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Post by Linn » Tue Jun 06, 2006 2:40 am

she actualy replied to me!! and I was totaly being sarcastic:

Dear Lynne,

I am so sorry to hear you are affected by this bizarre disease. I just learned about it recently and was surprised to see there hasn’t been more coverage of it.

Best wishes and I hope a cure for you comes soon.

(name deleted) the person from docs link -we know who


Sent: Monday, June 05, 2006 8:25 AM
Subject: (no subject)

This is what I wrote:

Thanks for mentioning the disease I have been suffering from:

5) (Related to the above.) Find a cause, any cause, to embrace as you embark on your rehabilitation from a previous life-threatening habit. This could include raising money for Morgellons Disease research (the incurable X Files-like disease in which colored fibers grow from your skin), protecting the endangered hairy-nosed wombat or promoting the fruitarian diet.

You are too kind, really

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Post by 1arrow » Tue Jun 06, 2006 5:24 pm

LONDON! Are you OK!

Please let me know. You sound despondent. :shock: Whats up? Tell us? Or at least me. I will listen.


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Post by tamtam » Tue Jun 06, 2006 8:37 pm

The Hidden Problems
Of The NIH
Why This News Is Important To Everyone
By Ted Twietmeyer
[email protected]

The National Institute of Health (NIH) is considered the largest research funding organization in the world, with a 28 BILLION dollar annual budget. They support research which often leads to developments of new therapies, drugs, diagnostic equipment and much more. Industry funds research based on potential profits, whereas NIH funded research is determined by the agency's internal agenda.

The following is extracted from a page one article in "Nature," dated May 4, 2006. Direct quotations are shown in double quotes. This very highly respected periodical is read by scientists of various disciplines worldwide, with headquarters in London, UK. It is considered an impressive accomplishment for any scientist to have their work published in this extremely conservative, main stream science magazine. Many consider stories printed in Nature as though it came forth from the lips of God. Considering the due diligence the periodical does with submitted works, they have earned this reputation. This essay will leave out medical jargon as much as possible to get the point across.

NIMH - The Mental Health Division is one of 27 independent institutes


* The original facility (The Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center) is a 14-story building, 7 million bricks, more than 5,000 rooms, nine miles of corridor, 2.5 million square feet, 15 outpatient clinics and a Laboratory Medicine Department housed in a space the size of a football field. Before the Hatfield Center was opened, the Magnuson Center housed 24 inpatient care units.

* The new facility, the 870,000 square foot Mark O. Hatfield Clinical Research Center, has 242 inpatient beds and 90 day-hospital stations. Groundbreaking was in November 1997. Dedication ceremonies were on Sept.22, 2004.

The National Institutes of Health are having problems with Elias Zerhouni at the helm. Zerhouni of course is a Bush-appointed favorite. He hails from Algeria and is a radiologist by training. His work as administrator at John's Hopkins University is well known. Nature refers to the NIH as a "potentially poisoned chalice." Such an endearing term, for an agency so revered for advancing medical research, and providing billions in new revenue for the medical industry. Zerhouni also is working with a project with the title "Roadmap." (Remember the Pentagon's new roadmap? Now NIH has one, too.) The purpose of Roadmap (which irritates people at NIH today) is to coordinate activities among its numerous branches. Some critics complain it isn't working, claiming it "is diverting resources and attention away from basic scientific research."

Part of Roadmap is to convert basic research into clinical practice, creating new instruments, medicines and procedures such used in doctor's offices and hospitals. There is yet another aspect of the organization that concerns many - managing the organization's "flat budget." It has remained that way since 2003. The NIH budget was doubled between 1998 and 2003. A flat budget is very curious, considering the sharp increase in bird flu and other diseases we hear about constantly. Well-funded biologists are now attacking Roadmap because of it's problems. Roadmap was published in 2003 and costs 400 million annually. It also intends to make basic molecular biology a broader initiative. Nature feels that Zerhouni's efforts in this area "deserve support."

Nature also states that the biggest problem Roadmap has isn't with scientists, but with Zerhouni's association with Bush. Previous health secretaries made earlier efforts to centralize the organization. One such infamous former health secretary, Tommy Thomson gave centralization his best shot, too. However, centralization is perceived by the scientific community as threatening independent research, and also the credible results of research. Scientists are concerned that Zerhouni has not defended their autonomy as well as they believe he could have. Zerhouni also must show Congress what is being done with the doubled budget of the agency. There is also great concern that "not enough young scientists are winning first-time grants during the most creative period of their careers."


Zerhouni's career leading NIH has not been smooth because of a serious conflict of interest. This resulted in "new rules governing scientists' interaction with industry." Congressional investigators found a wealth of commercial deals, of which the "NIH itself had no records." Today "the Bethesda not a particularly happy place." New post-911 security measures have not helped matters, damaging the college-like campus atmosphere. And "back-biting is seldom far beneath the surface." Roadmap increases the director's power in the organization. Staff and those who receive grants are not persuaded that Zerhouni is on their side.


So what does all this mean? NIH is yet another Bush-directed organization, micro-managed quietly in the background. Bush installed Zerhouni who will do exactly what he's told. And a stifling security-paranoid atmosphere that can create a paranoid industrial intellectual property environment. For the entire world, this will almost certainly equate to a loss of creativity and innovation, with a subsequent loss of required medical advancements to fight increasing diseases. The aspartame fiasco showed how one past administration influenced the release of a toxic food additive. The so-called Zerhouni "Roadmap" has the bad smell of yet another Bush-control-freak plan, which even the Emperor penguins at the pole can smell. Centralization is a fascist and communist ideal, and will do great damage when taken too far. It's impossible to schedule productivity in any research field - such pressures can easily produce shoddy research results. One can only imagine how many times a week Zerhouni must report in to his real boss Bush - who the world already knows was self-appointed.

In the end, it will be the people of the world that will suffer as emerging diseases outpace research. Scientists in England already know that funding for research is very thin. So if the United States doesn't fund research - who will?

But what is population control all about? Keeping people sick and dying. These same people keep the multi-billion dollar healthcare industry healthy. One doctor said it perfectly - "a patient cured is a customer lost."

Ted Twietmeyer



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Post by tamtam » Tue Jun 06, 2006 8:47 pm

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Saturday, June 3, 2006

CDC to investigate mystery disease
Sufferers describe ghastly symptoms; but some doctors skeptical of claims


The Bay Area might be home to a small cluster of a horrifying and as-yet-incurable disease that leaves patients with open sores all over their bodies and strange, unidentifiable objects poking out of their skin.

Or not. It's possible that this mystery disease is all in their heads.

The disease is called Morgellons, and no one knows what causes it or if it's even real.

After more than a year of pressure from patients convinced they have Morgellons, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will begin investigating the ailment for the first time and determine, once and for all, whether it exists. The CDC started organizing a committee this week for that purpose.

"Not a day passes when I don't talk to somebody who claims to have this," said CDC spokesman Dan Rutz. "In the absence of any objective review, people have jumped to conclusions and found each other on the Internet and formed their own belief structure. We really need to debunk this if there isn't anything to it or identify if there is indeed a new, unrecognized disease that needs attention."

No one knows how long Morgellons has been around, but about four years ago a South Carolina mom who says her three children have the disease was researching their symptoms and found reference to a 1674 medical study that described a similar condition, called Morgellons.

The disease sounds like a nightmare. In fact, one Web site claims Morgellons was "invented" recently to help promote a summer horror movie. A search on the Internet reveals dozens of people who have posted magnified photos of their symptoms -- usually twisted, thread-like protrusions from the skin and sometimes hazy images that look like small bugs.

It doesn't help convince skeptical doctors that many sufferers complain of hard-to-believe symptoms. One San Francisco woman describes "tiny green shrimp" that come from her face, and she said she saw a fly pop out of her right eye. Even doctors and patients who believe Morgellons exists cringe at such reports.

"There really are physical symptoms that occur in people who are not crazy, although once they have it, it usually makes them pretty crazy," said San Francisco Lyme disease specialist Dr. Raphael Stricker, who has seen several patients with Morgellons symptoms. Stricker and a handful of other doctors believe Morgellons is somehow related to Lyme disease because so many patients have already been diagnosed with Lyme disease.

Stricker and a colleague, nurse practitioner Ginger Savely, have written the only paper on the disease, published this year in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology. There have been no clinical studies.

The non-profit Morgellons Research Foundation, founded by the South Carolina mom, is the only group keeping track of the disease worldwide. It uses a self-reporting system that encourages people who think they have Morgellons to register with the foundation Web site. So far, 4,131 households have registered, about 300 of them in the Bay Area.

San Francisco resident Pat Miller, 49, said he went to 11 doctors with his symptoms after he developed an itchy spot on the back of his head that turned into a sore and finally a "mound of skin ... with deep black pits." He also describes a "crawling sensation."

Dermatologists said the black pits were blackheads. Almost every doctor he saw diagnosed him with delusional parasitosis -- a psychiatric condition with symptoms eerily similar to Morgellons, in which sufferers believe they are infested with parasites.

Eventually, someone referred Miller to Savely, who is considered one of the few Morgellons experts. She has about 125 patients at her San Francisco practice.

"These people, I feel terrible for them. They're suffering a ghastly disease, and no one will believe them, no one will help them, and in fact, everyone tells them they're crazy," Savely said. "If any one of these people came to me alone, I might have been skeptical of their stories. But when you have more than 100 people, and their stories are identical, that's impressive."

Few doctors have examined under a microscope samples of the multicolored filaments or black dots patients describe. Many who have seen the evidence brush it off as lint or dirt or something else from around the house.

Stricker said he has studied samples under a microscope, and they look like cellulose fibers, which typically would be found in plant material.

"When you see it, it's very hard to explain away. These patients have something that's really not delusional," Stricker said.

Still, plenty of doctors disagree.

Many Morgellons symptoms -- the feeling of something crawling beneath the skin, the open sores, even patients' conviction that they are absolutely infested with a parasite -- can be attributed to delusional parasitosis, doctors say. The sores are self-inflicted, caused when people scratch at a spot they think is infected, they say.

"There are a huge number of people out there with (delusional parasitosis), and most of them are not getting adequate treatment because they have this fixed belief," said Dr. Dan Eisen, a University of California-Davis dermatologist.

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Post by tamtam » Tue Jun 06, 2006 8:54 pm

I advise You to unite and seek litigation.

CDC is very well informed about this particular matter.



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Post by J Jill » Tue Jun 06, 2006 10:42 pm

tamtam wrote:I advise You to unite and seek litigation.

CDC is very well informed about this particular matter.



Seems so, Tam Tam.

Question for you- you say that the fibers (or the pathogen?) is a product of a bio experiment gone bad- what comes to my mind is how the heck did T cruzi get in the mix?

If a bio experiment, then was it about Chagas/Sleeping sickness?

Otherwise, I can't G-up the reason for that element in the mix- experimental or otherwise.

Ok, I take back the otherwise- I can see a reason for T cruzi as a Bio-weapon.

You mention C-3 labs being the only labs that could deal with this pathogen (call it what you will). We know what C-3 labs are about.

So my conclusion, in the form of a question, is: "is it a bio weapon?"

Thanks in advance,

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Post by RANDY » Wed Jun 07, 2006 1:01 am

Good stuff even if it makes him look bad. Things I did not know. It is true that the President always appoints the head of the NIH and Tommy Thompson was an accident looking to happen.

Also I wrote to Randy Wymore and asked him to explain to me the situation of the revoked license since I have never asked him about that before. He asked me to look for the original article. I did and could not find it on the internet. So I am taking back that info that I found...until I can locate the article..I did tno save it. He stated he never has a license that is how it stands.

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Post by hartuk » Wed Jun 07, 2006 2:45 pm


Population control may well be the reason...


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Post by Cilla » Wed Jun 07, 2006 5:49 pm

Hi all,

I could not comment on the clinical credence (or otherwise) of the lady who apparently observed shrimp coming off her skin.

This unlikely manifestation should not be put in the same category or sentence about the lady who observed a fly coming out of her eye. Patients with Morgellon's, (as if they do not have enough to put up with), must also be much more precise when they describe or recount what they have experienced or observed, particularly in relation to the eye.

Ophthalmomyiasis (flies breeding in the ocular structure) is a recognised condition, and cases have been documented which have occurred in the US and (very rarely) in the UK.

Tam tam's theory and video demonstrates that, if the cloned bacterial infection achieves quorate level, the embryonic fly, (part of the infection/infestation in question), can achieve maturity and emerge.

Since this cloned infection/infestation apparently has an affinity with the stem cells, particularly those in the hair follicles, it is more than likely that any emergent fly, observed by the patient, would emit from the eyelash margin.

Any sac, containing the developing larvae and pupae, would be under the eyelids, next to the sclera, and sometimes partially attached to this. The presence of a pseudomembrane has been documented in some cases of ophthalmomyiasis.

Any patient, with Morgellon's, who sees a fly emit, should state with more precision that it appeared to exit from an eyelash, or the eyelash margin.

The eye should be examined for any abnormalities, and full account must be taken of its structure.

Take the eyelash margin for instance. Does it appear normal? Any white lumps? Any missing eyelashes? Are the eyelashes themselves normal in texture and appearance? Are they hard and brittle, even to the point of being extremely sharp? NB, this is not normal.

Are there visible small greyish or whitish, or even occasionally red, micro fibers both clinging to them and occasionally floating off from them?

Do not neglect to be precise, and do not tolerate any writer (adding in) a credible clinical feature of your apparent condition alongside another one that most people would assume to be probably delusional.

Having said that, there is absolutely nothing about this condition that I would dismiss out of hand, even the shrimp claim. It would seem all to be so new, which is why you must not allow it to become marginalised or faintly ridiculed.

The fly component has been confirmed by Tam tam.

You should demand the source code, and an investigation into the alleged leak from such a high containment level research facility. You would have to put both of these requests into your letter to the NIH. You have every right to ask for these two things if you have contracted an infection for which you believe you are not receiving the proper treatment.

It will be interesting to see if any of you do this, and if you receive a fruitful reply, perhaps indicating that an inquiry into the allegations of a release or leak are going to be undertaken.

These are the sort of facts that you might wish additionally to put before journalists. There is no real point in sending off sarcastic communications, to which you receive empty words of well wishing for your recovery. You need much more than empty words, even if these may have been sincerely enough meant. You need to engage, intrigue and persuade journalists that there is a real human story here, one that affects medicine, health, laboratory safety, politics, the law and so much more.

By all means, lobby your senators, and anyone else, about this. But you must a. state the relevance of the alleged release or leak, and b. demand the source code.

What is it that you want? Would proper diagnosis and treatment take care of this?

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Post by Cilla » Wed Jun 07, 2006 6:12 pm

Hi J Jill,

I think Tam tam said C3 level (or above) in one post. It may have been a leak or release from a C4 level laboratory experiment.

I also think we need to give a lot of attention to his remark that we 'demand the source code'.

I think this must refer to the material that can be assembled already in culture by specialised organisations. See the research on cloning and insect technology, and what can be synthesised and assembled for further use.

If such material can be purchased to help in further high biosafety level research, (permits etc. permitting), then this material must have a name or a number. It was after I said this that Tam said to demand the source code.

He also said, ages ago, that the material, 'brought in culture' could possibly have medical and military uses.

He also said to Befour, in answer to her question re it possibly being a leak from a military facility, that, were this so, we would never get to hear about it.

Therefore, research the ingredients, the specialist suppliers, the universities with C3 and C4 level laboratories, engage journalists, politicians, and write to the appropriate department concerned with overseeing laboratory safety at this level.

Organise yourselves, perhaps into a powerful lobbying group, and write to the medical press and relevant organisations also.

What is it that you want? Is the proper diagnosis and treatment sufficient?

It is completely unclear to me.

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Post by Cilla » Wed Jun 07, 2006 6:32 pm


By trying to get you to clarify what it is that you want, I am hoping that this will mean that any action, whether taken by individuals, (anonymous or otherwise), or by a group, will be geared towards you achieving any stated goals.

I understand, if you are not feeling well, that you might not even know what you want, or not know this in any full sense.

Please note, if you decide, (for the moment) that medical diagnosis and treatment would suffice, then lobby your activities towards that end.

This does not mean that you could not seek litigation later.

On the other hand, you might wish to use the threat of this in your approach, given that Tam has said the CDC is already well informed, so the medical professionals should, as a matter of urgency, be informed also.

It is up to you, but I think that you should forcibly insist that the proper treatment be prescribed for you and your loved ones, if you or they would seem to have this terrible disease.

I also think that Ms Hyland, the journalist in question, might even prove to be an ally in raising the profile of this whole debacle.

Maybe some more of you could contact her, and explain some more of the complex nature of it all. You could do the same with other writers who mention it in print. People are not stupid, and they will begin to see that there is something here that is surely worthy of investigation. You do not have to disclose your identity if you would prefer not to.

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Post by tamtam » Wed Jun 07, 2006 6:40 pm

Its all part of the methodology.
Basically the military(defense/proteome research centers) the Institute (hospital/ university etc) and Industry (corporation) are one if it is about defining what is fact.

Facts can change- like the recent switch concerning the cause of prostate cancer.
(its viral since early this year)

Your type micro organism uses inherent bio systematic to step up in organization.
The trypanosome(like!) element is to create new cell line.

All You see is gene expression.
Gene expression depends on a set parameter.

However, all that can be observed represents cell identity.

More seems to be the case(...)


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