amazing coevolution

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amazing coevolution

Post by vangra » Sat Sep 04, 2010 4:30 am

I dont have a lot of biology knowledge but Ive seen and read some incredible things. Im blown away by some of the incredible symbiotic relationships out there obviously resulting from co-evolution. For example:
- flowers that mimic sex pheromones of insect pollinators or even develop a part that resembles a female wasp so a male wasp will come along, attempt to mate with it and pick up the pollen.
-flowers that smell like and resemble decaying flesh to attract flies for pollination.
-the acacia tree that has developed buds that release a specific nectar ideal for it's ant inhabitant in return for ant protection from herbivores.
- ants that feed a fungus in their nest grass which is specially collects and cuts up for this pupose to encourage fungus growth which the ants then feed on (this one isnt really coevolution but amazing how the ants figured out what to feed the fungus to make it grow)
- fish that clean sharks. the sharks let them clean and dont attack them
- the sea ananome and clown fish
-a bunch of bacteria that sticks or is embedded along the cell was of a protista and act like cilia so the protista cell can move around
- chloroplasts and mitochondria apparently evolved from bacteria that entered another unicellular organisms and are now part of the cell passed on to the next generation
I guess when you think that these relationships evolved over thousands or millions of years its easier to digest.

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