The Fiber Disease

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Post by London » Sun Jul 02, 2006 2:05 am

Randy, yes, I believe so (re: testing) but I don't know where/ who has the proper machines to do the testing....Hell, only two labs in the us even do the right testing for lyme disease, ya know? but I'm reading up in it and will email you if i find where.

they are really pushing the flukes, eh? if we could only be so lucky to just have's worse than that carriegurl....

the good doctor
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Post by the good doctor » Sun Jul 02, 2006 3:45 am

Hey Guys

Just logged on here. I was wondering what thoughts you have on this. Doc is starting a new regimen with me. Treatment for Toxoplasmosis. Yes I have "Morgellons"....or whatever you want to call it.

This is my first post and Hi Sabrina....stop ragging on me

...took forever for me to "get here".

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Post by London » Sun Jul 02, 2006 6:08 am

Are you for real? I have never heard of a good doctor- lol.

Don't know what to tell you there....but be safe....have an hiv test done....and do it like monthly- I am. And I'm not in a position that would even put me in a high risk category.....unless we get it from the insects.

yep, toxiplasmosis, crytosporidium, oncho, dirofilarilal......I think I will test positive for all of these......and they wonder why we get f-ing mad?

They did this to me- I did not catch it from any animal......

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Post by London » Sun Jul 02, 2006 6:14 am

But Good Doc-

shshshshshhhhhh.......rumor on the street says they don't like us to bring up insects in our bodies>>>>>you know why?

b/c that is what we have in our skin......that and dog heartworms......

a lovely day in the hood here, eh doc? Well, good luck to you. Let us know please....
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Post by London » Sun Jul 02, 2006 12:31 pm

Good morning.. yes, Julie ? (sorry, no disrespect here-I just do not know her last name.) She is w/ the CDC.

She said Morgellons may be a single disease or many diseases......

True! Some might show (and you guys watch the case incidences rise)
in TB, viral encephalitis, equine encephalits, Venezuelan equine encephalitis.......west nile.....and these are just from mosquitos......

watch as you see a rise in Ehrlichiosis in Lynne said before....bacillus sub.....and dirofilarial (which is the dog heartworm that looks like a piece of spagehtti(sp?).....> from ticks they will say.....

but I cant wait..till they say that those 3 states have the highest # of HIV patients, and they will....I can just feel it......this one, I do not know.....

that is: If our disease turns into HIV....

Have a good day.

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Post by London » Sun Jul 02, 2006 1:46 pm

okay, I told you all how someone on another forum site said that it was the the funniest post they had ever seen when I said......."and I hope they do not tell me my infection was caused from a dog, cat, (animal)."

Well, guess what thread that was under? It was on a very recent find i made on the CDC that came out on June 6 talking about Leishmania.

I'm very proud to announce today that not only does the cdc have
this still posted....but......


but like i said......I have no animals nor have I been w/in 25 feet of one in the last 5 I can't wait for the next story to break...

oh nooooo, at the end of one of the aritcles that I just read....(No, not by the CDC either), it said yet again......USUALLY GOES HAND IN HAND WITH HIV INFECTIONS.......I'M BEGINNING TO GET REALLY FRIGHTENEND OF THIS.....B/C MY ARM ALREADY HAS THOSE PLACKES AND RED MARKS THAT AIDS PATIENTS GET......

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Post by London » Sun Jul 02, 2006 6:21 pm

Well, I'm a goner. Randy, email me or pm me......this is not good news...

don't mean to alrm anyone and shame on you if you blame that on me b/c look here-

I've got this damn disease and I'm shaking as I type this.....

HIV and Leishmaniasis>work together I get my test tomorrow.

and no, I have not been holding out w/ this information. I just discovered it in my research.

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Post by London » Mon Jul 03, 2006 7:16 am

whoa, it's getting cold in here, I see....

Well, after some much needed sleep I have a different attitude (Just really sad, and yes v. despondent). Regardless, I have some things I'd like to quickly say and then scram.

I said some rude things referring to another website forum and I feel bad about that and want to apologize to them and to any of you that may have been hurt by my actions. To that I'm sorry.

Call it excuses and call it reasons that festered inside. My automobile wires had been cut- so bad that they had to not only pull the manifold but also the complete engine out to fix. Cost $ 3,553.00 This was not the first time it had happened. Not to mention the fact that I have a $1200.00
car insurance renewal due by July 12th. So I was maddened to say the least.

Why did I take it out on a certain website that is filled with loving people and great information? Because I could. (just joking, for real here).

No, if the truth be known it was because I was mad at them . Why? uhh, because they banned me......(okay, I said it) but it was my own fault for
speaking kind of bad to someone on a pm. Okay, speaking really, really bad to someone on a pm.

Then these last 3 days, hardly any sleep.....dunno why, I just was like averaging 2-3 hours per night.

So, excuses, reasons, auto vandelism, plus a new cabinet-looking-knob that has suddenly grew out of my chin ...well, that just kind of

made me a little p.o.'d.......

Now for the sad part.....this morning after I found thru MY research
some answers to a couple of MY own questions I had been pondering plus reading about canine leishmaniasis now in the US.....I suddenly saw this disease in a whole other light.

I do not care (You know what I mean-not in a rude way) if anyone believes me or not, but I know what this disease comprises. I'd guesstimate 95% of it anyway. Well, I was so hopeful that others were getting close and w/ the recent increase in publicity, etc., (videos, etc.,) it was exciting....that now, just now we might have a shot at finding a cure if we now knew the cause. But the more and more I thought of this, and with my own findings where if something is genetically modified it does not show up in
regular testing, coupled with the fact that doctors in America do not know how to treat most of the eastern and subsaharan parasitic diseases.

Plus these last two findings of mine (hence, just my opinion) One being that the canine leishmaniasis is very difficlult to ever remove from human body -(and I don't know that we for sure have this anyway, just highly suspect) and the other is where I do believe that this will indeed turn into HIV...(but doubt that it will even test positive due to gentic modicifactions) Well, these left me very despondent.....I have my hiv test tomorrow.....

So when i woke up this evening (tonight actually) I just did not care anymore. So if the or any POWERS THAT BE read this site and see my post....I give you my word...I'm not saying anything because I do not feel like we will have a least not me....I think I already have HIV or the new HIV II- my left forearm shows the the bones inside that arm -right where the elbow is (but on the inside part) has had extreme pain....even to reach out and grab something like a plate hurts...

thus this tells me it is osseus (sp?) or in my bones. I do think I have leishmaniasis probably, but I know I have the dirofilarial worm-which is the dog heart worm that looks like that piece of spagehtti, plus a tapeworm as well. I have frequent bouts of fever and now rheumatoid arthritis...( I used to run a lil -15 mi a week) before I got ill, now it hurts to walk...I also found the daphnea on me and in my house back in November. I now read that the daphneas (water fleas) cause ginnea worm infections.....well, if I have that damn worm, I don't want to be alive anyway.....there is no meds to eradicate it. It's the one where they tie an end to a small stick and wind it out lil by lil each day....oh good lord, just take me.......

Sorry to be so negative. I will say this for those of you that still have hope. That i did not research cures for this at all and they may already have that is something to still hope for- I do not know.

but the guinnea worm way....I don't want to even go there....

okay, all you lymebuster phools......I'm sorry again, keep on keeping on...

and.....when and if this ever does come out.....(the first part anyway of a disease, well remember me saying......I have never been around CATS
nor not any dogs recently......but cats-never touched one in my life.....

okay, hope we will all meet again someday........oh, shoot, I forgot....on the canine leishmania.....the cure (if it can be achieved at all ) is best done by that medicine tamtam spoke of Ampheterine B.....(however it's spelled.)

and lastly......Carrie gurl......sorry I forgot to mention your babies-the flukes-


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Post by Sabrina » Mon Jul 03, 2006 9:34 am

Dear Sarah,

Thanks for taking the time to answer some of my questions. This topic is extremely important to me so I am especially grateful for your contributions regarding these issues.

“When speaking to a group of pest management professionals, DP is a relevant topic. I was asked to talk about DP, so I talked about DP.” Quote by Sarah

I am having a very hard time trying to understand this as I was under the impression that DP was an issue for mental health care professionals not exterminators. With all due respect to you I find this comical. Maybe I’m punch drunk right now or something because this is really no laughing matter. I will collect myself.

Think about how dangerous it could be to have an exterminator even attempt to access such a condition? I do understand that the Fiber Disease is still in the process of becoming officially recognized and this could put you in a very compromising situation, but think about the victims of this condition and the potential damage an exterminator, well intentioned or not, might have on someone suffering from this clinical condition. Then, to really drive it home, and God forbid, imagine this was you or perhaps a family member that you love dearly. :(

As far as I am aware, true cases of DP are considered rear and as far as I know not one of them have ever had a clinician ever rule the Fiber Disease out for any of these “confirmed” cases. Now that is really something to think about wouldn’t you say?

I have never had any doctor that I went to for help for this condition ever refer me to a psychiatrist although they themselves may have needed one after an appointment with me. One Derm just broke down in tears and I had to console her. The other doctors just got this confused and puzzled look on their faces as they had no reference in which to access what they witnessed with their own eyes. So, this particular issue of DP is not one in which I personally need to even address or discuss. Unfortunately everybody who looks can see mine, not just me.

We are going to have future generations of this, you can count on that, and I have a vested interest in helping those future generations now by helping medical professionals of all types (and exterminators if need be) figure out how to help us. How can I help you help us Sarah? What else do you need? :(

I am asking you to please consider mentioning this disease the next time you lecture on DP.

And since you have such a wonderful resource like this available to you, could you please ask one of those exterminators if they have found anything to kill these things yet as preventing reinfection from our environment is key in our recovery? Hopefully some of these exterminators have been watching the news lately as this may be the only exposure about this condition that they might have had.

“I have seen this video and we have corresponded, but only to end in confusion. I think there's a language barrier which muddies up the communication? Regardless, I feel the work is weak, and doesn't really make any complete thoughts, much less make connections or show any conclusions about, well, anything.” Quote by Sarah

Thank you for this information and I value your opinion but I did not ask anything other than if you saw anything familiar in the video. Could you please respond to this question? :?

I have consulted many people educated in the field of science to comment on the science part of this video. At this point, the only thing I am looking for now is a synthetic biologist to critique for me. This may in fact be the only type of person that may be qualified to do so.

Also, can you please tell us if you have published any of your work yet or are close to this? We are all very interested and look forward to reading all about your findings.

Dear Randy,

An apology just might be premature at this point. I view an “expert” opinion as a person qualified to comment in a particular field which they have been properly trained in. I have not seen one response so far from what I could firmly say was from a qualified expert in this field. We need a synthetic biologist for this! Will you help me find one please?

I will support your efforts to write letters to people who may be in a position to help us any way I can. However, I do see a need to continue to wait for that response from the CDC before I can figure out what I need to say next. Thought it would be here by now but maybe all of the extra questions I asked slowed their response to me. I plan on sending a certified hard copy out in a few days if nothing comes in the mail by then. Please be a bit more patient with me on this.

Dear London,

Bet ya a thousand bucks that you will not test positive for AIDS, so relax. I have had this condition for twenty plus years (if my speculations are accurate) and NEVER have I tested positive for AIDS although many doctors must have suspected it because that’s the only test they ever ordered for me. As a matter of fact, that’s the only medical test ever ordered for me until I informed the doc’s that I have the fibers. What I have is not AIDS nor does it seem to turn in to it. I am 99.9% sure of this.

How the immune system works with this condition is just as bizarre as the fibers that can be observed. :shock:

Skytroll brought up a very important point about what Cliff said time and time again. We do not get secondary infections (not normal ones anyway) in the lesions. I have found that this may very well carry over to normal illnesses as well, in my case such as colds or even the viral stuff that goes around every year. I cannot remember the last time I caught a cold or what it even feels like to have one anymore. The flu? I don’t get that either. Never had the childhood stuff like mumps, measles, chicken pox….and refused many vaccinations due to fear of needles until I was forced to get them in 12th grade of High School. I just don’t get “normal” sick and have not for a very unusual amount of time now.

Every E.R. visit I have had in the past ten years (at least) has been for skin out breaks of one kind or another and that’s all, SKIN nothing else. NEVER ANYTHING BUT SKIN! :? Puzzling to say the least, hu?

Anyway, I still do not know how our immune system plays into this condition but for reasons I have listed above, I have always had a hard time believing I had a compromised immune system as a precursor or anything else due to this condition. It seems to be almost like the exact opposite of AIDS in this aspect, IMO. Somebody needs to figure this out, it’s just too weird.

I eventually started to get very upset at all of these AIDS tests because I knew with all the other AIDS tests always coming back negative that the required needle puncture necessary for this test was benefiting no one and just stressing me out at this point. :x I hate needles and after approximately ten of these tests I thought it was safe to rule AIDS out and very necessary to move on to a different test that I actually had a chance of testing positive for. Well the only problem here is they really didn’t know what else to test me for and many doctors never bothered to explore this any further which left me with a false impression that nothing was really wrong with me.

Do we even need a test for this to begin with? No, it can very easily be seen with one eye :wink: , you don’t even need two. Place a scab under a scope and anyone with one eye :wink: can observe for themselves blue and red fibers growing through it. IMO, that’s all the testing anybody needs to confirm this condition. However this could be followed up by observing the patient under a blacklight to see if they have glowing fibers and skin patches, and if still uncertain then get some oil, rub it on the patients skin for five to ten minutes and see if the black specs surface or not. BINGO, you have a test. :roll:

What we need is testing on the fibers themselves, and we need this desperately.

One more thing, about the letter campaign at LB. I have signed it my self and encourage everyone to join in this endeavor. Can I say with 100% accuracy that I can vouch to the legitimacy of the project and guarantee safety for anyone involved? No. What I can say is people seem to be working hard at this, there is strength and safety in numbers, and we are going to have to trust each other at some point or we will never get organized.

ORGANIZATION, something that has been (what was that word that John Kern used? Disassembled?) met with a type of resistance in which I have never in my entire life encountered before. IMO, anything that this resistance does not want and works against is exactly what we need to aim for in accomplishing. Please reconsider submitting your signature to support this effort.

Dear good doctor,

A great Big welcome to you from all of us here at biology online! :D

Glad you could make it as I know what an incredible amount of potential you have to contribute many things of extreme importance and value to this forum.

Thank you for helping and providing me with support and knowledge in many different aspects regarding this condition. Your kindness and selfless actions towards me have been a true blessing, thanks for caring enough about a total stranger and her child to reach out and make a difference in their lives! Your friendship continues to be a divine gift to me.

I hope you will find it beneficial to post here as this board has very easy access to many individuals firmly educated in science with vast amounts of knowledge and intelligence. So far every one of them have been kind enough to respond to any questions asked of them honestly and unbiased. This has been missing on other boards of the past and is exactly what I believe makes this thread a unique, vital, and an extremely effective driving force that has and will continue to advance our cause.

I am very interested in your new regimen that your treating physician has recommended to you! He sounds like the best thing since Dr.Schwartz (almost) and you were lucky to find such a brilliant doctor! This is honestly the first new regimen I have heard about that has me excited and has my interest for a very long time so please keep us all updated!!!

Dear Patrick,

Thanks for viewing Tam’s video! 8) You now have the best visual presentation of manifestations of this condition that has ever been recorded to date. Congratulations! You are ahead of your times, your peers, and probably a very large percentage if not all of your instructors now.

This comes with the territory so I do hope you are the mod here for interest in this condition and not just because it is your job to moderate. It will be interesting to see what the future will undoubtedly hold for you because of your knowledge of this. So, stay safe, get the best firewall you can find, and NEVER answer blocked calls!!! Just joking (????)!!!! Lighten up :lol: !LOL!

I couldn’t begin to empathize with someone attempting to understand this condition with out suffering themselves and seeing it first hand. Thank you for dedicating your profession to the world of science. I have a very high admiration for such people now that I have come to understand how special and vital scientists really are. They are the magic makers and alchemists of our past. :wink:

To All,

Looks like more and more people are beginning to realize just how censored and repressive other boards discussing this subject have and continue to be! :shock:

This thread may be far from perfect, but this thread also consist of uncensored, and sincere opinions of controversial subject matter and is the first real place in which our freedom of speech is valued and permitted by unbiased people. The people who run this site do so to advance science and have no agenda except to try to help people. 8)

I have encouraged every reader and poster to think as freely as they are able to. As long as one is respectful in tone, one may ask any question, or raise any issue that one so desires. We owe a lot to this board because biology online has helped us more than they may ever realize because of this one thing alone.


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Post by Sabrina » Mon Jul 03, 2006 9:37 am

tamtam wrote:Try precursor chemical(s) in relation to microcystis,
blue green algea, trypanosoma etc.




:?: :idea: :!:

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Post by Cilla » Mon Jul 03, 2006 11:29 am

Hi Sabrina,

Cliff did write something about the lack of secondary infection occurring around the 'callus' area.

He also said something in another publication about having had received a very 'disturbing' report of a crocodile or an alligator which apparently had the fiber disease.

Are there possible connections?

Does the scientist who has helped Cliff to understand much of this apparently new clinical condition still subscribe to the notion it was possibly manufactured in some lab., and then possibly released by accident?

If so, what does he think may have been included as part of its ingredients? Tam tam has listed some of these.

What is peculiar about the 'callus', in and of itself? What precisely is it made of? Has anyone ever had a full analysis done, including (perhaps) pcr looking for the dna of the protozoa? Has Dr Wymore analysed sections of the 'callus'?

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O sting of death....!

Post by Maggie Mae » Mon Jul 03, 2006 3:08 pm

I have been reading all your posts and can truly relate so don't think that some of us haven't spewed out the same venom (because we were innoculated with it from an outside source btw..)
I had death threats, my wheel lug nuts loosened, and my steering cotter pin removed in the past for trying to bring a couple large corporations to task for some henious operation they did on my family back in 86'....followed and tagged "lone nut" I am certain...I believe all you say in that regard. I don't believe this was an accident...why would they waste their time on a "hit or miss" research project...they follow us too closely.
I also want to know why Wymore says "no worms"....God I pray that this comes back on them 1000 times worse....
Thank God this site has been available...I have posted on most all the "main sites" knowing full well I can only try to UNDO what the bast ards have done. I eat apple seeds, lots, as they contain cyanide and will weaken or maybe even kill some of the worms. I will never ever give up the good fight as I know - for whatever reason - God has allowed this to happen...I have long ago realized that my understanding of things is very limited and TRUST that this will benefit me in the very long run. I believe we are Spiritual, eternal beings and in that I hang on to my faith. I too, don't believe this was transmitted from a "bad catch" ya might say...rather that it was sinister, deliberate, and plotted. I believe we the victims have found our way onto some "black/red/white/blue LIST where we either have genetics, conditions, personalities, or special gifts....!! that have made us "special" to study. I would much rather think that is the truth. In my situation, that is sn-afu -par for the course and it really doesn't suprise me this occurred. We are a strong team, even if only in prayer. Hold fast, you are so like all of us, you just express yourself with a lot more "enthusiasm" eh! Blowen' out their 1000 points of light with every breath.
Mm :wink:


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