[SCIENCE] Two Eggs - One Bird

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[SCIENCE] Two Eggs - One Bird

Post by kk23wong » Sun Nov 15, 2009 8:00 am


Discovery of Water on Moon Recently.

“The satellite, known as Lcross (pronounced L-cross), crashed into a crater near the Moon’s south pole a month ago. The 5,600-miles-per-hour impact carved out a hole 60 to 100 feet wide and kicked up at least 26 gallons of water

. . . . . . The Moon was once thought to be dry. Then came hints of ice in the polar craters. In September, scientists reported an unexpected finding that most of the surface, not just the polar regions, might be covered with a thin veneer of water

. . . . . . For more than a decade, planetary scientists have seen tantalizing hints of water ice at the bottom of these cold craters where the sun never shines. The Lcross mission, intended to look for water, was made up of two pieces — an empty rocket stage to slam into the floor of Cabeus, a crater 60 miles wide and 2 miles deep, and a small spacecraft to measure what was kicked up.”

Kenneth Chang, Lcross Mission Finds Water on Moon, NASA Scientists Say/ Water Found on Moon, Researchers Says, New York Times, 13 November 2009, available at http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/14/science/14moon.html?_r=1&hpw

From the above, moon has found abundant supply of water beneath the surfaces. Hints of the presence of water has been found near craters – the places where cannot be reached by sunlight. Similar to the moon, we have the north & south poles on the Earth. The presence of water of the moon should not be the common belief that it is an accumulation of water bought by the intrusions of metaphors. Under my scientific hypothesis – lives in different levels – it can be a natural mechanism of reproduction (an insurance policy) in our universe. “Two Eggs. One Bird." Look at the video from Mr. Richard Dawkins in YouTube below.


As I mentioned in my previous articles, my scientific hypothesis “Lives in different levels” illustrated the universal system. A higher form of lives gives birth to the lower (by cell divisions). In the meantime, it is also a process of growth. The life cycle of the Earth laid on the Biosphere. By comparing its layered structure with a cell (esp. plant), we will get a clue how the system work. Thus, it explained why there are no space arrivals. Distances in-between each living planet is a natural mechanism of NON-COMPETITIONS. The occurrence of desertification is an inevitable process of aging (since it cannot be reversed and spreading). We can elaborate the process in a number of different ways, but everything has its purposes. Similar to the desertification, ozonosphere is a natural mechanism of the Earth to protect her LIFE CYCLES. The absence of ozonosphere in the Antarctic area may not because of the emission of GWH gases. The absence of lives on the land surface is the real cause. We can analyze and break it down to get a conclusion that it consists of various elements. However, the occurrence of such a natural mechanism is exactly because of a natural mechanism of a BIOLOGICAL ENTITY. In fact, it is a logical direction of science. Look at the reasons below (you can also refer to the living earth theory – an abnormal logical proof).

1. Life must not come from outer space. Most scientists prefer science fictions instead of a logical way of thinking & reasoning. Technology is not always the solution. Their opinions often become obstacles of environmental protection. Their foolishness makes themselves in history. Thus, they are murdering “50-billion” people (adding up generations) by their imaginations.

2. Logically, a living thing gives birth to another. The first cell on the Earth cannot make the Earth a suitable environment for living organisms (i.e. a bleeding ground). I hope it is easier for all of you to understand.

The presence of water on moon can be used as an argument point of this scientific hypothesis (lives in different levels). The presence of water is not the only reason account for the presence of live on the Earth. So what make the Earth different? By referring to the reasons above, the Earth MUST BE a biological entity. Instead of the traditional thinking that the Earth is a rock, scientists have to accept the truth that planets are living things. The presence of moon is not out of a sudden. It is also a mechanism of the universe. As the NASA researchers in this mission said in the news, we can understand the origin of the universe by discovering water in the universe. Water cannot be a reason. Then you may ask if distance or orbit from sun is one of them. ABSOULTELY NOT. The presence of ozonosphere is another evidence. Technology nowadays is mature enough for us to find out the origin of the universe. CELL DIVISONS – a process of growth and the beginning of lives (planets – a higher level of lives than any living organisms inside).

Mr. Richard Dawkins has illustrated a simple example of such an insurance policy, “Two Eggs. One Survivals”. It can be applied on my scientific hypothesis, “Lives in different levels”. Moon is closest to the Earth with abundant water for the presence of lives. The soil on moon is dry may because of the end of its life cycles (else it has never been started under this insurance policy of our universe). The presence of water cannot be the ONLY reason for the occurrence of lives on any planets. Thus, it supported my illustration on the “LIFE CYCLES’ (biosphere) of the Earth.

This scientific hypothesis is LOGICAL. At the same time, it can fully illustrate the entire system of our universe. It developed on simple principles in biology. Unlike other universal theory, it is not anything that referring to supernatural power. IT IS SCIENTIFIC. Arrogance of scientists is leading us to the blink of extinctions. The EARTH must be a biological entity. Indeed, it provided us with a SCIENTIFIC DIRECTION to illustrate the whole system of the universe by my hypothesis.

Qualification is not a must. A SIGNIFICANT HYPOTHESIS can be anyone. The Earth can be round, if I say so. An historian can use any quotation. Science (knowledge) can never be denied.

Below are added on 15 Nov 2009 (UCT+8 15:05)

“The ELCs carried up on STS-129 will be chocked full with two pump modules, two control moment gyroscopes, two nitrogen tank assemblies, an ammonia tank assembly, a high-pressure gas tank, a latching end effector for the station’s robotic arm and a trailing umbilical system reel assembly for the railroad cart that allows the arm to move along the station’s truss system. There’s also a power control unit, a plasma container unit, a cargo transportation container and a battery charge/discharge unit. In all, that’s 27,250 pounds worth of spares to keep the station going long after the shuttles retire.”

NASA (a group of scientists who murdered the Earth – our future generations – by their nonsense), Mission Overview: STS-129: Stocking the Station, available at http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/shuttle/shuttlemissions/sts129/overview.html

Space Station is only a coffin without any resource. Water has been found on the moon. It is no longer an argument for the presence of lives on the Earth. Distance and orbit will not give you an Atmosphere (100,000 km approximately - with compare to the natural satellite). Life cycle of the Earth refers to the Biosphere. The Earth is a biological entity (to be more specific, a living thing) is the only logical reason for the occurrence of lives.

It is simple. It needs only scientific minds.

NASA wants a space travel more than our families on the Earth. Space race is an old way of thinking. Your direction is completely wrong.

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