Death Defying Dye?

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Death Defying Dye?

Post by KSama » Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:16 pm

This would be in reference to this methylene blue thread that occured a year or two ago.


IS methylene blue related to this substance / common blue food dye .. ?
Close enough for the affect to be the same / mode of operation .. ? ... ord.injury

Common food dye may hold promise in treating spinal cord injury
In a fluke, Nedergaard discovered that BBG, a known P2X7R antagonist, is both structurally and functionally equivalent to the commonly used FD&C blue dye No. 1. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a food additive in 1982, more than 1 million pounds of this dye are consumed yearly in the U.S.; each day, the average American ingests 16 mgs. of FD&C blue dye No. 1. ... meback.php

"Rember, hailed in this week’s press as a potential wonder drug for Alzheimer’s."

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