes (water mold)- Lagenidium and maybe Pythium insidiosum, chlorellosis and protothecosis. Brucellosis and mycoplasma would be eye-opening also. Think one-two punch. The myco sets up the conditions for the other stuff.

Good for starters. ... ycetes.htm

Wiki- oomycetes

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Post by London » Wed Aug 02, 2006 3:08 pm

Jill & Randy,

Thank you for being nice. it is definitley appreciated. Like I said, I just found it odd that there was only 2 things listed when I searched this word 2 months back and now there;s a lot. also, a lot of us have sepsis and this apparently covers that.

If you did indeed open that hyperlink I listed (the pdf one) it will show you the various names and symptoms it''s got a few. One cannot just pick one...just like Lyme, it covers such a broad spectrum. In fact, that pdf article even talks about it covering a variety of ailments.

I think the bigger umbrella word I got out of reading it would be that Enterobacteria. It also mentioned Bacterema(sp?) a few times too.

Okay, thanks for you guys opinions. I appreciate them. ( I believe that would be a no answer from you too; I think that is what your saying.)

I was just curious...


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Post by in_the_uk » Wed Aug 02, 2006 3:31 pm

London, the link between Morganella and Morgellons may actually be nothing but pure coincidence. Why was it called "Morganella"? "Morgan" is an extremely common ancient name in Wales (the small country in the mid west area that is one of the parts of the UK), by your rule of coincidental links does that mean that each of the people in Wales called Morgan is descended from a Morgellons sufferer? And what about all of those people that Joni Mitchel was singing about in Morgan town - was that the epicentre of Morgellons?

Anyway, from the first link ( there are several leads to papers describing Morganella. If you look at Table 3 on page 535 you will see a timeline of the genus Morganella. 1906 saw the bacillus described by Morgan and if you jump down to Reference 66 you will see that Morgan, H. de R. wrote a paper for the British Medical Journal Vol 1 pages 908-912 (Br. Med. J. 1:908-912). The paper was called, "Upon the bacteriology of the summer diarrhoea of infants." If you want to track the Morganella bacteria down then I would suggest that you start there. I doubt whether there will be an electronic version of that paper so it will have to be either a university library or a photocopy from the British Library.



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Post by London » Wed Aug 02, 2006 11:46 pm

Thank you Helen.

Does anyone know if Morgellons/ Fiber Disease is supposed to be on Primetime tonight? I has heard it was but it is not in the line-up.


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Post by canalon » Wed Aug 02, 2006 11:55 pm

London, I am not a censor, But I urge everyone :
1- To stick to the theme, this thread is long enough
2- To think before they post, and read what they actually post. That is why I am demanding to state what is the link between th post and the subject. If you think, howevwer wrong I may think you are, that there is a relation between Morganella sp. and the morgellons disease, I will not prevent you from posting a paper explaining what are the diseases known to be caused by said bacterial species. Yet, I may delet one that will just describe one of its gene.

BTW I completely second Helen on the morganella case. And you should make your mind, is it a bacteria (morganella or another) or a mycoplasma that causes the morgellons. Not exactly the same you know...

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Post by Skytroll » Wed Aug 02, 2006 11:59 pm


10/9 Central Prime Time Medical Mysteries.

Hey, great post again of the morganelli. I read through that and it def has some info pertaining to gram negative bacterias and fits some missing links.

Here is a link on some hidden science, that now is also making light.

A mighty creature is the germ,
Though smaller than the pachyderm,
His strange delight he often pleases,
By giving people strange diseases.
~ Ogden Nash........

It is in the cyanobacteria, algae, microsporidia and so on and so forth. All about bacteriums.

good link [url=]here

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Post by London » Thu Aug 03, 2006 3:01 am


Yes. I'm very aware of the differences of those two, and hey, I wasn't the one who said we need to find out if it is one disease or more than one

was I? I believe that would be the CDC that said that. I wish you would tell them that. I do. (Hah, just joking.) but I think it is def. caused by a BACTERIA!!! I have no idea if the micoplasmas play into it or not. I think they do simply for this one reason here (the Chlamydi'as) but I also think that Histomine poisioning could play a role as well- and that is not a mycoplasma.( I think dietary and oxidastive stress play a big role in whether or not we get a viral infection.) and yes, I think the virus starts this whole thing off.
I think the protozoals are behind the bacteria pathenogens' ability to survive. I think the cells motors are the bacteriophages. I think re-
combinant dna plays a role. I think the parasites jump bewteen species.
I think the buckey balls are involved in the stupid colored fibers, and I think those fibers are nothing more than RNA granules!!!!

You see....crazy as this might sound to you and to whomever else, this is what I, you see, it is hard for me to "Just pick one,b/c it cant be both" No way., this disease effects from head to toe....the gut (helibactor pilori (sp?) to the CNS to the myelin sheath wearing away...

But this is just me and what I think. I will not be posting about it, so don't worry about me taking up much more of your space here. Oh, yeah, I couldn't leave the embiosymbionts off my long list....yes, I will even venture to say that it goes with the bacteria I have in mind and they go with something else....the tri-partage (sp??) I believe it is called....


Sky, Yes thanks. I know very well about the Microsporidia...remember that long post back last November on LB. re: the Daphnea/cladocera? Yep, that was me and I got diagnosed with microsporidiosis.

Funny you should mention that because just this morning I read a new article on this very same topoic. I believe the topic was something about how it corresponded to Encephalitozoon cuniculi III, originally isolated from domestic dogs.

In other can be involved with the Zoonoses....

Thanks guys,

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Post by bugsonthewire » Thu Aug 03, 2006 10:26 am

has everyone seen the latest from CliffMickelson?


Posted: Thu Aug 03, 2006 6:29 am Post subject: IRS TO INVESTIGATE FOUNDER OF MORGELLONS FOUNDATION?



New and alarming reports have recently begun to circulate concerning financial irregularities and mismanagement of funds at the Morgellons Research Foundation.

The emerging potential scandal and its attendant controversy is currently focused on alleged malfeasance of office and misappropriation of donated funds by MRF founder and Executive Director, Mary Lieto.

According to sources close to Board Chairman Charles Holman, Ms. Leito has consistently refused to produce financial records or to account for a large number of donations bequeathed to the foundation by donors.

This, despite repeated requests by Board members,

The missing financial records being sought cover a span of several years.

"We are doing all that we can to account for the donations made to this organization" Says Holman:

"Unfortunately, Ms. Leito is not cooperating in this effort to provide accountability to the public who's trust she was charged with."

Mr. Holman's office reports that they are extremely concerned that they have been unable to recover any record of donations personally received by Ms. Lieto for the year of 2004.

Board members are also seeking access to financial records for subsequent years including, and up to, year 2006.

According to MRF Board members who have been contacted concerning this issue, no records whatsoever have been released for public examination by Ms. Lieto.

"She has consistently refused to return phone calls made to her by Board officers," reports Dr. Greg Smith, another member of the MRF Board of Directors.

"She also has refused all pertinent information requested by the Foundation's Treasurer" He added.

A spokesman for several of the officers of the Board of the Morgellons Foundation relates that an official IRS investigation of potential civil and criminal activities on the part of the executive Director and Founder Mary Leito and several others, may soon be under way.

-Cliff Mickelson

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Post by Skytroll » Thu Aug 03, 2006 1:53 pm

Hello all,

Freedom exists on my blog.....

For those who wish to express and be part of collective action to get to bottom of what we may call a disease, in the future to be declared by Dr. Wymore, please comment here......

Welcome all, and thank you Biology-on -line for letting me post this for those who have nowhere to discuss this disease other than here or other select forums.

Thank you again, for letting this view.


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Post by RANDY » Thu Aug 03, 2006 4:15 pm

Why oh why is it that everything I say eventually ends up being the truth yet hundreds of people ban me fromsites for telling the truth in advance. Lymebusters banned me for talking bad about their Saint Mary and now the truth is revealed.....good thing I have a strong center to endure all the yelling and name calling in my direction for telling the truth before anyone actually can see it.
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