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Post by London » Mon May 22, 2006 11:01 pm

okay here is the link to all the post I already posted about on Lymebusters:

NOTE*** You must scroll sown to like the 4th post when it opens and you will see the aerosol operations of Microorganisms: ... 1148327419



the F-16's ... 037403.pdf

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Post by London » Mon May 22, 2006 11:49 pm

oh my. Look at this word I just you think it means us???Morgellons Doisease???

Morganella morganii subspecies.......

It has to be it, eh????


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Post by in_the_uk » Tue May 23, 2006 12:17 am

London wrote:_____________________________


the F-16's ... 037403.pdf

This has got nothing to do with Morgellons. This has to do with exhaust emissions depending upon fuel additives and operating conditions.


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Post by Skytroll » Tue May 23, 2006 2:07 am


MRF and Tam Tam are not on the same team here, right now anyway, they may work together in the future, but, I do believe we need to let the cat totally out of the bag, and then we can get the help.
But, as Cilla says, investigation is key, here, and there are many ways to investigate wrong doing.

This is what we have to consider.

Morgellons as of MRF is one thing, the movie is going after that, and the information there for the movie.

What Tam Tam is telling us is not what the original Morgellons is. That was an unidentified disease, that may if you look closely resemble what later was called diptheria.

MRF and the movie, maybe a connection, however, people set up websites and that is their jobs. They have many clients.

Also, Tam Tam if he is correct will want to talk with someone who is credible, very very credible.

MRF credibility is starting to be attacked horribly.
Those who want to cover this up, and destroy the credibility of MRF, are out there and we know it.

However, Mary did not say that this was the old disease, she never said that. We report on the board what happens to us. The board is us, not MRF. They are doing what they do to find out what this is. I do not know if they have viewed Tam Tam's video, but, there are reasons he is remaining anonymous.

You are playing against the BIG BOYS who like their new weapons, and believe me, they are trained to only do what they are commanded. However, hopefully there are some real true military brass who will put a halt to this.

So far it hasn't happened.

So, if like Cilla says, some releases have happened, then, I do believe we do have avenues for investigation, in more ways than one.

With the the new CIA dude coming on board we better start now, because it will only get worse.

Watch C-span and see what kinds of hearings they are having, what kinds of questions are asked of the CIA nominee. Follow some of that.

It is open to the public and when this hits the fan you know that c-span will say we did air some of this. I have heard and seen more on there about what is going on.

I saw all heads of the big 8 seed companies over a year ago, I listened to the brass when they come out, their lawyers and handlers are ususally sitting behind them.

Open your eyes folks, the mutilated animals? cows, etc? Many movies are mentioning things that are actually happening, it is the only way to reach the public. The news is on lock-down mode.

So, any news going out there that will deal with the reality of what we suffer, and so far, as far as I am concerned, I believe Tam Tam, he has just a good handle on this as anyone, in fact more. What we need is the source code, which we know someone has.

Many things are self-imploding, we have to be ready to head off the backlash, and we can do this with tack and calmness, as Tam Tam has chosen to do.

Tam Tam is not part of the movie, please people.

Thank you Cilla, and haven't had time to write letter, but, I plan to do so.


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Post by London » Tue May 23, 2006 2:21 am


TRY this new word:

Morganella morganii

Ecthyma gangrenosum-like eruption associated with Morganella morganii infection
Del Pozo, GarcÍA-Silva, Almagro, MartÍnez, Nicolas & Fonseca
Ecthyma gangrenosum is considered as a pathognomonic sign of Pseudomonas aeruginosa sepsis. Lesions similar to ecthyma gangrenosum may be caused by other organisms. We report a case of an ecthyma gangrenosum-like eruption caused by Morganella morganii, a Gram-negative bacillus.

Now I have read that there are 73 different strains of this....and the scientist seem to maybe be a wee bit delusional.....One said it was found/discovered in 1943, then I read an article that said 1978,

then I read one that said 72 or 73.......It is in mold, in the air- as in the areosol spraying!!!!!! like someone above said..... and it is in the water!!!

The sludge, the ocean, the groundwater.....also found in amimals......

(sorry to be so scattered here, but that is what I have just's like they can't decide. I will tell you another place (besides the lakes) is

the supposedly clean wastemanagement and water treatment facilities as well........

Funny, it's really hard to find a good article on it. Not one remembered to list the fibers with it though.........

I'm sure they fell from space......????said the microbial particles came from the engines of the jets......

Here you go......

Aerosolization of fine particles increases due to microbial contamination of metalworking fluids
Wang, HX; Reponen, T; Li, W; Martuzevicius, D; Grinshpun, SA; Willeke, K
Journal of Aerosol Science [J. Aerosol Sci.]. Vol. 36, no. 5-6, pp. 721-734. May 2005.

Aerosolization of microorganisms from metalworking fluids (MWFs) was studied using a laboratory-scale set-up simulating grinding operations. An optical particle counter (OPC), a condensation nucleus counter (CNC), an electrical low pressure impactor (ELPI), and a photometric aerosol mass monitor were used to measure the airborne particles and microorganisms aerosolized from MWFs. The tests were performed using a semi-synthetic MWF with and without bacterial contamination (Pseudomonas fluorescens). Microbial contamination of the MWF increased the number and mass concentrations of aerosolized particles by a factor of 2 (as measured by the OPC and the photometric aerosol mass monitor, respectively). At the same time, there was an up to 50-fold increase in the concentration of fine particles, as measured by the CNC. The results indicate that MWF mist may contain high concentrations of microbial fragments, which may not be detected by traditional microbial analysis methods, such as cultivation or microscopic counting.

Descriptors: Microbial contamination; Aerosols; Metal-working fluids; Occupational exposure; Pseudomonas fluorescens

and another article on this:

Aerosolization of mist from metalworking fluids (MWFs) has been well characterized in previous studies. Much less is known about the aerosolization of microorganisms, although airborne microbial exposures at MWF sites have been associated with occupational respiratory symptoms and diseases. In this study, the effects of fluid type, microorganism concentration in the liquid, and the microbial species on the aerosolization of microorganisms from MWFs were tested. Three microorganisms were employed to represent different size and surface characteristics:Bacillus subtilisbacterial endospores (hydrophobic particles with aerodynamic diameter=0.9ìm),Pseudomonas fluorescensbacterial vegetative cells (hydrophilic, 0.8ìm), andPenicillium meliniifungal spores (hydrophobic, 3.1ìm). The testing was first performed using a Collison nebulizer to aerosolize microorganisms from three fluids: water, semisynthetic MWF, and soluble oil. No significant difference in the aerosolization ratio (microbial concentration in the air normalized to the microbial concentration in the liquid) was observed among the three fluids. For all tested microorganisms, the concentration in the air increased proportionally with the increase of the microbial concentration in the liquid. The aerosolization ratio ofB. subtilisendospores was greater than that ofP. fluorescenscells andP. meliniispores. To explore the aerosolization of microorganisms from MWFs under the conditions that are closer to industrial settings, the tests were conducted with a MWF simulator (a laboratory-scale setup simulating the mist generation during grinding process). Simulator tests showed the same trend with respect to microbial aerosolization as those performed with the Collison nebulizer. This was further confirmed by a separate experiment, in which the Collison nebulizer and the MWF simulator were tested with liquids containing polystyrene latex (PSL) particles. As a result, our study showed that hydrophobic microorganisms were easier to aerosolize from MWFs than hydrophilic microorganisms and that increasing microorganism size was likely to result in decreasing aerosolization ratio.

So can someone help me out here....WHY- WHAT was the purpose of them doing the aerosols???? What the heck is a MWF anyway....I know what it stands for , but what does it do??????

I think this little bit of info I posted should be sent to a blogger site......hehehehe

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Post by London » Tue May 23, 2006 3:03 am

oh, NOW, just Now they put (finally) a good article up on google by is part of it.....Now it says something totally different then any of the other articles- has reptiles listed...hmmmmm

and, check out the vacillating years that this was discovered.......

One, Two, "karma's" looking for you> you need to be ready scientist and too Bloggerbabies........three, your door........


Background: Morganella morganii is a gram-negative rod commonly found in the environment and in the intestinal tracts of humans, mammals, and reptiles as normal flora. Despite its wide distribution, it is an uncommon cause of community-acquired infection and is most often encountered in postoperative and other nosocomial settings. M morganii infections respond well to appropriate antibiotic therapy; however, its natural resistance to many beta-lactam antibiotics may lead to delays in proper treatment.

The genus Morganella belongs to the tribe Proteeae of the family Enterobacteriaceae. The Proteeae, which also include the genera Proteus and Providencia, are important opportunistic pathogens capable of causing a wide variety of nosocomial infections. Currently, Morganella contains only a single species, M morganii, with 2 subspecies, morganii and sibonii. M morganii previously was classified under the genus Proteus as Proteus morganii.

In the late 1930s, M morganii was identified as a cause of urinary tract infections. Anecdotal reports of nosocomial infections began to appear in the literature in the 1950s and 1960s. Tucci and Isenberg reported a cluster epidemic of M morganii infections occurring over a 3-month period at a general hospital in 1977. Of these infections, 61% were wound infections and 39% were urinary tract infections.

London with question says:
>>>>Okay, are you sure bout those years Mr. Scientist Man? Your contemporaries seem to say something different re: the year....Why are you all so confused????

In 1984, McDermott reported 19 episodes of M morganii bacteremia in 18 patients during a 5.5-year period at a Veterans Administration hospital. Eleven of the episodes occurred in surgical patients. The most common source of bacteremia was postoperative wound infection, and most infections occurred in patients who had received recent therapy with a beta-lactam antibiotic. Other important epidemiological risk factors in these studies were the presence of diabetes mellitus or other serious underlying diseases and advanced age.

Pathophysiology: M morganii has been associated with urinary tract infections, sepsis, pneumonia, wound infections, musculoskeletal infections, central nervous system infections, pericarditis, chorioamnionitis, endophthalmitis, empyema, and spontaneous bacterial peritonitis.


In the US: M morganii is a rare cause of severe invasive disease. It accounts for less than 1% of nosocomial infections. M morganii most often occurs as an opportunistic pathogen in patients who are hospitalized, particularly those on antibiotic therapy.

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To the Wilson family

Post by Sabrina » Tue May 23, 2006 4:59 am

Dear Mrs. Wilson,

Welcome to biology on-line.

I have tried to sit down and write to you for weeks now and I am still having great difficulty in finding the words to express my thoughts and feelings.

Many of us share your grief. Our community was devastated with the loss of Travis, and then we learned of Leighann’s sister as well. This has been a very trying time for all of us. I cannot imagine your pain and my prayers are with you and your family.

Travis was a very special person and also my friend. I felt a connection with him after corresponding with him on another board for about a year. He knew me as Hope. I listened to him as he shared his experiences that relate to our illness. His stories were some of the most remarkable I have ever heard.

In vivid memory, I recall Travis talking about an experience he had during an Emergency Room visit. It was shocking to hear how inhumanly he had been treated and he had my sympathy. I knew about some of the things that he was forced to endure and this is why I feel connected to your son. Regrettably, the only thing I could ever offer Travis was my friendship and moral support over a damn computer. Travis’s life and death has touched my spirit more than you may ever know.

This thread has been dedicated to your son. There is good science here and many professionals that are in the know. Every day I feel we get one step closer to the truth that I pray will lead to proper treatment and an eventual cure. Many of us have children that are infected and I fear for the children that will inevitably be infected in the future. Some people here seem to care about that too.

I feel I must caution you about the character and integrity of some individuals here who are obviously agenda driven. These people have sold themselves out by exploiting human beings for a mere paycheck. God will deal with these people in God’s time. So please take a moment to read some pages here but think critically, and ask as many questions as you can think of. I hope you, Pam, and the rest of your family will continue to visit this site often.

Lastly, I would like to personally thank you for all of the media coverage you have been active in recently. It must be very hard to carry on as you have and I want you to know how much I admire you for this. You are a wonderful Mother.

Travis will be remembered Mrs. Wilson, this you may take comfort in.

Sabrina ... page_next1


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Post by John Kern » Tue May 23, 2006 5:10 am

Oh London, Morganella morganii is no different from any other body fauna. Just because it sounds like Morgellons should not make it anything invidiousable. You might as well go after Mogollons :)

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Post by London » Tue May 23, 2006 5:58 am

Mr. Kern, you know what...I was just thinking about you a couple of hours ago......I said to self "I sure Miss Mr. Kern here- he could read articles quickly w/ great discernment and give us his analysis....

Honestly, I was thining exactly that! So thank you for sharing. How come each article I found on it did not say it was the same thing....i know it had 73 different strains/ species......but Goodness! One would think

that the scientist would have all written similar facts on it....and been in agreement on the year it appeared.

I never said I knew anything about it> In fact, I just found it today.

Thanks again Mr. Kern, I will look at your meaning again.

Now here is an interesting man- he talks about the black more.......

Here is :

Rodolfo Alessandro Nicolaus

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Post by befour » Tue May 23, 2006 6:05 am

hartuk wrote:Randy,

Nobody here is trying to, or has created a "breeze of dislike."
If I may say so, you are doing this more than adequately yourself.
Your posts are dogmatic and bullying, and dilute the debate which is often very stimulating.
For instance, there are five posts from you on this page and
a quote from Shakespeares' Hamlet is always in my thoughts after reading your messages....

"The lady doth protest too much methinks"

Now, Why is that ?


Hello Hartuk,

Your post brought a smile to my face, because I too have always thought that the quote from Hamlet, fits her every post!!! It is still one of the primary indications that she is only posting on this thread to cause chaos and to disrupt the exchange of relevant information and ideas. If you will notice, she says the same things repeatedly, meaningless, rude and without any substance. Her coldness makes a chill run down my spine....


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Post by John Kern » Tue May 23, 2006 6:23 am

Mm has been around for a while, but only recently has been subgrouped. Hence the recent papers. The probably say different things either because they predate the subgrouping, or because they are discussing different subgroups. But really it no different from Proteus and Providencia

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Post by RANDY » Tue May 23, 2006 6:31 am[email protected]

How can you say those things about another sufferer who has only helped hundreds of people?

You two are horrible, You have never talked to me over the phone. You have no idea who I have helped.

And if you do not nip the red herrings in the beginning posts like Londons happen.

Sorry London...I know you love to research..but so much information..I have to use you as an example.

This is how we get off track. She hunts down eveything Tam states. Most of it she can not understand....just as you can not understand Tams video and are afraid to say that you do not. So you keep on going and going with this BS of his.

Take your best shot you great uknowns hiding in the shadows. Take your best shot. Oh missed!

You have no idea who I am..but those who do..they know what I stand for. Too bad you are so very blind.

Maybe you do not even have this disease? Maybe you are another Herring.

One day you will see I am right. Until as you wish and comment as you may about things you know nothing

So many evil people trying to make the good ones look bad. So many shadows afraid of the light.

Probably a whole lots of drinkers and druggies too.

I do not smoke, drink or do drugs. I am real. I have this and so far I have been right with most things I have said..when the wash is hung out to dry. bet ya....until we have a cure....I will be barking like a junk yard dog. And be proud of every moment. and proteth..against BSers leadingn us bet ya too.

And the BSers they will all froth to the top. In good time. Usually talking bad about me.....that's how you can see who they are. Anyone who talks bad about me when I am doing good has to be a bad person. Otherwise they would see clearly who I am. So my bet is that you guys are not really good guys at all. I bet you I am correct in this assumption.

Who are you anyways....what have you EVER done to help anyone?

Time will tell.

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?


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