Darwin and Racism

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Re: Darwin and Racism

Post by biohazard » Mon Mar 21, 2011 1:55 pm

Jonl1408 wrote: People use Hitler as an example, because it is a lot easier to see Darwin's ideas in his actions.

It is hardly Darwin's fault that Hitler used his ideas in the way he did? :)

I think we're getting side-tracked here. What kind of a person a scientists was has nothing to do with the scientific work they did, as long as the scientific work was done according to the scientific method. A scientist could be a complete racist and serial killer, but it would not lessen the value of their findings if, for example, they found a cure for cancer during their career.

Likewise, Darwin may or may not have been a horrible person and a racist (though I do not thing he was much of either), but still it does not affect his scientific findings.

Also, even if the truth is unpleasant (like evolution for many christians), it alone does not make it untrue. If a scientist would show in his paper, again just an example, that the black people are more intelligent than the white people, it would cause a terrible uproar. The scientist might be labeled a racist, his work might be denounced, some tyrant might use these ideas to form a black supremacist nation where the white people were persecuted - but the results would be there and should only be proved or disproved by doing relevant scientific studies.

Similarly, the creationist arguments are invalid against the theory of evolution, because they do not have any solid evidence either against evolution or for the support of creation. In a modern world it is just not enough that you have a 6000 year old book as a proof and you tell that having a creator is more "logical".

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Post by Rap » Tue Mar 22, 2011 7:23 pm

Einstein married his first cousin - Does that invalidate relativity? Heisenberg worked on developing nuclear weapons for the Nazis - Should we downgrade the importance of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle? William Shockley co-invented the transistor and was a racist. So should we all sell our computers in protest? Learn to pick the diamonds out of the s**t, wash your hands, and move on.

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Post by BDDVM » Wed Apr 13, 2011 12:40 am

Here Here, Even if darwin believed that tuna fish sandwiches are better than peanut butter and jelly it has no bearing on his increadibly useful theory. Attacking him personally (especially after he's dead) is sure evidence that you can't argue with his ideas.

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Post by LeoPol » Fri Apr 15, 2011 7:39 am

It's not about Darwinism and the theory of evolution that Darwin is stuck.
I will repeat here what has already reported on a parallel topic.
Darwin created the theory of the origin of species through natural selection. And the idea of ​​"Evolution from simple replicators to thinking crown" - stick it to him from evil. It is a stabilizing natural selection has preserved the remains of reasonableness in this brainstem three-race kind of Homo Sapiens throughout more than half-billion years of the paleo-history of vertebrates - since the Middle Cambrian. It is only necessary to understand that no such "evolution", like, from simple replicators to the "crown of the evolutionary creation" was not. "Evolutionary Theory" - is a particular religion, created for the convenience of creationist critique of science. So, for science is complete bullshit. Really should be discussed Devolutionary theory with the main role of Darwin stabilizing selection, which has not yet been created.
(Now, try: http://translate.google.com/translate?h ... ge_id%3D82)
The first multicellular in the Proterozoic were far smarter and more perfect than us, they still knew how to sculpt a morphological, functional, genetically inherited invention, using a special interface peptide-nucleic technology of their ancestors
(http://translate.google.com/translate?h ... .agro.name) and created the so-called "Complex traits - vision, the brain.
But after a universal humanity Cambrian amphibious vertebrates and amphibious arthropods began to regress. Initially, the stem species of amphibians and ceased to be a metamorphosis began leaking in the egg or the placenta (in vertebrates) or in the egg or cocoon (arthropods). From the central stem of multiracial repeatedly adjourned degradanty blind species, which are very well specialized in their little niche, but it lost the remnants of intelligence and vast strata of the universal gene pool ... By the way, the mass of the genome of the ancient "fish" and the modern salamander is three times richer than human, we do not have the metabolic pathways "vitamins", "the essential amino acids, have no electric organs, can not hear and does not pronounce the ultrasound ...
So, even retaining the basic of race, people now have not one in the Cambrian ... Or in Wende! If it were not for "viral vector civilizations" would long ago have disintegrated into several dead-end specialized primatoids ...
(http://translate.google.com/translate?h ... ge_id%3D49)
But racism, monoregional theory of the origin considered very specifically lead to this collapse. That the owners of these tools to "divide and conquer" are the main customers of the "theory of evolution" and monoregional theory of races and species. This is it, incidentally, is extremely important to us foist idea that Neanderthal man was "another species of man" and did not interbreed with Cro-Magnon. So, apparently, go down and we are orderly rows along the path of arthropods - the ants and termites will become another relic of the collective ...
(http://translate.google.com/translate?j ... ge_id%3D32) - if fantastic ancestors aliens not warning in advance and not just settle us a couple of dozen Cambrian mermaids from the strategic reserves:
(http://spacenoology.agro.name/?page_id=4912) :D

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