Determine parental genotype from offspring phenotype

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Determine parental genotype from offspring phenotype

Post by phillyj » Wed Jan 28, 2009 11:25 pm

Hi everyone, New to this forum and I'm planning on staying and helping out later. But first I have a question and would like some help getting started.

Q) Mendel crossed peas having round seeds & yellow cotyledons (seed leaves) with peas having wrinkled seeds & green cotyledons. All the F1 plants had round seeds with yellow cotyledons. Based on this behavior, determine the genotypes of the parental plants involved in the crosses shown here by analyzing the phenotypes of their offspring.

Parental Plants Offspring
b. (wrinkled, yellow) x (round, yellow) 6/16 wrinkled, yellow
(3 points) 2/16 wrinkled, green
6/16 round, yellow
2/16 round, green

I got the #a which was monohybrid and i did it in my head but parts b,c,d confused me and I don't know how to approach it. I don't want the answer but only understand how to start it. Is there a method besides making the punnett square?

I noticed that wrinkled is homozygous recessive so rr would be in the first parent, correct?

Thank you

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