How can the following plant movements be categorized?


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How can the following plant movements be categorized?

Post by WJohn » Fri Oct 17, 2008 9:34 am

How can the following plant movements be categorized/classified?
1. Turgor Movements
2. Rapid Movements
3. Sleep Movements
4. Nyctinasty (I dont know if its the same as Sleep movements)
5. Growth Movements
6. Autonomic Movements
7. Paratonic Movements
8. Epinasty
9. Hyponasty
10. Nutation
11. Tropic Movements
12. Nastic Movements
13. Tactic Movements.

Here is the categorization of these movements from a book (but I suspect its correctness)

Plant Movements
...A. Turgor Movements (movements due to change in turgor pressure, reversible)
......1. Rapid Movements
......2. Sleep Movements
...B. Growth Movements (Induced by external stimuli, irreversible)
......1. Autonomic Movements (Induced by internal stimuli)
.........a. Epinasty
.........b. Hyponasty
.........c. Nutation
......2. Paratonic Movements (Induced by external stimuli)
.........a. Tropic Movements (Induced by directed stimulus)
.........b. Nastic Movements (Induced by non-directional stimulus)
.........c. Tactic Movements (Movement of entire organism, induced by external stimuli)

Short differential definitions of each one will be extra for me..

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Post by Yali » Tue Oct 28, 2008 2:49 pm

may be i can give you a paper about leaf movement. hope give some help to you !
Solar Tracking by Plants
James Ehleringer; Irwin Forseth
Science, New Series, Vol. 210, No. 4474. (Dec. 5, 1980), pp. 1094-1098.

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Re: How can the following plant movements be categorized?

Post by MichaelXY » Wed Oct 29, 2008 2:19 am

Solar tracking leaves (Hehe, pun) out many of the other mechanisms like gravity, turgor pressure and thigmotropism.

Theres a few things to look up.

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