Let Others do the Clinical Trails

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Let Others do the Clinical Trails

Post by sheather » Wed Feb 24, 2010 9:11 am

During the past decade, a significant improvement in HIV/AIDS drug development has saved countless lives and is well tolerated by most patients worldwide. But, at the back end it takes a lot of efforts to get the drug do what it is really meant to, along with reducing side effects. Moreover, the price of bringing a new drug to market is, on average, $1 billion. The bulk of that cost is devoted to human clinical trials — the most crucial and time-consuming phase of drug development.

A new drug is tied up in several rounds of clinical trials, lasting for the first seven or eight years of study initiation. Furthermore, a drug patent lasts 20 years, leaving little time for drug makers to market and profit from that product. To speed up trials, pharmaceutical companies need to recruit large numbers of subjects quickly, something that is often not possible for individual companies, especially in an environment where most patients have health insurance or government benefits and are reluctant to sign up.

Solution – outsource it people who master in conducting trials. This is exactly what CytoDyn did. Letting Massachusetts General design and conduct the research study of Cytolin would give them more time to focus on the ‘business’ aspect and give them a proper and unbiased outcome, one that would be publicly available.
What do you suggest; how this strategy to develop Cytolin going to affect the business aspect of the company, keeping in mind that the research findings would be unbiased and publicly available immediately after the study.

Please provide your views and ideas.

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