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Post by Cilla » Mon Jun 19, 2006 3:40 pm

Hi Doc 44,

You said a while ago, not to believe everything you might read about the collembola, when you stated:

'... you have gotten some wrong information at that site. Collembola do not have a larval or pupa stage in their life cycle. They have an egg, nymph, and adult stage. '

You could well be right about the misinformation, because I definitely read, in a clinical paper, about someone who was thought to have a collembola infestation, that the eggs present could not be from the collembola, (this paper stated that this arthropod does not lay eggs), so they must be lice eggs.

Are there many species of collembola? Do they all reproduce in the same fashion? I know that they can live on house plants, but do they live on plants systemically?

Could you explain what the best treatment might be (for a doctor to prescribe) for Morgellons disease?

Many thanks.

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Post by Doc44 » Mon Jun 19, 2006 4:12 pm

Seems to be a lot of misinformation out about collembola.

They do lay eggs, go through several enstar stages then adult in most cases.

This is from

Order Collembola (Springtails)

Most species of Collembola live in soil or soil related habitats, and a few are found in semi aquatic situations. They commonly dwell in organic soils, leaf litter, mosses, under fallen logs, beneath stones, under loose bark, in dung, nests, burrows and caves. All aquatic species are small, being rarely larger than 3mm. Their size and hydrophobic (water repelling) integument keep them afloat on the surface film.
The Collembola are generally detritus feeders capable of consuming a wide variety of dead plant material and microflora; however, most aquatic species show a strong preference for particular foods such as diatoms, unicellular algae and plankton.
Eggs are laid singly or in clumps, in crevices or pockets of the substrate. Collembolans generally pass through five or six instars before they are sexually mature. Instars one through four are usually considered to be the immature stages. There is no metamorphosis (ametabolous) and molting continues after the adult stage is reached.
Collembolans display a number of unusual features including a great divergence in total instar number (2-50+) and the absence of a definitive adult form in many species. The Collembolans are apterygote (wingless) insects characterized by the presence of a collophore or ventral tube (respiratory, adhesive, osmoregulatory organ) on the center of the first abdominal segment. Primitive forms are equipped on the 4th abdominal segment with a peculiar bifurcate jumping organ or furcula, which is held in place by the tenaculum when the animal is at rest.

As far as treatment for Morgellons...there is no Rxed treatment for this condition. Many people have posted things that have been helpful for them. It seems to be a case of pick and choose, trial and individual's personal choice/risk; at least until the medical community takes some positive action.


A complex maze we do manuver.

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Post by Cilla » Mon Jun 19, 2006 4:38 pm

Hi Doc 44,

Thank you for the information on the collembola. There does seem to be a lot of confusion about them. I even read on article where the writer thought they were so beautiful!

It is a shame about the lack of standardised treatment for Morgellons disease, and I do hope that the medical community sit up and take note of whatever is the end result of the CDC's research into this matter.

For those who asked about whether I know of anyone with this apparent condition, I must say that I have never seen a case in the flesh.

I do have a distant younger relative in Australia, and their partner was diagnosed with Lyme disease a year or so ago. I do not think that they have developed Morgellons, though, all I was told was that the Lyme was as a result of a tick bite.

I do think that many doctors should take the possible neurological consequences of Lyme disease very seriously, although not every person is so badly affected.

I often wonder if we are ever going to get on top of infectious diseases!

Doc 44, what do you think the likely cause of Morgellons disease to be?

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Post by RANDY » Mon Jun 19, 2006 6:24 pm


I just meant that
1) You do not know Tam at all or the validity of his statements.
2) You suggest for all of us to do stuff but this is contagious (Tam said) and therefore you shoud be writing too. You can catch this. It is wrong in my opinion to tell others to do something if you would not do it yourself.
3) You care concerned but you do not tell us why?
4) You do not tell us your doctors opinion of the video is.
5) No one knows what Country or Continent you live in. (This is not an invasion of privacy.)
6) We have no idea who you are or what you do for a living.
7) So a non-person is giving advice to all of us sick people about telling the world and putting ourselves at risk of looking crazy to spread the word about another non-person's make believe video although the source of this video will will not reveal himself or his profession or credentials. and the person giving this advice will not do what she is asking others to do.

Sounds like crazy talk to me.

That is allI am saying. Nothing personal just plain old common sense and logic.
During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by RANDY » Mon Jun 19, 2006 6:35 pm

Biology of the Springtails is the best source for Collembola info. Hopkins, Oxford Press.

They have some pcitures in that book that look like a few pictures on the Morgellons site.

Deb from the NPA had her agenda of trying to have this be Springtails to back up her Mite/children/ stay home until you can get the eggs out of your hair-hypothesis.

She she did a paper, but when I asked her to create a test so that a lab or a doctor could confirm her findings we reached a dead end and she started blocking my e-mails. I also asked her to call Beneke and Schwartz and she refused to do so. So I lost hope in her honesty and questioned her agenda.

So that is my swing on the collembola issue.

Beneke from Germany even did an article on them using me in his work. (Randy Yaskal of Charlottesville, VA) I think he called me a boy but I do not read German.

I do not think he found proof of them.

I do believe that our immune system gives off a smell in the first stages that attract all type of bugs that would not normally be on us and the build up of fungus and bacteria gives a furtile grazing ground for them.

I think the springtail thing is a by product of the condition not the condition itself.

Just my opinon from having this condition for so long.

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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clearing it up

Post by Sabrina » Mon Jun 19, 2006 6:39 pm

Dear Cilla,

I would like to thank you for your deep concern for the people suffering from this condition. As far as I can see, you have nothing to gain and your suggestions are intelligent and nothing too far out of the ordinary for what we are and may be dealing with. It seems you just want to get to the bottom of this like the rest of us. I hope I am correct.

Cilla wrote:I see that Sabrina, for instance, said that she does not even think she has Morgellons disease.

No, I do not believe I have Morgellons. Once again, the foundation itself has stated,

“The Morgellons Research Foundation says that it is doubtful that the 17th century disease is related in any way to modern day Morgellons.”
Snip ... aaRbqs0NUE

So why would I want to go to a doctor and claim I might have something everyone with common sense knows it could not be? :? :idea: Where is the logic here? This makes no sense to me at all and as far as I can see would only serve to discredit the patient.

We have it hard enough by having to explain the bizarre and almost unbelievable symptoms not alone throwing in the disease “Morgellons” to throw them off and make us look insane. And people wonder why they get the DOP! Not hard to figure out is it?

I liken this to the Emperor with no clothes. Everyone is happy to just go along with a blatant lie to appease the emperor for fear of ramifications. Ohhhh, and there are ramifications! :shock: Well, the Emperor is really naked so he actually doesn’t even have clothes on, but everyone around him will agree that he does. Games? This condition is unidentified for now, at least to us. It’s NOT MORGELLONS and the Emperor has no clothes either!

"None of us will ever know if these illnesses were one and the same, and it really doesn’t matter."

Doesn't matter?
:shock: :shock: :shock:

I cannot afford to live in a fantasy when my child’s health is at stake.

Why do you continue to promote this especially if you believe in the slightest truth about tamtam’s theory? :shock: I fail to see your rational in this one my dear.

The CDC has come out recently with statements such as this.

“Not a day passes when I don't talk to somebody who claims to have this," said CDC spokesman Dan Rutz. "In the absence of any objective review, people have jumped to conclusions and found each other on the Internet and formed their own belief structure. We really need to debunk this if there isn't anything to it or identify if there is indeed a new, unrecognized disease that needs attention."

Please REREAD!

“people have jumped to conclusions and found each other on the Internet and formed their own belief structure.”

If one is able to think logically, then one will clearly see that this is sooooooooo true! See example above (Emperor and clothes).

I pray the CDC will finally begin to help. Here is what I sent them.

Dear Ms. Jones,

Thank you for contacting me. I look forward to the CDC’s response to the allegations that have been raised concerning the possibility of a laboratory accident involving a stray target at the level of C-3 or above for being the cause of the unidentifiable clinical condition that my family and I now suffer from.

I feel that there is a need to investigate this matter so everyone involved can rule this possibility out, or deal with it appropriately if found to be factual. This condition is unlike any other that modern medicine has ever seen and many people infected by this condition often speculate if its cause could actually be unnatural or not due to the unique and seemingly unnatural symptoms that manifest.

After reading this article in the San Francisco Chronicle a few important questions have been raised that I was hoping you could answer for me. ... J6JO51.DTL

“After more than a year of pressure from patients convinced they have Morgellons, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will begin investigating the ailment for the first time and determine, once and for all, whether it exists. The CDC started organizing a committee this week for that purpose.”

First, I would sincerely like to thank the CDC for the help they are providing concerning this novel condition. I am very happy to see that the CDC has started the necessary process to officially confirm this serious problem that has been overlooked for far too long.

Could you please tell me what is being done if anything, to help sufferers obtain treatment for this condition? We are being told to seek medical help but our doctors are clueless as to how to identify this or even how treat it. Many doctors have flat out refused to treat my condition at all and tell me there is no need to come back with out even providing a referral. Being advised to seek medical help for this condition creates major problems in its own right because for many of us there is just no medical help offered even when we do diligently seek it.

How can I help my child get medical care for this condition?

I am having a great deal of difficulty watching these bizarre symptoms affect and continually spread on my child as he has repeatedly been denied treatment for this condition despite undisputed physical evidence of the fibers emerging from underneath his skin.

After having to insist that his condition be addressed by my child’s infectious disease doctor, she has decided that, “we should monitor his condition.” Unfortunately in this case, to monitor his condition also means to watch it spread! I very much resent the conduct and care of most of the medical community in regards to how we have been treated, or more precisely, the lack of treatment.

This is unacceptable to me because it does not go away and just gets worse. I am forced to watch my child get sicker and sicker every day as no doctor will help him with this even though they can provide no answers pertaining to the affects, risks, or dangers of not treating it.

I personally have responded miraculously with antibiotics that have been prescribed to me for this condition (Septra especially) and they have drastically reduced my symptoms. Please tell me how can I help my child get medical care for this condition also?

What has the CDC done with samples sent to them from the physicians of patients that are infected?

I have been able to produce specimens directly out of my skin on site at my Health Department in the past. Since this condition continues to affect my family and me, should I have our doctors continue to collect these samples and send them to the CDC, or is one time each enough?

It seems that every physician that I have been to in order to look for help with this knows little or nothing about it. Would it be possible for your organization to inform health care practioners that a simple thing such a blacklight or regular old magnifying glass will aid greatly in identifying this condition so people are not misdiagnosed?

I know that I have asked a lot of questions and that you may not have all of the answers for me right now. Please just work hard at getting to the bottom of all of this so we can stop needless suffering and get the proper help that thousands of us need.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Ms. /////////

I encourage everyone reading this thread to please contact the CDC with any concerns you may have reguarding this condition. We need answers and your imput could help very much.

• E-mail
• Were all your questions addressed on our Web site? If not, please send us a message at [email protected].
• Regular Mail
• You can also contact us by mail:
• Public Inquiry c/o BPRP
Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Planning
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Mailstop C-18
1600 Clifton Road
Atlanta, GA 30333

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Post by Cilla » Mon Jun 19, 2006 6:53 pm

Hi Randy,

I'll answer you points, which you have every right to make, in my opinion.

1. It is true that I do not know Tam tam, but he said he is a scientist, and he certainly seems to be, in my opinion. To me, his credentials seem very high, and research does take place at c3 and above, so that too is true.
2. Tam tam urged you to write, in order to get help, and I backed that, as I felt very sorry about some of the things being shared here. I thought, why not send a polite note, but not accusing anyone of anything, just to ask the authorities to check out the facts, when there seems to be so much needless suffering? I say needless, because surely there is some kind of regimen of treatment (such as the excellent one devised by your doctor friends), that could, in turn, be prescribed for others who meet the diagnostic criteria, which can only be decided by a doctor on examination of a patient?
3. Anyone would be concerned, surely, at the prospect of people suffering and not always getting the right treatment (apparently. That is what people seem to be claiming, unless I am very much mistaken). Not everyone is related to doctors, Randy, that is a problem.
4. I do not remember if he has even viewed the video. I am more apt to talk about theoretical concepts when I have an intellectual conversation.
5. I know that you do not mean anything personal against me! I have said that I am in the UK!
6. What I am is not relevant here. I am not a scientist or doctor, and these, it would appear, are the only professionals who could be of any real assistance to anyone.
7. You do not have to send any of the polite notes at all. Maybe the answer lies with the MRF and the task force. Look, sooner or later, the doctors throughout the country are going to realise that people need medical intervention, and, in some cases, they feel as though they are not getting the right treatment. They should go back, and politely mention the regimen you have been prescribed, (sounds good to me), and ask if something similar might also help them. It is up to the doctor, but where is the harm in asking politely? They could take along the letter devised by Dr Wymore, as this could add credence to their request.

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Post by Cilla » Mon Jun 19, 2006 7:08 pm

Hi Sabrina,

You are very intelligent, and seem able to get to the crux of a problem when writing to those in authority.

I did not understand your problem with the name Morgellons before. I am not saying it's the old disease from hundreds of years ago, nobody is, I do not think. You might confuse those in authority, unless you make it very clear why you are not calling it this. They are already struggling to get to grips with this whole thing, probably.

I am only trying to help, as you rightly say. Who would not be concerned at this suffering?

And, you are all quite right, in that it could happen to anyone. After all, Lyme has been found, as I've said, in a distant member of my family, (or their partner) in Australia. The only feedback I have is that this person was bit by a tick, and now has Lyme disease.

This may well be common in Oz, and not worthy of more than a couple of lines of news on the round robbin.

It could be that their condition is more complicated, but this is all that I have been told so far.

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defamation of character

Post by wheresthebeef » Mon Jun 19, 2006 8:25 pm

Leslie, who ever you are, I would imagine there would be many attorneys willing to accept a case against randy for her childish behavior and accusations against you she has posted on this site. a simple check of ip addresses would be sufficient to prove indentity. in case you don't understand what was just stated randy is that I am not leslie and you again have shown yourself to be a fool and you should have no problem understanding why most thinking people do not want a thing to do with you. those that do I imagine realize their mistake in fairly short order. remember its better to keep ones mouth shut and let others wonder if you are a fool instead of constantly running it and proving this so.

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Post by London » Mon Jun 19, 2006 9:00 pm

Hello my pretties........

I just could not resist today.....I will make this very brief, if you
choose to come back on and ridicule me-go right ahead....I will anxiously await the laugh.....

First of all: Cilla, thanks for saying thanks for me writing the cdc. I do know that this was not the proper letter/ protocals that I had intended to send them based upon everything you had suggested. If the truth be told, I have gotten much worse and I could not read thru all of the long post w/ suggestions and follow thru that way. I was too weak.

When I wrote that, as I previously stated, it was just a spur of the moment thing. I actually was looking something up on their website
when I happened to see the "contact them" button right there. (So, I do not know what Sabrina meant by saying I got them to break the rules.)

But, I do so plan on sending another formal letter to a lot of the organizations that WORK FOR ME, a taxpayer.....I do not care if it makes me look not care, do nt my not care...

Like has been said: What do we have to lose?

Dear TamTam, oh, where arst thou? Playing golf perhaps? Hey, your first Lt. told us that you did not know what this was but you were working on it. I asked you this before but you did not answer me.....anyway, we
appreciate all the hard work you did at that world class lab and for your trying efforts.

If you need my help, or want to know what the basics of this is, you shoud've contacted me....I got it down, I'd say 3/4ths or more on exactly what this is....but I have to use proper judgement for my personal safety..
and cannot talk about it now.....

People, you must look at it this way.....look at the three states that it semed to originate in....Texas, Cali and Florida....Yes, they are all states
that touch / are surrounded by the ocean > but ....hey, there are a lot of other states that are too, so one has to rule this out.

uhhh, okay, all have some type of military bases.....> So do other states
as well> even are adjacent to the water too. So, one can logically rule that out.....

What could have happened then? CHEMTRAILS? Southcity said no, and I do think he's right there....I think, but do not know that the chemtrails might be trying to kill this monster.......

So, THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE..... Perhaps this thing was released maybe in these three states? Ya think? Well, I suggest you should Think about it.

and to all: Randy, Cilla, Sweet Sabrina.....I am certainly not here to argue or even get "IN IT" with you guys business.....I think you are all right in each and every one of your ways.....So, I'm not passing Judgement there.....

Hey, question, Is "where's the beef" that guy that used to write on here that was mean, but very smart? Hey, I loved that person...He cracked me up.....he was mean as hell, but too funny....I often wondered what happened to him....

I just have to say this.....I now see that the "MUSHROOM MAN' (AND HE KNOWS WHO HE IS) has recently stopped by the forum again and rattled
some more feathers......yep, it was the Mushroom Man for sure....


Sweet Sabrina, I guess you and Lynne or Linagen, had a slumber party last night when you two got together and wrote to me via lymebusters....

It made me smile- and I did write you back too. I know you have missed me, and to tell you the truth, I have missed you too. :)

and yes, Sabrina, thanks for all those spy hyperlinks you so graciously posted for me a couple of 5 pages back or so....I just wonder why you could not have PM'd me those.....I think you said that they just would not go thru using the PM function button. But My, I got your other know, the one where you said that lymebusters were the spy.
:) but I know you were just kidding, huh?

Okay my lil pretties......Over and out.....Please take care and also be funny when you try to rake my arse over the coals for posting here....

Later Dawgs-

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Post by Sabrina » Mon Jun 19, 2006 11:33 pm

London wrote:Sweet Sabrina, I guess you and Lynne or Linagen, had a slumber party last night when you two got together and wrote to me via lymebusters....

It made me smile- and I did write you back too. I know you have missed me, and to tell you the truth, I have missed you too. :)

and yes, Sabrina, thanks for all those spy hyperlinks you so graciously posted for me a couple of 5 pages back or so....I just wonder why you could not have PM'd me those.....I think you said that they just would not go thru using the PM function button. But My, I got your other know, the one where you said that lymebusters were the spy.
:) but I know you were just kidding, huh?


Dear London,

So nice of you to join us today. Yes, you are missed here and I’m glad you’re ok and sorry to hear of your condition getting worse. But, I thought you were not coming back here again for safety reasons or something. What’s the story about that anyway? Inquiring minds want to know.

You’re welcome for the links and I am not sure why I could not get that PM to work. I had another day of not being able to log in here too until the Admin here had to tell me to delete my cookies. I’m still learning the tech stuff.

You are welcome for the links. I thought the, “Shocking but True” video was very artistically done in a very high quality pop art kind of style. Did you like it? I just thought that if the A.C.L.U. could go after the bush administration for domestic spying then maybe they could help us find a lawyer. What do you think? We will no doubt need a really, really, brave one and they should be able to direct us.

Never have I accused Lymebusters of being spies and resent that comment. There are many really good people that post on that site and run it too. Their heart is in the right place and they have helped to literally save many peoples lives with the support that can be found there. Kerry and Pattie should be recognized for all of the hard work that they have done and continue to do for the cause.

However, I cannot vouch for everyone on that particular site just as I cannot do so on this site. Over time you begin to see people for what they truly are and their actions will guide you as to who has an agenda or not.

Now I have absolutely no clue about any kind of slumber party and do not know what in tarnation you are referring to. Nor do I remember any kind of fight we were supposedly in recently that you said you posted elsewhere about. If you are going to make accusations about me please be more precise as to what you mean.

Truth is I have not posted on LB for several weeks now. I’ve been excommunicated remember? Call is a ramification if you will. I barely even visit that site to read anymore.

I do hope this clears matters up between us but if not, well…. Just let me know.

Anyway, welcome back London.


Maggie Mae
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The downside of democracy

Post by Maggie Mae » Mon Jun 19, 2006 11:36 pm

With regard to Randy....she is only stating thoughts that have occurred to me over the space of TWELVE YEARS, (that's day and night)
and makes me glad someone else uses good logic and perceives things from different angles...everyone that went where the many went in the Poisidon, did not make it out....capiche!

Cliff Mickelson (Rense) has some very interesting reading and was wondering if anyone has read that info....his theories seem to make the MOST sense to me, he has brilliant insight and I would like to know how on God's earth they can find out the most miniscual thing, disease, etc....Ebola, Hunta Virus, Flesh-eating bacteria, (like mad dogs on a mission) but for some reason, THIS has been totally sequestered from almost all public knowledge venues - until recently.....the odds are incredibly odd.
There are no coincidences, only well- planned, thought out agendas.
and sometimes I don't wear it so well :(


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