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Hill plot

Post by biology_06er » Tue Apr 14, 2009 12:03 pm

Hi there,

Can someone please explain the Hill plot...I tried to attach the graph but it does seem to work however it is a graph describing multiple independent sites...what i would like to know is that in my notes I have written the x-intercepts are equal to the equilbrium constants...is this correct? im confused now because for the first x-intercept our book has an arrow pointing to it saying it is Log(1/k1) whilst the 2nd x-intercept says its Log(1/Kn)..so if the idea behind the hill plot is to find the equilbrium constants how can it be equal to Log(1/k1) isnt k1 wat we are trying to find out?

also for Kn...is n just equal to the nth binding site?

I reallly hope I am making sense because with my description!....help will be greeeeatly appreciated


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