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Post by in_the_uk » Tue Jun 13, 2006 9:59 pm

Cilla wrote:It is crucial that each of you print out everything that Tam tam has said, noting where this can only be understood when he is replying to a previous query, as I think there is much we may yet have missed.

Cilla, tamtam is neither a teacher nor a god.

It is possible that what tamtam writes is difficult to understand because he is writing gobbledygook.



Post by ukguy » Tue Jun 13, 2006 11:44 pm


Many thanks for the Techreview link - superb!


There are other people in the UK.
HartUK posts here. I know of a gentleman in Liverpool with this.
I was contacted by a girl from Glasgow recently. Several
member of her family have this and she is going through a
really tough time right now.

Of course these people are the ones that were able to find
the right web sites and read long enough to realise there
were at least certain parallels with their own condition.

I had this for several years before I was made aware of
the dignificance of the fibres I had found on occasion.

Given some of the accounts I have heard first hand, you
have to assume that this is contagious if certain conditions
are met (what they are I do not know) and that there are
many more people out there looking for an answer. In time,
more people will find this site (and others) as we have seen
and more will post from the UK. They're out there Cilla.

I'm waiting for results of preliminary tests on samples supplied
to my dermatologist. He was prepared to listen and is keeping
on open mind. Until I get to the next stage I don't really have
much to report. Even after admitting he has great interest in
this 'condition' I can appreciate the difficulties it presents him
with for obvious reasons. So far I have great faith in him.

I'll update here when I have some news.


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enough of the confusion over the true big issue

Post by southcity » Wed Jun 14, 2006 1:11 pm

enough of the confusion over the true big issue. we all realize much further study on this illness must be done. Many of you do not realize the fact that this illness is only a small part of what the BIG issue is. i hope this helps and you all can understand the reasons for not stating this until now.

Here's the big Issue or the whole enchilada

In answer to the question of Why the medical and research agency’s are not doing anything, or at best, are they so late in starting any action concerning this problem? I present these facts and conclusions.

What kinds of politics and back room deals make the world of research and it’s sources of funding turn?

1 Definition of INDUSTRY -- The commercial production and sale of goods and/or services.

2 Every industry is driven by PROFIT. This is the bottom line

3. The medical world, esp. big pharma,, are huge industries. They have actually reached the point of absolution similar to the tobacco and automobile industries enjoyed in the recent past. The effect these have on global economy cannot be understated or underestimated.

4. All research depends on budget.

5. The biomedical AND pharmaceutical. Industries provide the majority of research groups with their funding.

Therefore all research is controlled for self serving reasons with only profit as the goal.

6 laboratory and other research results are shared only if they are part of subsidized research. This represents capital investment on the part of industry. The truth not presented in this statement is that in reality, Government or Industry requires a percentage of sick people to justify funding for research and development

So... It is safe to assume that unfavorable research will not be funded unless forced by court order and oversight. Those who continue work on these types of things unfavorable to industry are either persecuted (e.g. Dr Schwartz) or their findings are bought by the industry and not reported. E.G. Vioxx.

so how do these facts relate to the initial conclusions based on the video found at at

If solidly proven that this element (organism) is genetically manipulated and was released, how would this benefit industry? The truth is that this answer would devastate the industry. AND, if the bio medical industry is not forced to provide an honest answer to this question, who would perform this task?
NOTE: accidents at biodefense laboratories—including security breaches, possible theft of biological materials, and environmental releases—are closely guarded secrets, revealed only through investigative journalism and, to a lesser extent, through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) inquiries. BUT WAIT it gets better.

The Bioterrorism Act of 2002 (PL 107-188) prohibits the public disclosure of any theft or loss of a potential bioterrorism agent, as well as any information related to site-specific security measures designed to prevent unauthorized access to biological agents. Although reporting of releases and thefts of bioterrorism agents from laboratories are mandatory, the Secretary of Health and Human Services may only provide public notification if the incident represents a serious public health emergency.

Yes you read that correctly. Its worth reading again. full link ... dents.html

Back to topic.
This highly genetically manipulated specie has become commensal AND DIFFERENTIATES--this means a single pathogen is able to cause several seemingly different diseases.

DISEASE=PROFIT for Industry. There are no arguments here concerning this fact.
"What did the doctor say after a patient he CURED left his office? He said there goes another customer."

And generally speaking.....

Degenerative disease is of our day, meaning new and emerging. In deed, the exploitation of an otherwise healthy body is becoming very common and highly PROFITABLE.

To cure is not profitable, but to treat the effects (symptoms) over and over is tremendously profitable.

Now add to the equation that this bug will most likely link to many of these types of diseases and other antibiotic resistant maladies of our day, such as CA-MRSA. All of them ENORMOUS capital machines.

This bug is already an enormous money maker, and its not even recognized in public knowledge yet.

“A pathogen represents billions and to take a cause of disease away is a disaster for many.

To control and regulate is state of the art.”

So there you have it. This is the Main Issue at hand in which this illness is a small part of but has all the potential to blast this awareness into the public’s consciousness.


p.s. how to go about getting a court order, is there any capable and qualified persons reading this thread whom could help toward this end?

"First they ignore you...
Then they laugh at you...
Then they fight you...
Then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi

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Re: enough of the confusion over the true big issue

Post by in_the_uk » Wed Jun 14, 2006 2:30 pm

southcity wrote:
Therefore all research is controlled for self serving reasons with only profit as the goal.

Research is either industry driven or interest driven.

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Post by Cilla » Wed Jun 14, 2006 3:17 pm

Hi all,

Follow the steps of the plan, write the letters (include what is relevant) to the bodies, e.g. the ECDC, as suggested.

Demand to know the Source Code, (as advised by Tam tam), and insist on knowing whether the bodies concerned have already been made cognizant of any high containment level research, (C3 or above), that could lead to 'health losses' of this type.

You might be better engaging a lawyer to word the letters.

I've said before, one asks for pertinent information in such a way that the body concerned does not know whether or not the person asking already possesses, or can obtain, this information.


Do not lie, though, or threaten, or make any false or wild accusations. Not that I thought any of you would, but sometimes people can understandably feel emotional when unwell. Be totally rational and logical in this endeavour. Keep a copy of every letter sent, and reply received.

If the body equivocates or does not give a straight answer, this might be because you did not state the question clearly.

If they say that they have never ever been informed of research of this nature posing a risk, keep that letter, and post information here. NB, even if they do say this, that does not mean that they will not investigate this possibility now.

If they say that they do have such information, (and the ECDC are not liars, and the European law surrounding all of this is extremely stringent, and indeed even more in the way of stringent measures have recently been incorporated into domestic legislation), demand the Source Code, and information on obtaining the necessary testing (pcr, probably), and medical treatment.

You might not have to go as far as obtaining a Court Order.

You could only get this by way of convincing someone in judicial authority of the necessity of obtaining this.

If you have not yet written to ask for certain information, it is difficult to see how you could argue that this information has been denied.

Is it a Court Order on specific information provision that you mean, South?

Why do you not all organise yourselves and decide on what it is that you do want? Treatment? Compensation? What?

You may never find out who exactly caused or negligently allowed this (if this is what happened) to escape or to be released.

However, if the ECDC, while not being able perhaps to say who might be responsible, are able to say that the pathogen is probably a stray target, (as described by Tam tam), then they might well be able to secure the best treatment for you who may have this.

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Post by Cilla » Wed Jun 14, 2006 3:59 pm

Hi Helen,

When did I ever indicate that Tam tam is a tutelary deity?

It is logical to read every word that he has written.

Would these tend to indicate truth so far? Yes.

It is logical to print out his posts, because important information may have been missed hitherto, partly because English is not his first language. NB systemic vis-a-vis systematic in relation to cloning and insect technology.

I say, print them out, partly to facilitate further reading and analysis, and partly because I believe there is a very good chance that this site could be shut down (if everything Tam tam and South say is even half true).

I am not infallible, and not in any way scientific. Maybe I am a fool to believe what they do say, but I do, nonetheless. That is not to say that any of you should believe it, just because I, totally unqulaified as I am, do.

I have said before, do not be guided by me in any of this. Be very much guided by the Morgellons Research Foundation.

And, be very much guided by logic, and by a wholly rational way of looking at the problem.

Even if Tam's premiss is all false, some of you would seem to have something medically wrong with you, or you would seem certainly to believe that this is so.

Above all else, and irrespective of what you might or might not believe about any theory, my foremost advice is for you to consult a medical doctor. Nothing else would suffice, if you are indeed unwell, and need specialist medical help.

Contact Mary at the MRF for details of a doctor sympathetic to this apparent condition, if you have found that other doctors, whom you may have consulted, would not seem to be, as yet, entirely knowledgeable about the putative disease entity called Morgellons .

However, even if Tam turns out to be wrong, you will not have done yourselves any harm by merely printing out his posts and reading them. Such activity must never, ever, ever replace seeking individual, specialist medical intervention!

He has never, ever, ever, advised that you do not seek medical help, and in fact, (if you do read through his posts), you will see that he urges you to consult your doctor, and to ask your doctor if they would be good enough to perform certain tests and to consider prescribing certain drugs, (similar, and complementary to those prescribed by medical practitioners already skilled in this particular art). Naturally, since the MRF is being endorsed, one would be well advised to take a copy of the open letter to doctors, produced for that very purpose, by that very organisation, along with you to any highly advised medical consultation!

Either print off Tam tam's posts in the manner described, or don't do this. It is entirely up to you as individuals.

Either write to the ECDC, or do not do this, you all possess a degree pf personal autonomy, and must act as your own beliefs dictate.

I truly hope that all of you who are indeed unwell do receive treatment that will be completely curative.

At the moment, all you can do is your best, but please do try to see a doctor in whatever specialism your clinical features would seem to fall.

Hi Uk Guy,

Thanks for the update on the position in the UK. So, there are only four or five people? (That we know of).

Not exactly reminiscent of catching the flight on Trans-Love airlines 'On a warm San Francisco night', is it?

South may get that reference, or he may be too young.

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Post by Cilla » Wed Jun 14, 2006 4:07 pm

Hi Doc 44,

Are you a scientist?

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Post by RANDY » Wed Jun 14, 2006 4:19 pm

Everyone knows where I stand. No face, no name, no credentials,no free marketing from me. I refuse to have men in white coats come and get me for distributing something that may have subliminal messages encrypted into it that could be terrorist in nature. No name, no address, no credentials of the creator of the film, no free marketing from me. Do as you all please. That is my vote. When they come knocking on your door..who ya ganna say told you to do these things? YOu have no names or addresses or any type of fact. You will look like a nut case. Better have your lawyers on retainer.

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by Cilla » Wed Jun 14, 2006 4:35 pm

Hi Randy,

I thought that you were away on holiday, but am glad to note that you are still able to post!

Good advice about retaining lawyers!

I cannot speak of the video, not being technically minded, but I do not understand what you mean about encryption. No matter! Encryption keys can be obtained!

All sorts of keys to understanding can be obtained, but first, one has to act. Logic and rationality should be to the fore.

Write to the ECDC, in the manner suggested supra, as this would seem to be a logical and rational move, in the light of everything.

Naturally, first and foremost, you must, if unwell, consult a doctor!

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Post by in_the_uk » Wed Jun 14, 2006 4:39 pm

Cilla wrote:Hi Helen,

Would these tend to indicate truth so far? Yes.

???????? Am I being asked or am I being told???????

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Post by Cilla » Wed Jun 14, 2006 5:24 pm

Hi Helen,

I suppose it is a case of veritas vincit omnia.

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Post by in_the_uk » Wed Jun 14, 2006 5:38 pm

I think that the best way to archive these pages is to find a pdf writer. Print everything to pdf and then store is on your hard drive/ cd/ dvd/ etc. Saves loads of paper and adobe comes with a search facility. I think that there are free pdf writers on the internet.


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