Discuss the Possibility that the Earth is a Supreme Being

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Discuss the Possibility that the Earth is a Supreme Being

Post by kk23wong » Tue Jul 06, 2010 5:29 am

Compare the Earth with a mother cell.

Because of technological devlopment, there are no suprises that lives have hieracrchies.
A higher level of lives give birth to the lower ones.

1. Differences in the physical presence inbetween the planet Earth and human beings created religions in our thousands years of written history.

2. Natural role of this Supreme Being i.e. correspondent to the Cell Nucleus has generated struggles in-between human decisions and the will of the God (as a traditional concept and a heritage of both the Conscious Earth and our ancestor). Hence, the debates on Free Will still unrest.

By applying whole-cell biology, the structural comparisons are as below:


In this case, Biosphere is the life cycles (in term of its meanings in biology) of the planet Earth, which in fact a Supreme Being without violating any natural rules (e.g. time is linear).

Reproduction carried out inside.
Cell divisions give birth to the lower level. It is also her internal growth.
The presence of a central nerve system decides the defintion of offspring.
Others such as plants, coral reefs and fungi are her living tissues.

The only source of energy from the universe (i.e. a mother cell) emitted from burning of her own substances. The situation is similar to litting up a light bulb on earth, which gives out heat energy and light. It is also a natural phenonmenon on the Earth. In this case, it is a "rearing" behaviour of the universe to her offspring - lives in a lower level - that still consists of a structure of brains (nuclelous in neuroscience is also equvailent to that). Meanwhile, the Earth is consuming herself to rear the offspring - the lowest level of lives. It is their common characteristic of an action to self-sacrificing.

Desertification as a permanent removal of vegetation is a process of aging i.e. decaying. It removes the initial and only input of energy from the universe to her life cycles (Biosphere). It disallows the regeneration of the Earth to carry on. When consumptions are greater then its recovery, aging occured.

Life has a start. There must be an end.

The modern human consumption speed up her process of aging, which actually unrecoverable.
Once the resources get out of Biospheres, they never get back to her life cycles.
They may tranform again but fail to get back to the elementary level - living tissues which carry out photosynthesis to turn the sunlight to input into her biomasses. Coral reefs which capable of carrying out photosynthesis only be found in shallow water and the whole marine system based on its ecology. The initial layer is the key of her life cycles. In the whole, desertification is the real killer. It is a steady approach of aging of our planet Earth, a Supreme Being without violating any natural rules.

If this is the truth, it cannot be bounded by subjects.
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