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Vegas Nerve

Post by Airial » Fri Oct 16, 2009 6:17 pm

I have been trying to find out about all the things that the Vegas nerve effects. I know that a pinched Vegas nerve because of a Hiatal Hernia can cause the heart to race and the digestive system to be out of whack with not enough digestive fluids. I also know that seizure patients can be brought out of a seizure if there is an implant connected to the Vegas nerve and you run a special magnet across this device. Essentially it interrupts the message the brain is sending to the body to seize and the seizure stops. What other functions of the body can a pinched Vegas nerve adversely effect? For instance, can it cause Bell's Palsy, a condition involving pinched or damaged, due to virus, facial nerves that causes the face to droop, etc. similar to a stroke symptom, but it is not a stroke and this symptom is temporary until the cause of the damage is corrected or it goes away on its own, like a virus running its course. Are there other adverse effects in the body due to a pinched Vegas nerve? And if the pinch is left uncorrected, for instance pulling down the Hiatal Hernia (surgery seems ineffective in most cases, whereas manipulation, then healing the split by drinking Himalayan Sole water, seems to successfully cure Hiatal Hernia), will damage to the Vegas nerve become permanent and irreversible?

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Post by mith » Fri Oct 16, 2009 9:01 pm

you mean vagus?
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