Wild boar found in Libya.. 126 years after last recorded!


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Wild boar found in Libya.. 126 years after last recorded!

Post by tempogen » Thu May 21, 2009 9:35 pm

Thought this might interest you guys.
The Libyan newspaper Oea, published an article which describes the discovery of a dead male wild boar in a place called Mleeta, approximately 125 Km west of Tripoli.
The article states that this is a puzzling incident since there are no boars in Libya at all. and that the carcass was burned as a precaution, for the fear of the cause of death being Swine flu!

Now, according to E. Hufnagl's book "Mammals of Libya" , the last record of a boar in the western part of Libya was in 1883, in Leptis Magna. It is now believed that Sus scrofa is extinct in north Africa, with the exception of Morocco.
so, with the evidence turned to ashes, i can only view this with a skeptical eye... the following is a link of the story in Arabic, but you can see the unclear picture of the carcass... what do you think?


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