Radiation Pollution

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Radiation Pollution

Post by giniephaj » Tue Oct 20, 2009 4:07 am

By giniephaj

Do you know what Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Chernobyl have in common? One thing- these three places were exposed to a tremendous amount of radiation. And the people living here suffered the devastating effect of radiation which up to this day are still being experienced by the victims or their offspring.
The word radiation is a general term use to describe a variety of rays to which life on earth maybe exposed. There are lot of kinds of radiations including ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, cosmic rays and rays from radioactive materials.
There are three types of radiation-the alpha, beta and gamma. These radiations are known as ionizing radiation which has the capacity to form ions in the body tissues and it is this ions that bring damage to the tissues.
Radiation pollution has bad effect on both land and to human health.
The land that was exposed to radiation will be unfertile. It would not be fitted for farming anymore and probably no living organisms would survive. And this would be too dangerous for human being. The saddest part is radioactive substances would take thousands of years to vanish.
Radiation is very dangerous when you are openly exposed to it. But of course there are also normal effects like in the case of photosynthesis and vision in animals but it could be very harmful to human because to much expose in radiation could cause harmful effects such as cancer, anemia, burns and vomiting.
The effects of radiation to human health would depend upon the amount of radiation the person was exposed to. And there are other factors to consider such as the length of exposure, type of radiation, age, and health of the person and also the part of the body that was exposed.
Today, high level exposure is very rare due to the advancement of technology. It could come from defective or badly damage nuclear plants, ammunitions of factories, and nuclear war . Accidents arising from the transport of nuclear fuel and waste can also results in dangerously high level of radiations. Also there are other small sources or radiation such as computers, cell phones and other appliances which produces radiation.
Radiation pollution is very dangerous not just to our nature but also to us. We should be awake to the danger radiations could bring us. We should be aware of the serious and harmful effect of radiations to human beings and other organisms.

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