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Re: Fitness and Diet

Post by skeptic » Sun May 17, 2009 5:46 am

First : to thudu
I doubt that eating spices are going to harm your stomach or cause ulcers. Lots of spices are actually very healthy. Chilly contains capsaicin as its active ingredient, and this is (believe it or not) actually a pain killer. Eating chilly reduces pain coming from other sources such as headaches, and not just by distracting you with its fire! I read recently that thyme, which is a common spice, actually has no less than 35 different anti-oxidants.

To mcar
I take it you live in the Philippines?
I see no reason why you cannot eat a healthy diet. You may not be able to afford some luxury foods, but there are heaps of cheap foods in your country that are excellent. The main foods you need to concentrate on are fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole fibre starchy foods. Variety is what is needed for good health. Your markets are full of such foods. You may miss out to a degree on animal proteins, but even a little is really all you need. If you use rice as your staple, then it is better to use brown rice, which is a genuinely healthy food.

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Post by alextemplet » Sun May 17, 2009 8:49 pm

Surprisingly, people in third-world countries tend to have healthier diets than us "developed" types, because their foods are less heavily processed and "poisoned" in the name of good marketing.
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Re: Fitness and Diet

Post by mcar » Mon May 18, 2009 5:00 am

to sceptic: well, I see your point, although at our present time, even those organic food are more costly than before but it's true perhaps we're still blessed that we could just grow vegetables and fruits at our backyards. Sadly, lands are now turned into condominiums and subdivisions. People are much growing faster and our economy is in the midst of struggle. Maybe I had just overlooked the small things in our place. I remember, after attending a Sunday mass we sometimes walk all over the nearby flea market and we usually buy lots of native produce grown in Antipolo at cheaper price.

I have been residing in a city lately, my colleague and I rented a small space near to my working place. I mostly eat food from carinderias (that's a local fast-food house which sells common Filipino dishes). Well, most of the menu everyday fits for a carnivorous lifestyle. I already reduced my meat consumption. I have been on fish and vegetable diet actually. I still see that there's something missing in my my meals. I'm gonna check on it perhaps.

to alex: People in our provinces are more likely eating natural foods. For an instance, sweet potato (kamote) tops (or any vegetable tops of choice) garnished with sliced green mangoes and tomatoes, chopped onions, sometimes bagoong or tagilo is added on it (these are naturally processed sauces) and it's eaten with fried fish and rice. It's also good with grilled or fried eggplants. Well, it's absolutely delicious. That one is really missing sometimes and so seldom to have such in a very busy city life.
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