References (Papers/Reviews) in a Thesis

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References (Papers/Reviews) in a Thesis

Post by zulu » Thu Dec 17, 2009 4:50 pm


currently I am writing my Bachelor thesis. My topic deals about Astrocytes (Neurosciences). I want to write a short introduction about astrocytes and some other important elements of the CNS. I get my informations from papers and reviews, books doesn't help me because the topic is quite up to date in research.

Well, I am more or less in a crisis. My problem is, I read lets say paper A and I find some nice information that I could use for my introduction. But this information comes from another paper, lets say paper B, marked in paper A by its autor (autor et al, date). I don't have paper B, so what can I do to use this information? Can I use Paper A as a reference or do I have to use paper B in every case because it's the original source.

The same for reviews. I get a lot of informations which I could use from reviews. Well, reviews are just a summarization of results of several scientific papers. Can I use a review as a reference?

Thanks so far, I am a bit tired of the paperjungle...hope I can get some help here...

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Post by JackBean » Thu Dec 17, 2009 9:30 pm

I think best is to ask your advisor, because s/he is the one, who can tread you ;)

To be honest, I sometimes also used reference to paper B, althrough I didn't read it ;)
Especially in the case of reviews, you can use 'author et al., date and references therein' :wink:

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