Miller experiment and it's contribution to origin of life

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Miller experiment and it's contribution to origin of life

Post by rajvandam » Mon Sep 15, 2008 12:26 am

Okay so basically, there was a scientist by the last name of Miller and he did a very important experiment to the theory of the origin of life on earth....

He simulated conditions on early earth by consctructing an apparatus containing hydrogen, methane, water vapour and ammonia... these gases were circulated for a week and subjected to repated condensing and boiling and being passed over an electrical discharge used to simulate lightning...

after a week, several amino acides and other ogranic compounds were present in liquid form in the apparatus

What I get out of this experiment is that he pretty much showed us what happened during early earth when life was being formed, and he yielded similar results to that of what everyone thought what happened in real life... he's got me believing in the current theory of life...

This experiment Miller ran was so important to this theory, because like I pretty much said before, it backs the theory of the origin of life with it's results and because of this experiment more experiments like this one were done yielding more complex results such as:

- all 20 amino acids, ATP, some sugars, lipids and even more complex compounds such as purine and pyrimidine bases of RNA and DNA

I mean, how can you argue against all of these evidences?... life must have originated in this fashion... again, I am a believer of this theory of the origin of life... I guess you could tie this into evolution too (which i will get to in future posts)... but I just find it amazing how we all started from tiny simple little molecules to the complexity of today... it just blows me away how a whole bunch of nothingness/ randomness can become something so super complex... and the thing is, it's going to keep going too... i wonder what things are going to look like 3 million years from today? food for thought, food for thought... that's if we don't kill each other of course.

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