Which book for the very beginning?

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Which book for the very beginning?

Post by plankk » Sat Sep 25, 2010 7:17 am

Hello everybody!

This is my first post here. Maybe I'm writing in a wrong subforum. If yes, I apologise for it, but I don't know where put this subject.

Now I'm in the high school. During this year I will write final exams and go to university. My problem is that I don't really know what to do. Up to now I've been devoted for chemistry and I think about going on chemistry faculty. Neverthelles now, when decision is closer and closer, I'm not sure about it. Because after chemistry I will have to possible ways of carreer: as a scientist or a teacher. For me the second one is absolutely out of my interests. And I started to think about medicine. There also I have to possible ways of career: as scientist or a medical doctor. But I've got a real problem with my biology knowledge. To be honest I'm not keen on biology. Moreover I don't like it at all. It is probable because I have never had a good biology teacher. From my previous experiences I know that we don't like things which we don't understand, so maybe is like that with my biology. So I've got one year to find out how it is. I please you for recomendations of good books with which I can start. As I said I'm a totally ignorant of subject so it will be really nice if it start from very beginning to more advanced tasks.

Thanks for advice.

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Post by JackBean » Sat Sep 25, 2010 3:07 pm

Maybe you would need some basic teaching book rather than some English book

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