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Re: Growing Taller

Post by aaronw » Thu Oct 07, 2010 12:09 pm

food. food. foood. what else is your body made of?
i would say you should load up on calcium, since putting foods that have a lotta calcium go straight to your bones, which BAM! helps you grow. so here's some high calcium foods like: low-fat milk (or whole), yogurt and cheeses.
i would also avoid stuff like caffeine (if u drink it), since it robs the body of calcium, which isn't good. (also, avoid eating extra sugar and salts. they take away and dont hold much if any nutritional value.)
next up is:proteins. your muscles need protein so i would eat stuff like fish and eggs (boiled). *but u might not like the fish, im an asian, so im used to it. but if u like lots of meat or chicken(yum), just make sure to go lean, or else u could give urself some bags of flab. eating more nuts will give u a lot more nutrients than a handful of potato chips.
it's good that ur eating vegetables. however u can eat certain kinds, especially spinach, brussel sprouts, broccoli, asparagus (definitely from what i've heard), cabbage, and coleslaw, since all contain vitamin k, which turns on your bone-building protein. (osteocalcin)
if ur a cereal eater in the morning, eat ones that have vitamin d. vitamin d will take all the calcium in and deposit it into your bones.
oooh, also, no one really knows this but your bones are also made out of MAGNESIUM. enough to make it an important factor. some foods that contain it would be: nuts, dried beans, crabmeat, spinach, wheat germ, wheat bran and chocolate (i couldn't believe the last one myself. who would've guessed.)
i also have a personal reference: my uncle eats a TON of blue cheese and he is the tallest man i have ever met. so if i were u, i'd probably start eating more cheese (a lot) maybe a stick or two a day. (or u can sneak it into your food)
*did u know that posture also affects your spine, which contributes to how tall u can be too? just look at all the tall people. most of the time, they should have good posture. if ur slumping, pick it up, straighten that spine.
Growth products : My choice is herbal ones like [spam] ( i think i gained 2 inches from it)
so here are the main points i want u to start doing (and if u want, u can tell me if ur seeing results):
-eat more cheese
-keep getting enough sleep(try to aim for 8 or more)
-eat the vegetables with vitamin k (like spinach, asparagus and broccoli)
-eat lots of protein (meat, chicken, or fish)
-eat cereal with vitamin d (u also get this naturally from the sun! :) but not too much.
-eat boiled eggs! (my chemistry teacher is also really health conscious and he said eggs fill u up the best.)
-treat urself to some chocolate every now and then. u know the rules. but i would eat dark chocolate since that actually gives u some nutrients and milk chocolate contains more hormones which might make u break out. (this is for some people)
-stretching/running/leg exercises help give room for your bones to expand, exercising destroys bone (i need to double check on that one) but after a day of resting, it grow back a little bit bigger!
-drink milk! it is so important, yet it's easy to forget sometimes. so drink it!
- [spam] is a good product to combine with all stuff above alternatively.
i think that's everything.. sorry i went on and on. i hope that helped you out! :)
it looks pretty good.
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Re: Growing Taller

Post by skeptic » Thu Oct 07, 2010 6:54 pm


Sorry to say this, but that is not quite correct. Eat a good balanced diet for good health. But eating a different diet will not make you tall. Too many calories, such as found in cheese, will make you fat, not tall.

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Re: Growing Taller

Post by Nenom » Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:48 pm

mrsmile wrote:Hi, I'm 19 this year and is at 172cm/ 5' 7.7"
I would really like to know if there's anything i can do to grow taller. How many years do i still have, by the way?
Thanks in advance :D

Males generally stop growing between 21 to 23 years old. I know of someone who gained an inch when he was 22 years old after not growing for more than a year. If your parents are tall, you would have a good chance of growing taller. Height is all about genes. But that does not mean that you would take for granted the things you need to reach your adult height.

There are tons of websites dedicated to increasing height. A good resource for tips and tricks in growing taller would be HeightForum. There are a lot of websites about growing taller but I would start any research in HeightForum. The site has an article How Do You Grow Taller? that gives you the ins and outs on how to maximize your growing potential

Proper diet, exercise and good amount of sleep will help you grow taller. Lots of luck to you
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