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Post by ukguy » Tue May 16, 2006 11:36 am

Hi Skytroll and all

Ok, please read this. The Berne convention is a means of copyrighting
literary and artistic works. TamTam is just giving notice that the
material in the video is copyrighted. It's not in reference to a lab or
convention 'in' Bern(e).



Post by ukguy » Tue May 16, 2006 12:00 pm

Prins Maurits

Seem primarily involved with early warning / detection systems.


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Post by Skytroll » Tue May 16, 2006 5:09 pm

Uk guy,

Saw one of these Tactical Operations trucks go past me on a small street in a small neighboring town.

Freaked me out. Who knows what was in it? or who was in it. Made me shudder. ... afety.html

That truck on the left, exact same kind. So, all that equipment in there.

who aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I should have followed it. Homeland Security?
With who knows in there? This is Universal?

So, International homeland security? No wonder Fema self implodes. All money to this? and these operations.


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Morgellon or Nano Nightmare

Post by scottsinformation » Tue May 16, 2006 5:38 pm

Morgellon's disease:
Could this new unexplained disease be the after effects of a bio engineered Nano Particle used in Chemtrails to lower greenhouse effects? How would we know if it was? Would the Government admit to something like this or would they inform doctors to supress the information and treat patients like they were crazy?

Here is a page that might help or might hurt?

Never the less, you owe yourself to take a look and make judgement for yourself?

The human population are at risk of being labrats under a sky of falling nano technology gone bad. ... 30524.html

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Post by tamtam » Tue May 16, 2006 7:53 pm

(Synthetic) model organisms are created to study (inter)actions.

This means that a wide set of observations can be derived (data accumulation)

A needle can be used to dress You,
and also can be used as bullet.

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Post by London » Tue May 16, 2006 9:30 pm

Tam Tam,

Would you be so kind to kind of like:

"JUST TELL US ???? "

I mean, c'mon, well, it would save us all a little time and give us some peace. You're all we've got right now......Don't you care for your
students????? Just PM us, me, whomever...........

To all: This is reference to what countries that were being discussed
on previous pages. Sky, I enjoyed reading that very much.
And by the way......that was me driving that truck that passed
Seriously, I got the following countries from one of the hyperlinks in the article that Skipbait posted> Thanks Skip!

1 The 14 participants are from Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Scotland, Sweden and
Switzerland. They comprise universities, research institutes and 3 biotechnology companies. The
project was selected after a call for proposals and very positive evaluation by independent experts.
A major breakthrough in this area, however, was achieved by researchers from
Milan and Edinburgh in August 2005. Luciano Ponti and Steven Pollard
developed a technique to grow pure brain stem cells in vitro. They found
that cell cultures could be used to model neurodegenerative diseases that will
allow scientists to experiment with different cures with a hope of finding one
that works.

Tam Tam, can we bribe you? How much? Now be a good sport.....

and Tam, have you heard of "the Pharangular (sp?) ??????????

I have been doing my lessons too. Regarding wing pattern and protein kinases- I'm guessing that was wrong, so how about this:

Wing pattern relates to cell proliferation and apoptosis, right? Also has to do with notch.......cell proliferation creates growth in the wing disc....?

Tell you what, If I'm right, you must tell us the answer> who created this?

I'll take a stab at it.......My all time favorite guilty University: Stanford
in collaberation w/ TU Delft in the Netherlands.

There.....I can feel and answer coming from you......and where's the video? We want to

Your Student,


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Post by London » Tue May 16, 2006 9:57 pm

To All,

A very long time ago, I told you all that cell phones would play a part in this......but I recieved ridicule back from quite a few people.

Well Eruope operates on certain frequencies........Read for yourself. It is bad news...........Cellular phones.......all of it.....I would not even have a clock radio by my beside if I were you. I think I am going to remove my microwave too.

Biological effects of EMFs still in search of a mechanism

More and more biological effects of electromagnetic fields are documented at weaker and weaker field intensities,
suggesting that the current exposure standards - which are aimed at preventing outright heating of tissues
- may be up to 10 million fold too high, if we are to really protect the public. Researchers are finding
long-lasting brain damage in rats exposed to mobile phones, as well as a range of health problems among
people living near the mobile phone masts.
Still, the regulators profess themselves powerless to lower the exposure limits because of the lack of plausible
mechanisms - within conventional mainstream science - that could explain how fields with such minute
energies could have any biological effects. Leukaemia, DNA damage in brain cells and other electromagnetic
field effects cannot be explained unless scientists communicate and collaborate across the disciplines,
which they are currently unable to do, partly due to the lack of interdisciplinary education, partly due to existing
funding structures in research and the general culture of mainstream science that overwhelmingly discriminates
against innovative people and ideas (see also SiS 17). Will our government take the radical steps
needed in scientific research funding and in science education to improve both the quality of our science and
its ability to protect the public?


What science to fund?

Why do debates persist over the safety of new technologies such as genetic modification and mobile phones? Why do the issues never seem to be settled – as far as anything in science can be settled – before products are on the market? It is at least partly because we lack both explicit criteria for funding the scientific research in the first place - such as whether it is safe, ethical, and makes genuine contribution to society – and an audit system to assess the effectiveness of our research & development spending.

Consequently, research into the safety of new technologies is done long after they have reached the market, if it is done at all. By that stage, of course, industry has invested a great deal of money and there is great pressure on scientists and regulators not to put all that investment at risk. Instead of applying the precautionary principle, according to which developments should not go ahead until we are convinced beyond reasonable scientific doubt that they are safe, regulators apply the anti-precautionary principle, which demands conclusive evidence of harm before any action can be justified. It is not in the public interest to switch the burden of proof in this way, but it is all too likely to happen when there is so much money at stake.

We should be commissioning research into safety long before large amounts have been spent on product development. And the scientists we fund should be asking probing questions and conducting experiments that provide clear answers both on health risks as well as on the basic mechanisms, which are all too often not well understood.

The Europe-wide study on the biological effects of electromagnetic fields, unfortunately, satisfies neither criterion.

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Post by London » Tue May 16, 2006 10:09 pm

Last one from me- I hope you have not seen this- I do not know how old it is:


Shareholders Speak Up

Producers of agrochemicals and related products are under fire from shareholders who are asking about potentially damaging environmental practices. To reach upper management, many shareholders rely on a tool available only to those who have owned at least $2,000 worth of company stock for a year or more: the shareholder resolution.

While not legally binding, "the shareholder resolution by its very nature commands the attention of top management and ultimately the board of directors," says Nicole St. Clair, communications manager at the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies, a Boston-based coalition of investment funds and public interest groups. "If they can't be resolved through dialogue, shareholder resolutions, in addition to corporate responses, will appear in the company's annual [investor statement]. This . . . raises visibility for shareholders who are clearly dissatisfied with management on some issue."

Monsanto shareholders have asked that company to disclose its policies for exporting potentially carcinogenic pesticides that are banned in the United States to developing countries, and describe potential liabilities associated with the sale of genetically modified (GM) plants. Bayer, which is implicated in the 1999 deaths of 24 Peruvian children who accidentally consumed methyl parathion (marketed by Bayer as Folidol) that was confused with powdered milk, is under pressure from shareholders to take responsibility for the poisoning and provide treatment and financial compensation for the children. And one shareholder has asked The Dow Chemical Company to outline plans for cleaning up dioxin contamination near its plant in Midland, Michigan, and prevent future releases. All of these requests are still pending.

Shareholder resolutions often couch potential liabilities in financial terms, adds Doug Cogan, deputy director of social issues at the Investor Responsibility Research Center (IRRC), a Washington, D.C.-based investor research firm. "Shareholders aren't just focused on their own social or environmental agenda," he says. "They also believe their recommendations can help a company achieve better financial performance."

In Monsanto's case, shareholders worry that GM organisms and banned pesticide exports enhance vulnerability to lawsuits and negative publicity. Leslie Lowe, director of the program on energy and environment at the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR), a New York organization representing religious investment groups, says shareholders have long worried that Monsanto's business model overrelies on GM products, even as consumer resistance and scientific unknowns erode the market in this area.

Regarding banned pesticides, Lowe adds, "It's entirely possible that these products could make people sick in the countries where they are used. This makes it likely that injured parties would sue the company in U.S. courts, where they do have access."

Shareholder resolutions in most cases request a tangible strategy for dealing with environmental problems. But, Lowe says, investors who turn to the resolution process often encounter resistance from the companies, which typically view the process as hostile and infused with bureaucracy.

"Some companies won't even talk to investors who take this confrontational approach," says Samuel Smolik, global vice president for environment, health, and safety at Dow. "So, we always encourage investors to not take that step." But, he adds, "although we believe there are better ways to handle issues, we will willingly work with people who do choose to file [resolutions]."

Cogan agrees that filing shareholder resolutions should be considered a last resort. "But when management is turning a deaf ear to shareholders' concerns," he says, "this is a highly effective way to get them to sit up and listen."

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Post by London » Tue May 16, 2006 10:22 pm

Sorry, Just had to show you this regarding C-3 Lab in the Netherlands:

Note : It is a 260 page pdf document in case you have a slower computer.


and the US and El Tor Vivrios: ... dex=6#page

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Post by Linn » Tue May 16, 2006 11:44 pm

Maggie Mae wrote:Wanted to also add....what's up with the MEDIA blitz at Morgellon's Foundation...lots and lots of delays and small small town - do they really exist- published is it that even Enquirer has not picked up on this??? Total control, for sure.

Maggie, It is quite normal for there to be repeated delays when one of the major networks is doing a story.
I know from an other story that happened in my home town with people I know, kept getting delayed (I think 3-4 times for about a year), but it did finally air. I am not sure what the behind the scenes reasons are for this.

Maybe they want to make sure they get all the facts straight. And maybe people bowed out of an interview. Has any one been asked to be interviewed?
Take Care,
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~ George washington Carver

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Post by RANDY » Wed May 17, 2006 12:48 am

Tam is srewing with you and continues to screw with you feeling in his mind that he is a NAZI superior and you are nothing but uneducated diseased dirt in his eyes so that is why he treats you as such.

Why do you allow yourself to even answer him?

Is it not clear that he KNOWS NOTHING therefore can TELL NOTHING.
YOu gonna pay him for WHAT?????? Geeesh there London girl!

Here I will be him:

The cell within the body can project outward, therfore allowing quorum sensing to be detected by chemicals outside the body. Write and tell all your bring a legal case against the air.

He is a friggin computer progam.

Wake up people. Neither him nor Cilla have responded to my request to talk to any of my scientist. I wonder why? Cause they are PHONEY BALONEY'S.

When will you guys get it! So sad to sit and watch this.

Love to all!

Randy (Watching in disbelief.)

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Morgellan's Disease--Could it be the Horsehair Worm?

Post by foreign devil » Wed May 17, 2006 2:42 am

Hi everyone: I'm new to the forum and I must tell you I don't suffer from this but came across a description recently and was intrigued. The hairlike bits seem to have a life of their own when you go to grab them. I went researching and came across descriptions of the common Horsehair
Worm which lives where there are damp leaky sinks or faucets, the edges of streams and so on. Normally they aren't invasive. But what if something has caused some of them to become invasive? I don't mean to intrude on what for those of you suffering from this must be an extremely sensitive subject but as I suffer from gout and have crystals around certain parts of my extremities, feet and so on, I felt a bit of a kinship and wanted to share my idea. I was in contact with a scientific organization which studies these things and she wrote me back they had considered the Horsehair Worm:

"From: NUSPA Skin Parasites <[email protected]>
>To: Elizabeth Coote <[email protected]>
>Subject: Re: Possible theoyr for Morgellon's disease
>Date: Sun, 14 May 2006 23:17:16 -0700 (PDT)
>Hi Elizabeth;
> Thank you for sharing this information with us, we have long thought the horsehair worm could be the culprit for the unidentified skin parasite. On our main web site we cited it as a possibility sometime ago, here is the link for the page, including a conversation I had with a nematologist about it. Take a look, let me know what you think. Again thanks for writing. Lois - NUSPA"

I suggest if anyone finds this of any value that you read up on that particular worm, contact this organization for further information if it makes sense and if I find out any more I'll drop back and leave it on the thread.

Again, I apologize if anyone thinks I'm being insensitive by barging in with information you may already have, but I felt it might trigger an idea in someone and could be useful.

Best wishes.

foreign devil in Toronto


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