need help on biology homework

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need help on biology homework

Post by automaticsound » Mon Mar 01, 2010 3:57 am

okay my teacher gave me this review im suppose to do and study but see i dont know anything of this please help me with answers i need this to pass this class..

1.what is the genotype of a person who is a carrier of a particular recessive trait would be_____

2.drosopila have_____pairs of chromosomes in their sallvary glands

3. in a pedigree a half-filled space represnents a_____

4. most gentic disorder are the result of____genes

5.turner's syndrome and klinefelter's syndrome results from the effects of ______ of sex chromosomes

6.a genetic syndrome is most often caused by____

7.if a fruit fly produces 400 sperm cells, the number of cells that may carry the Y chromosomes is____

8. when chromosomes segregate during meiosis, each gamete receives____sex chromosomes

9 XXX, XXX, and X are formed by _____, abnormal segregation of chromosomes during meiosis

10. before a DNA molecule relicates the hydrogen bonds must be broken between the _____ ______

11.each nubleotide consists of 5 carbon ________, a________ _________, and a ________ group

12.watson and crick described the shape of a DNA molecule as a ________ ____________.

13. the nitrogen vase thymine always pairs with ______

14.the nitrogen base guanine always pairs with ____________

15. a plant with an extra set of chromosomes in all its cells is an example of ___________

16. monosomy or ______ can result from nondijunction during meiosis

17. the chromosomal condition resultion in having an extra set of chromosomes is called___________

18.the type of gene mutation with the least severe consequences is a base_______________

19.a___________ mutatuon would result if an extra nucleotide base were either inserted into or deleted from a gene

20.the backbone of each nucleotide chain of DNA is composed of alternating _________and _________molecules

21. a_______________may generally be thought of as a specific area of a chromosome that codes for one triat

22.__________________bonds which are eak and easily broken hold complementary DNA together.

help me please!

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Post by mamoru » Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:53 am

Ok. Step by step.

1.) Open your biology book to the relevant chapter.
2.) Read the relevant chapter.
3.) When you see the answer to a question while reading the relevant chapter, write the answer in the appropriate question blank.
4.) For any questions that you still can't answer, there is Google. Wikipedia is actually also a good resource.
5.) Complete the assignment and hand it in.
6.) Pay attention and take notes in class in the future so that you won't have to freak out about simple review questions.

Seriously, it is not our fault that you might fail this class. It is yours and yours alone. If you need to pass this class, then stop being lazy and trying to get other people to do your work for you. Without any help whatsoever, and only using the resources available, you could probably complete this homework in half an hour. Instead, you transcribe it to a message board and then go off to do other stuff. That's pretty lame.

If you need to pass this class, then you need to put some effort into passing this class.

Now, harshness aside, if you do the homework on your own, yet find there are concepts that you just aren't getting, feel free to post about them. If you do this, be sure to post what it is that you don't get, what information you have found about it, and what about that information is confusing you. Show some effort like that, and I'm sure many of us will be happy to help.

But, no, we will not do your homework for you. :roll:
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