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Post by Skytroll » Thu Apr 27, 2006 3:14 pm

B subtilis was used by agriculture, also.

So, mix a bacteria with a yeast, cervisceae

Makes what?

So on your first link, what is that bacterium?

Now, wasnt' it Nicolson who was involved with the original Aids construct?

But, then GWS hit his family.

Will see if I can find that article.


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Post by standby » Thu Apr 27, 2006 3:45 pm

RANDY wrote:
If you mention Morgellons you will never get any help. The CDC has put out a warning to doctors that we are crazy. I told you my cousin told me that. (He threw out that notice.) So NEVER mention Morgellons if you want help. NEVER!

Not my experience at all. The CDC has not put out a warning that we are crazy. NO WAY!

This is just your perspective based on your 'personal experience' and your cousins perspective of your own situation. Your continued relentless effort to say the mere mention of Morgellons makes us look crazy only effects you personally.
What your cousin said to you holds no merit based on all the patients who do have doctors willing to treat them.

If your mindset that a title and a foundation is the reason for your lack of proper treatment ...... then that mindset may very well continue to be your reason for lack of proper treatment.

For me and many others the positive generated awareness in the medical community and a positive mental attitude has resulted in compassion and treatment and NOT BECAUSE I am thought to be crazy.

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Post by Skytroll » Thu Apr 27, 2006 3:55 pm


Here is the article about Garth Nicholson's involvement in the Aids virus:
In 1973, we find that world scientist, Garth Nicolson reports on his project, "Role of the Cell Surface in Escape From Immunological Surveillance." His report is accompanied by seven published papers. Dr. Nicolson worked in conjunction with the Special Virus program from 1972 until 1978. Dr. Nicolson is considered by some to be Dr. Gallo's "West Coast" counterpart. It is strongly held that because of Dr. Nicolson, Dr. Robert Gallo and Dr. Luc Montagnier would secretly meet in Southern California to coordinate what they would and would not say about the special virus development program.

A little history goes a long way.

Here is an article not found in mainstream, of course.

Atypical Polio Epidemic - Rampant and Covered-up ... 9058.shtml

History needs to be told, before many of these things can be found.


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Post by RANDY » Thu Apr 27, 2006 5:41 pm

MY posts are not showing up? I posted thsi three times this will be the forth.

First of all THE BIBLE CODE might not be so off topic at all..and to answer about Morgellons....even ER on TV made fun of us and that is National.
And the PRIMETIME show was cancelled due to whatever reason and my doctor who I do not know personally said "Oh parastie people that never traveled outside the USA...I have heard of you." So please do not get on my case about how Morgellons can hurt us. It can and that is a fact! I am not against them finding out something.....when they finally do.
So far they have nothing and keep going in circles as far as research is concerned. All they ahve done is make themselves famous. And I can have my opinion. This is the USA.

Like I asked..Is there a test for this ACE thing? YES OR NO? Plain and SIMPLE? IF yes..I will get it tomorrow..if not..why not. Simple question.

Martin and Schwartz may know something but in reality they know very little and I know Schwartz personally.

What concrete stuff do we know? Concrete facts.

I know that Gold Bond Powder and Blistex does heal the lesions. I know that taking an anti-fungal, an antibiotic and an anti-parasitic when you first get this at three month intervals will help you 80%.

I know that this turns into other things.

That it MAY cause non-caseating granulomas that mask themselves as Sarcoidosis.

That it DOES cause a high C-reacttive Protein that can cause you to have a heart attack if not monitored.

That it MAY have tons of cell wall deficient bacterias that come across as LYME.

I know that it builds up H-Pylori bacteria which can cause stomach cancer without ever having acid reflex as a sign.


These are thing I do know.

I do know you need to get your blood work done each year inclusive of thyroid eading and for women check your female readings too and definately everyone check for C-reactive protein.

So there is a bit of knowledge without tons of fancy words or searching endlessly for stuff no one can make out on the internet and looking at videos no one can make sense of and experts say are bogus and unscientific.

Also TAM never called it goes both ways and he does nto answer direct questions about his what is good for the goose.

I have a vested interest in this condition. I have it, my mom has it , my brother has it. And it is slowly killing us all...and until you read the Bible not put it is the Torah..and that means a lot to many intelligent countries and nations and presidents of the World.

And if we can not have some fun along with the research...who made you G_D?

In closing: KEEP IT SIMLPLE. Tell me what it is and how we can test for it if you know what it is. The rest is BULL.

Also My friend will call about Tams video but to be honest with you after we got the results from our experts she did nt feel the need to talk to Tam for she was told his video made no sense except to define what everyone already knew and not define what he was claiming. Probabaly the same reason PRIMETIME never talked to him and never did the show.

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Post by Skytroll » Thu Apr 27, 2006 5:52 pm


Bible code is interesting. But, whose code? Who was paid to come up with the Bible Code? I am just asking, I do not know.

If we do not understand History of medicine, psychology, scientist's protocol, how can we determine what is real?

I know this on my skin is real, so do you and your family. I think there are many different ways we are sick, for different reason, but, there is a main thing going on, and that is what we aim to find.

We are in the 21st Century, now, and like South says what we we know now is actually 10 - 30 years old.

The newest stuff, of which many are looking, is where the current stuff will be handled. One follows the other.

There is a pattern, now, one needs to see the blueprint, to find out how to make the dress.


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Post by RANDY » Thu Apr 27, 2006 5:53 pm

Skytroll wrote:Bt Bear and Randy, Uk guy,

So, bacteria-BT, strep, staph, Multitudes of them being used as microbial fermentation to break down anything, pollution, waste, etc.
Put into worms, to eat other insects. but is bioengineered, clones etc. NOT NATURAL.
Then along comes yeast.........candida
Fermentation processes.........
Then along comes viruses....polio, diptheria, etc.
Then along comes fungus......diplos,
And finally mold.........

Now, to hook the amoeba to the protozoa, that is the big question..........

Dr. Martin has found the diseases in between, as I belive Dr. Swartz has.

I think this is what is happening......If one still follows the germ -theory of Pasteur, then it is a program the govt can use, remember this happened after Roosevelt, who had polio, was never given the vaccine. too late........Please look at this people.........he got it in a lake.

We have to look at history and find the missing holes. This whole genetic targeting is wrong, because it is not about genes, proteins, it is about bacteria.......the beginning of the destructive proces in our bodies.

It is about being clean inside. The diseases we are seeing cannot be labeled in a box, because it is the result of a process. In between each part of the process is the disease.

Fermentation has stopped. I cannot believe that doctors out there have never considered this.

I believe they have, but the protocols mandated by government have stopped any investigation into this matter.

If someone could answer this. Why are so many children with muscular dystrophy dying in this century at the ages of 13 and 14, when many who are older are still living in their 50's, 60'. etc?

What has happened and has happened before?
Polio was let loose. How did that happen?

Water............Bacteria in water began to ferment, because of yeast, fungus, because an overabundance of fungus has been sprayed to kill imported weeds, so the process of the earth fermenting has begun. If we cannot correct the ph balance of the earth, I cannot believe that Mr. Gore has not written about this, then the next process will begin on earth. It is in the is not being eaten by anything, because it is poison, the process stops here and the destruction begins.
Diseases are forming, but, CDC is still looking at one germ theory.

By using bacteria, yeasts, fungus to kill pests, in the wrong manner, even though it has digestible parts, is not the answer. Cleaning is about the correct bacteria, now we have the problem with the algae. it all comes back to the algae.

Just what is algae? What process does it do?

Martin's whole idea of viteria is the basis.

Bacteria/viruses now to the next level. So, if one uses the one germ theory, one will never arrive at the cause of what we have.

One has to think differently. It is all about thinking it out. The process, life is a process.

This disease is breaking down our cell, which is setting the stage for the next part of the process of life/ or destruction.

So, we need to find where in the process we are.

bacteria stage, yeast stage, fungal stage, viral stage, fungus/bacteria mix - algae.

Now, bring in the altered genes, and one mess is creating another mess.

It is a process.


Very logical and well put together post. I do not want you to think that I answered the other post and did not see this. Really good post..all of it..

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Post by RANDY » Thu Apr 27, 2006 6:09 pm


Bible code is interesting. But, whose code? Who was paid to come up with the Bible Code? I am just asking, I do not know.

Quickie lesson:

The BIBLE code is the deciphered cryptology of the Torah. What is the Torah. It is the first books of the BIBLE given to Moses when he was talking to G_D. Now some say that G_D gave him the Torah letter by letter and for years all those Jewish people that you see with the curly side burns , wearing black and carrying diamonds (little joke there) have spend centuries copying down the Torah word by word and many of the times that non-Jews have tried to kill off societies of Jewish people they also tried to get this Torah and destroy it or have it for themselves.

Now we have computers and it is pretty safe from ever being lost in its original form.

Why is it so important?

Well...many very prominient scholars and especially those prominient in math such as Eliyahu Rips,WeissmandlTuring Von Nueman, Alonzo ChurchPenros and others who lead the world in CODE breaking also have , to some of their dismay, found out what most Rabbis have known for years.

The letter by letter Word of G_d given to Moses has within it everythng that has ever happened to the World and everything that will ever happen to it. There is a computer program now that can help you look for things if you can read Hebrew.

AND THE WORD WAS G_D..line in the Bible...THE WORD is the TORAH that MOSES was given. It has the beginning of time to the end of time encoded in the letters.

I have asked some people to help me get in touch with those that know the code to ask them if they can look up Plague, 2006, skin lesions, Morgellons etc but so far I have had no luck.

If you understand how a code works it is really complicated like ENIGMA was. But the next thing that the Code predicts that we have been told is that China will become deomcratic and then Natenyehu( please excuse the spelling) will be killed and then we have about 3 years left untilwe blow ourselves up.

So every time I hear about scares the beegeebers out of me since I read the two Bible Codes when they first came out which was years ago.

Anyone out there a computer genius??????Anyone have the program to look up our illness..I just had a thought. When I search for VanEedne it came up that he was a computer genius and he does write cryptic. Maybe he has a computer program and is just reciting what the Bible Code is telling us in Cryptic talk....would that not be a kick?

Hey Tam you have the Bible code program?

Would not that be funny!!!!!


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Post by Linn » Thu Apr 27, 2006 6:28 pm

skytroll: So on your first link, what is that bacterium?

Yes the bacteria you mentiones B subtilis
but this alone is not pathogenic.

I think this may be significant, since its a model bacterium commonly used.

B. subtilis as a model organism
B. subtilis has proven highly amenable to genetic manipulation, and has therefore become widely adopted as a model organism for laboratory studies, especially of sporulation, which is a simplified example of cellular differentiation. In terms of popularity as a laboratory model organism B. subtilis is often used as the Gram-positive equivalent of Escherichia coli, an extensively studied Gram-negative rod.

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Post by Skytroll » Thu Apr 27, 2006 6:29 pm


Thank you for that description and the compliment.

Also, something to do with "A Pale Horse" that should be green?

Would that help with interpretation?

Seems to have something to do with something?


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Post by Doc44 » Thu Apr 27, 2006 6:42 pm

Skytroll wrote:Randy,

Seems to have something to do with something?


Well you certainly cleared that up with some specific facts.


I think the three wise men had it too. Thats why they had all those extract oils with them.

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Post by London » Thu Apr 27, 2006 9:44 pm

Hi lil Lynne,

I was worried about you. Great job w/ the links sista! Yep, the good
old Bacillus. You know we can simplify all this by one word:


I couldn't have said it better myself:

"Friendly" bacteria make terrific insecticides. But just a few genes separate the good guys from the bad guys

GIVE or take a few bits of mobile DNA, the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), B. cereus and B. anthracis are all the same species, biologists believe. If you're thinking "so what?", then consider this: Bt is sprayed over crops in vast quantities and B. anthracis is the bug that causes anthrax.

Small genetic differences have so far maintained the distinction that makes B. anthracis a notorious human pathogen and Bt merely a useful pest control bug. However, Bacillus expert Lars Andrup of the National Institute of Occupational Health in Copenhagen has identified a novel gene-swapping system that enables Bt to exchange an unusually wide variety of DNA with other Bacillus cells. The potential for spawning very dangerous strains and unleashing them into the environment is clearly there, he says.
So why use Bt at all? For one thing, it is a highly successfully pesticide. Bt makes a toxin that kills ... ... 422072.800

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Post by London » Thu Apr 27, 2006 9:54 pm

Yep, The Tam Tam knows ..........

So you got your anthrax, throw in a lil mixture that Tam Tam says,
the genetically modified organisms, then of course release a GM mite and a couple of different GM Collembola.......

and we are having big fun!



Rhizosphere competent fluorescent pseudomonads are ideal candidates for
utilization in agri-industrial applications such as biocontrol and bioremediation.
Direct links between biocontrol efficacy and production of anti-microbial
compounds have emerged via utilization of recombinant DNA technology.
Production of antimicrobial 2,4-diacetylphloroglucinol (Phl) is the central
mechanism utilized by P. fluorescens F113 in biocontrol. Innovative design
strategies based on reprogramming regulatory mechanisms via functional
genomics can be employed to improve biocontrol efficacy of Pseudomonas
inoculants. Furthermore Pseudomonads can be used as ideal carriers for
polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) degradative genes. Novel rhizoremediation
derivatives of P. fluorescens F113 are being developed in which PCB degradative
genes are regulated by specific root-exudate components to allow for controlled
degradation in contaminated biosystems. However, public concerns as to the
biosafety of genetically modified bacterial strains in the environment must be
considered. Developments in molecular microbial technology have facilitated
assessment as to the impact of bacterial inoculants on soil-borne non-target
microbial communities. Genetically modified derivatives of P. fluorescens F113
had no significant influence on indigenous soil microbiota. in vivo expression
technology can now be utilized to improve monitoring of both survival and
activity of GM microbial inoculants in the environment. Signalling occurring
between microbial population in the environment must also be considered in
order to evaluate novel GM microbial inoculants. Unidentified signal molecules
produced by the phytopathogen Pythium downregulate genes in P. fluorescens. A
novel gene espR, influential in rhizosphere fitness has been identified in P.
fluorescens. Innovative design systems based on genomic technologies can be
adopted to improve GM bacteria facilitating biosafety and subsequent registration
of microbial plant products used in environmental biotechnology applications
such as biocontrol and bioremediation

PS: We can't forget the "bloggers' toilet tissue either !!!


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