Renal transplant - HLA antibodies

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Renal transplant - HLA antibodies

Post by uhna » Mon Dec 08, 2008 9:10 pm

I'm doing some immunology case studies with one on a 40 year old mother needing a renal transplant but she has an acute rejection about 5 days later and anti-HLA antibodies are found in her blood.
Can anyone help me by explaining why she has developed these antibodies so soon, are the results below so different that it would increase the chance of rejection as I do not know what to compare them to; if they are very closely matched or not? Also does the rejection have anything to do with her being a mother of two?

Her tissue match results were;
HLA-A10, -A28,- B7,,- Bw52,- Cw2,- Cw6,- DR2,- DRw10 and blood group B +ve.
And the donors results were;
HLA -A9,-A11,- B7,-B17,- Cw2,-Cw8, -DR2,-DR4,and blood group B +ve.

Any help much appreciated!

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