5similarities suggest common origin forall living organisms

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5similarities suggest common origin forall living organisms

Post by rajvandam » Mon Sep 15, 2008 2:28 am

1. amino acids: they come in 2 different basic forms--> first form: left handed... second form: right handed... these two different forms are mirror images of each other, and amino acids in all living organisms are all left handed.

2. of all possible amino acides all living organisms have the same 20 in them.

3. there are amino acid sequences of proteins found in common between distantly related organisms, for example, horses and yeasts have common amino acid sequences of protein

4. all living organisms have DNA and RNA and each is made of 4 nitrogenous bases... also, all living organisms have ATP

5. strongest evidence that suggests a common origin for all living organisms: all organisms use the same genetic code words for protein synthesis

So, yeah... all living organisms on earth have a common origin... we are all related...

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