Are We Still Safe?

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Are We Still Safe?

Post by mcar » Wed Oct 29, 2008 10:01 am

Lately, our news here included controversial issues on food commodities and still at the present the issues are still part of our daily news. The issue on the presence of melamine (a substance used in manufacturing kitchen wares) in the food that we eat is still very alarming. Products mostly from China were carefully examined for the presence of the said substance. We recall that there were many young children in China, newborns specifically who died due to the contamination of their formula milk with melamine. Since their gastrointestinal system were still underdeveloped, the effect of the substance easily attacked their normal metabolic functions. Now, we can not say that in one aspect, we are eating melamine-free foods. This one really alarms me to the fact that when we grow old, the effects of the substance and also some other than the melamine would definitely jeopardize our health. It is not only on the food that we purchase everyday might be contaminated with the said substance, but even the raw materials like flour, wheat, and sugar which are also major ingredients in baking and cooking.

Let me also include the genetically modified products which unconsciously, also becoming part of our daily food needs. We are aware to the fact that GMOs help in increasing the yield and a GMO has better attributes than normal varieties (e.g. pest resistant); is that really so? maybe we must review the principles carefully. Take note that many cereal products usually contain corn and wheat, now these two plants were also subjected already into genetic engineering.

Two more products with milk ingredient were banned to be sold here. I used to eat one of those products five months ago. Now even if the melamine content was just very little in parts per million and that won't be too fatal according to the experts, still the product isn't that safe any longer. We continue researching and making endeavors to find out the best cure for cancer and any deadly or debilitating disease; however, how sure are we that even the small things that enter our system are safe?
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