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Re: Describing the unknown and then denying it.

Post by SarahBione » Fri Jun 30, 2006 2:42 pm

Sabrina wrote:
SarahBione wrote:[The study regards demographics, symptoms, sensations, management behaviors, and major medical health conditions or medications co-morbid with the belief that insects are living in or on the skin or inside the body.

Hi Sarah,

Overwhelming disappointment was felt when you gave your speech at some event a while back to a group of exterminators and talked about DP without ever mentioning this emerging condition even though you were very aware and actually studying it. :shock: I am not perfect either and still believe that you could help us Sara. We still need you as you see our fight to get treatment continues.

As you once stated your genuine concern for people who are actually delusional and continue to poison themselves with pesticides, I too am very concerned about this. It is very sad to see people go through this but I fail to see how one could classify it as a delusion if one does not have the authority or proper training to be able to do so in the first place. :?:

When speaking to a group of pest management professionals, DP is a relevant topic. I was asked to talk about DP, so I talked about DP.

Sabrina wrote:I would love to hear your thoughts on Dr. Wymore’s recent work, have you seen his open letter?

I don't work with fibers, so I willl refrain from commenting on something about which I know very little.

Sabrina wrote:Also, I did not know that you are still accepting samples. What do you do exactly with these samples sent to you? Are you close to publishing any of your work on this yet?

Samples are inspected under several microscopes of varying strengths by at least three lab professionals for insects.

Sabrina wrote:Lastly, but most importantly, can you tell me if you have found anything that looks familiar in tamtam’s video? :wink:

I have seen this video and we have corresponded, but only to end in confusion. I think there's a language barrier which muddies up the communication? Regardless, I feel the work is weak, and doesn't really make any complete thoughts, much less make connections or show any conclusions about, well, anything.

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Post by Skytroll » Fri Jun 30, 2006 3:35 pm

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for responding to us.

I did send samples to you and you sent me a multitude of pamphlets about use of pesticides, and other solutions to bug problems.

However, if the phorids germinate at certain times, and they do carry the beauvaria bassiana, could they be the vector of this to us?

These have been altered. Are they the size of gnats? Also can they carry other things like Chagas since they are from a Trypanasoma area.

I know the reduvid bugs carry that, but, could the Phorid flies have that in them also. They are supposed to kill ants, but, can they attack and kill and behead, or eat insides of say circadias?

I have seen shells of circadias, when they were
around, something ate the insides of those insects.

I do wonder if they can go through our skin, and actually set up house.

Thanks for writing,


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Post by RANDY » Fri Jun 30, 2006 8:41 pm

Another expert opinion and no one has yet apologized for beating me up that did so...and also tattled over and over again to the MOD and tried to get me shoved off thsi site...FOR SHAME ON YOU...and you know who you are.

Sociopathic not beat up on someone, find out they were correct and not apologize.

That is really not very nice. No mature, no adult, not humane.

This is probably the 30th person who said Tam Tam makes no sense, either in writing or video. All my guys were correct we now see..I WAS TELLING THE TRUTH ALL ALONG!!!!!!!

Anyone want to share their blood work so we can get a base line on this thing?

All my blood work is listed on my site. So far NOT ONE PERSON has submitted theirs so we can compare. WHY IS THAT?

Base line people........we are NO WHERE without one.

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by Skytroll » Fri Jun 30, 2006 10:49 pm


They are already looking at this and have a bacteriophage center at Ohio State that is affiliated with many universities.

Also, here is why from your article. from
that this may not be the answer. I guess they never heard of Bechamp.

"In the early years of phage research in the United States, says former National Institutes of Health scientist Carl Merril, bacteriophages allegedly killed more people than they cured. Phages are culled from dirty, wet places—the first was found in the Ganges River—a recipe for infection unless you know what you're doing. And some kinds of phages—called lysogenic phages—are potentially dangerous, because they sometimes carry genes that cause bacteria to release toxins. So, there is reason for caution."

University of Michigan was and maybe still is involved with bacteriophages, I believe Stanford and others are involved with this now located at mansfield. OSU., but the researchers are worldwide.

Here it goes in deeper, so you can see they are using it in the environment. And it will not effect us?

Bacteriophage development began here:

Note; picture on right side.



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Post by Skytroll » Sat Jul 01, 2006 12:56 am

Interesting Polish study and results on patients: ... update.htm

I believe the Pasteur Institute opened again, just to start working on this again.

They did once before:

History and bacteriophage:


"Bacteriophages: The road not taken
A possible alternative for the treatment of bacterial infections could be the use of bacteriophages, which are viruses that live on bacteria (see box). Each kind of bacterium hosts its own, specific phages, which can be found wherever that particular bacterium grows. Thus, phages can be selected and isolated as an antidote from sewage, faeces, soil, or springs. Further processing of bacteriophages depends on the intended treatment. For external use, such as for wound healing, the process is simple, whereas for internal treatment the sample has to be cleaned from bacterial debris that might be toxic. Compared with chemical antibiotics, bacteriophages offer several advantages.

Limited impact. Unlike antibiotics, bacteriophages are self-replicating as well as self-limiting. Bacteriophages replicate exponentially as long as the specific bacteria are available in abundance. With a decreasing amount of bacteria, the number of phages declines too and they are gradually eliminated from the patient and from the environment. Depending on the form of application, a single dose may be sufficient.
Limited resistance development. Bacteria will certainly develop resistance to phages too. However, since phages have a higher mutation and replication rate, they can outcompete the adaptation of the bacteria, and development of resistance is therefore limited.
Specific targets. Treatment with chemical antibiotics often causes bacterial imbalance and can lead to secondary bacterial infections with Pseudomonas sp. or Clostridium difficile, which cause severe diarrhoea and infections of the colon. Bacteriophages, on the other hand, target a particular kind of bacteria far more specifically than chemical antibiotics, and therefore cause much less damage to the human intestinal flora. A complication, however, is that this specificity requires a precise knowledge of the infection. Therefore ready-made phage preparations cannot be used for unspecified infections, which is often the case with antibiotics.
Few side effects have been reported; nevertheless, phages can cause adverse immune reactions, particularly after internal use. However, this problem could be alleviated by treating patients that show adverse effects with a different, unrelated phage the next time they have a bacterial infection.
Especially in hospitals, phages can be used prophylactically against nosocomial (hospital-acquired) infections as well as for the disinfection of problem areas. Phages can be used either independently or in combination with antibiotics. "

We call it biotechnology. And there are differences.
Instead of using this our great scientists are using genes, altering genes, not creating bacteriophages that may heal our lesions, at least.

This is interesting: from above link:

"The institute in Tblisi is now working most closely with the US company Intralytix, which was started by a group of researchers of the University of Maryland Hospital, USA. One of the outcomes of these joint activities is the development of an artificial skin called ‘PhageBioderm’, which is impregnated with phage for wound and burn healing. A similar product has already been used successfully for the treatment of soldiers during the war in Georgia."

Next a look at PhageBioderm.


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Post by Skytroll » Sat Jul 01, 2006 1:26 am

Tam Tam,

Is this what you refer to?

A philosophy of instituting change, a method to influence?

Also, a statement by the President of Intralytix, that is in America as referred to above. ... phages.htm

Now, maybe they did read Bechamp? But, thought they could intercept the process of which he speaks.

So, Bacteriophage good or bad, both! If the virus can be prevented from replicating than, I do think this might be a good thing.

Now, you know the down side, would be pushing a bacteriophage that would act like a vaccine, but, one has to remember this is bacteria based, and virus based and not protein altering, quorum sensing, but the virus eats the bacteria, however, it does say if the bacteriophage is bacteria specific, then it can cure.

Now, if we take that and say possible use it as the Georgians are, it might work in extreme cases, for extreme pandemics. It would specify that pandemic bacteria.

Now, if Western medicine decides to take it that one or two steps further into vaccine, then they have lost the effect, because it would remain in the body, and bacteria specific to it would have to always be present.

Now, the pleomorphists would say that would not suffice. Either the bacteriophage, the virus, or the bacteria itself would wreck havac in the environment of the gut, in the skin, or wherever.

Now, if this has been released in the environment, hence our problem. The bacteria is on us, the bacteriophages can be on spores, in the air, and they will do what to us?


Need a break.

Good and bad, but, do you see the connection?

Now, we need to find out how these bacteriophages were used already in America.

Somewhere, somehow, bacterias, phages, viruses have been used either as bioremediation, biocontrol of pests, or gm foods, plants etc......, but possible the wrong setting and on the wrong bacteria, or was patented quickly and then used without any forethought of how it would effect the bacteria loads humans already carry, and the quorum sensing, and with protein altering, the protein sensing that would take place.

Tam Tam,
Am I making any sense whatsoever?

Seems a lot of what you have said, fits into possible lab releases, either by accident or by deliberate release, so as to test it's efficiency on the world environment, the earth itself?

Our few companies dismiss this bacteriophage, yet, are experimenting with it on a field test basis.

The EPA even shows this, they call it biotechnology,
however, more needs to be looked at in this manner. The USDA, FDA approval of gene altering but, not bacteriophages that are bacteria specific.
The DOE has a big stake in this in the DOE/EPA
Genomes To Life Program.

So, a look at what is bacteriophage here, the use of virus as vector, and that has been established at many universities, however, it is not called the same.

Hope I am not boring anyone, I just am stuck on this bacteria thing. It seems it is taken so lightly here in America, but, many are dying of bacterial infections, that never should happen.

More later........Thinking this out.......

In the end, if the Phagebioderm is effective, I might try it, if they then can tell me what bacteria is causing the lesions, then this artificial skin might be a good thing.

However, if secrecy is used to cover for it's ingredients, then I have a problem with that. It seems secrecy is used so much, just to beat the competition. In Georgia, they want to use Bacteriophages as they were intended - To Heal!

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Post by London » Sat Jul 01, 2006 1:39 am

Thank God for you Skytroll. I think you are the only one who believed me or at least even looked into the bacteriophages. I've been saying this since January!!!! I think Hartuk is interested as well, but I hope he sees that although there is phage therapy.......they also induce hrmful things into our invironment and us as well.

I say that is exactly how they got this son of a Beast in us in the first place.......

Now Sky, if you notice not many scientist respond....on either site you post it; then you should note that it is probably because they dont want

to push this issure into the limelight. I'm not saying that is the case.....

but always-ALWAYS....keep that in the back of your mind..... :) Miss ya!


A new type of protein essential for DNA replication and genetic recombination has been isolated from T4 bacteriophage-infected cells of E. coli.


Ms. Randy,

I'm sorry, I will go back and read your post from the other day. I was rushed when I saw you posting something about us contacting people/ doctors in our state. I would be more than happy to help.

Also, I will try to find this article I recently saw RE: MY FOREVER UNANSWERED QUESTION of......why our testing always comes back normal....i.e., normal white cell count....etc., I asked repeatedly if something was a GM organism does that mean it avoids being picked up

by regular testing/screening methods.....The Answer was YES!!!!!!!

I will go hunt that down and see what I can do......

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Post by Skytroll » Sat Jul 01, 2006 3:49 am


You know what I find so troubling?

The fact that our own medical institutions will not swallow their arrogance, and accept the simple truths put out by many other medical communities around the world.

The African Doctor who comes to New York, like we are a third world country, and yet he may be able to decipher just what we suffer from.

The Russians and the Polish medical societies that look to heal, have no idea where money might come from, but, continue on in their research, sorta like our Dr. Wymore.

The Indian Government who has a whole new scientific paradigm of looking at dermatopathologists, when the American Dermatology Association threw the pathologists out of the association, saying they were not money makers. That is the whole reason, folks.

They study lesions, for goodness sake, for what they are, they look deep into them, not all lesions or lumps are cancer, they see many things.

Things like lichen, algae, moss found in lesions.
You have seen turtles with moss on their backs, some of that is mixture of fungus/algae and is called lichen, moss grows with occasionally.

I am embarassed at our medical association, as well as I bet, many doctors. But, to keep their licenses they have to stay in that box, and are to tell us we are delusional. Somewhere this was enforced upon them.

Our first aim is to remove the DOP diagnosis, because we Citizen Scientists do know that there is a physical condition of mammoth proportions and most likey was caused by a mistake, or an arrogant scientist, company leader, government leaders, and/or university research teams trying to outwit the competition, patented a bacteriophage that started the destructive process in humans because the careful, tedius tests were not done on humans. Otherwise, a bioweapon in the guise of biocontrol of species, including the human species on the basis of fight syndrome, competitive warfare, and/or Adaptation and Gene Selection.

Why such secrecy if the studies and medical breakthroughs are for our good?

Well, I guess there are reasons.


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Post by Skytroll » Sat Jul 01, 2006 4:29 am


Yes, in answer to your question, I think bacteriophages are at the heart of all of this.

Just finding the right virus vector, Promoter gene, reporter gene and transcription gene would be what one has to fight, however, it is our genes that are being changed. Bacteriophages in their true sense, will not change genes.

However, if gene changing is happening, it seems this thing we have, like Cliff says, on one hand is hurting on, but, on the other hand is healing.

So, a bacteriophage, produced in Western Medicine fashion, not the Georgian way, but in AMA style, based on patented bacteriophages which also have altered genes of viruses, bacteria and insect vectors or viral vectors, that leave a visitor.

So, two levels of fighting going on here, basically to me comes down to do defective genes make us ill or does bacteria actually make us ill?

or viruses?
or yeast? or fungi? or algae? or our environment in our guts? or our skin environment? our pores?

What would be the perfect bacteria to zoom around in our bodies, and not bother us? But help us?

I do not think that our genetic altering folks really know.

I have a feeling that flagella has a lot to do with what we call fibers. Flagella could be the fibers, they are like hair, smaller, grow at different lengths, attach at different spots on the bacteria.

Now, if engineered to move bacteria, then just maybe they where attached to a bacteria that generally doesn't have flagella, an insertion, a bacteriophage with altered proteins, so has to be attacted to us and move within us. Otherwise what would cause the bacteriophage to move?


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Post by London » Sat Jul 01, 2006 6:58 am


Yes, a bacteriophage can transfer genes from bacteria to bacteria. Yet
I think it may be difficult (as all the conditions have to be right).

When that infected bacterial cell finds itself in a better food source and becomes healthier and happier, the integrated phage genome then flips a molecular switch and comes out hiding...(does this make sense?) I may have it backwards; dunno. And Sky, they have what they call the lyctic
(stage or factor) and the lysogenic one......


You said;

Seems a lot of what you have said, fits into possible lab releases, either by accident or by deliberate release, so as to test it's efficiency on the world environment, the earth itself?


THAT SENTENCE SAYS IT ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Post by London » Sat Jul 01, 2006 7:29 am


Do not listen to the "mainstream suggestions" from the mainstream of posters.....on any forum......

I think yet another strand was opened again referring/ requesting

that people should not post about insects in / on/ or coming out of our skin.

SKYTROLL, THAT IS B*S*! Once again, persuasion and control tacticts....

You must.....MUST use only your noggin. Don't you get it? The majority
will try to persuade you against your own thoughts and findings.....just to make sure it "goes away"........

You know what? F. Them!!!! Look at your arms, your legs....right now dammit. Feel the pain in your shoulder? What about your legs? You find it hard to walk eh?

Dammit Skytroll, don';t ever forget what those SOB's did to don't forget it.....If they try to use pm tacticts on you like they did me....

Well refer those pretty people to me......I am up to here with it. 85% are
not sufferers, I'd say.....

and if anyone gets upset that I wrote that, then GOOD.......let them just come on with there bad self......

the ag. dept has not seen anything yet........

PS: MY uncle was in the know with Monsanto.....for he was in their admin....that was until his passing -not too long ago (8 months back)-


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Post by London » Sat Jul 01, 2006 7:48 am

Randy and all.....I thought I'd share a sweet email I just sent some scientist that was involved in the bacteriophages.......Randy, just let me know what Doctors to write.....Here You can view my great, sincere writing abilities.......


My email:

Hi Nicole,

My Name is London and I live in Dallas, Texas. I have been following your work for quite some time now. In fact, does this look familiar?

Rumen and hindgut microbial ecology; molecular biology and ecology of phage which affect and interact with the microbial ecosystems in the rumen of sheep and cattle, and the hind-gut of the horse. The potential of using phage to manipulate gut fermentation and target specific key bacterial populations; phage host specificity; induction of temperate phage.

I figured it would Nicole. Hey listen, I suffer from a heinous illness which I believe directly relates to your studies.....It's called Morgellons Disease( for lack of a better name) and it's horrible. It's got this wicked bacteria in it that practically eats the human flesh right off my skin? Does that sound awful Nicole? Well, it is, but that is only a small portion of the pain it causes me.

Anyway, I'm going to be in your area around July 14th, and plan on taking a tour of the great University there. I was wondering if I could possibly set up a brief conference with you this day? I mean, you are a public educational entity, that's legally bound to follow procedures, eh? Well, If you can't fit me into your schedule this particular date, I understand. I'm very flexible. I will stay in the city until you can see me. I have so many questions I would like to ask you. Look forward to

meeting you. Please, feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions or comments..




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