Post-Meiotic Mitosis tetrads - Why divide by two?

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Post-Meiotic Mitosis tetrads - Why divide by two?

Post by SheffieldWednesdayFC » Thu Oct 01, 2009 12:24 am

Hi everyone,

After post-meotic mitosis, there are 8 acrospores. When you calculate the Map distance or centiMorgans from the centromere, why do you divide your result by two?

For example I have:
AAAAaaaa 126
aaaaAAAA 132
AAaaAAaa 9
aaAAaaAA 11
AAaaaaAA 10
aaAAAAaa 12

[(9+11+10+12)/300]/2 It says it's because half the chromatids are parental and the other half is recombinant, but all I see is recombinant for the bottom 4 combinations....

Can anyone help?
Thanks for reading

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