What drug that suppresses of memory B cells?

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What drug that suppresses of memory B cells?

Post by LiteHacker » Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:35 pm


I'm interested in a drug that suppresses white blood cells.. but not all of them. Only a specific type of cell: the memory B cell. The memory B cell is different from the B cell by specializing as a specific antibody. Does anybody know of any drug that does that? What about a memory T cell?
Note that I am specifically looking for the suppression of the memory cells, not the "regular" b and t cells. It doesn't matter how they are suppressed.. they may be temporarily halted in some way or maybe even killed. At the moment, I don't care yet.
I am doing this as part of an experiment having to do with memory cells.

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Post by biohazard » Tue Mar 09, 2010 7:47 am

Any chance you could use monoclonal antibodies to neutralize the target cells? E.g. some column depletion system if you are working in vitro?

For in vivo experiments (in animals) you might have some luck with antibody-based drugs that are normally used to treat B cell malignancies.

I am not aware of any other drugs that might specifically inhibit the memory B cells only, but of course something like that can exist. I'm not quite sure what it's mechanism of action would be, though.

What kind of experimental setup do you have?

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