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Post by Skytroll » Tue Apr 25, 2006 10:31 pm


Now, who started the global warming in the first place? Wasn't it around 1972 they decided something had to be done, because it was caused by pesticide use? Silent Spring had a lot to do with it, then out came "Earth in the Balance" and now another book coming out by one who likes biocomputers.


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Post by London » Tue Apr 25, 2006 11:01 pm

Sky, that's bad, but true. Is the gypsy moth the same as the diamond moth? This moth, they have it written in documents that is is resistant
to the pesticides.

Befour, Please look into is important.....the Orkin Man told me here in Dallas that A&M did create and release these flies and now they do not know how to stop them......

Here’s what I’m thinking:

As I have stated before ( and this is my personal opinion ) The fish> seafood is toxic. Did you know this fact here:

Most of the 160 million tonnes of nitrogen used as fertiliser annually ends up in the sea? .When these tiny plants growing on the ocean surface sink to the bottom and decompose, they use up all the oxygen and suffocate other marine life. And, I will add this as well: The more nitrogen in the sea ONLY MEANS MORE ALGEA BLOOMS.

The algae is the problem. It is suffocating everything.

TOXIC SEAFOOD?. Do you realize how many people rely on this? I read not too long ago that around 20% of the world intake of animal proteins are from fish! (give or take2-3%) So many people also "depend on the fishing" as a means for their livlihood. I tried to warn people about this and am still trying to now. What do ya think the nitrogen does to the fish? Maybe some cancer polyps in their gills? Nitrogen may be good for the land but it sure is not for the sea!

What else is better believe this.....the water> I have not studied/ read up on this new article I found to give the details of it but I drink distilled water and that is the part I skimmed. Said it was not even the best.....that contaminants, particles, etc., that do not boil/ will remain in the settlement, etc?

But my word????? They say the chlorine is toxic when mixed with certain dietary things. They have been hiding this from us ( I believe ).
Look it up- I think it will shock you. Both micro waved foods and cell phone usage are horrible on the human body/

Global warming??? Do you know the profit that Exxon makes per day?
Do you know they are one of the biggest contributors to global warming?
And if you think the water is bad now, just wait 5 more years and see what the increase in temperatures does to it?

We are a world with a big toxic mess that you and I have no idea how bad it really is. Just how much they are covering up.

The chemtrails and the particles they drop from space are simply to counteract global warming. They are trying to make what they call global cooling…….Why has the USA not complied with their end of the bargain……to eradicate the pollutions from the big Companies???? Why not??? Because of greed. Greed
Of money.

This is all about GM crops and the transgenic crops and what is the problem here? Well not only is it the GM Collembola that they used……oh, yeah they DID: I have proof of this…….

But it has now produced a horrible thing that blows it’s spores all over the place and takes up
root and just grows anywhere…..and thie kicker to this????? They can’t stop it!!

They call it the superweed!!

So you see, this is not only about bt endotoxin poisoning which is the same as anthrax, but there is more too. Many more pesticides that are exacerbating our health problems. The whole world’s ecological
System is now in a state of dismal turmoil.

During the Industrial Revolution, climate and environment have started changing
mainly due to agricultural and industrial practices. Through population growth, fossil fuel
burning, and deforestation, there has been mixture of gases in the atmosphere that affect
human life. Gases are released in the atmosphere and they want us to think it is all our fault- humans, but they know the big companies they let/ urge them to produce these pollutants.
The levels of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone have significantly
increased in the past ten years. Wait and see people, this has something to do with COAL and Lignite. Which I believe is related to the chitonase gene and the tobacco plant.

The run- off of the agricultural fiasco with their poisonous anthrax and other chemicals that have seeped
Into not only our oceans, bur our drinking water systems.

You mix this with the agency that I believe is far worse than the CDC……called the FDA
And their lies then you got a bad party going on…….

You know that disease that is running rampant and ever so on the increase? Cancer! They love it b/c it makes them
Money…….and this is what it is all about. Greed and Money.

They have used the genetically modified organisms for so many agricultural things.
To grow crops, to eradicate stuff too. I have proof they have engineered and turned 4 things loose

Into our environment……..3 of the 4 are Collembola species and they have also turned a gm mite loose.

And don’t forget what I said about the cancer and the FDA and the Pharmaceutical Mafia……this has something to do about a man they sent to prison b/e of his experimental use of a proven cancer fighting drug

Called 714 X and the Rife machine……..Look it up/ check it out……go googling like I did
Here, read this:…

As is obvious, the state of American medicine is horrifying. Millions of people are being sacrificed in the name of greed. Most of what is spent in Western medicine produces mainly suffering and death. As Robert Mendelsohn brilliantly laid it out in his Confessions of a Medical Heretic, the God of Western Medicine is death. If a person wants to meet their maker, and soon, then they should submit to modern medicine’s ministrations. Barry Lynes, who also wrote the definitive book on Rife, in his heartfelt and thoughtful monograph Helping the Cancer Victim, summed up the obstacles in bringing sanity to the world of cancer treatment. He wrote,
"The crafting of new cancer laws will require great care and wisdom. The selection of unbiased, competent witnesses will be a difficult task, especially when orthodox medicine begins pushing its political weight around to stop the process, to silence the voices of change, to water down any proposed legislation, to continue…the killing.
"The outcries against the proposed new cancer laws will be loud, emotional and designed to distract attention from the real questions and legitimate health concerns. The behind-the-scenes actions by the Medical Monopolists will be cold, calculating and brutal. Too much money is at stake to imagine that this conflict will be anything but bloody, with good and evil having a monumental showdown before it is over."[245]
Amen Barry, Amen


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Post by Skytroll » Tue Apr 25, 2006 11:55 pm

We see on one side of this equation global warming, UN, World Government Environmental "Tree of Life" v.s. The New World Order, synthetic pharmaceutical, govts, university intellectuals, and then throw in the Institutes, Labs, and Professors fighting it out on college campuses.

Meanwhile, the people, in the middle, are the targets, the experiments, from both sides.

Ecolocgical, Environmental, Evolutionists vs.
Nano, Scaler, Synchotron, and together, the pharmaceutical, universities, governments picking sides.

So when did they join forces. Old ties to the old countries, I assume. Right/left intellectuals, with all their think tanks, Institutions, Foundations, Universities, Labs, all tied in to Sustainable Living for those not affected, because of genetic makeup.

Who is more right? Who really cares about man/woman?

Who rises above either of these because they have ethics? Because they believe that man is a gift.

They are out there. Am finding a few.

One has to look beyond the disinformation on both sides, to find them. They have no motives in mind, other than to heal people. Those are who we would like to deal with.

It isn't about money, it is about our very existence.

So, either right or left, it matters not, when people are dying from this because of seizures from parasites, or seizures from too many ELF's.

The sooner more of you recognize this, and the power to destroy is on both sides, the sooner we can find those who really care about mankind.


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Post by London » Wed Apr 26, 2006 12:19 am


I thought the UN were the NMO, no? I dunno......but I bet you the Bushes and the Bin Ladens and the Bayors all know.......

I was just stunned when I read how the FDA is in with the pharmaceutical
mafia. They are liers!!!! and so is the NIH!!!!

so we've been exposed to ANTHRAX plus other toxins that are horrible.
did you know that women have a higher preveoance of DDT in thier system then men? Fat tissue, I'm assuming.

and I have found that the ocean does have Arsenic in it too.

This all boils down to Monsanto, starlink and that other co. (I can't think of the name at monent.

but you're right....this pesticide genocide is curtesy of NWO!!!!!

and like I posted about a week and half ago- right after the Tam appeared.....was a hyperlink to horrible thinks that they give the animals.

I can't velieve that no one thoought that was significant. They have given the animals that we've eaten so many antibiotics.....this is why we have became antibiotic resistant!!!!

I have seen ( I believe it is in the same doc. I have of the Collembola) where they have cloned a friggin bovine lung with this mess. I don't understand it yet, but I will work on it.

Guess we can stay away from beef, from goats, sheeps and the Chickens.
oops, that only leaves seafood. Nope, that's out.

so is cotton, Hawaiis' Papayas, California's rape seed , Cali's beets......

I guess I'm going to join Jenny Craig......not that I need to but damn, what is safe to eat??? also, I heard to stay away from the bananas.

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Post by London » Wed Apr 26, 2006 5:47 am

I remember saying that I had read where they were planning on going to Mars once before.....check this out.:

Development Of A Useful Mars Airplane Exploration At NASA Ames Research Center

Aeronautical Engineering Department
An airborne platform is well suited to exploration of planetary bodies with atmospheres, such as Mars, Venus, and possibly Titan. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) are a high growth terrestrial technology area applicable to planetary science missions. An airplane’s range for exploration is greater than for surface platforms. Due to closer surface proximity, the resolution for airplane mounted instruments is greatly improved over orbiter mounted instruments. The variety of terrain accessible to an airplane is greater than for most surface platforms. An airplane is capable of correcting for atmospheric entry errors. The public outreach potential for an airplane mission is also very high. Airplane concepts have risks associated with deployment, flight conditions, and data return. These risks are being addressed through aggressive testing and technology development work, including flight tests in Mars-like conditions. The Mars airplane concept began in 1977 as a follow-on to the Viking project. Studies and tests were conducted at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and NASA / Ames Research Center’s (ARC) Dryden Facility. During the last seven years, the pace of development has accelerated rapidly due to work by an ARC team including Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo (SLO), and the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). These efforts have resulted in two Discovery Mission proposals from ARC and have spawned efforts from other teams, resulting in additional testing and mission proposals. The work has focused on four areas: 1) flight in severe and demanding aerodynamic conditions, 2) packaging the airplane for space travel, atmospheric entry, and deployment, 3) mission performance, and 4) data return. ARC has extensively studied the close interrelationship between these factors. Continued development of Mars airplanes at ARC and other locations, including more flight tests, will provide a useful tool for extraterrestrial robotic exploration and can provide capability augmentation for future human Mars exploration.

You see now why I said they were using the nanofibers to build a plane to defy gravity??????????

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Post by Skytroll » Wed Apr 26, 2006 7:00 am

We need a new biology:

Might take some rethinking, but us Morgellonites might be looking at Ace(Alternate Cellular Energy) Pigments and/or the wrong PH/Alkaline balance in our bodies.

The environment of our bodies, is like the environment of the world, itself, if the PH is off in our bodies and the earth. We have quite a dilemma.


"Modern" medicine, e.g., the medicine in vogue for the last seventy years does not treat chronic degenerative disease. It merely provides drugs, surgery etc. as forms of symptomatic relief. An aspirin does not treat anything; it just gives temporary relief, perhaps. What caused you to become ill in the first place with a disease of such and such a name?

Very good answers to questions such as these have been around for a long time. In a very real way, we are retracing our steps back through the history of medicine in the form of the resurgence of the so-called Holistic/Alternative/Medical Movement. To this day, there still is not a good word for these "Alternative" Therapies, in this country or anywhere else really. There has not been such a word for a very long time.

This division of knowledge, specialization, has resulted in isolated bits of knowledge with no meaningful connection. Yet, with today's allopathic-modern medicine for example, how can you be a specialist in, say, surgery, and not know about internal medicine, pharmacologyand of course anatomy, physiology, biology et. al.

The same is true of the other forms of medicine; homeopathy, acupuncture, natural childbirth, manipulative medicine, nutritional therapy, hydrotherapy, psychosomatic medicine, herbal medicine, and all the rest are not specialized areas of expertise either. They are interdependent.

They all belong together. That is what Wholistic means, not Holistic but Whole-istic. How can you be a doctor (or 'patient' trying to learn how to care for yourself) unless you at least know something about each of these different types of medicine?

If you put all these divided forms of medicine back together then, they work. Divided--there are "side effects".

We certainly have our share of "side effects"

Now, what we need to deal with are those unnatural "novel organisms" that have a life of their own.

And these are created under the pretext that one will be healed by proteins extracted from all kinds of living things to heal with, when it is the environment in the body that needs to be cleaned up.

Real Nature is not genetically modified.
Real nature need not be genetically altered.
Real foods can reproduce themselves, terminator seeds are not real natural seeds.

So, these things that are not natural to man, have created a burden for us. And yet the ph of the earth is off. So, even if I balanced the PH, there would still be a problem, there are organisms that attach to proteins, that can cause my own DNA to be altered, now, that is a problem.

So, how does one correct that without the additional
puzzle of determining just what "orphan" was created to produce even more disfunction in the human body.

So, now a created problem has arisen, now one must create the drugs, to fix that created problem,
drugs, that will have all kinds of genes, from animals, insects, worms, bacteria, flies, etc. that will be incorporated into our genes, to say, fix the problem.

Now, when the basis of our problem to begin with was a natural problem, that would have corrected itself with proper acid/alkaline balance, cleaning the body's environment would have been quite simple.

Gene specific therapy, from homeobox genes, the ones that are in us, the mouse, the drosophila, the c. elegans worm, the zebra fish, e-coli, because it has flagella and so on and so forth are to heal us when the construct was what?

What is so ironic here, is that the problems we encounter, are not gene related at all, but, some of the solutions are. Herein lies the dilemma.

When most of what we have is related to another species, because of it's genetic makeup, amoeba,
protist, symbionts, worm, fly, etc...... then we have
not only a genetically altering medicine going in us, but, we will have the bacteria still there and not being addressed.

Have we solved the problem?

Or are there different motives for creating gene-specific, Promoter, Reporter, Enhancement, Transfecting proteins into medicines that will make us adapt to a certain symbiosis of plants and animals. Then one can select what is necessary I would suppose.

So, to heal us there will have to be a series of more "orphans" to eat the other "orphans"

By using imported ants, imported Phorids to eat the fire ants, and then altering the phorid, because in this environment, they didn't work, and still don't work, so now a worm with symbiotic bacteria will eat or engulf the ant with a fibrous material is supposed to take care of the imported fire ants.

Like the purple strife plant that was imported, started causing problems, so import the Japanese beetle to an environment where it does not belong, then construct a worm to go after the Japanese beetle larvae and kill with a crytrallized bacteria that remains in the environment.

One disaster leads to another. Meanwhile the environment is bombarded with microbes, and bacterias, our bodies keep gathering it up, also.

Now when proteins from the envionment, bugs, worms, sense the created protein, genetically altered bacteria in us, or their counterparts from the "orphan" that was created, they will think we are them. So, we are supposed to let them select us and adapt? Or are we to adapt to them? Or, after adaptation will selectivity begin.

Just what are the motives of all this genoming, and genetic experiments for? Who will benefit in the end?

One wonders.

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Post by London » Wed Apr 26, 2006 1:01 pm

We are not going to get better if we keep eating the GM foods......but how do we stop? Also, the chickens, Cows and the sheeps and Goats are

the reason our world is becoming antibiotic resistant> they pumped them full of so many antibiotics which eventually went into us. The fish are now

a not good thing to consume; they're actually a death wish........The pesticides have ruined Mother Earth.........

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Post by Skytroll » Wed Apr 26, 2006 1:56 pm

Do you mean pesticides or insecticides?

Seems both have, the pesticides put pollution in ground and earth(chemical) and now the altered seeds, and insecticides have altered the soil and the surrounding areas of these farms. Biomonster
worms and bugs.

Some crops are grown for zoom zoom juice, to make one's car move down the road, while some are grown specifically for pharmaceutical products.

We will have no idea what is in the future drugs.
You notice ingredient lists not on, the long, long, long sheets one gets with drugs nowdays.

Insect juice, Bug juice, etc. Adaption.

I read somewhere, that if you wash all fruits and vegetables with apple cider vinegar and with hydrogen peroxide after that, and then with water through a filter, it will clean off any debris not washed off by producer.

I soak veg/fruits in vinegar for a short time, then do the rest. You can taste the real fruit.

Even oranges and grapefruit.

Seems to work, I can digest them better.


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Post by London » Wed Apr 26, 2006 3:01 pm


Thanks for the tip on washing the fruits and veggies. To answer your question as regards to insecticide or pesticides? I guess both....but they no longer can use insecticides. I thought they still did, but just changed the name to pesticides......something to do with how many chemicals make up the content ( i think) is what determines this....

But in particular, Skytroll, I am referring to a very toxic pesticed that they have used in California........It is called: dimethoate. They used in to get kill mites and somehow gave it to the cows to combat the botfly.

I dunno how they gave it to the cow though....i.e. what method.....

oh yeah, forgot to tell you it/ is one of these: ORGANOPHOSPHATES; it
is a word that our grandchildren will be reading about in the history books that killed us.......wait and see
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Post by Skytroll » Wed Apr 26, 2006 3:03 pm

The following is a basis for some argument for what is happening today. There are pros and cons but, a discussion without condemnation or threats
does bring us closer to the truth on such matters that have been ignored. If the basic premise is wrong, then, the contrived, planned action would be wrong, which could cause more damage than good.

In an article by Stephen Jay Gould about premises and dichotomies he discussed some important ideas.


"Kropotkin therefore created a dichotomy within the general notion of struggle – two forms with opposite import: (1) organism against organism of the same species for limited resources, leading to competition; and (2) organism against environment, leading to cooperation.

No naturalist will doubt that the idea of a struggle for life carried on through organic nature is the greatest generalization of our century. Life is struggle; and in that struggle the fittest survive. But the answers to the questions “by which arms is the struggle chiefly carried on!” and “who are the fittest in the struggle!” will widely differ according to the importance given to the two different aspects of the struggle: the direct one, for food and safety among separate individuals, and the struggle which Darwin described as “metaphorical” – the struggle, very often collective, against adverse circumstances."


What can we make of Kropotkin’s argument today, and that of the entire Russian school represented by him? Were they just victims of cultural hope and intellectual conservatism? I don’t think so. In fact, I would hold that Kropotkin’s basic argument is correct. Struggle does occur in many modes, and some lead to cooperation among members of a species as the best pathway to advantage for individuals. If Kropotkin overemphasized mutual aid, most Darwinians in Western Europe had exaggerated competition just as strongly. If Kropotkin drew inappropriate hope for social reform from his concept of nature, other Darwinians had erred just as firmly (and for motives that most of us would now decry) in justifying imperial conquest, racism, and oppression of industrial workers as the harsh outcome of natural selection in the competitive mode.

I would fault Kropotkin only in two ways – one technical, the other general. He did commit a common conceptual error in failing to recognize that natural selection is an argument about advantages to individual organisms, however they may struggle. The result of struggle for existence may be cooperation rather than competition, but mutual aid must benefit individual organisms in Darwin’s world of explanation. Kropotkin sometimes speaks of mutual aid as selected for the benefit of entire populations or species – a concept foreign to classic Darwinian logic (where organisms work, albeit unconsciously, for their own benefit in terms of genes passed to future generations). But Kropotkin also (and often) recognized that selection for mutual aid directly benefits each individual in its own struggle for personal success. Thus, if Kropotkin did not grasp the full implication of Darwin’s basic argument, he did include the orthodox solution as his primary justification for mutual aid.

More generally, I like to apply a somewhat cynical rule of thumb in judging arguments about nature that also have overt social implications: When such claims imbue nature with just those properties that make us feel good or fuel our prejudices, be doubly suspicious. I am especially wary of arguments that find kindness, mutuality, synergism, harmony – the very elements that we strive mightily, and so often unsuccessfully, to put into our own lives – intrinsically in nature. I see no evidence for Teilhard’s noosphere, for Capra’s California style of holism, for Sheldrake’s morphic resonance. Gaia strikes me as a metaphor, not a mechanism. (Metaphors can be liberating and enlightening, but new scientific theories must supply new statements about causality. Gaia, to me, only seems to reformulate, in different terms, the basic conclusions long achieved by classically reductionist arguments of biogeochemical cycling theory.)

There are no shortcuts to moral insight. Nature is not intrinsically anything that can offer comfort or solace in human terms – if only because our species is such an insignificant latecomer in a world not constructed for us. So much the better. The answers to moral dilemmas are not lying out there, waiting to be discovered. They reside, like the kingdom of God, within us – the most difficult and inaccessible spot for any discovery or consensus."

from: ... potkin.htm


Would that be the heart and soul?

The basis of our struggle in science. So, which is it?
Which would benefit mankind the most?

Which is created to prove the other is not correct?

Gould could see both as necessary, but, resides within, that would be what makes us different from the animals, I believe.


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Post by Cilla » Wed Apr 26, 2006 3:43 pm

Hi UK Guy,

The fibers should not be the main focus of our concern, as Tam tam has said this, and I am sure that he knows what he is talking about. Actually, I think he is the only one who really does know what he is talking about, and I would like to say 'thank you' once again to him, for his sincerity, his helpfulness and sheer steadfastness in explaining what is what with this strange condition.

That is not to say we should give no attention to the fibers, and Tam tam did provide some tips on how to apply certain substances to the lesions, which would allow the fibers to be removed, thus effecting lesion healing and normal skin immunity reasserting itself.

I think that Helen said more than you are recounting about the feathers. It could well be that what Randy says is right, in that the feathers have their origin in sleeping on feather pillows. If that is so, there is no real point in even photographing them. It is true that anything, including feathers, will adhere to a sticky scalp, or lesions elsewhere on the body.

I would like to know what Tam tam might say about this.

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Post by London » Wed Apr 26, 2006 3:45 pm

I used to love to read stuff like that Sky....but now it only confuses me...
Thank God we have you to interpret. for us.....

Here is what they have done.....for biocontrol and remediation they have used the Pseudonads.......the bacteria to act as a pesticide for the soil...
and yur right too about the's called Phl and is produced by the psuedomonads....


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