Biology IQ test: How smart are you = look

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Biology IQ test: How smart are you = look

Post by DemiMike » Sat Nov 28, 2009 6:21 am

I found these questions on my iphone "iq biology test" application. According to the application, if you can answer 8 right.. then your above normal (USA)

I. True or False:

1) The local increase in entropy seen in the conversion of free glucose into cellulose is offset by a
release of energy.
2) Maxwell’s demon seems to violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics, but really does not because
of energy required for the demon to “think.”
3) Diamonds are forever because their conversion into graphite has a G>0
4) Enzymes speed reaction rates by facilitating the development of the transition state.
5) An enzyme with a suicide inhibitor bound to it will likely be subject to ubiquitination.
6) An enzyme with an allosteric activator bound to it will likely be subject to ubiquitination.
7) A particular enzyme is likely subject to only a few forms of the regulation we discussed in lecture.
8) Cooperativity is rare in enzymes with tertiary structure.
9) Glycolysis is inefficient and therefore rarely found in present day organisms.
10) Metabolic pathways lack apparent design logic because they are evolved.
11) The free energy of glucose is exactly matched by the total free energy of the ATPs generated in
glycolysis and respiration.
12) Unabated at the current rate, cyclic photosynthesis will one day convert all available planetary water
into oxygen.
13) The oxygen generated by photosynthesis is coupled with the removal of electrons from water
in PSI.
14) Plants perform photosynthesis and do not use oxygen as a terminal electron sink in
15) RUBISCO is optimally evolved to work in an oxygen atmosphere.
16) The chlorophyll A molecules of the two photosystems are chemically different which causes
their difference in absorbance spectra.
17) The large +G of life (all life collectively) is ultimately made positive with the energy of light.
18) Proton gradients provide the energy for ATP production in both glycolysis and photosynthesis.
19) The protons of the thylakoid space come entirely from protons that once were in the stroma
20) Most, if not all, of the valence electrons on the carbon atoms in your body were recently
in a water molecule (recently: meaning non-geologic time).

III. Multiple Choice:

21) Evolutionary adaptations which mitigate photorespiration include
B) Separating the light reactions from the carbon fixing reactions in space
C) Separating the light reactions from the carbon fixing reactions in time
D) B or C depending on the plant

22) On the Planet Smudge there is a type of autotrophic organism which absorbs light of at 250 nm
and powers its strange “metabolism” with it. What do you automatically know about this organism.
A) It is likely a normal flowering plant like we have here on Earth
B) It likely to have a chlorophyll-like photosynthetic pigment and resemble modern algae
C) It would have a photosystem I like that found in algae on the Planet Earth, but no PSII
D) It would be nothing like anything here on Earth, and in fact intact carbon biochemistry in it is
dubious due to the high energy of light at 250 nm.

23) Another set of organisms on Smudge live in caves and take in hydrogen sulfide gas and exhale pure
sulfur. What is likely the basis of their use of hydrogen sulfide.
A) They are heterotrophs that use hydrogen sulfide as a terminal electron sink in their electron transport
B) They are autotrophs which reduce the hydrogen sulfide to sulfur gas in a chemoautotrophic process
C) They are using hydrogen sulfide the way photosynthetic organisms on Earth use water as a source of
electrons and the elemental sulfur is being produced through this oxidation
D) They are producing sulfur in a way that must be unrelated to their uptake of hydrogen sulfide

24) Glycolysis does not require oxygen and yet oxidations are occurring? How is this possible?
A) It isn’t. Glycolysis does require direct gaseous oxygen input for its oxidations.
B) At least two of the oxidation reactions do involve the addition of phosphates whose later elimination
converts aldehydes to carboxylates and alcohols to carbonyls—both reactions are oxidative
C) Glycolysis requires 2 molecules of NADH to give up their electrons to form 2NAD+ and pyruvate
D) Not all oxidations require electron movement and therefore not all oxidations require an oxidant

25) A disturbed Dallas County employee was recently apprehended as a member of "Libros Mios," an
extremist librarian terrorist cell. It was discovered that she was impregnating the
"overdue" mailers with a toxin she prepared in her basement lab. A subsequent investigation
demonstrated that the chemical in the envelopes resembled a proton channel purified from bacteria.
It is likely that this poison was intended to:
A) Function as a pore forming toxin to stop ATP production in mitochondria by dissipating the proton
gradient used by the ATP synthase
B) Stop electron transport by binding to cytochrome as a suicide inhibitor
C) Cause excessive proton accumulation in the intermembrane space and burn out the ATP synthase
through over-activity
D) Decoy for the real weapon which was a 700 pound statue of Ralph Nader in a Corvair made
completely of salmonella laden parakeet droppings.

IV. Which came first in evolutionary history?

26) A. Respiration B. Glycolysis
27) A. PSII B. PSI
28) A. RUBISCO B. Oxygen in the atmosphere
29) A. Chloroplasts B. Mitochondria
30) A. Cyclic photosynthesis B. Noncyclic photosynthesis

31) Overlapping kinase cascades must
A. never occur in cells
B. by definition engage in cross talk
C. be very unlikely since there are only two kinase pathways in cells
D. all of the above

32) Checkpoint control
A. is the way the cell examines internal and external conditions prior to a G1/S or G2/M
B. never malfunctions in cancer cells
C. does not require input from signal transduction pathways
D. is independent of the activity of kinases

33) Cyclins
A. act as allosteric inhibitors of checkpoint kinases
B. are present at the same level throughout the cell cycle
C. are activators of CDKs
D. all of the above

34) Primary cells
A. have a Hayflick limit
B. are immortal
C. divide in culture independent of added growth factors
D. none of the above

35) Chromosome always shortening occurs in
A. Primary cells
B. Cancer cells
C. Embryonic stem cells
D. Immortal cell lines

36) You might expect the Bristlecone pine telomerase to be
A. found in all cells
B. a hallmark of transformation
C. present in just germ cells
D. highly processive and very active in the pine meristems and in the cambium

37) The heredity model which Mendel developed emphasized
A. blending of traits to create hybrids
B. the particulate an indivisible nature of heredity material
C. DNA as the source of all genetic material
D. all of the above

38) Alleles refer to
A. two possible forms of the hereditary element
B. an entire chromosome
C. the dominant form of the gene only
D. the recessive form of the gene only

39) Mendel's dihybrid crosses test the hypothesis that
A. the heredity material for a single trait has 4 alleles
B. mixed alleles actually blend
C. the alleles for two different traits do not influence each other's odds of being present in the same gamete
D. heredity material for a trait occurs in two forms

40) The law of independent assortment fails to account for
A. the fact the many genes are linked together on the same chromosome
B. the fact that many traits do not assort independently
C. the chemical nature of a gene is a linked polymer
D. all of the above

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Post by JackBean » Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:13 pm

interesting, once you found it on your iPhone and the other time you need it for some school?
BTW 8 of 40 is above average in US? :lol: :roll:

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Post by SloChris » Sun Jul 03, 2011 3:43 am

I'd like to have the answers to see where I stand. Where do I go about getting them?

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Post by Darby » Tue Jul 05, 2011 1:03 pm

Some of them make no sense, and these obviously come from a specific class and hit details given there.

And I'm not a fan of true-false statements that are both, but are false because both aren't true. Too tricky for trickiness' sake.

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