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Post by London » Thu Apr 13, 2006 4:57 pm

I don't know if this one page will open but check it out....

It is a description of the Anthrax spores with feathers! A

Bacterial Bomb- ... ZsrDPqfnuY

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Post by Linn » Thu Apr 13, 2006 5:07 pm

who did the highlighting in that?
well I have to go bring me stepdaughter to the orthodontist.
later gator :)
"How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of these".

~ George washington Carver

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Post by Maggie Mae » Thu Apr 13, 2006 5:09 pm

Lots of banter here lately...I've got a few questions...

#1. WHY can't we have our own little Trekky convention...maybe everyone actually come together in one location....and "compare notes" - I have to believe it would be quite spectacular. I have suggested this and wonder why this has not already taken place.

#2. Why is it a select few - most without access to the big bucks for research - most not related to physicians - some being ex-druggies, or current druggies....understandable is my contention they KNEW who they were infecting so that we would have very limited resources or support and make proving our infection more difficult.

I am wondering if anyone has been tested for Leishmanisis, or Oncho....they say actually finding Leish. is very they are on some time schedule themselves as to where they are in the body.

If you all are going to form this group to brainstorm....why not all in ONE place.... (even for an evening or weekend - opening event kinda thing....)is this not feasible....not possible....what????? We could make it someplace convenient for the most people....give plenty of time to save the $$ for travel - I mean I would BORROW it if I had to, and in all these many years now, how come all of us have NEVER met up anywhere, anytime. What happened to power in bout a protest in Atlanta in front of the CDC - signs, enough visible evidence to make our case....
The freakin' Mexicanos can get their s...t together in a heartbeat....explain to me why not us....


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Post by London » Thu Apr 13, 2006 5:15 pm

Hi, Maggie. Great idea, you organize it, I'll be there! No dobt, I will get there even if it means going to Europe!

Now check this out, will you people?

Regarding ”modern man”, Meyer-Rochow continued to be an active member of a Finnish group,
including Drs. M. Timonen, K. Viilo, H. Hakko, P. R¨as¨anen a.o.), researching causes and reasons
for people to commit suicides in northern Finland
. One important result of this line of research has
been that patients[color=black] suffering from atopic disorders
were significantly more involved in successful
suicides during the first half of the year (spring and early summer) than non-atopic patients. It was suggested that pro-inflammatory cytokines could be responsible agents, since they are known to be
released at the time of allergic hypersensitivity reactions and, in addition to contributing to allergic
inflammations, are also known to be capable of activating both sympathetic nervous system and
hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axes; thus, fostering depressions, which are well known to be a

See page 68 of this document: ... _06_05.pdf

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Post by London » Thu Apr 13, 2006 5:26 pm

What fusion, laser and labs can do is just mind boggling...... ... tation.pdf

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Post by London » Thu Apr 13, 2006 5:34 pm

I know I have put a lot of info out here just today, but there it is....I'm tired of looing at it. This will be the last one......

Synchronization of rotating flagella by hydrodynamic interactions

Bacterial Flagellar Dynamics, Polymorphism, and Conformational Spread ... ntID=38915

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Tired of being told "we are working on it?"

Post by Sabrina » Thu Apr 13, 2006 5:57 pm

I apologize for my inadequacies concerning medical political etiquette. :roll: However I find no reason to protect any doctor that witnessed this freakish symptom on my child just to turn him away telling us there was no need to come back. No referral was even provided. This lack of compassion was of her own choosing. I am just sharing my experience for a service I was charged for because the money I had to pay provided one whammy of a reality check for me. I have every right to be angry as hell. :evil:

I now quote a fellow sufferer because I cannot say it quite as eloquently as this and I feel the exact same way.

“I do want to “highly commend” the hand full of true healers still in the medical profession, that have needed “only a patients plea for help” to see the need, and willingly render care. I grew up, the same as most people, believing that all doctors are our heroes, now I find, that respected title of reverence, is due, but to only to a few. They have proven their worth by there deeds of kindness. To us, there place is in the right hand of god, and justly so.” ~rhorn789

If I am going about his the wrong way by exposing questionable ethical practices, then please tell me what I must do to progress. I am just trying to be honest here and I do not know what else to do because so far nothing has worked. :cry: The clock continues to tic, this stuff spreads quickly on the body, and neurological symptoms have been evident in me for some months now.

I have now been contemplating continuing self treatment. Been putting it off because I am scared and quite frankly in disbelief about what I have to do to go about this. :shock: Many tears have been shed over the only option I see remaining. I am about to be literally treated like an animal. Others before me have gone down this route for the same reasons, I am not alone. Ivermectin and Biltricide can be obtained in a store that caters to animals. Dr. Schwartz and others have been having success with this combination. I would like to add it to the Septra I still take. Does anyone out there have any other alternative for me that they can think of? Just thought I would ask because I really do not want to do this.

I guess I’ll be off to research how to convert animal dosages to human ones now. Wish I would have paid attention in math class. Hope I get it right!


Thank you for your hard work in putting your video together and continued correspondence with all of us here. :D

You asked me some questions months ago and I am sorry I never responded. Guess I was not ready to answer because I got very disturbed because, you were correct. Yes, the time frame you gave does fit with me, it is possible.

I believe you asked questions in regards to biopsy reports if I remember correctly.

“University of Pittsburgh Physicians
Dermapathology Report

Patient History:
The patient is a //// year old //////// with a punch biopsy of the left wrist. R/O Morgellons R/O Prurigo nodularis

Final Diagnosis:
Skin, left wrist, excision
Excoriated urticarial reaction

Examination of the specimen reveals an urticarial process with an ulcer with a neutrophilic infiltrate and reactive blood vessels at the base of the ulcer. There are reactive changes noted in the other dermal vessels associated with pervascular lymphocytic infiltrate, with some increase in mast cells and dermal edema. These findings are consistint with uticaria. The epidermis is not hyperplastic and does not reveal hyperkeratosis or parakeratosis and the dermis does not show changes of prurigo nodularis. Therefore changes noted in the biopsy appear to be that of an acute external process.

I would prefer not to comment on the entity of Morgellons disease, but this case does seem to have urticarial etiology with superimposed excoriation. Please see also this link for more information on that disease entity.

Thankyou for consulting me with this interesting case. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any further assistance

Dermalopathologist Drazen M, Jukic M.D. Ph.D.
Fellow/Chief Resident ………”

The only thing I can say about this report is that it is entirely impossible. My derm knew it too and that is why she refered me to an I.D. doctor and not a shrink. Medical records back this up. Can you believe they sent me that link???? :shock: Perception, once again falls short of reality! :cry:

Did you know about the feathers?

Will you please give us more information on your last three posts? I do not understand what you are trying to convey.

Thank you.

Dear Skytroll,

You are one of my biggest heroes! 8) You are relentless and I admire you very much.

Moving on…….Thank you for posting the links to our prospective laboratories. Have we decided which one to use? Twenty bucks shouldn’t be too hard for us to come up with. How many people should we include? I think we need to contact the labs via phone and tell them what we plan to do. Gosh, we need to be careful how we tell them, wouldn’t want to get the same response as our doctors give us. What are we going to tell them???

I’d like to see at least five or more of us send samples in from our locations and have a comparison done in addition to the DNA analysis. UK Guy posted how his came out and that is exactly what mine does too, we have something in common and perhaps the lab could find out what that commonality is. I have never even been close to the UK however I did live in California for three years and visited the Bay area often. Those Rice-a-Roni trolleys are so darn cute!!!

I have yet one more thing to ask of you Skytroll. It seems Cilla’s doctor friend is interested in the neurological aspects of this disease. I know how bad this has you Sky, I have not forgotten what you shared with me. The good doctor could have a field day with you. Would you share this with him? I know it is a lot to ask and very personal, however, somebody needs to know what is going on and this person shows an interest. How about that one Sky, somebody has finally showed an interest, that feels good!

To All,

I love to see you all work so productively on this e-book you all are creating. :D Keep it up. QH, nice to offer your special help! Anything I can do to help please let me know.

How much would it cost to get a BIG add put in the N.Y. Times?



People talk about something that looks like a “starfish” although I cannot relate as I have never seen anything like that. Could this be related to the squid? Just a “groovy” :roll: thought.

Earth ~ bug/worm
Air ~ bird/feather
Fire ~ ?
Water ~ squid/starfish

I could be way off base. Do not know what the hell to think anymore.

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Not sitting back and waiting anymore

Post by Sabrina » Thu Apr 13, 2006 6:27 pm


“For some time now, scientists have known that a variant of ApoL-1 is not neutralized by Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense. This truncated ApoL-1 variant can help to overcome the parasite that infects our body, but only when it is present in very high concentrations. The challenge for the researchers was to get this truncated ApoL-1 variant efficiently to the place where it is needed: onto the surface of the parasite.

Nanobody carries ApoL-1 variant to the parasite

Under the direction of Serge Muyldermans and Patrick De Baetselier, VIB researchers have previously produced a nanobody (a very small antibody) that targets and binds to the parasite very specifically (Stijlemans et al., 2004). Toya Nath Baral and his VIB colleagues have now succeeded in coupling this nanobody to the abbreviated ApoL-1 variant. This creates a special product that binds immediately to the parasite and thus brings the ApoL-1 variant to the place where it can carry out its neutralizing action.

All the tests performed on mice have been very promising: Trypanosome-infected mice survive after 1 treatment. The parasite is removed from the blood and all effects associated with the disease disappear. There is every indication that this substance can also counteract Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense in humans − sparing them from African sleeping sickness.”

Snip ... leID=23853

Could this “NANOBODY” be promising for our cure or treatment too?


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Post by Skytroll » Thu Apr 13, 2006 7:28 pm


Yes, I would be willing to talk to a scientist, doctor, or neurologist.

I do think that many things are going on, and that there are nerves involved, and a whole body approach to healing with many specialized medicines in an integrated manner would be what we are searching.

Sometime, it seems so big, but, I do believe there are people out there, who know, what direction to go, to help us. Sometimes, we do not recognize their expertise, until some discussion ensues.

Here, is where we will move forward. Our intellect, and emotions are not the cause of this, for sure,
but something physiological, and possibly neurological and neuromuscular is. Our skin is connected to so many systems in our body. That is why I believe almost all anatomy systems are involved. Even fluids in our body, pores seem involved, hair shafts, muscles, nerves, joints, but, especially sensor cells. We feel movement, we feel spikes, we feel stabs, we even feel liquid moving.

The sensory cells seem also to indicate a concern in our electrical balance, and there seems to be hormone related issues. A type of biophysics interaction could be going on.

Well, I must move on to more reading.......and


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Re: Tired of being told "we are working on it?"

Post by John Kern » Thu Apr 13, 2006 8:09 pm

Sabrina wrote:Dear John Kern,

You are a breath of fresh air, thanks for joining us.

OMG what a find you found!!! Can you please post the photo? I’ll see if my library can get that book for me. Too ironic wouldn’t you say?

On the scientific method….

This is what I have come up with so far and need your opinion. See below.

Is this what you mean? With respect, what is the point in doing this? What will be accomplished? Probably more than I think, right? I just need some reassurance before I plunge anymore deeply in this wonderful world of science.

Fiber Experiment #1 ~ Shower fibers
April, 12 2006

The scientific method.

Repeat ... node6.html

I will perform detailed observation on the fibers that have a hair like appearance. These look like the hair that grows on top of my head but come out of the skin just the way UK Guy described them. They do not emerge through a pore of the skin but appear seemingly out of nowhere in a horizontal position and found on skin this way.

In the past this occurrence can be stimulated by a shower or a rubbing of olive, or oregano oil and certain antifungal creams. The shower method takes less time to stimulate these organisms to surface and will be the focus of experiment #1.


My hypothesis is that I am infected by a very strange organism that produces fibers with in my skin.


The same thing will happen as it normally does for me. If I am consistent, I will be able to remove approximately 4 to 8 of these organisms off of various parts of my body after showering every day. These hair like fibers will have slight movement to them suggesting a life form.


For three consecutive days I will meticulously observe my skin after a shower and document my observations. Extreme measures will be taken to rule out any possibility that anything found will not have been able to originate from my scalp or environmental sources. Samples of findings will be disposed of in a healthy and proper manner due to infectious nature and safety concerns.

4/13/06 2:45pm

Prepared to take shower. Pulled hair up into pony tail, wrapped my hair in kitchen plastic wrap, and put a plastic shower cap on my head. No wash cloth used only neem soap. Dried off with paper towels only..... to be continued.

I feel so silly doing this. Please give me any suggestions you have. Is the experiment too simple? Since I do not want that “stuff” hanging around anywhere in my home should I document by my video camera? Am I wasting my time? Please, feed back!!!

That sounds like a good experiment. It's a bit along the path though. First of all, you need to establish which fibers are unique to your body.

It's really hard to avoid environmental contamination with ordinary fibers, so you need to figure out a way of identifying the unique fibers.

I'd propose the following experiment:

- Take a football (old leather one would be best, as it's standing in for your skin.
- put it on the couch where you sit, raise and lower it a few times to simulate sitting and getting up.
- repeat with the bed
- wrap it in your clothes, and shake, bounce it around a bit, to simulatate normal movement. take the clothes off the football.
- Wash it in the shower, in the exact same way you wash yourself. Use rubber gloves.
- Dry it as normal
- Examine it carefully, taking off all the fibers you find, measuring and describing them.
- Repeat with yourself (shower thengather fibers), measure and describe the fibers you find, discount those that match fibers found on the football.

Idealy you'd photograph all the fibers under a microscope, noting the scale.

You might need to repeat the whole thing a few times to get enough fibers to be sure. But when you have a way of identifying your fibers, you can then proceed with other experiments.

You can also do the above experiment with another person who does not share your condition.

- John

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Post by standby » Thu Apr 13, 2006 8:19 pm

Linn wrote:

No the CDC says DOP even with erruptions
trust me on this one.
I know first hand.

Is this hearsay Linn......or directly from the horses mouth?
Because that's not the gist I'm getting. It may be the run around but 'IT' is definately not being shrugged off as DOP. Far from it.

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Post by J Jill » Thu Apr 13, 2006 8:34 pm

Self-Replicating Worms That Increase Structural Complexity
through Gene Transmission

This site is mirrored at
Last modified on August 17, 2000
Copyright (C) 2000 by Hiroki Sayama
New England Complex Systems Institute


This self-replicating cellular automata (CA) model was presented at Artificial Life VII: The Seventh International Conference on Artificial Life (August 1-6, 2000, Portland, Oregon) [1] as a latest effort toward the realization of an artificial evolutionary system on CA where structural complexity of self-replicators can increase in some cases. I utilize the idea of 'shape encoding' proposed by Morita and Imai [2, 3] and make the state-transition rules of the model allow organisms to transmit genetic information to others when colliding against each other. Simulations with random initial configuration demonstrate that it is possible that the average length of organisms and the average frequency of branching per organism both increase, with decreasing self-replication fidelity, and saturate at some constant level. The saturation is caused by the fixation of place and shape of organisms onto particular sites, which comes from the more significant assumption made in CA universe: "space equals material". This result implies that, in order to create complexity-increasing evolutionary systems using artificial media, it is necessary to develop a new framework of modeling, such as kinematic models of self-replication/evolution, in which material is separated from space and has definite limitation in quantity; i.e. spatial pressure is low enough to allow complex structures / strategies to survive.

Structurally Dissolvable Self-Reproducing Loop
& Evoloop: Evolving SDSR Loop

What's the SDSR loop and the evoloop?

The "Structurally Dissolvable Self-Reproducing (SDSR) loop" is an improved version of Langton's self-reproducing (SR) loop, being provided with the ability to dissolve its own structure as well as to reproduce itself. Due to this ability it can die and disappear when it faces difficult situations such as a shortage of space for self-reproduction.
The evoloop is a new version of the SDSR loop which spontaneously varies by direct interaction of phenotypes and evolves toward smaller species through natural selection, in a simple deterministic nine-state five-neighbor cellular automata space. It was realized through enhancement of the "adaptability" of the state-transition rules and slight modification of the initial configuration of the loop.
For more information, please refer to my PhD dissertation which gives a detailed account of SDSR loops and evoloops.


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