Putting them down - Metabolic Bone disease


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Putting them down - Metabolic Bone disease

Post by 2009queenb » Mon Aug 24, 2009 8:50 pm

This one is geared more towards those who own, like, or know a thing or two about reptiles. I have quite a few reptiles, I don't know if any of you do. And a few months ago my friends bearded dragon and my other friends leopard gecko started showing (to me) signs of Metabolic bone Disease. One had developed lumps on parts of its body and had an odd disfiguration in the jaw. the other one was very slow, limp, lazy, and had weird jerky movements. I was appalled at how advanced it seemed in the leo. One had old bulbs the other one didnt offer appropriate an calcium regimen. So I suggested they get some uvb for both (I even bought them the zilla desert 50 bulbs I like using because I've been using them for a while now. Use what you trust is what I say.). Now, leopard geckos don't require uvb lighting because they are nocturnal. But in my opinion, I think there has to be SOME benefit having them on it. I read somewhere there was a survey being done which showed some benefits in them with use. Don't have the link though. Do you think that uvb lighting provides any benefits to nocturnal reptiles?
My other question is, do you think mbd in reptiles can be reversed? I hear you can only minimize the damage that is already done and there is no "reversal." What are your thoughts on this since I've found no conclusive evidence.
Lastly, if you had a reptile that was this bad in an advanced stage of MBD, and you knew he/she could not be cured, would you consider putting him/her down?
All tough questions I know, but this ordeal with my friends got me thinking. :idea:
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Post by Darby » Wed Aug 26, 2009 2:56 am

Arboreal nocturnals, it seems, would still be exposed to daylight, wouldn't they?

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Re: Putting them down - Metabolic Bone disease

Post by Chris103 » Fri Mar 05, 2010 2:32 am

I know this is old but......

After raising hundreds of nocturnal geckos of various species for 10 years I have never once seen MBD in my collection. They have absolutely NO UVB exposure and have been very healthy producing tons of viable eggs and babies each season. I think the key lies in their DIET. My frugivors get SPIRULINA, calcium with vitD, and herptivite with every other meal. My insectivors and omnivors get all that was previosly mentioned along with a day old pinky or day old Zebra Finch (only if they cant take the pinky) once a month in the off season and once a week for my breeding females.

I was once given a female leo with MBD and after months of rehabilitation her quaility of life seemed misserable. I have a hard time just killing something and letting it go to waste so she was fed to a Tegu. This may sound cruel to some but I think its better to allow her to nurish another creature.

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