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Post by tamtam » Wed Nov 09, 2005 6:31 pm

reference/2/comprehensible description of sensilla

IOBC wprs Bulletin Vol 22(9), 1999
With my second comment I come to my favorites, the Lepidoptera. ... We found
several morphologial types of complex sense organs, sensilla, which are all ... - 32k - Cached - Similar pages

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Post by Skytroll » Thu Nov 10, 2005 5:44 pm

Lemonade causes one to pucker.

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Post by bugga » Fri Nov 11, 2005 6:52 am

hi gang, i am not afflicted but my freind some distance away seems to be. after much agony and remedy searches and attempts, he thinks he might have hit on something that works. several applications of super glue allows one to literally rip the little buggas out of the skin. he does acknowledge that it is painfull but as anyone with this syndrome should know, any type of cure short of suicide would be a welcome relief. This seems to take care of the adult stage but it is unknown about the effect on other stages. good luck everyone. seems like the time is upon us.

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Thanks for the super glue "remedy"

Post by J Jill » Fri Nov 11, 2005 12:40 pm

I'm sure you meant only to help in sharing the tip about the super glue but "ripping the little buggas out of the skin" is not the problem.

The fibers can be drawn out in many (non-painful) ways. Vaseline, mayo (that's the stuff in the refer), tea tree oil and many other substances "draw" the fibers from the skin.

The question is "what are the fibers composed of and why do certain people have them?"

Obviously, those with the fibers are not concerned only with the strange matter that is embedded in their skin- it's much more.

It's the systemic illness(s) that causes (short list):

Painful joints, muscles w/swelling and twitching (many have restless leg syndrome)
Respiratory problems (think problems w/breathing)
Frequent sinus infections
severe headaches
Extreme fatigue
Brain fog

Think Chronic Fatigue with some extras.

The skin issue (fibers) is just a manifestation of something much more complicated.

Speaking of Chronic Fatigue, what you may not have read is that Lyme Disease (the pathogen)
and the pathogen of CFS (Chronic Fatigue) looks the same under the scope. That info is
from a doctor who works at a lab and looks at the pathogens on a daily basis.

Just recently I read an article where they (scientists) are now saying that the Gulf War
Syndrome pathogen looks like Lyme Disease as well.

Here is a recent link to Pub Med: ... list_uids=

Is Gulf War Syndrome actually chronic Lyme disease?


Lots of info out there about Gulf War Vets with a disease that closely resembles Lyme Disease
(the topic of this thread).

You might be surprised at the number of people with Gulf War Syndrome.

The degree of illness and the symptoms, to include the fiber phenomenon, seems to depend
on variables in the sufferers environment. Exposure to mold is huge in the variable area.

IOW, many sufferers have had damp houses- basement leaks or flood, roof leaks and it would
appear that the fungus contributes (exasperates) the illness.

Stats indicate (depending on the source) that over 50% of the houses in the US have mold
problems so I would guess that would be a huge variable.

The posters on this thread were just looking to the science community for possible answers.

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Observations over the past five years that I have made.

Post by Been there » Mon Nov 14, 2005 8:56 am

This is a quick list of what I have observed the past years. It is my opinon only. It is obvious this is vector dependent to a great degree.
First and foremost, do not clean wax out of your ears. Do remove anything not wax but leave the wax. Ear wax is a natural protector. I recently noticed I had no wax and also at the same time noticed my eardrums seemed perforated. I had pain from my ears to my jaw.
I have managed to regain ear wax. I used an OTC medication that is not approved for use in the ears. I will respond to anyone who inquires what I used. I do not trust this disease, in 5-6 years, I know of no lesion I have cured. I have noticed a symmetry, if I develop a lesion on my right arm, at some point I will develop one on my left arm in the same area.
I have noticed filaments are wrapped around twigs, tree limbs, etc. Soon the bark is cut, the twig, limb, etc., dies.
It is almost impossible to cleanse a lesion without spreading it.
This is fractal in nature, it also makes shapes that are easily recognized. Not only in the skin but the hair on my body, if not disturbed takes on the same shapes.
A common BLB lamp is useful to visualize the extent of infestation on the surface. It is much harder to interrupt the deeper involvement with black light.
Infra Red and false color allows visualization of deeper involvement.
Soaking in seltzer water brings out much of it.
Rubbing alcohol in my case completely cures all arthritic type pain and limited movement.
Salt seems to be very effective, read the Morton Web site for recommended maximum daily intake.
Salt is also effective in curing lesions.
In my case, I believe my lesions are exacerbated by my allergy to mold.
It took me years to get a positive diagnoses of mold allergy. It required hypodermic injection rather than skin prick testing.
Any organism and even inorganic substances can infest.
Rust is very dangerous.
Spiders have been the worst offenders. They seem somewhat immune to the filaments, I am positive it is spiders that put insect parts in my flesh.
The bottom line, our environment is what attacks us. If we have fly's, then the enemy is fly's. You have to have an open mind. Anything in the environment can and will end up in us.
I have witnessed many different species enter my flesh. It is the filaments that pull them in. I have lost use of all my microscopes but any filaments I have examined were covered with legless organisms. They made the filaments move.

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Means of attracting and confining much of the contamination

Post by Been there » Mon Nov 14, 2005 6:55 pm

I worked for a time with Debs at the NPA. She told me about a Scientist who was not bothered by parasites. When she asked him why, he said he put two pans of warm water under the bed each night. I had a darkroom, so I had temperature controlled water baths. I put one in the room where my mother stayed. It became the only room I was safe in. I set it at 37º C and kept it full of water at all times. After her passing, she was 92 plus years old, I accidentally spilled it. I could not remove the spot on the floor. It dispersed over time. Now , if I go into the room , I am immediately aware of the organisms presence. I can't breath. I do not go in anymore. I might mention my mother acquired Morgellons when she was a child. I was born with it. I am 60. This is not a death sentence. Anyhow, to continue, water baths were approximately $150.00. I imagine they are available very reasonable on eBay. A pan with a 60 watt light bulb would probably work, maybe a flee trap could be made into an effective device. All I am certain of is the water bath worked great for us! Maybe someone on the forum has a suggestion. I believe the white specks that seem to fly are the desiccated transparent organisms from the loosely wound cocoons. Whatever they are, they are IR seeking and seem to be able to survive for years.

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Post by tamtam » Wed Nov 16, 2005 3:36 pm

Fibers are stray target of experimental biology.
In particular experimental micro biology class 3 (C3)

That cellulose type fibers move on its own is because it are micro organisms that go dormant (pseudo apoptotic) and are more or less static because of low metabolism.

This apoptotic pathway (e.g protozoa to protein ) can partially be related to protein take up in ruminants except that the involved set micro organisms are quorum sensing and are not apoptotic but dormant.

During formation fibers show nerve cell type behavior.

Nerve cell type behavior they show in particular when they unite as a fiber most resembling a shaft that is related to the mold of a modified cyanobacterium.

Compare: shaft / sensillae

This dominant type gene expression in the form of a semi autonomous and sensing fiber is in fact a break away group cell.
A variant form (a re- combination)

Lepidoptera is one dominant gene in-put

Its overall character is in-between plant(cellulose) and insect (chitin)cell.

Single cell micro organisms with an acquired property called quorum sensing will make morphologically diverse micro organisms act multi cellular (act as one)

Quorum sensing is in fact a stem cell like property.
Quorum sensing micro organisms unite hence differentiate during formation of a multi cellular organism.

Hence multi lineage differentiation synonymous with stem cell related.
Fast dividing tissue forms a base(culture medium) for this organism.
This type target can only be kept alive and cultured in test animal.

Fibers show in-between behavior like:
"plant cell that think they are insect cell"

The agent its intermediate stage resembles a protoplasm.
A transparent agar like cloud with basic properties preserved.

All elements are quorum sensing
All elements differentiate

check: chitin / cellulose wound dressing

No association is made by micro biologist or histopathologist in connection to this occult acting pathogen.

Nota bene,

Its intermediate stage resembles a (quorum sensing) transparent gel (agar) that actually constitutes a protoplasm and indeed this protoplasm may be loaded with plasmids
(vector in the form of virus or DNA mimicking protein)
This feat may indicate DNA transfer.

keywords: oncology/ cytokine/ proteome

This makes detection of the agent in biopsy impossible during standard clinical research.

Single cell micro organisms function on a multi cellular level,
communication between species of the same kind as well as different kind is possible.

The micro organism has been genetically fused with a mayor parasitic protozoa, a butterfly(lepidoptera)and a mammal and/or bird like specie.
More insect technology is present.

Multi lineage differentiation is fact.

Fibers constitute protein most resembling cellulose.
Specks are chitin like polymers.

keywords: sensillae/ biosensor/ micro flight/
cellulose cyano macromolecule

Fibers represent cell that are most connected to sensing parts of its insect gene in-put

keywords: insect cuticle/ sensillae/ artificial skin

Colors of the fibers relate to the colored wing pattern of lepidoptera.
Actually fibers constitute variants with a semi parasitic nature.
If they have a double function (as color tag) is not clear.

Keratin erosion between human hair and this semi parasitic fiber is evident. Association with the skin follicle hence stem cell is rational.
The breeding ground for the organism in skin is almost exclusively the follicle(stem cell per definition) and stem cell related tissue.

keyword: stem cell/ hair follicle

The phenomenon is directly linked to proteome and genome research and concerns commensal bacteria without the status of known pathogen.

Coccoid/ coccidioid/ prototheca
Some members of the tree are known as nosocomial (like pseudomonas)
other expression is associated with variant glyco protein.

Infection resembles most protothecosis.

Amphotericine B and amikacine will be the most logic choice for therapy but no protocol exist for this type condition.

Sulfa Methoxazole/ Tri and Tetracycline and derivatives are suppressive but not curative.

Also azoles like itraconazole, econazole, micanozole work static.

Infection may directly or indirectly relate to IBS, fibromyalgia, scleroderma, amyloidosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, therapy resistant skin lesions, onycholysis, neurogenic bladder and (chorio)retinitis.

Alternative -only- topical treatment:
essential oil (natural insecticide)
diluted copper sulfate (algaecide)

Alternative oral therapy:
(quorum sensing disturbing property/ Swiss research)



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ear involvement

Post by southcity » Wed Nov 16, 2005 6:55 pm

Hello, tamtam

could you please explain what you had mentioned before concerning outer ear channel involvement with this infection? Also which essential oils are most effective, is one manufacturer of oils more effective than others as well?

Hope you are well,

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Post by London » Thu Nov 17, 2005 3:56 am

Dearest Tam Tam,

I have studied by means of visual observation only, things that I have taken from lesions on my skin and also things that I have retieved from simply freeflowing around my home. I am no scientist but have studied this creature for at least seven hours a day. From visually viewing it with a 30x magnification and also a 100x magnification, I have found it to be from the Cladocera. The Daphnia to be specific. Is this in anyway related to what you are referring to? I'd be most humbled if you would
give me feedback.



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Post by tamtam » Thu Nov 17, 2005 2:35 pm

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Post by London » Thu Nov 17, 2005 8:57 pm

Dear Tam Tam,

Thank you for posting again. This whole scenario is most cryptic.

I believe that the glycoprotein you refer to is Fibronectin, which mediates a variety of cell to cell interactions and it's found in plasma.

Man-made? It's so not nice to fool with Mother Nature. But why more females afflicted? Why is the sky blue right?

Tam Tam what's your aptitude? Just curious. (please note: I ask this in a positive way-as in an inherent bonus of what you're extrememly good at, besides scientific Biological Engineering)

Again. Thank You!!!


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Collembola -- slowly getting rid of them...

Post by ddx118 » Fri Nov 18, 2005 2:54 am

Back to Collembola for a moment...

I've been seriously afflicted with a Collembola infestation since early March. I was diagnosed by a nurse. The itching, poking, rashes, "trails" across my skin and horrible scarring lesions have been a nightmare. They make themselves known with a painful poke, signaling me I have been contaminated or a youngster has just matured. It's been just awful.

A reminder that unlike scabies, springtails JUMP (as in spring-tail)...about 4 centimeters! (amazing for a creature 1mm long)

I have never seen a fiber or thread or hair like substance come out of my skin, though. I have, on the other had, seen many, many springtails. I believe collembola and morgellons to be different, maybe related, afflictions.

As bad as the springtails are they sound mild compared to fiber disease. I believe many morgellon's sufferers are infested by both springtails AND the glowing wormy things. (Are morgellons dependent upon collembola in some way?)

I’ve spent many dozens of hours studying collembola and how and why the infest humans. I’m working on a whitepaper which I hope will bring together scattered information and present the disease in plain common language. Perhaps one of you biology types will edit it for me :)

I have come up with a protocol which is reducing them steadily but slowly. Is that of interest to this audience? I haven't rid myself of the collembola completely so anyone who has more ideas please do share! (I have read entire chain so no need to rehash :)

Has anyone out there actually rid themselves of them completely? For more than a year?

I hope sharing what has been working for me will help all you collembola sufferers out there, especially the children!)



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