Speciation among primates and hominids

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Post by biohazard » Tue Jul 07, 2009 6:08 am

Well, you kinda managed to miss my point, or I managed to not make my point clear enough: I didn't mean chihuahua and dane were not the same species, I just meant that you cannot really say when they are not any more - if we put them both into the wild (and for some odd reason the chihuahua managed to survive there), they'd already be half way in their progress to new species: the danes would no doubt hunt bigger prey and mate with others of their kind and the chihuahua would eat, what, mice? And have offspring with other chihuahuas.

Maybe a better analogy would've been a german shepherd and a wolf: we say they're two species, a dog and a wolf, but they can have offspring that are not sterile. So however you look at it, species is a man made category, not something the nature cares about. And you could pick any other species for this example as well, dog is just fairly easy for people to understand.

And my initial point still stands, currently the fastest way to make new species would be selective breeding until we get better in genetic engineering and simply start producing new species.

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Post by LeoPol » Fri Sep 18, 2009 10:10 am

There is such a hypothesis. Type man - multiracial. So do not be too specialized. Multiracial aspect of a man gradually evolved from a multiracial earlier primate species (not to be confused with modern apes!), And these in turn from a multi-racial great-species of lemurs (not to be confused with today's lemurs!), And great-lemurs - from some multi-racial great-flying foxes or bats (not to be confused with the modern flying foxes or bats!), which in turn gradually evolved from a multiracial mammals pterosaurs Antarctica (which has not yet nshi under ice ...). The same subpopulation, which was once on Akim reason unwilling to be constrained mixing with multiracial trunk main form, then in general have lost that ability and super-specialize in dead-end single-race species of bats, lemurs, monkeys, etc.

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