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Post by London » Mon Jul 24, 2006 1:10 am

Ted Nuggent -Duhh..........

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Post by London » Mon Jul 24, 2006 1:29 am

Hi guys, I just had to share. These are snips from an old 1998 article in the cdc's "emerging diseases and make believe task force manual" hah

check this discussing the laws for using insects for biocontrol measures on Agricultural crops


Release of Paratransgenic Insects:

Regulations and Safety
In addition to questions regarding science
and efficacy, numerous safety and regulatory
concerns pertaining to laboratory and field
research with genetically modified arthropod
vectors of human disease must be addressed.(sounding good so far...)
These concerns include potential environmental
and ecologic hazards associated with release;
potential public health risks; and overall public>okay, goodperception, which can determine the future of
entire programs (74,75).
In the United States, federal guidelines and
regulations address a broad range of issues
pertaining to research, transport, and release of
microorganisms, plants, and insects. The U.S.
Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant
Inspection Service (APHIS) regulates the release
of transgenic arthropods of agricultural importance.
None of these guidelines or regulations,
however, directly address genetically modified
arthropod vectors of human disease agents
[/b].(SAY WHAT???)
Nevertheless, the work that has been done and
the policy that is in place set a precedent. (NICE, REAL NICE)

With respect to regulation of the release of
transgenic arthropods of agricultural importance
and risk assessment, USDA-APHIS has
formed an interagency “virtual” committee
charged with the responsibility of evaluating
proposals to release transgenic arthropods that
could affect plants and animals (excluding
efforts are under way to form an
interagency committee with the authority to
regulate the release of arthropods that could
affect humans. Information on the program that
APHIS has assembled, including details regarding
permits and current applications that have
been submitted under several plant pest statutes,
can be accessed at
biotech/arthropod/; risk assessment information
is also available at this site.

These concerns can guide formulation
of research plans to assess environmental
risks associated with the release of transgenic
Transgenic and paratransgenic research
with arthropods raises several public health
concerns. [b]Because the arthropods may transmit
human disease agents, ethical issues must be
considered. For example, consider that a
transgenic or paratransgenic insect is released
under the assumption that its ability to transmit
disease has been demonstrated to be significantly>> :cry: :roll: :twisted: :twisted: :idea: :?:
decreased or eliminated, as determined by >>>> :roll: :roll:
laboratory studies in carefully defined conditions.
Then suppose that when pilot field studies
are conducted, for some reason, it is shown that
under true field conditions the ability to transmit
disease is not reduced as much as had been
anticipated on the basis of the controlled
laboratory studies. The result is that the human
population present where the release takes place
could actually be at increased risk for disease due
to the release of large numbers of competent or [color=darkred]>>(no s. sherlock!)
partially competent vectors] The assessment of
this type of risk is extremely important, as is the
related human subjects issue of informed
consent and how it would be obtained in a study
where the population that is potentially at risk
cannot be accurately determined.
Public perception, frequently not considered
until a potential product is ready for field testing,
is extremely important (e.g., public response to
genetic control studies in India in the 1970s,
including the release of sterile mosquitoes [80]
and to the ongoing controversy surrounding the
labeling of foods that are, or contain, the
products of genetic engineering in agriculture
[81-83]). [b]The most effective biotechnology
programs are those in which the public is
informed and brought into discussions at the
earliest possible time (75,84).
:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :!: :idea: :?:

:evil: :twisted: Dr. Beard is research entomologist and chief, Vector :evil: :twisted:
Biology Activity, Division of Parasitic Diseases, CDC.
Research in his laboratory focuses on the molecular biology
of insect disease vectors and the molecular epidemiology
of opportunistic infections in persons with AIDS. :?: :?: :?: :!: :cry:
:?: :?:

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Post by RANDY » Mon Jul 24, 2006 10:57 am

I wrote to Senator Allen and he has this woman answer me. I wrote her back. This is the letter.

Re: Letter to Allen and Tavernner

Marilyn Tavernner
Secretary of Health and Human Services
Commonwealth of Virginia
1111 East Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219


Ms Tavernner:

Thank you for your letter of July 19th, 2006. I would like to take the time to review a few key points so that we may be on the same page where this “syndrome” is concerned.

I am of the belief that you do not name a disease unless you have first discovered what it is, and had a paper published after peer review. I had no control over what Mary of the MRF did in this regard and begged her numerous times not to do this to no avail. It has caused the damage that I predicted it would.

To review; please take note of the enclosed letter from your office.

3rd Paragraph: “In general health departments focus on the health of communities rather than the diagnosis and treatment of individuals.” This is a community health problem as you will come to realize as it becomes a pandemic. It will be too late when your friends and family have this to then consider it a community health problem.

My suggestion to you, if I be so bold, if you are sincere in your position of a civil servant, would be to get a major TV station that transmits throughout Virginia to do a story on this syndrome (CNN has already covered it, so you have no risk of not looking intelligent) and post a toll free number so those who have this condition in Virginia can call in. This would give you a 50% level of who is actually infected in the Commonwealth. (To deny the truth is no ruler on the validity of the problem.) This is not a condition that is in Texas, California and Florida, another mistake made by the MRF. I know of many individuals in Virginia that have this.

Quote from the CDC:
I am asking for the following information;
1) How is the CDC gathering the information they are talking about?
2) Who are the evaluating?
3) How are they getting these people?
4) Is the CDC bringing patients in and having them evaluated by medical professionals?
5) What tests are they giving?
6) What labs are being done?
7) Will there be a control group if a regime of medical care is provided?
8) Are the State Health departments or the State University system assisting the CDC in their effort by setting up labs so that local people can be evaluated?
9) What are the credentials of the “experts from scientific specialties,” and what specialties are they from?

My guess is you will get a giant run-around if you actually go to the effort to try and get answers to these questions.

In response to your comment about the local health care departments inclusive of Charlottesville, Virginia; When I went to get evaluated in Charlottesville, the technician literally removed a piece of masking tape from a tape dispenser on the desk, placed it on my skin , not a lesion, and pulled the tape off. “This is a professional way to take samples for the state health department” he told me. I thought it was a joke and laughed. He was not kidding.

This atrocity of medical protocol, I swear, is the truth. No clean specimen sample, no microscope, just a piece of tape from a dispenser on the desk. If you honestly feel that this is “to the bests of its ability” I fear for the health of all individuals located in the Commonwealth. We are in serious trouble.

Fifth Paragraph: You stated that I should work with a health care provider to manage my condition. Obviously you have never had a condition that is unrecognized and tried to get medical help, so I will forgive this lack of understanding and naiveté.

If I did not have close friends and family who are doctors, I would have gotten no health care at all. I have letters from doctors, which I will make public later on in this fight for recognition, that have told me that they refuse to see me unless I see a psychiatrist and insist that I am doing this to myself although I informed them that I would take a lie detector test, that I would pay for, to show that I was not doing this to myself. One UVA infectious disease doctor tried to force me on anti-psychotic medications without even looking at the lesions. I have all my medical records which will make for interesting reading, proving the non-caring and inept nature of newly trained doctors graduating UVA and the older ones who just do not give a damn.

I do not drink alcohol, smoke, do drugs and have been tested and found to have an IQ of 128. I am perfectly sane and can prove that, when the time comes, to any court appointed psychiatrist. I know what I have, how it manifests, the stages it evolves through, how to keep it from ruining your life and what it can do to your health and well being and how it can damage your skin and appearance, permanently.

I had this syndrome 10 years ago and it went into remission and then came back for 5 years. I am one of the people that have had this the longest and I am an advocate for the recognition, evaluation, diagnoses and cure of it, even though it could possibly be a man-made disease.

I am vocal and speak my mind and do believe it is your duty as a representative of the people’s health that you become an active participant in the activity of public awareness of this syndrome before you and George start looking like the Governor of Louisiana and Brown and eventually be identified (recognized) for doing nothing about a possible pandemic, when you could have avoided the chaos before it happened by being open minded to intelligent information being handed to you on a platter.

With respect and honesty,

Randy Beth Eve Yaskal
Charlottesville, Virginia
I am here to help if you decide to do the right thing and not pass the buck.
During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by Cilla » Mon Jul 24, 2006 1:47 pm

Hi Hartuk,

By coincidence, I had a conversation with a young doctor with some experience of the relevant topic.

She does not know for definite about Morgellons disease, but she did say that the 'callus', as described (in its fullest sense), by Cliff Mickelson on this site, (and elsewhere), is 'weird beyond belief'.

She also said that the reported experiments on apparently extracted specimens of this 'callus', (such as those photographed by Cliff and Geema), will rock the world of clinical medicine to its core.

However, she added, this would only have such an effect if further experiments on other 'callus' specimens were conducted under stringent laboratory conditions, and only if they were replicable, again and again.

Furthermore, any results would only have clinical relevance if it could be clearly demonstrated that the particular 'callus' specimen undergoing laboratory testing definitely came from a given patient's body. This means that it would have to be a doctor who personally took such a specimen, under safe and aeseptic conditions.

It was this doctor who suggested the possibility (nothing more) of you going to one of the sk;n clinics, (that is how you spell it, not 'skin' as I said previously).

We happened to meet again, and she told me that I should have given you the correct spelling, and should also have said that this group of clinics is registered by the Healthcare Commission. She said that this information clarifies that the predominant focus of any clinician working there is the treatment of skin disease, not indulging in high tech beauty therapy per se.

She also said, while not being 'unprofessional', that in her opinion, you have a nice shaped head and perfect symmetry in the line and angle of your ears. She understands that the horrible rash would have had a negative impact on your self esteem, but this would seem (on the basis of the two photographs) to be healing nicely.

She wanted to stress that seeing a doctor at such a clinic is not the preserve of the beautiful, and, even if you did not have an aesthetically pleasing profile, you would be more than welcome.

Many of the patients that she has had some input into helping have had quite disfiguring skin conditions, (e.g. large pigmented naevi, severe acne, terrible acne scarring, to name but a few).

Sadly, they are often held back from seeking intervention by concerns about their looks, wrongly imagining that everyone else there is perfect.

The focus should be on how you will look after our help, not on how badly you think you look before it, she said.

The most important thing of all, though, is that you would appear to have something wrong with you. Doctors are trained to diagnose, based on a thorough clinical examination of the patient.

Clinical features that are not usually of great clinical significance would tend not to be given the same degree of attention as others might be. Areas of hardened skin would be a case in point. These may cause discomfort, but are usually not of clinical significance, (unless they look like the manifestation of a particular dermatological or of a range of possible systemic diseases).

What this young doctor thought, (after reading what Cliff Mickelson and the scientist with whom he corresponds had to say about the 'callus' and the apparently interdependent other components to this possibly new clinical disease), was that you might have a much better chance of a dermatologist really 'seeing' this, (if there is really something to see, that is, if you do actually have this particular condition), either now, or in the near future.

This is partly because this condition is starting to be discussed in the American specialist literature (dermatology).

She also thought that, if a patient goes to the sk;n clinic, requesting the dermatologist's opinion as to whether layers of abnormally
hardened skin, or abnormal 'hairs', or 'unidentifiable fibres', could be successfully treated by laser, he or she would be much more likely to have a very good look at the area in question. As she said, areas of simply hardened skin would not tend to invite much in the way of close scrutiny hitherto.

She has stared at your photographs, and, while unwilling to diagnose on the basis of these, said that she can see what Sky is 'getting at' re her remarks on something looking a 'bit like (cutaneous) larvae migrans'. She stressed that she is not saying that this is what it is, and there is more to it than this, and maybe apical growth should be given more consideration.

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Post by tamtam » Mon Jul 24, 2006 3:04 pm


The Guardian Wednesday May 13, 1998

US giant plans to patent key genetic codes

By Paul Brown and Martin Walker in Brussels

A United States multinational company yesterday announced plans to
unravel the entire human genetic code by 2001 and sell the information
to scientific institutions and drug companies - patenting the most
valuable gene sequences to protect its investment.

The announcement came on the day the European Parliament agreed a
controversial European directive that allows companies to patent
human, plant and animal genes and so charge royalties on medical or
agricultural applications.

The US project, privately funded by the Perkin-Elmer Corporation of
Norwalk, Connecticut, follows a technical breakthrough by the company
which allows robot machines to plot the human gene sequences 10 times
faster and more cheaply than previously thought possible. The company
aims to make a profit by beating a federal effort to achieve the same

The company has teamed up with J. Craig Venter, a controversial figure
who pioneered isolating gene sequences, patenting them and selling
them to companies. He now heads the non-profit Institute for Genomic
Research, in Rockville.

Tony White, chief executive officer of Perkin-Elmer, told the Guardian
from New York: "We are not a philanthropic organisation, we have a
revenue model for this. We are sure people will want to buy the

He said most of the information would be available to companies and
scientific institutions on a pay-to-view basis on sophisticated
websites. "We will of course have first access to the data and be able
to evaluate it. If necessary we will patent 100 to 300 of the very
significant genes, but we do not know yet. We will license those
genes. We do not want to hold them hostage, we want to contract people
for research."

He said there may be 60,000 to 100,000 genes in the human body, so
only a tiny proportion would be patented.

The company will employ between 400 and 800 people to run 230 of the
machines, which will decode information from human genes isolated from
sperm and other cells. The electricity bill alone is expected to be
£3,000 a day.

"We think this is the future of medicine. We will have a blueprint and
match later with the blueprint of mice and other related mammals - the
first stage in finding a cure for many common diseases," Mr White

The European directive was passed after intense lobbying by
multinational pharmaceutical corporations, while Green MEPs protested
against "bio-piracy".

The directive has been modified since the Parliament rejected an
earlier bill three years ago, not least to include the provision that
"the industrial application of a sequence or a partial sequence of a
gene must be disclosed in the patent application".

This is designed to stop companies patenting everything from human,
animal and plant genes in the hope of hitting a jackpot.

Willi Rothley, the German Social Democrat who proposed the directive,
insisted yesterday that it would allow the patenting only of genuine
inventions, not of gene sequences that exist naturally.

He said it was "clear that there can be no use of human embryos for
commercial or industrial purposes, no human cloning, and the suffering
of genetically modified animals is only permitted for medical

Magda Aelvoet, co-president of MEP Greens, said: "The bans on
patenting human cloning and human embryos are poorly defined and will
be wide open for exploitation by clever patent lawyers."

** NOTICE: In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material
is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest
in receiving the included information for research and educational
purposes. **

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Post by London » Mon Jul 24, 2006 3:23 pm

Tam said:
The company will employ between 400 and 800 people to run 230 of the
machines, which will decode information from human genes isolated from
sperm and other cells. The electricity bill alone is expected to be
£3,000 a day.

Sounds like the CDC to me, or another message board.

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Post by RANDY » Mon Jul 24, 2006 3:34 pm

This was done already it si old I missing your point? Did you not catch this entire thing be revealed. I have the map they put out on my wall. What are you trying to show here..I am missing the connection. They patent certain codes for obvious reasons. Old NEWS....

The Guardian Wednesday May 13, 1998

US giant plans to patent key genetic codes

By Paul Brown and Martin Walker in Brussels

A United States multinational company yesterday announced plans to
unravel the entire human genetic code by 2001 and sell the information
to scientific institutions and drug companies - patenting the most
valuable gene sequences to protect its investment.
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Post by Skytroll » Mon Jul 24, 2006 4:12 pm

I agree Randy,

What is the point Tam Tam?

Here some current information that just may clue us into what the problem is.

"It can't come soon enough to businesses preparing for the Fourth of July weekend. They blame the muck, which was washed ashore two weeks ago during Tropical Storm Alberto, for a loss in tourists.

"By the end of the week it will be too late," said Tom Myers, owner of Red Coconut RV Resort, which has had more than 20 parties cancel reservations in two weeks.

The algae has collected in to what look like sewage dunes over a 10-block area in the northern end of Estero Island. Normally, when algae builds up, the current washes it away. Alberto pushed the algae beyond the surf line.

The reddish green algae is creating a stench and causing breathing problems and rashes, people have said. "

source: ... 7/NEWS0105

What is connect from NL to Holland, MI? Tulip bulbs come from there. I itch when I go there. Biggest purple bloom was seen in Lake Michigan near Holland, MI. in 90s and probably now.

see if I can find the NOAA image.



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Post by Cilla » Mon Jul 24, 2006 4:41 pm

Hi All,

I do agree that the existence of such a letter from the ECDC is of massive importance, and that many important people will be convinced of the truth of all of what Tam tam has stated, (and the rest that he has yet to say), if it is disclosed to the media.

He would not say that this letter existed if it did not. Neither would Southcity. For those reasons, I believe it.

It is exactly the kind of thing that the ECDC would write, when approached about something of this nature, (consider the recent European directives, e.g. tightening up the rules re prior assessment of risk in certain types of research). For this reason, I believe it.

Hi Hartuk,

Concern was expressed also about your eyes. Were you prescribed a long course (approximately three and a half months) of systemic antibiotics for the blepharitis?

Please think back to the drooping of the eyelid, and try to describe this in more detail. E.g., was it in only one eye, (perhaps what is still the worse affected of the two)? Was it mainly in the outer aspect of the upper lid, as though something was inside the lid, pulling it downwards and to the side? Did you feel that an irritating liquid was being released from here, and did this have any mildly corrosive effect on the corner of the eye and surrounding skin? Some eyelashes may have fallen out. Did you notice anything strange in the spaces that were left? Did you notice anything different about the texture, and maybe colour, of the remaining eyelashes? Did you ever gently pull your lid upwards or to the side and notice anything like psuedomembranous formation? Only answer if you wish.

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Post by tamtam » Mon Jul 24, 2006 5:18 pm

The point is that most people do not know that data acquisition and data trade is the driving force of the Industry.


Now Honorable Mr. Venter even proposed to let the community pay for all the screening (so that the expert could pick out the flowers?)

If You relate this to the fact that most things have become automized You also will understand that the speed c.q introduction of pathogenic even environmentally resistant elements (small particles if You like) will be at par with the promise that things can quickly be assessed- if necessary.

If You again relate this to the fact that most pathogenic elements (including primary) almost always will show a pattern of preference (like bird flue in relation to people with a certain genetic make up)

You maybe also understand that in fact a type of genocide is being legitimized and that the industry as a whole refuses to be made responsible for its effect on the individual or apparent minority at a certain moment in time (....)

Matter of thought, not more!

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Post by tamtam » Mon Jul 24, 2006 6:48 pm

Repetition of an earlier post:

Microbiologists have borrowed the term "pheromone" from entomologists because they believe that insect like chemical signaling and communication also can occur among bacteria. But the idea of bacterial quorum sensing, which came under serious consideration only in the last decade, is still as much theory as established fact, Winans cautioned. The presence of a second, seemingly redundant apparatus for quorum sensing in Pseudomonas bacteria "makes us wonder if something else also is going on," Winans said.

Now quoted in relation to the fact that research results deliberately can be kept inconclusive and that disturbing matter never will be presented to the public.

Your matter in particular!

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Post by Cilla » Mon Jul 24, 2006 7:59 pm

Hi Tam tam,

It would seem that quorum sensing must be applicable in this matter, in the ways that you have indicated previously, e.g. if the bacterial load is allowed to reach a given point, the perfect fly may emerge.

How does this organism, as 'a whole', 'know' when to commence the maturational sequence of the progressive steps within fly development, unless there is quite a bit of communication going on?

Incidentally, do you have an opinion on the particular species of fly that might be identified by an entomologist in this condition?

Pheromonal communication might have something to do with this two way communication. Could this be one reason why peppermint oil (applied to non sensitive areas of the body only, with care taken to mask all sensitive areas from its effects, and not to be used on children) can be of help?

Could it be that a lot of products that contain certain amounts of essential oils could help, because they contain chemicals that may smell more strongly than those on which the efficient overall organisation of 'the borg' depend?

If there is other insect technology involved, could it be that the 'sensors', and the stages of hormone switching on and off, are all designed to keep the whole process going?

Is the initial infection usually disseminated through the ectodermal layer?

Why would touching, (or managing effectively to 'deal with'), part of this infection/infestation in one part of the body be felt instantaneously in another part of the body? Is this related to the dermatomes?

When looking at your excerpt from the 1998 Guardian, I see that it speaks of the future, (now), and makes mention of certain mammals.

Are rodents anything whatsoever to do with this?

Thanks again, Tam tam. Without your intervention, no-one would ever have guessed about the cause of these problems.

People may think that they can keep their results inconclusive, or that they can stop others from taking things further by being ever so slightly sceptical as they gently deconstruct the idea behind an enquirer's question.

The fact is, they are not quite so clever as they might think they are, and people are also not so stupid or in awe of them as they have previously calculated either.

I do not think that people who feel that they may have been mislabelled, particularly by those who are not qualified to do so, should sit back and take it.

I am becoming rather annoyed at reports on possible misuse of the mental health legislation, and of possible denial of lawful rights even in circumstances where mental illness may be present.

I am going to discuss this with those in a position to help. Be assured, there is a whole army of lawyers designated to protecting the civil and human rights of the mentally ill, just as there is in place the Mental Health Act Tribunal, part of whose remit is to ensure that there is no misapplication of the competent legislation.


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