There is no scientific method

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Re: There is no scientific method

Post by telanerv » Mon Jul 27, 2009 7:28 pm

there is no scientific method???

that makes just as much sense as saying,

there is no rational thought
there is no logical thought
there is no thought
there is only feeling
we can only answer questions about nature by knowing "How we feel"

in fact i find it so perplexing that you write such things, is english your second language?
or perhaps you don't know what the scientific method is?

it starts with a question, so you must first accept that there is an entity such as a human mind, it is capable of asking questions and it does ask a question
then the human must guess, it must guess the answer to the question,
and then, and this may b the leap you don't don't understand, the human must TEST the question,

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