Worlds strongest animal-in size


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Post by futurezoologist » Thu Feb 19, 2009 11:23 am

I believe that the Hyacinth macaw has the highest pressure bite in the world, this would obviously be due to their pointed beaks because pressure = weight/conact area , but also due to their immense jaw strength which has evolved to crack amazingly tough palm nuts.
On the snake side of things, they would be able to constrict with much more power than that of the macaws jaw but the surface area is huge compared to the needle point of the macaws beak.

If we are talking past or present not too long ago (under 100,000 years[short relative to geological time scales]) a 100 kilo marsupial lion lived in Australia (most closley related to wombat) which scientists have found to have had the strongest bite of any organism in the world...ever..., of coarse this is only bite strength although im not sure if any other part of a body could produce as much pressure on any animal.

But i think i still believe what my uncle told me when i was 7: "You watch out, that venus fly trap could bite your finger clean off"...
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