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Post by 1arrow » Wed Jul 12, 2006 10:17 pm

London -

You said "Dear 1arrow, Hi, I did not forget to get back with you- It was strange. Like a week after you Posted here and I said I was interested in learning more about the treatments, I read an article that said the exact opposite. "


It appears to me that the government has been on a bent to ostracize ozone in general. I have actually seed ads on TV loaded with misinformation about ozone. Granted, it needs to be used correctly. I have never seen any documentation that anyone has been hurt by ozone. I have heard stories but no documentation anywhere. It is utilized in Germany, Canada, France, England, India, Mexico, China, countries in Africa, and many others. Canada produces a canadian FDA regulated and approved Medical Grade Ozone Generator. Medical grade ozone generators are not permitted to be produced in the USA and are not FDA appproved.

Fact of the matter is that ozone is used by thousands of doctors and therapists around the world.

In March I attended a seminar taught by a doctor who uses ozone. I have been treating myself with ozone on and off for over a year and now over the last 3 month more intensively. ( I do not have morgellons, but a history of cancer.) I practice, in that I practice on my family and friends and self. If I went public I would loose my licesne as a professional and likely end up in jail. At this point I would say that I am the most knowledgable person in my state on the subject, which really isn't saying that much as no one here understands or knows ozone and the government (FDA) would have it that way as long as they can. I have been relentlessly studdying it for over a year.

The financial implicantions to the pharmaceutical industry would be astronomical if ozone were permitted for use and all doctors had understanding and access to it.

I see on this forum that people are quite obcessed with finding out the cause of this disease and rightly so. But it is my belief that you will never know and that you will never get cooperation from any government agency that may have been involved unless someone risks their life to tell the truth and then they will have to continue to live to keep speaking it.

I also project that you will not find the help you need unless financial institutions and large cooperations start to fear for their own well-being. I have written some of the likes of what skytroll has stated on the impact of business and society on other forums and it was like I didn't even post at all, that's the level of response it got. I do think that it is because it is so scary that it is unthinkable and people just are not motivated to think about it yet.

Just wait till the disease spreads to a school system and many children and teachers are affected or a major cooporate guy (Like Bill Gates) or politician picks it up in a hotel then, maybe a chance.

And I do think that I have posted this before. The US has a series of concentration camps located across the nation that they are in the process of revamping at this time. I would not put it past them if panic and hysteria struck to round up all those morgellon the name of ecomonic stablility and protection of the public at large. :cry:

Naturopathic doctors can practice ozone therapy legally as well as medical doctors who's states allow for expanded practice in alternative therapy, elsewise a medical doctor is limited to what his state regs dictate. Ohio, Nevada and California are three states where ozone therapy is going on, and I do think that there are may be 10 or 11 or so states for medical doctors and and any state where NDs practice legally.

And yes, for the cure of many diseases you might as well go to a manucurest than a medical doctor. :lol:

There is a doctor in Europe who has done some experimenting with ozonated oil on morgellons and I did post his photos here a few pages back. page 210. Today I finally managed to initiate contact with him as he has been ill and unavailable. Now I await his reply.

If you want to know more about ozone you can join the following yahoo groups.

also this site will give a pretty clear indication of possibilities.
This is basically a compliation of work and correspondence from Saul Pressman, a Canadian who promotes ozone therapy.

[email protected]
[email protected]
for introductory general information.

I do hope I am not wasting my time here posting about ozone. I will keep talking about it until either I am convinced that it will not work for morgellons or until the whole world knows how effective it can be.

Also realize that those with morgellons will also be susceptible to more disease in general and toxic overload from antibiotic therapy, endotoxins, in which case the answer is also OZONE THERAPY.

The following article clearly speaks out on why you will not get the help you seek from the government. With the mindsets portrayed here I do not know where our hope lies, except in everday radical and revolutionary acts of enlightened and courageous individuals who would stand up to the system and speak and act the truth.

The politics of AIDS and Ozone
by Thomas Levy, MD
(Ed. Note:  This fine writer has many great books on nutrition and health.  His new book on Vitamin C is an absolute must.   He deserves the Pulitzer Prize in our humble estimation. See our Bibliography or go to his site.)
from "Extraordinary Science", Jul-Sep 1994

1. Possibly one of the best therapies ever discovered for AIDS, other
infectious diseases, and most degenerative, or chronic, illnesses
(including cancer) is oxygen therapy, especially in the form of
properly used ozone therapy.  The main "drawbacks" in any form of
ozone therapy are its simplicity and its minimal cost.  The medical
industry relies on therapies that are costly and require substantial
expertise in their administration.  Anything that comes along that
appears clinically effective while remaining inexpensive is viewed
skeptically, at best.  The systematic and ongoing efforts at spreading
disinformation and propaganda seem to know no bounds.  In the Federal
Register of 2/13/76, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) asserted
that "Ozone is a toxic gas with no known medical uses."(1)
2. When ozone is formed from ordinary air exposed to electrical discharge
or ultraviolet light, other toxic gasses, such as nitrogen oxides, are
formed as well.  Ozone therapies use ozone generated from pure,
medical-grade oxygen.  The toxicity question, then, is a potential
point of misunderstanding.  However, stating ozone has no known
medical uses is nothing short of sheer lunacy.
3. Ozone has been used successfully on scores of diseases in Europe,
especially Germany, for over 50 years.  Over 6,000 articles on the
medical usage's of ozone are in the world literature.  Nearly every
disease process responds favorably to any therapy that effectively
increases cellular oxygen content.  Furthermore, the safety profile of
proper ozone administration is virtually unparalleled.  I had the
opportunity to witness multiple intravenous ozone treatments in the
office of Dr. Horst Kief in West Germany.  It is a very simple, very
safe procedure.  In a survey of German ozone therapists, 5,579,238
ozone treatments on 384,775 patients demonstrated a side effect rate
of only 0.0007%, and the side effects were uniformly minor and not
even remotely life-threatening.  On the other hand, over a million
patients are hospitalized annually in the US. due to side effects of
prescription medication, and over 100,000 of such individuals die from
such drug usage.  If one person in the U.S. dies even indirectly from
the usage of a vitamin product or an herbal concoction, the FDA
quickly moves to outlaw accessibility to such a product, but they
remain strangely blinded to the carnage wrought annually by our
pharmaceutical industry.  Dr. Hans Nieper, an ozone-using doctor in
Hanover, Germany, reports that in his medical practice on colon cancer
he sees an interesting assemblage of American VIP's:
   4.  You wouldn't believe how many officials or relatives or
     acquaintances of FDA officials come to see me as patients in
     Hanover.  You wouldn't believe directors of the American Medical
     Association, or American Cancer Association, or the presidents of
     orthodox cancer institutes.  That's the fact. (2)
5. Very, very gradually mainstream American researchers are "testing the
ozone waters."  In 1991, a main journal for the American Society of
Hematology, Blood, published an article demonstrating that ozone
treatment inactivated human retroviruses (including HIV) in human body
fluids and blood product preparations.  The researchers concluded
 6.  "Ozone has potent anti-HIV-1 activity in cell culture media and
     factor VIII preparations.  Although the exact mechanism by which
     ozone mediates its effect remains unclear at this time, it is
     readily apparent that ozone may be of use in rendering factor
     VIII and possibly other blood products, both proteinaceous and
     cellular, free of HIV-1 and other infectious agents."(3)
7. Ed McCabe, an independent investigative journalist, has probably done
more that anyone else in promoting the many wonders of ozone therapy. 
Undoubtedly, not being a physician has significantly hampered his
effectiveness in educating the public and especially the health
professionals.  Scientists are especially notorious for rejecting any
concept that does not arise from one of their own.  Mr. McCabe, who
authored an excellent book entitled Oxygen Therapies: A New Way of
Approaching Disease, has made additional efforts to reach our
political power brokers with the news on ozone.  In 1992, he arranged
a meeting of Iowa Congressman Bedell and Senator Tom Harkin with two
doctors who had each converted an HIV-positive patient to HIV-negative
status with ozone therapy.
8. To their credit, these politicians were very impressed, and Senator
Harkin then arranged a subsequent meeting with Dr. Anthony Fauci and
Dr. Moskowitz of the National Institute of Health (NIH).  About 30
people, including other doctors and legislative aides, were in
attendance.  Extensive documentation was presented by the physicians
on two of their own cases of advanced clinical AIDS that had shown
complete clinical resolution of the disease, as well as normalization
of the appropriate laboratory test, including Western Blot/Elisa (a
check on HIV antibody) and PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction, testing
more directly for the presence of actual virus).  The official
responses made to Mr. McCabe and his associates included the
     We see no reason to pursue this.
Referring to the recovered patients, it was added:
     They are obviously so healthy that they must not have had the
It was finally concluded with:
     We won't look at this treatment unless you have the patients PCR
     tested twice before treatment proving the presence of the HIV
     virus, stored blood from when they were positive, two PCR tests
     during treatment, and two PCR tests after ozone treatment proving
     the absence of the virus. (4)
9. Of course, no financial support was offered from the mammoth NIH
research budget to facilitate the additional suggested work.  Such
"follow-up" research projects are common ploys to both delay
acceptance and implementation of any conclusions made and to
eventually bankrupt the finances of the renegade researchers.
8. Also, for those who may be wondering how to receive ozone therapy, it
must be clearly stated that such a therapy is still unapproved in the
U.S., and doctors who persist in using it anyway have uniformly
suffered sever consequences, including bogus arrests, false
imprisonment's, loss of licensees to practice medicine, and numerous
other forms of suppression and harassment from the multiple agencies
of the government that magically transform into modern-day Gestapo's
whenever needed. (note: Ozone is approved by medical boards in some states - Arrow)
9. Selected doctors have had their non-mainstream medical offices raided
in SWAT team style, with guns and rifles drawn on them and their
employees, while the offices are ransacked and records are taken. 
Commonly, controversial equipment is also destroyed on the spot or
"permanently confiscated."  With the recent passage of NAFTA (North
America Free Trade Agreement), the Mexican government has now allowed
similar U.S. agency commando raid tactics on alternative medical
facilities on Mexican soil.  A motivated patient will likely have to
completely abandon North America (Canada reasonably apes the medical
policies of the U.S.) in order to obtain treatments that are beyond
the domain of the guardians in Washington, D.C.
1.  McCabe, E, O3 Vs. AIDS-The Abbreviated History and Suppression of
Ozone Therapy in the United States as of August 1993, 1993, page 28.
2.  ibid.
3.  Well, K.H., et all, "Inactivation of Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Type 1 by Ozone In Vitro" Blood, Vol. 78, No. 7, October 1, 1991: pp.
4.  Reference #1, pp. 24-25
Suppression of Oxygen/Ozone therapy

Edward J. McCabe: Health journalist who reported success of oxygen therapy. Sentenced to 3 years in prison on the pre-text of tax evasion 1999 (and served 2 years).

Dr William F. Koch: Medical doctor, Professor of chemistry, histology and physiology. Inventor of "Glyoxylide catalyst" cure for cancer. Sued by FDA but was acquitted after 600 doctors testified in his favour. Died of poisoning, 1967.

Dr. F.M. Eugene Blass: Developer of "Homozon™" (the original oxygen therapy product) - murdered outside his house, same year and month as Dr Koch.

Dr Basil Earle Wainright: Physicist - inventor of polyatomic apheuresis oxygen therapy. Imprisoned for 4 years. Claims he survived six assassination attempts whilst in prison.

Dr George A. Freibott, IV. President of the American Naturopathic Association, consultant for International Association for Oxygen Therapy, US Government approved and internationally accepted expert witness on oxygen/oxidation therapies. Survived numerous assassination attempts and several anonymous phone calls threatening him with his life.

Dr James Boyce: Turned 254 people HIV+ to HIV- using ozone therapy: Charged with using unproven methods and sentenced to 5 years in prison. Had his medical license revoked.

Ken Thiefault sold ozone generators: Sentenced to 7 years in prison for making medical claims for ozone generators. His wife was sentenced to three years.


All the above is written for educational purposes only. What you decide to do for your health is strictly your business. Whatever you do, look into all the options carefully and remember that natural remedies my provide you with safe alternatives.
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Post by canalon » Wed Jul 12, 2006 10:25 pm

London wrote:So Canalon,

Tell us then, do you understand every thing that TAmTam post?

I have claimed from the beginning, and I maintain, that all he has posted makes no sense, movies included.

I would be happy to see anything that look like hypothesis->fact-> conclusion from him. But until now I have only conclusions drawn out of a hat and garbled in a pseudo-scientific language.

Science has proof without any certainty. Creationists have certainty without
any proof. (Ashley Montague)

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Post by London » Wed Jul 12, 2006 10:36 pm

Arrow- glad you wrote back- very, very glad!!!! I am going to have to read this all again- as it was quite a bit of info, but that is just what I wanted!!! Sooo thank you kindly and it was certainly not a waste of time.

I also appreciate your complete answering of the questions I had about why /what was so illegal about it?

Too bad all those people that were knockecd off for trying to help society did not have a running list of haters left around, like in their living will, etc., umm, yeah, they should have.

But hey, if I have aids then I'm already dead. Plus, my spirit died last year.

I will be in touch with you after I finish reading up on this> Please pm me by next monday if I have not written you by then...

appreciative of you-


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Post by London » Thu Jul 13, 2006 12:50 am

Dear anyone that knows,

I would like your views on the best medicine for a filarial worm infection.
I will have a prescription, so that is not an issue.

I read that Doxy and Ivermectin does really good but the ivermectin only treats the microfilarie; not the actual worm (big mamma one) so then why should I take that?

Then i looked a little at biltricide (I don't know enough about it, do any of you?)

Then, I remembered the Tam saying Amphotericin B but I thought he was just saying this as regards to helping with a fungal infection. anyway, I looked it up and it is good for a filarial worm infection!!! So yea there, but guess what??? It is also used for ......???????????????

Yep, AIDS patients! Why dear god does this virus keep on popping up?

last thing, I read something to the fact that one must know whether it is oncho and river blindness because one of the medicines we should not take with riverblindness problems. In that case it said Ivermectin.

SO, I'm totally confused and need to know by in the doc is going to call it in for me

Anybody know?

T. You,


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Post by 1arrow » Thu Jul 13, 2006 1:48 am


These antibotics are really really bad and if it were me I would avoid them.

For parasitic infection as you mention there are several alternative things you can do.

Go to this site and follow the protocols for parsites.

a reliable source of products is at

The protocols are very specific and takes several weeks to accomplish. It includes an herb wormwood. This herb was posted by someone as being partially effective for morgellons. Wish I could remember where I read that.


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Post by Sabrina » Thu Jul 13, 2006 5:40 am

1arrow wrote:Now I await his reply.

Thanks for the persistance Arrow! Please keep us updated. 8)


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Post by hartuk » Thu Jul 13, 2006 1:51 pm

Hello All,

Morphological changes of Giardia lamblia cysts after treatment with ozone and chlorine.... ... ns_nf_jees

Hi London,

Avoid the abx, try Sporanox(itraconazole),Praziquantel and Mebendazole.

Hi Arrow,

...respect. Thanks.


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Post by tamtam » Thu Jul 13, 2006 3:46 pm

As earlier mentioned:

Ask Your GP for Itraconazol (Itraconazole, Itraconazolum)
Its the best oral (systemic) therapeutic choice available.

It has proved curative in some cases against prototheca after 7.5
(seven and a half) months.
It would be 2X 100 mg firts month to continue with 100 mg to my knowledge. Ask Your GP for support.

For topical use You can try a mixture of mint oil with terramycine (oxytetracycline, by pfizer)
Promote penetration with a plastic wrap.

Alternative topical therapeutic agent would be econazole nitrate cream.
(First option is effective and cheap)

Shower the oil mixture of after about 20 minutes with plenty neutral shampoo (Stay close to a shower)

Important: Buffer eyes and sensible body parts with pure terramycine eye and skin cream if You treat e.g scalp.

Take care with this type treatment and NEVER use this oil combination on children.

As You will find out dissemination in skin may prove extensive. Prototheca like (dark discoloration of infected cell layers) will only show up during effective treatment.

Again: this is a systemic acting infectious micro organism.
Topical treatment only will not cure.

Synchronous treatment against trypanosomes could be a rational option, but I do not advise this. What You fight is cell characteristic hence cell identity and it is unclear of above mentioned protocol will not be effective.

Standard therapy against always difficult to erradicate infection with prototheca like micro organisms would be IM amikacin(e) and IV Amphotericine B this often given in combination with tetracycline.

In some cases long term Itraconazol has proved effective also against infection with prototheca like micro organisms.

Itraconazol(e) can easily be prescribed by a GP.



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Post by Maggie Mae » Thu Jul 13, 2006 5:25 pm

So strange, eh...all roads lead to Rome...or is that DoD....

Years ago.....back in the late 70's I subscribed to a magazine called "Fate" - I always read the fine the ads in the back, all kinds of little bits of info there was a one liner - to no one in particular, very small, most would have over-looked...
quote - "Aids is a hookworm" - that was it.....why not....just a really hardy one...I guess.
Did ya ever read the Cure for All Cancers....she probably is right on.

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Post by 1arrow » Thu Jul 13, 2006 6:14 pm


Thanks for the link on the giradia/ozone article. I trie to purchase it because I wanted to know what antioxidant was used but I couldn't enter the correct country so they wouldn't process my credit card. oh well.

But this treatment may be overkill for giradia. Giradia is a problem in my neck of the woods and both my boys got it while on a camping trip from drinking creek water by accident.

The cure - grapefruitseed extract and oil of oregano dropped into clear gelatin capusles taken 4 xday for about 3 weeks. This works as we have done it.

My opinion on the use off antibiotics for every infection that comes along in a morgellons patient - don't do it! You guys have been dosed enough with antibiotics and you will develop other disease from antibiotic use, like systemic candida, or toxic syndromes, allergies, c-dif infections etc etc.
There are other ways to deal with common parasites and most other infections that come your way.

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Post by London » Thu Jul 13, 2006 6:55 pm

Oh, this is nice; I'm just now waking up and it's 1:30 in the afternoon. That's 12.5 hours of solid sleep. Unbelievable. I did not have anything important to do today-just a job interview. I think I'm going foraging for mushrooms today in the cow patties-HAHAHA......that's natural eh?

A big thank you to you all: TamTam, Hartuk, Maggie Mae and Arrow!
I certainly do appreciate the information. Yes, Tam Tam I do remember you writing that a while back, I'm just so glad that you reminded us again! I'm going to print all of you-guys info off so I won't forget it. Thanks again.

Maggie, No I did not read any of those books you mentioned but I certainly do remember hearing about them. And, get know how TAM Tam used to talk about the pain in the inner ear tube and how it
connects to our swallowing, etc.? Well, I just read that the painful inner ear problem is just like what AIDS victims experience!!!!

If they have given me AIDS from a damn insect, it's over. Talking about psychotic, huh, they better get my butt some heavy duty Mushrooms to boil then!!! :wink:

Arrow, hmm.....did not know that the doxy would be that bad. I know that it will damage my liver if I take it for 3 months but so will this filarial worm! You know what I have read? They have the doxy and ivermectin ready for us to stop the Microfilrasis in our bodies but this will not kill the big one. So for that, they have got ANTIBIOTIC CHEMOTHEREAPY FOR US to take. Okay, I say to self, that's cool, I'm ready. But guess what? Those dumbarses are not ready.

You see, these stupidarse idiots should have had all this ready before hand.......

(TAMTAM, do you all have mushrooms in the Netherlands? )

and Arrow, I hear what you are saying, and I think I know why....because not only wll the chemicals disturb our liver, it will mess with our T-Cells. Just like I said from way back......this is all Innate or Adaptive Immunity. Survival of the fittest. But you see, they are evil and they play nasty at my expense.......thier lucky number was in the genes they messed with, It was lucky # 16S and I do not think it is right!
I'm going to study this some more.......I do thank all of you for your input though. I am waiting on my doctor to call now and there is no telling what I will tell her.

Thanks again!!


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Post by London » Thu Jul 13, 2006 7:11 pm

Oh guess what now. I apparently missed my doctors call earlier but she left me a message. This is what she called in for me to take:
VERMOX for 3 days/ repeat after 3 weeks. I believe the other name for this is Mebenzadole? Will this be as good as the Itranacazole?


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